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Book Reviews, Club News, Cover, Editorial, Interesting gliders, Letter, Obituaries, SSA News, Safety First, Spiraling with E.J., The Canadian scene, The idea corner, Twenty years ago, Unusual gliders, West words

Book Reviews
A.E. Slater, Further Outlook, by R.S. Storer and F.H. Ludlam, March-April, 1955, page 33
H. Selvidge, Flying is My Life/ The Sky My Kingdom, by Hanna Reitsch, September-October, 1957, pages ,33
H. Selvidge, The Airman's World, by Gill Robb Wilson, November-December, 1957
W.T. Royce, Cloud Reading for Pilots, by Ann Welch, January-February, 1958, pages ,33
H.A. Namtry, Book Review: Gliding, by Derek Piggott, November-December, 1958, pages 33,39
G. Steuer, Aerodynamische Profile, by Dr. F.W. Riegels, March-April, 1959, pages 33,55

Club News
B.M. Ryan, ed., Club News, September-October, 1958
B.M. Ryan, ed., Club News, November-December, 1958
B.M. Ryan, ed., January-February, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., March-April, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., May-June, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., July, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., August, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., September, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., October, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., November, 1959
B.M. Ryan, ed., December, 1959

W.H. Coverdale, Jr., FAI awards, May-June, 1951, page 3
Harris Hill During the 18th Nationals, July-August, 1951
A Look at the Odessa Records Camp, September-October, 1951, pages 3,3,10
Ted Nelson and Harry Perl in the Hummingbird over the hills near Warm Spring Gliderport, CA, November-December, 1951
W.H. Coverdale, America goes to Spain Aboard the S.S. Exochorda, July-August, 1952, page 11
Paul Schweizer and 1-24; Doug Bradley, Youngest Contestant, September-October, 1952
Gehrleins; Girl, glider , tetrahedron, November-December, 1952
Evolution of Glider Design, 1903 and 1953, January-February, 1953
Lippisch Delta Wing glider in full scale tunnel; Soaring Champion, March-April, 1953
Fauvel AV-36 Flying Wing; Soaring Attracts Beauty, May-June, 1953
Soaring Contest; Friendship, July-August, 1953
Winners Circle; Two 1-23s over valley, September-October, 1953
1953 Gliders; 1903 Gliders, November-December, 1953
TSA's Pfeiffer Winch; Bill Hoverman and 1-23D Snowbird Meet, January-February, 1954
Danish Rhönbuzzard; Harry Perl in his Penetrator, March-April, 1954
Maggie Kensey solos 2-22; Ohio Aviation Board Director with Rudy Opitz, May-June, 1954
I.A. 41 Uruba; EPB-1, July-August, 1954
Lyle Maxey in M-K-P; Don Mitchell's Nimbus, September-October, 1954
MG-19; 1-23E, November-December, 1954
Antonov A-9; Nucleon Sailplane, January-February, 1955
HKS-1; K-1, March-April, 1955
Stevens powered Bowlus Baby Albatross; Nelson Hummingbird, May-June, 1955
E. Schweizer and all-metal sailplanes -- first and latest, July-August, 1955
22nd National Soaring Championships, September-October, 1955
WLM-II; Spyr-V, November-December, 1955
D-34 Sailplane, photo by Martin Deskau; Hanna Reitsch in Zugvogel, photo by Martin Deskau, January-February, 1956
Elfe-III, photo by Heimgartner, March-April, 1956
Exhibit at Henry Ford Museum, photo courtesy Henry Ford Museum, May-June, 1956
Sailplanes at Smaden, Switzerland, photo by Maurer, July-August, 1956
Jenny Mae, photo by R.A. Smith; Breguet 901, photo by F.H. Matteson, September-October, 1956
Super-Elfe, photo by Heimgartner, November-December, 1956
Ambrosini "Conguro" and AVM "Gheppio" photo by Giorgio Apostolo, January-February, 1957
Schweizer 1-26 at TSA, March-April, 1957
New Sailplane Design, photo by Fred S. Lord, May-June, 1957
Stan Smith at competition, photo by Rose Marie Licher, July-August, 1957
Les Arnold, Champion, and Nelson Nummingbird, photo by Rose Marie Licher, September-October, 1957
Laister-Kauffman at Torrey Pines, photo by Rose Marie Licher, November-December, 1957
Rose Marie Licher, Arizona Soaring Association's new soaring site and a TG-3, photo by Rose Marie Licher, January-February, 1958
P.M. Bowers, Schweizer 1-19 after C flight, photo by Peter M. Bowers, March-April, 1958
J. Oberlerchner, Musger Mg 23, photo by Josef Oberlerchner, May-June, 1958
F. Matteson, Zugvogel on tow, photo by Fred Matteson, July-August, 1958
T. Henderson, HP-8, 1-21; photos by Tom Henderson, September-October, 1958
XM-1 designed by James Marske; Breguet 905, French standard class, photo by Lesgourgues, November-December, 1958
H.A. Damron, Douglas Soaring Club Pratt Read sailplane at El Mirage, California, photo by Houston A. Damron, January-February, 1959
W. Taylor, Schweizer 2-22c at Torrey Pines, Ca, photo by Bill Taylor, March-April, 1959
E. St. Aubin, Seattle Glider Council Schweizer TG-2, photo by Earl St. Aubin, May-June, 1959
Antelope Valley Soaring Club's TG-3A at El Mirage, July, 1959
R.F. Nowakowski, TG-1 Cinema at Kennewick, WA, photo by R.F. Nowakowski, August, 1959
W. Taylor, L-K at Torrey Pines, photo by Bill Taylor, September, 1959
E.J. Walty, Minimoa, photo by E.J. Walty, October, 1959
P.M. Bowers, Olympic Soaring Club's DFS Olympia, photo by Peter M. Bowers, November, 1959
P.M. Bowers, Modified Bergfalke II, photo by Peter M. Bowers, December, 1959

J.D. Carsey, Dr. W. B. Klemperer, September-October, 1951
F.J. Sweet, March-April, 1956, pages 53,55
P.A Schweizer, 100% support for the internationals, July-August, 1958
Every sailplane soaring again, September-October, 1958
P.A. Schweizer, November-December, 1958
A message from the president, January-February, 1959, page 53
H. Selvidge, Something for everyone, March-April, 1959
H. Selvidge, Plans for Soaring Magazine, May-June, 1959, page 53
H. Selvidge, Dark days at the Air Force Academy, July, 1959
H. Selvidge, Meets vs Meetings, September, 1959
H. Selvidge, Soaring science and technology, October, 1959, page 1
Harner B. Selvidge, Winter opportunities, November, 1959, page 10

Interesting gliders
P.M. Bowers, Interesting Gliders, May-June, 1954
P.M. Bowers, Interesting Gliders, July-August, 1954
P.M. Bowers, Interesting Gliders, September-October, 1954
P.M. Bowers, May-June, 1956
P.M. Bowers, Interesting gliders, July-August, 1956, page 21
P.M. Bowers, September-October, 1956
P.M. Bowers, November-December, 1956
P.M. Bowers, March-April, 1957, page 55
P.M. Bowers, May-June, 1957, page 23
P.M. Bowers, September-October, 1957
P.M. Bowers, January-February, 1958, pages ,31
P.M. Bowers, March-April, 1958, pages ,20,23
P.M. Bowers, May-June, 1958
P.M. Bowers, July-August, 1958
P.M. Bowers, Gyro Gliders, September-October, 1958, pages ,
P.M. Bowers, November-December, 1958, pages ,
P.M. Bowers, January-February, 1959
P.M. Bowers, March-April, 1959
P.M. Bowers, May-June, 1959
P.M. Bowers, July, 1959
P.M. Bowers, DeHavilland EG-2, August, 1959, page 19
P.M. Bowers, September, 1959
P.M. Bowers, October, 1959, page 1
P.M. Bowers, November, 1959
P.M. Bowers, December, 1959, pages ,5,23

W.B. Briegleb, September-October, 1950
Thayer Smith, September-October, 1950, pages ,52
A.B. Schultz, January-February, 1951
N. Kadmon, Soaring readers write, January-February, 1956

A. Raspet, To Paul Tuntland, September-October, 1950
E.G. Minghelli, Paul Tuntland, September-October, 1950
R. Thomas, Paul Tuntland, September-October, 1950, pages ,5
H.M. Davies, Paul Tuntland, September-October, 1950, pages ,,19
J.C. Campion, Paul Tuntland, September-October, 1950, pages ,7
W.S. Ivans, Jr., In Memoriam R.F. Symons, May-June, 1958, pages ,29
E.O. Menefee, In Memoriam John B. Sawyer, September-October, 1958
E. Southee, In Memoriam William R. Enyart, November-December, 1958
Dr. Edward P. Warner, November-December, 1958

SSA News
The National Governing Body for Motorless Flight in the United States is Fully Active, September-October, 1953
November-December, 1953
May-June, 1954
July-August, 1954
September-October, 1954
November-December, 1954
January-February, 1955
March-April, 1955
May-June, 1955
July-August, 1955
September-October, 1955
November-December, 1955
January-February, 1956
March-April, 1956
May-June, 1956
July-August, 1956
November-December, 1956
January-February, 1957
March-April, 1957
May-June, 1957
July-August, 1957
September-October, 1957
September-October, 1957
September-October, 1957
November-December, 1957
January-February, 1958
March-April, 1958
May-June, 1958
July-August, 1958
September-October, 1958
November-December, 1958
January-February, 1959
Directors' Meeting, March-April, 1959
May-June, 1959
July, 1959
October, 1959
November, 1959

Safety First
J.M. Robertson, compiler, Accident report, September, 1959
J.M. Robertson, compiler, July-August, 1957
J.M. Robertson, compiler, Safety First, September-October, 1957
H. Selvidge, November-December, 1957

Spiraling with E.J.
E.J. Reeves, California, September-October, 1952, page 50
E.J. Reeves, Washington State, November-December, 1952
E.J. Reeves, Colorado, January-February, 1953, page 50
E.J. Reeves, Middle-West, March-April, 1953, page 51
E.J. Reeves, May-June, 1953, pages ,50
E.J. Reeves, July-August, 1953
E.J. Reeves, September-October, 1953, pages ,11
E.J. Reeves, Spiraling with E. J., November-December, 1953
E.J. Reeves, January-February, 1954
E.J. Reeves, Elsinore, March-April, 1954, page 51
E.J. Reeves, May-June, 1954, page 1
E.J. Reeves, July-August, 1954
E.J. Reeves, September-October, 1954
E.J. Reeves, November-December, 1954, pages ,11
E.J. Reeves, Spiraling with E.J., January-February, 1955, page 58
E.J. Reeves, March-April, 1955, pages ,53
E.J. Reeves, May-June, 1955, pages ,11
E.J. Reeves, July-August, 1955, page 11
E.J. Reeves, September-October, 1955, pages ,11
E.J. Reeves, November-December, 1955, pages ,11
E.J. Reeves, January-February, 1956
E.J. Reeves, March-April, 1956, page 50
E.J. Reeves, May-June, 1956, pages ,53
E.J. Reeves, July-August, 1956, page 11

The Canadian scene
D.A. Shenstone, January-February, 1950
D.A. Shenstone, March-April, 1950
D.A. Shenstone, May-June, 1950
D.A. Shenstone, July-August, 1950
D.A. Shenstone, September-October, 1950
D.A. Shenstone, November-December, 1950
D.A. Shenstone, January-February, 1951
D.A. Shenstone, March-April, 1951
D.A. Shenstone, Canadian Scene -- Observations on the Behavior of Sationary Thermals, July-August, 1951
D.A. Shenstone, Canadian Scene, September-October, 1951
D.A. Shenstone, Canadian Scene "L'Affaire Mu", November-December, 1951
D.A. Shenstone, January-February, 1952

The idea corner
F.B. Friedewald, November, 1959, pages ,22,,3
F.B. Friedewald, compiler, Turn and Bank Indicator, December, 1959, pages 28,22

Twenty years ago
Twenty Years Ago, January-February, 1957
Twenty Years Ago, March-April, 1957
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, May-June, 1957, pages ,22
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, July-August, 1957
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, September-October, 1957
E.J. Reeves, Twenty Years Ago, November-December, 1957

Unusual gliders
P.M. Bowers, March-April, 1955, page 6
P.M. Bowers, May-June, 1955, pages 23,38,6
P.M. Bowers, September-October, 1955, page 6
P.M. Bowers, November-December, 1955, pages ,6

West words
L.M. Licher, July-August, 1956, page 33
L.M. Licher, November-December, 1956, pages 10,33
L.M. Licher, January-February, 1957, pages 10,33
L.M. Licher, March-April, 1957, pages 10,,33
L.M. Licher, May-June, 1957, page 10
B.M. Ryan, July-August, 1957, pages ,10
B.M. Ryan, September-October, 1957, page 10
B.M. Ryan, November-December, 1957, page 10
B.M. Ryan, January-February, 1958
B.M. Ryan, March-April, 1958, pages ,10
B.M. Ryan, May-June, 1958, pages ,10
B.M. Ryan, July-August, 1958, page 10

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