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Book Review
B.M. Rogers, Meteorology for Glider Pilots, by C.E. Wallington, August, 1967, pages 33, E. Cahill
James J. Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying, by Arthur Spearman, September, 1967, page 33

Book Reviews
T.E. Sharp, Understanding Weather, by O.G. Sutton, March, 1961, pages 50,
P.B. MacCready, Jr., Meteorology for Glider Pilots by C.E. Wallington, September, 1961
P.F. Bikle, Where No Birds Fly, by Philip Wills, January, 1962, page 5
V.M. Saudek, Reminiscences and bygone predictions:Tom Swift and His Sky Train, by Victor Appleton, December, 1963, pages ,6
Book Review: Soaring for Diamonds by Joseph C. Lincoln, January, 1965, page 33
Book review: The Clouded Sky by John Iggulden, January, 1965, page 33
H. Selvidge, The Story of Gliding, by Ann and Lorne Welch, December, 1965
H. Selvidge, Aviation Weather, by US Gov't. Printing Office, January, 1966, pages 22,26
H. Selvidge, The Gliding Book, by various authors, September, 1966
B.M. Rogers, "The Wooden Sword", by Lawrence Wright, July, 1968, pages ,
C.C. Conway, Jr., "New Soaring Pilot" by Ann and Lorne Welch, and Frank Irving, March, 1969, pages ,33
Carle Conway, The Joy of Soaring, October, 1969, pages 33,58
R.H. Johnson, "Theory of Modern Cross-Country Gliding" by Fred Weinholtz, November, 1969

Book review
R.H. Miller, Birds in our Lives, by Arnold L. Nelson, February, 1967
M. and D. Barritt, Soaring Guide, by P.M. Bowers, May, 1967, pages 33,5
H. Selvidge, Book Review: The Powerless Ones, June, 1967, page 33
Richard Miller, "Without Visible Means of Support, October, 1967

Canadian News
J.M. Robertson, compiler, Safety first;The Gray Hair Department, June, 1960
D. King, ed., July, 1960
D. King, ed., Gliding in Canada, November, 1960
D. King, ed., December, 1960
D. King, ed., January, 1961
D. King, ed., February, 1961
D. King, ed., March, 1961
D. King, ed., April, 1961
D. King, ed., May, 1961
D. King, ed., May, 1961
D. King, ed., June, 1961
D. King, ed., July, 1961
D. King, ed., August, 1961
D. King, ed., September, 1961
D. King, ed., October, 1961
D. King, ed., November, 1961
D. King, ed., December, 1961
D. King, ed., January, 1962
D. King, ed., February, 1962
D. King, ed., Canadian News, March, 1962
D. King, ed., April, 1962
D. King, ed., May, 1962
D. King, ed., June, 1962
D. King, ed., July, 1962
D. King, ed., September, 1962
D. King, ed., January, 1963
D. King, ed., February, 1963
D. King, ed., March, 1963
D. King, ed., April, 1963
D. King, ed., May, 1963
D. King, ed., June, 1963
D. King, ed., July, 1963
D. King, ed., August, 1963
D. King, ed., September, 1963
D. King, ed., October, 1963
D. King, ed., December, 1963
D. King, ed., Canadian News, January, 1964
D. King, ed., Canadian News, February, 1964
D. King, ed., Canadian News, March, 1964
D. King, ed., Canadian News, April, 1964
D. King, ed., Canadian News, June, 1964
D. King, ed, Canadian News, July, 1964
D. King, ed., Canadian News, August, 1964
D. King, ed, Canadian News, September, 1964
D. King, ed, Canadian News, October, 1964
D. King, ed.., Canadian News, November, 1964
D. King, ed, Canadian News, December, 1964
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, January, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, February, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, March, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, April, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, May, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, June, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, July, 1965
D. King, Ed, Canadian News, September, 1965
D. King, ed., November, 1963

Club News
P. Harvey, ed, Club News, January, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, February, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, March, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, April, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, June, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, July, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, August, 1964
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, September, 1964
Club News, October, 1964
R.H. Fuller, ed., Club News, November, 1964
R.H. Fuller, ed., Club News, December, 1964
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, January, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, February, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, March, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, April, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, May, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, June, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, July, 1965
R. Fuller, Ed, Club News, September, 1965
B.M. Ryan, ed., January, 1960
B.M. Ryan, ed., February, 1960
B.M. Ryan, ed., March, 1960
B.M. Ryan, ed., April, 1960
N. Delp, ed., May, 1960
N. Delp, ed., June, 1960
N. Delp, ed., July, 1960
N. Delp, ed., September, 1960
N. Delp, ed., October, 1960
N. Delp, ed., November, 1960
N. Delp, ed., December, 1960
N. Delp, ed., January, 1961
N. Delp, ed., February, 1961
N. Delp, ed., March, 1961
N. Delp, ed., April, 1961
N. Delp, ed., May, 1961
N. Delp, ed., June, 1961
N. Delp, ed., July, 1961
N. Delp, ed., August, 1961
N. Delp, ed., September, 1961
N. Delp, ed., October, 1961
N. Delp, ed., November, 1961
N. Delp, ed., December, 1961
N. Delp, ed., January, 1962
N. Delp, ed., February, 1962
N. Delp, ed., March, 1962
N. Delp, ed., April, 1962
N. Delp, ed., May, 1962
N. Delp, ed., June, 1962
N. Delp, ed., July, 1962
N. Delp, ed., August, 1962
N. Delp, ed., September, 1962
N. Delp, ed., October, 1962
N. Delp, ed., November, 1962
N. Delp, ed., December, 1962
N. Delp, ed., Club News, January, 1963
Club News, February, 1963
Club News, March, 1963
April, 1963
Club News, June, 1963
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, July, 1963
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, August, 1963
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, September, 1963
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, October, 1963
P. Harvey, ed., Club News, December, 1963

P.M. Bowers, Briegleb BG-6 owned by Bob Forker; photo by Peter M. Bowers, January, 1960
P.M. Bowers, Flat-top L-K at Wenatchee, WA; photo by Peter M. Bowers, February, 1960
Dave Blanton's L-K over Winfield, Kansas, March, 1960
P.W. Heasley, Irv Prue flying Prue Two at El Mirage, photo by Paul W. Heasley, April, 1960
P.M. Bowers, Peter Riedel from Mercer Island, WA, flies a 1-26; photo by Peter M. Bowers, May, 1960
H.M. Dittmer, L-K of Wichita Soaring Assn.; photo by Henry M. Dittmer, June, 1960
F.L. Hall, Fred Matteson test his design sailplane M-1 over San Francisco Bay; photo by Fred L. Hall, July, 1960
J. Fiedler, Schweizer 2-22C of Les Arnold's soaring school at Fremont, photo by Joe Fiedler, August, 1960
C.E. Brown, Slingsby Skylark 3F flown by Col A. Deane Drummond; phoo by Charles E. Brown, September, 1960
D.D. Blanton, Harland C. Ross in his Ross R-6; photo by David D. Blanton, October, 1960
R.W. Mozer, Schleicher Ka-6BR soars over Adrian, Michigan; photo by Rudolf W. Mozer, November, 1960
Schweizer 1-23H-15 flown by Bernie Carris, December, 1960
A.Y. Owen, A.J. Smith in his LO-150 at Odessa, Texas, January, 1961
Henry Dittmer, Cherokee II of Wichita Cherokee Soaring Club, February, 1961
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott in a Breguet 901s, March, 1961
Rich Kurre, Schweizer 1-26 soars near Lobmaster Field west of St. Louis, April, 1961
Joe Fiedler, Les Arnold's School Schweizer 2-22C at Fremont, May, 1961
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott in Kit Drew's Schleicher Ka-6B, June, 1961
Jim Parrott, Hal Bovenkerk takes off on a winch tow in his Schweizer 1-23D, July, 1961
C. Ekdahl, Graham Thomson takes off on aero tow from Taft,CA, August, 1961
Henry M. Dittmer, Airmate HP-10 of Joe Emons at Wichita Nationals, September, 1961
George Uveges, The Briegleb BG-12B Flown by Designer W. G. "Gus" Briegleb, October, 1961
Wolf Mix, A Schweizer 1-23H-15 Standard Class flies near Brantford, November, 1961
R.S. Winslow, Vern Oldershaw's O-2 sailplane at Tehachapi, CA, December, 1961
Henry M. Dittmer, Bob Brown on tow during 1961 Nationals in his Rebel made from Jenny-Mae and Prue 215, January, 1962
Charles M. Fielder, Cherokee II built and being flown by Stan Hall, February, 1962
Alex Aldott, Neal Ridenour in the Schleicher K-7 sailplane, March, 1962
Henry M. Dittmer, John Randall on final approach in his Schleicher Ka-6Cr, April, 1962
Ross A. Taylor, Jr., Briebleb BG-12 built from kit by Winston Smith landing at Chillicothe, May, 1962
Sandor (Alex) Aldott, Alvin H. Parker in his Schweizer 1-23H at Odessa, Texas, June, 1962
Sandor (Alex) Aldott, Brian Maaters at Odessa flying one of the schools' Schweizer 1-26's, July, 1962
Charles E. Brown, British Sailplane Slingsby Skylark 4, August, 1962
George Uveges, Dick Johnson's Adastra, September, 1962
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, Dale May flying his French Breguet 905 Fauvette Standard Class, October, 1962
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, Prototype Schweizer 2-32 with Dita Aldott and Bernie Carris near Elmira, November, 1962
Robert Lee Moore, Bob Kruse flying the Schweizer 1-23 of Cascade Soaring society, December, 1962
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, John J. Randall soaring his Schleicher Ka-6BR over Odessa, January, 1963
S.A. Aldott, Dale S. May in his French Fauvette Standard Class sailplane, February, 1963
Sandor A. "Alex" Aldott, Wally Scott circling in a Schweizer 1-26 over Odessa, March, 1963
South African BJ-2 Assegai designed and built by Pat J. Beatty and W.A.T. Johl, April, 1963
Eugene G. Bartes, Fred Hefty over the Tehachapi Mountains, May, 1963
S.A. "Alex" Aldott, First Production Sisu 1A near Dallas, June, 1963
S.A. Aldott, Dr. Wylie Mullen flying the club Schweizer 1-23H, July, 1963
Alex Aldott, "New" RJ-5 flown by Bernie Carris; has all metal fuelage and empennage, August, 1963
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott flying Adam Witek's Foka 4 sailplane, September, 1963
Tom Hurst, Don Aitken in his Schweizer 1-26 over Mission Peak near Fremont, October, 1963
George Uveges, William G. "Gus" Briegleb in his BG-12B ove Eel Mirage, November, 1963
Alex Aldott, Al Parker in his Sisu 1A, December, 1963
Jim Goss, Kranich III owned by Lilienthal Soaring Club of California, January, 1964
S.A. Aldott, Dick Schreder flying his self-built prototype HP-11, February, 1964
Robert Lee Moore, Larry Welch flies his Scheibe Bergfalke II/a55 sailplane near Wenatchee, March, 1964
S.A."Alex" Aldott, J.C. "Red" Wright of Odessa flies his 1-23G sailplane in West Texas, April, 1964
David Mobley, Most numerous United States Sailplane -- Schweizer 1-26, May, 1964
Charles E. Brown, Slingsby Dart soars over British countryside, June, 1964
"Alex" Aldott, John Slack flies his LO-180 over Napervill, IL, July, 1964
George Uveges, George Coder flies his Standard Austria "One Yo-Yo" over McCook, August, 1964
"Alex" Aldott, Al Parker bound on his 1,036 km World Distance Record in his SISU, September, 1964
S. "Alex" Aldott, Wylie Mullen's Prue Super Standard in a thermal over Illinois, October, 1964
Alex Aldott, Paul Bikle flies his Prue Standard, November, 1964
S.A. Aldott, Paul Schweizer flies a Schweizer 2-32 during the Nationals, December, 1964
Don Downie, Bowlus Super Albatross at Torrey Pines, January, 1966
George Uveges, Harold Hutchinson and Prue 215 complete contest task at '58 Nationals, February, 1966
A.C. Williams, Ted Chandler flying his Libelle over San Antonio, March, 1966
George Uveges, Paul Bikle soaring an Austria SHK with San Gabriel Mountains in background, April, 1966
Linn Emrich, Cecil Craig soaring his LK-10A near Mount Ranier, May, 1966
Don Dornan, Holiday Soaring School 2-32, June, 1966
John Altberg, K-6 soaring at McCook, Nebraska, July, 1966
Soaring International Photo, One of Three Fokas flying in U. S. flown by owner Hugo Taskovich, August, 1966
Paul Crowell, K-6E in flight near Miami, September, 1966
Soaring International, Herman Stiglmeier soaring the Finnish Vasama over Inyokern, October, 1966
George Uveges, Jack Jordan soaring LP-49 over hills east of Lake Elsinore, November, 1966
T. Heimgartner, Swiss Diamant with pilot Rene Comte, December, 1966
Paul Crowell, Modified bubble LK flying in Florida, January, 1967
Schweizer Aircraft, Schweizer Aircraft Company latest design (2-33) over Elmira, February, 1967
Paul Crowell, Dick Delafield soars George Arent's 2-32 above Miami Gliderport, March, 1967
George Uveges, Irv Prue soaring his UHP-1 over El Mirage, April, 1967
Robert Lee Moore, Larry Welch soaring his Phoebus over Richland, May, 1967
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, John Brittingham soars his Dart 17R near Pikes Peak, June, 1967
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, Sterling Starr flying his one-of-a-kind 1-23 HM, July, 1967
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, Vern Olershaw soaring his O-3 over Marfa, August, 1967
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, George Moffat flies a Diamant in the Marfa competition, September, 1967
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, Peter Reidel soaring his standard class Dart near Pikes Peak, October, 1967
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott poses a 2-32 for his wife's camera, November, 1967
George Uveges, Future Design by Steve Marton, December, 1967

S.A. Aldott, SSA President John Ryan flying a Sisu 1, January, 1965
Three 1-26s soar over Kutztown, PA, February, 1965
Heinz Suizer, Swiss Elfe MN-R open class sailplane, March, 1965
A.S. Aldott, Dick Johnson and his Skylark 4, April, 1965
S.A. Aldott, Schweizer 2-25 and K-7 over Pike's Peak, May, 1965
S.A. Aldott, Chicago Glider Club's Schweizer 2-32 over Joliet, June, 1965
S.A. Aldott, Wallace A. Scott soars his Ka-6 over Odessa, July, 1965
Robert L. Moore, Slingsby Dart owned by Richard Delafield and flown by Tom Davis, August, 1965
S.A. Aldott, Sailplanes in Take-off line at Nationals in Adrian, September, 1965
S.A. Aldott, LtCol Christiansen and Capt W. Leland in a Schweizer 2-25 near Pikes Peak, October, 1965
S.A. Aldott, Dale May over Chicago in his Sisu 1A, November, 1965
Dita Aldott, Sandor "Alex" intorducing Dr. Edward Laszlo to soaring, December, 1965

H. Selvidge, The soaring sixties, January, 1960
Harner Selvidge, Soaring pilots and sky-diving, February, 1960
Harner Selvidge, Report of directors' actions, March, 1960, pages ,,53
Harner Selvidge, The SSA and the FAA, April, 1960, pages ,21
Harner Selvidge, The decline of meteorology, May, 1960, page 36
Harner Selvidge, The challenge of British soaring, June, 1960
Harner Selvidge, The country club approach, July, 1960, page 1
Harner Selvidge, Soaring and the soft sell, August, 1960
Harner Selvidge, 27th National The national soaring championships, September, 1960
Harner Selvidge, Directors' qualifications, October, 1960, page 53
Harner Selvidge, The 2000th US C badge, November, 1960
Harner Selvidge, 44 exciting months, December, 1960
P.F. Bikle, A message from the president, January, 1961, pages 53,5
B.L. Moore, Let's sell soaring - and SSA, February, 1961, pages ,38
P.A. Schweizer, Youth must fly, April, 1965, page 61

Feature Article
R.H. Johnson, Notes on the development progress of the sailplane Adastra, January, 1962
B.H. Carmichael, Possibility for a one foot per second sinking speed, January, 1962, pages 1,1
R.H. Parker, The sailplane T-Bird, its design philosophy, February, 1962, pages ,55
B.W. Mozer, Horace Greeley was wrong, March, 1962, pages 3,38
R.T. Allemann, Notes on the dilemma of deviation from course line, March, 1962
F. Robbins and J. Parker, 1962 Torrey Pines meet, April, 1962
R.E. Schreder, The HP-11, April, 1962, pages 6,25
G.M. Wilburn, Silver C altitude flight description, April, 1962, pages 3,60
P.A. Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report, April, 1962, pages 10,35,58
S.V. Starr, Possible performance improvements for 1-23 series sailplanes, April, 1962, pages 1,54
G. Asdel, First gold distance San Francisco Bay area, May, 1962, page 3
T.E. Sharp, The problem of sailplane radios, May, 1962, pages ,50
F.X. Wortmann, Concerning an improvement of the 63-618 airfoil, May, 1962
J.J. Audette, 395 miles from Pincher Creek, Alberta, June, 1962, pages ,59
R. Sundquist and G. Abels, The 1961 expedition to Buena Vista, June, 1962, pages 38,,55
J.H. Lambie, 397 kilometers in the Fauvel Wing, June, 1962, pages 21,,31
J.E. Hard, You can't soar a 1-19, July, 1962, pages 3,3
G.E. Coder, Jr., Red River roulette, July, 1962, pages 3,10
F. Daams, A rare bird, The Falcon, August, 1962, pages ,21
R.T. Allemann, W-2 form, August, 1962, pages ,3
W.C. Holbrook, 5th annual Mid-Atlantic soaring meet, August, 1962
F.J. Sweet, SSA plaques now in National Air Museum, December, 1962, pages 25,55
H.C. Higgins, The thermal index, January, 1963
R.F. Litle, Jr., Off to the races, January, 1963
R.F. Litle, Jr., Off to the races - part II, February, 1963, page 22
R. Olmedo and G. Abels, The Argentine Super Albatross, March, 1963
O.T. Foz, The 1963 world soaring championships, March, 1963, pages ,22
S. Emons, Crewing in the Mojave desert, March, 1963
D. Lobmaster, Missouri diamond, April, 1963, page 3
T. Lee, Horizontal vs. vertical gliders, May, 1963
R. Forker, T-Bird test flight, May, 1963, pages 55,55,22
P.A. Schweizer, Report on the 9th world soaring championships, May, 1963
D. Lobmaster, Thermal marking, June, 1963, pages 55,55
R.H. Johnson, Touch and go over the pampas, June, 1963
F. Robinson, X-C via Tehachapi wave express, July, 1963, pages ,,59
B. Beebe, The perils of Bruce and Marina Beebe, July, 1963, pages 3,5
N.J. MacLeod, Mid-Atlantic regional soaring championships and 6th annual mid-atlantic states soaring meet, August, 1963, pages ,35
L.M. Licher, 30th annual US national soaring championships, August, 1963
P.F. Bikle, 557 miles! Sun Valley to Swift Current, September, 1963, page 5
E.H. Butts, Pacific northwest regional soaring championships, September, 1963, pages ,7
D. McCormick, The 15th Canadian national soaring championships, September, 1963
H. Selvidge, A salute to the 1-26, October, 1963
R.M. Licher, 5 hours from Sun Valley, October, 1963, pages 11,33
W.E. (Tony) Doherty, Jr., 9th annual 1-26 regatta, October, 1963, pages ,19
D.W. Aitken, Jr., An appeal to all persons interested in the 1-26, October, 1963, page 23
W.A. Scott, 443. 5 miles by 1-26, October, 1963
M. Dreher, Auxiliary turbo-jet engines for sailplanes, November, 1963, pages 23,20
C.E. Burson, Jr., Lennie pins and the Symons wave memorial, November, 1963, pages 3,55,7
A.H. Parker, 490 miles; new world goal with the Sisu, December, 1963, pages ,,50
R.H. Johnson, A Skylark's view of the US national contest, December, 1963, page 11
F.X. Wortmann and K. Schwoerer, Summary of the influence of the airfoil polar on the performance of sailplanes, January, 1964, pages 1,,
P.M. Bowers, Some comments on modern soaring - heresy or horse sense?, from Towline, January, 1964, pages ,50,6
F.X. Wortmann, Some laminar profiles for sailplanes, January, 1964
D.W. Aitken, Jr., 1-26 class national championships, February, 1964
FAI soaring awards rules and procedures, February, 1964, page 3
D.B. Webb, Diamond height at Sugarbush, March, 1964, pages 3,11,59
F.H. Matteson, Standard Austria for 1964, March, 1964, page 3
S. Fritz and C.V. Lindsay, Lee wave clouds photographed over the Appalachians by Tiros V and VI, March, 1964, pages ,42,22,33
J.C. Wright, A letter to Ed, April, 1964
P.A. Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report, April, 1964, pages ,35
G.B. Moffat, Jr., The modern sailplanes, June, 1964, pages 1,8
D. McNay, Southern California soaring championships, part I, Taft, CA, June, 1964
S. DuPont, Helisoar HP-10 kit sailplane, June, 1964, pages ,25,26,20
K.S. Coward, The D-8 sailplane, June, 1964
T. Page, Glider pilot ratings - the growth pattern, July, 1964
G.W.E. Brown, A rough retrieve, July, 1964
G.B. Moffat, Jr., The modern sailplanes, part II, July, 1964, pages ,22,25,25,50,38
31st annual US national soaring championships, August, 1964
G.B. Moffat, Jr., The modern sailplanes, part III, August, 1964, pages 38,3,20,21,,,58
R. Cooke, and R. Montgomery, A simplified hangar design, August, 1964, page 3
A.H. Parker, Pioneering the 1000 kilometers, September, 1964, page 50
R.H. Johnson, Record distance flights - comparison and comments, September, 1964
T. Lange, The weather during Parker's flight, September, 1964, pages ,36
W.A. Scott, Goal flight beyond 500 miles, September, 1964
J.A. Kelley, The 16th Canadian national soaring championship, September, 1964
S.A. Hall, Project Cherokee II - final report, part 1, October, 1964, pages ,9,25
W.E. (Tony) Doherty, Jr., 1964 10th annual 1-26 regatta Harris Hill, Elmira N.Y., October, 1964
J.C. Wright, The Marfa, Texas, soaring camp, November, 1964
T. Page, Soaring potential in Wyoming, November, 1964
S.A. Hall, Project Cherokee II - final report, part 2, November, 1964, pages ,9,25
C.V. Lindsay, Type of weather favoring cross-country soaring, December, 1964, pages ,36,33
H.J. Zacher and H. Merklein, Flight performance measurements of sailplanes, January, 1965
R. Delafield, The Slingsby T-51 Dart Soaring Pilot Report, January, 1965, pages 19,19
The Huetter H-301 Libelle, February, 1965
R. Burk, The 7th annual Rocky Mountain soaring contest, February, 1965
P. Paul, translator, Across the Andes in a sailplane, February, 1965, page 9
E.G. Minghelli, The Prue II-A, March, 1965
R. Castrodale, Flying with a German soaring club, March, 1965, pages ,10,22
H. Nelson, CAP Cadets Soar in New York, March, 1965, pages 39,58,61
I. Prue, The story of the Prues, April, 1965, pages ,
P. Riedel, Large oaks from small acrons grow, April, 1965
W.L. Snodgrass, The floating aileron An Investigation and Proposed Use on a Sailplane, May, 1965, pages 1,,52
P.A. Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corp. report, May, 1965, pages ,58
J.D. Graves, Dr. W.B. Klemperer-His Years in America, June, 1965
Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer He Discovered Elmira, June, 1965
F.B. Smith, A pressure demand oxygen system for the 1-26, June, 1965
R.L. Wick, M.D., A Five-year History of Sailplane Accidents, June, 1965, page 59
D. Lamont, Meanwhile Back at the Pass, July, 1965, pages 11,,31
C.M. Drew, 304 mile wave flight in a BG-12, July, 1965, pages 59,20
F. Melsheimer, Antenna systems for sailplanes, July, 1965
H. Drew, World soaring championships, August, 1965, pages ,20
S. Hall, The Hoerner wing-tip, August, 1965, pages 1,25
R.R. Winn and T. Page, 32nd Annual US National Soaring Championships, September, 1965
C.D. Glattly, The 1965 Western Regional Soaring Championships, October, 1965
E. Byars, 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic regional soaring meet, October, 1965, pages ,7
D. Lamont, Decisions, decisions, decisions, November, 1965, pages ,11,55.6
R.H. Johnson, 1965 world gliding championships, November, 1965, pages ,25
T. Falk, The first annual 1-26 nationals, December, 1965, pages ,21
J. Hartley, Whither thou goest, December, 1965, pages ,3
B. Briggs, The balm of Gilad, December, 1965, pages ,7
D. Svec, Second place winner, December, 1965, pages 11,55
R.L. Moore, The Phoebus - a pilot's report, December, 1965, pages 42,38
S. DuPont, Sailplane glide test method, December, 1965
Peter Riedel, last survivor of the Rhoen, January, 1966, pages ,52
L.M. Licher, One way to Yucca, January, 1966, page 19
M. Dreher, Powered Gliders Aloft with a set jet, January, 1966, page 1
W.B. Cleary, Three diamonds in a 1-26, February, 1966, page 6
W.N. Slater, Three years in the life of the Dart, February, 1966, pages ,21
J.C. "Red" Wright, Travels with Red Dog, February, 1966, page 55
R.W. Mozer, Introducing the AS-12, March, 1966
P. Riedel, Flying the Motorsegler, March, 1966, pages ,23,38
G.B. Moffat, Jr., More Modern Sailplanes, March, 1966
D.F. Farrar, Jr., One for the birds, April, 1966
K. Chamberlin, The cloud, April, 1966, pages 1,5,,58,21
D.H. Owens, Thermal soaring - Southwest style, May, 1966
Schweizer Aircraft Corp. - report for 1965, May, 1966, page 28
G. Kern, The sailplanes of Egon Scheibe, May, 1966
F.X. Wortmann, Drag reduction in sailplanes, June, 1966, page 21
R.H. Johnson, Epitaph to an Austria, June, 1966, page 1
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Men and Ships, January, 1966
Model Matters, January, 1966
Random Notes, January, 1966
Air Museum, February, 1966
Club News, February, 1966
More Auguries, More Anticipation, February, 1966
Revival at China Lake, February, 1966
Convection, March, 1966
More Zap at CAP, March, 1966
News from Abroad, March, 1966
SSA Cross Section, March, 1966
The Optimum Circling Polar, March, 1966
British Championships, June, 1966
Men at work, June, 1966
Random Gusts, June, 1966
The Final Solution, June, 1966
The not so new news dept., June, 1966
Cape Cod Capers, July, 1966
Fiberglass Fandango, July, 1966
Project Sigma, July, 1966
Sic Itur Ad Astra, July, 1966
Improved Technology, September, 1966
Outward Bound, September, 1966
First-Class Thinking, October, 1966
Hear it Now!, October, 1966
Low-altitude Orbit, October, 1966, pages ",,3"
Random Notes, October, 1966
Roll Your Own, October, 1966
Stop!, October, 1966
Battle of the Giants, December, 1966
Faster, Faster, Faster, December, 1966
New Fire for an Old Feud, December, 1966
There's Fiberglass in your Future, December, 1966
Thermal Detection, December, 1966
All Hail the K-6, March, 1967
Chute Safety, March, 1967
Incidental Intelligence from Here and There, March, 1967
Meter Movements, March, 1967
Those Russian Gliders, March, 1967

OSTIV News, June, 1964

H.M. Claybourn, Jon D. Carsey, soaring's friend, November, 1962, page 39
C.M. Rosenblum, Benjamin H. Cohen, February, 1963
In Memoriam: Benjamin H. Cohen, February, 1963
C. Walters, In Memoriam: Robert R. Moan, May, 1963, pages ,59
B.M. Ryan, In Memoriam: Jane H. Eldredge, October, 1963
G.E. Coder, Jr., A Pilot's Pilot: Karl Baur, December, 1963, pages 39,10
Daniel M. Johnson, December, 1963
P.J. La Freinier, In Memoriam: Edward J. Robinett, February, 1964, pages ,31
In Memoriam: Youston Sekella, March, 1964
Leslie Howard, March, 1964
N.L. Moore, In Memoriam: Capt. H. Stanley Moore, April, 1964, page 38
R. Fenton, W. Hearst, F. Friedewald, S. David Lobmaster, April, 1964
In Memoriam: Dr. Ernest E. Allaby, March, 1965, page 39
In Memoriam: Fred Hefty, Sr, March, 1965
In Memoriam: Dr. Wolfgang B. Klemperer, May, 1965
G.R. Wilson, Eulogy to Alex, Alex Dawydoff, September, 1965, pages ,53,7
In Memoriam Alex Dawydoff, September, 1965
W. Winter, Remembering Alex, Alex Dawydoff, September, 1965, pages 60,53
E.J. Seagars, In Memoriam Carl V. Brinkman, Sr., November, 1966

J.D. Graves, George Deibert -- In Memoriam, February, 1967
Fred T. Loomis, Pioneer Soaring Photographer, March, 1967
Cloyd Artman, Frank See killed in glider crash near Wawawai Sunday, July, 1967

Record claim for Brieglebs, September, 1969, pages 6,

Regional Ramblings
Regional Ramblings, March, 1967
Regional Ramblings, April, 1967
Regional Ramblings, May, 1967
June, 1967
Regional Ramblings, July, 1967
Regional Ramblings, September, 1967
Regional Ramblings, October, 1967
Regional Ramblings, November, 1967
Regional Ramblings, December, 1967

SSA News
January, 1960
June, 1960
July, 1960
September, 1960
October, 1960
March, 1961
SSA News, July, 1961
August, 1961
September, 1961
October, 1961
December, 1961
March, 1962
SSA News, December, 1962

J.M. Robertson, Safety first The Gray Hair Department, August, 1961
J.M. Robertson, Safety first The Gray Hair Department, December, 1961

Safety Corner
M. Coverdale, Safety Corner, December, 1964
M. Coverdale, Safety Corner, July, 1965
M. Coverdale, The Safety Corner, November, 1965
M. Coverdale, March, 1966, page 60
M. Coverdale, May, 1966
M. Coverdale, November, 1966
M. Coverdale, January, 1967
M. Coverdale, February, 1967
M. Coverdale, March, 1967
M. Coverdale, November, 1967
M. Coverdale, February, 1968
M. Coverdale, March, 1968
M. Coverdale, April, 1968
M. Coverdale, July, 1968
B.M. Rogers, November, 1968
M. Coverdale, March, 1969
M. Coverdale, June, 1969
M. Coverdale, November, 1969
M. Coverdale, December, 1969
M. Coverdale, Safety Corner, June, 1964
M. Coverdale, January, 1966
M. Coverdale, February, 1966, page 10
M. Coverdale, April, 1966, page 10
M. Coverdale, July, 1966, pages ,25
M. Coverdale, September, 1966, pages ,28
M. Coverdale, October, 1966, page 28
M. Coverdale, December, 1966, pages ,33
C. Lynn, Should I fly today?, February, 1967
M. Coverdale, April, 1967
M. Coverdale, May, 1967
M. Coverdale, June, 1967
M. Coverdale, August, 1967
M. Coverdale, September, 1967
M. Coverdale, October, 1967
M. Coverdale, December, 1967
M. Coverdale, January, 1968
M. Coverdale, May, 1968
M. Coverdale, June, 1968
M. Coverdale, August, 1968
M. Coverdale, October, 1968
M. Coverdale, November, 1968
M. Coverdale, December, 1968
M. Coverdale, January, 1969
M. Coverdale, February, 1969
M. Coverdale, April, 1969
M. Coverdale, May, 1969
M. Coverdale, July, 1969
M. Coverdale, August, 1969
M. Coverdale, September, 1969
M. Coverdale, September, 1969
M. Coverdale, October, 1969

World News
Communist China, July, 1966
England, July, 1966
France, July, 1966
Germany, July, 1966
G. Banak, translator, Poland, July, 1966
Ireland (Dublin), July, 1966
Italy, July, 1966
England, January, 1967
Norway, January, 1967
Poland, January, 1967
West Germany, January, 1967
France, January, 1967
Switzerland, January, 1967

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