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Abrams, H.
Report from Herb Abrams [Safety], November-December, 1942
Ardelt, E.M.
The "Denver Pioneer" utility glider [Denver Pioneer; Gliders], March-April, 1944, page 19
Arnold, H.H.
Speaking for the army [Military Uses of Gliders; Training], July-August, 1941

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Bardwell, E.
Memorial day weekend soaring meet [Competitions], May-June, 1947, pages ,4
Bardwell, G.
Northeastern championship [Competitions], September-October, 1947, page 4
Snowbirds, 1947 [Competitions], November-December, 1947
Youth on the wing [Training], May-June, 1949, page 4
Barnaby, B.S.
The Soaring Society's program [Soaring Society of America], January-February, 1947, page 4
Barnaby, H.S.
The LNE-1 [Pratt-Read LNE-1], November-December, 1945, pages ,4
Barnaby, R.S.
Another gliding boom? [USA], January-February, 1941, page 4
Too low and too slow [Safety; Techniques of Soaring Flight], May-June, 1942, pages ,55,4
Recapitulation [Airplane Towing; Gliders], January-February, 1946, page 1
Robert Kronfeld [Obituaries], March-April, 1948, pages ,4
15th highlights [Competitions], July-August, 1948
Barringer, L.B.
Flight Without Power [Literature], April-May, 1940, page 33
Wurtsboro winds [Competitions], June-July, 1940, page 5
Sun Valley soaring [Sites], October-November, 1940, pages ,5
Gliders for transport [Airplane Towing; Gliders], January-February, 1943, pages 1,5
Bennis, S.J.
Double tow [Airplane Towing], March-April, 1948, pages 1,5
Birch-Jensen, C.
The Swedish championship competition [Sweden], September-October, 1946, pages 55,5
Bjorvand, H.H.
Sermons from clouds [Literature], January-February, 1947, page 6
Blaine, B.
14th National - Operations The 14th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], July-August, 1947
Blaine, B.F.
1940 American Open [Competitions], August-September, 1940, page 11
Blaine, R.
14th National, Wichita Falls Bob Blaine says [Competitions; Sites], May-June, 1947
Blaine, R.F.
Winch guillotine [Launching\Winch], January, 1940, page 6
1940 American Open, August-September, 1940, page 6
Who can tell us about motorless flight training? [Training], September-October, 1941, page 6
Bob Blaine says, May-June, 1947, page 6
The 14th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], July-August, 1947, pages ,6
Bonnell, C.J.
Soaring in a post-war world, September-October, 1944, page 6
Glider glossary [Literature], January-February, 1945, pages 33,6
Boyer, T.M.
New editor [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], January-February, 1945, page 6
Cargo gliders in the Army [Gliders; Military Uses of Gliders], July-August, 1945, page 6
The 13th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], September-October, 1946, pages ,6
[Soaring Society of America]March-April1947, pages 6,53
Briegleb, W.B.
Powered sailplanes [Dragonfly; Gliders; Hummingbird], May-June, 1949, pages 20,23,,6
Brown, T.E.
The Wanderlust [Wanderlust], March-April, 1947, pages 59,7
Burr, H.E.
Snowbirds, 1948 [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January-February, 1949, pages ,10
Buston, J.
Why soaring contests? [Competitions], June-July, 1940, page 11
Buxton, J.
Why soaring contests?, June-July, 1940, page 7
Ridge soaring [Ridge Soaring], September-October, 1941, page 7

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Carpenter, D.
Altosaurus comes out of hibernation [Launching\Winch Towing], April-May, 1940, page 60
Casey, G.
Let's think about it! [Cross-Country Soaring], September-October, 1947
Chapman, R.N.
The TG-4A [TG-4A], January-February, 1945, pages ,55
Airplane towing rules [Airplane Towing], May-June, 1945, pages ,1
Chardon, F.
Optimum sailplane design [Aerodynamic Design], November-December, 1946, pages ,1
Charles, J.S.
An airplane pilot looks at soaring [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], January, 1940, page 55
A new national altitude record [Record Flights], September-October, 1943, page 9
Charles, J.S.; with E. Lee
What did Shelly say to the Duke? [Air Shows and Demonstrations], January-February, 1941, pages 1,9
Choisnet, M.
International duration [France; Record Flights], July-August, 1949, pages 9,22
35 hours aloft [Record Flights], September-October, 1949, page 9
Collins, L.
Pre-power flight training [Training], May-June, 1944, pages ,10
Comey, B.J.
Scoring for soaring [Competitions], March-April, 1947, pages 11,1
Comey, J.C.
15th National Elmira in '48 [Sites; Competitions], September-October, 1947, pages ,50
Comey, K.J.
Snow bird meet 1946 [Competitions], January-February, 1947
Comey, R.J.
Snow bird meet 1946, January-February, 1947, page 10
Progress report [Soaring Society of America], November-December, 1947, pages 10,53
Southeastern championships [Competitions], January-February, 1948, page 10
America's 1-21, from Air Trails [1-21], May-June, 1948, pages ,10
Crossroads [Soaring Society of America], March-April, 1949, pages 10,53
Unite to soar [Soaring Society of America], July-August, 1949, pages 10,54
Safety IS important [Safety], September-October, 1949, page 10
'49 '50 and you [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], November-December, 1949, pages 53,10
Compton, F.
National contest rules [Competitions], September-October, 1947
Compton, F.B.
Standardization of contest rules [Competitions], November-December, 1946, pages ,11
14th National - Rules and Regulations Comments on contest rules [Competitions], May-June, 1947
National contest rules, September-October, 1947
United States soaring records [Record Flights], November-December, 1948
Comte, R.
Swiss international, March-April, 1949, pages ,2
Swiss international [Competitions\International; International\Switzerland], March-April, 1949, pages ,,55
The high-speed WLM-1 [WLM-1], July-August, 1949, page 59
Corcoran, S.R.
Development of the TG-1A glider [TG-1a], September-October, 1943, pages ,55
Powered gliders [Gliders], September-October, 1944, pages ,23
Cronkhite, A.H.
Full-span flaps [Aerodynamics], May-June, 1949, page 1
Cronkhite, H.
The southwestern [Competitions], September-October, 1948
The southwestern [Competitions], November-December, 1949
Czerwinski, W.
Utility gliders and their design [Aerodynamic Design; Gliders], March-April, 1945, page 1
The Robin [Gliders; Robin], May-June, 1945

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Dadson, T.E.
Starting a club [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, 1940, page 10
Dallas, Wise, Jr.
Darling, D.L.
Night flight [Night Soaring], March-April, 1944, pages ,39
Dawydoff, A.
Airhopper log [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Training], November-December, 1941, pages 9,19
Airhopper log [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Training], May-June, 1942, pages 9,19
Total energy variometer [Instruments], January-February, 1943, pages 19,28
14th national soaring contest! [Competitions], July-August, 1943, pages ,19
Cadet UT-1 glider [Cadet UT-1; Gliders], January-February, 1944, pages 7,19
Elmira, 1945 [Competitions], September-October, 1945, page 19
Guy Storer's Olympia [Olympia], September-October, 1946, page 19
Wurtsboro thermals [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January-February, 1949, pages 10,19
The Elfe [Elfe], July-August, 1949, pages 19,21
demonstration, Navy and Congressional leaders see glider
Army [Air Shows and Demonstrations; Military Uses of Gliders; Training], March-April, 1941, page 1
Dent, F.R.
How to live a long time in a short time [Cloud Flying], May-June, 1941, pages 19,9
Dolfus, W.
Mountain climbing with sailplanes [Mountain Soaring; Switzerland], November-December, 1946, pages 38,55,1
Dollfus, W.
Alpine soaring [Mountain Soaring; Switzerland], January-February, 1946, pages 38,55,1
Alpine international [Switzerland], November-December, 1947, pages 55,1
Douglas, A.C.
A survey of British gliding, from The Aeroplane [Government Support; Great Britain], May-June, 1947, pages 19,,25
Downsbrough, G.A. and M.
We went to Bishop [Altitude Flights], November-December, 1949, pages ,20,20
Du Pont, R.C.
American soaring techniques today [Techniques of Soaring Flight], May-June, 1943, pages 20,55
du Pont, Richard C.
[Obituaries]September-October1943, page 20
DuPont, R.C.
Lewin B. Barringer [Obituaries], March-April, 1943, page 39

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Eikenberry, R.
A worthwhile suggestion [Training], March-April, 1941, pages ,20

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Fierstein, Stanley C.
Finch, L.J.E.
Escape glider, January-February, 1947, page 21
Escape glider, from Air Review [Colditz Cock; Great Britain; Military Uses of Gliders], January-February, 1947, pages 21,10
Follman, L.
Argentine soaring [Argentina], November-December, 1947, pages ,2

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Gale, C.
R.C. DuPont [Obituaries], September-October, 1943, pages ,22

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Hall, A.
Thermal soaring a utility [Record Flights], May-June, 1944, pages ,25,55
Hall, Stanley A. (a.k.a. Stan A. Hall, Stan Hall, S. Hall, S.A. Hall)
Formula for getting ahead, March-April, 1946, page 25
Tips on flying a sailplane on instruments [Instrument Flying], March-April, 1947, pages 28,25
Hallstead, W.F.
Veterans [Training], January-February, 1948, page 3
Hammond, W.B.
A training glider for high schools [Training], November-December, 1943, page 3
A training aid [Training], January-February, 1945, page 3
The case for the single-place training glider in the public schools [Training], January-February, 1946, page 3
Harrison, L.P.
Atmospheric Instability Atmospheric turbulence [Meteorology], May-June, 1943, page 36
Atmospheric turbulence [Meteorology], September-October, 1943, pages 3,36
Atmospheric turbulence [Meteorology], November-December, 1943, pages 3,36
Hart, M.
Glider school, from Air Facts [Training], May-June, 1948, pages ,3
Hatfield, F.
Soaring in South Africa [International\South Africa], December, 1940, page 54
Haynes, B.C.
Hazard of wind shift in landing [Civil Aeronautics Board; MeteorologySafety], January-February, 1942, page 9
Heimgartner, T.H.
Swiss glider constructions [Switzerland], July-August, 1945, pages 55,26
Hepburn, P.N.
Problems of the soaring movement [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February-March, 1940, pages 10,26
Hirvonen, J.
Gliding and soaring in Finland [Finland], January-February, 1947, pages 2,1
Hiscocks, R.D.
Tug and towed glider rate of climb [Airplane Towing; Performance Calculations], November-December, 1947, page 1
Airfoils [Aerodynamics], January-February, 1949, pages 1,26
Hoefner, O.
No field? No fly! [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Sites], May-June, 1945, pages 10,50
Hoff, N.J.
Steel tube fuselages in gliders. . [Construction of Gliders], January-February, 1947
Hoff, N.J.; with S.E. Mautner
Sandwich construction in gliders [Construction of Gliders], September-October, 1944
Holsclaw, W.C.
Only sissies need motors, Lazarus Ode to the Swoose [Literature], November-December, 1942, pages ,
Horsley, T.
Standing wave, from Aeronautics [Great Britain; Meteorology], March-April, 1945, page 25
Soaring Flight [Literature], September-October, 1946, page 33
Huber, H.
Flight testing the Prue 160 [Test Flying], May-June, 1947, page 55
Huffaker, E.C.
On soaring flight [Bird Flight; Meteorology; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, 1942, pages 5,36,55
On soaring flight [Bird Flight; Theory of Soaring Flight], July-August, 1942, pages 5,55
On soaring flight [Bird Flight; Theory of Soaring Flight], September-October, 1942, pages 5,55
Huffaker, K.C.
Storms on soaring flight [Meteorology], May-June, 1942
Hull, L.
Philadelphia glider conference [Conferences and Conventions; Training], March-April, 1943, pages ,
Hunsicker, A.
Orville Wright [Literature], January-February, 1942
Hurtt, F.E.
Schweizer's new two-place utility [2-22], March-April, 1946, page 58

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Illaszewicz, J.
Gliding instruction in Europe [Training], March-April, 1944, pages ,28
Why singleplace glider training was used in Europe [Training], July-August, 1944, pages ,28
High altitude and distance [Cross-Country Soaring], May-June, 1945, pages ,28
Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
Diary of a soaring vacation at El Mirage [Award Flights; Thermal Soaring; Sites], November-December, 1948, pages 51,3,55,29

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Jarlaud, R.
Stratospheric research, from Espace [Atmospheric Research; France], January-February, 1948, pages ,
Research in atmospheric flow, from Espace [Atmospheric Research], March-April, 1948
Jaschke, C.H.
Motorless flight [Volner J-10], July-August, 1941, pages ,59
Jensen, V.
The J-14 two place [J-14], May-June, 1943, page 29
Johnson, R.C.
Elmira to Lewisburg [Awards\Flights], August-September, 1940, page 3
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
To the Atlantic [Competitions; Cross-Country Soaring], November-December, 1941
Distance over the desert [Record Flights], November-December, 1946
Tiny Mite [Tiny Mite], May-June, 1948
Jonnson, R.H.
The Baby's last flight [Baby Albatross; Safety], January-February, 1946, pages ,4

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Kelsey, W.F.
Super Albatross [Super Albatross], March-April, 1943, pages ,55
Kissel, E.
What's cooking [Sites], May-June, 1947, pages ,50,2
Klemperer, W.B.
Third annual western championship soaring contest [Kirby Kadet; Competitions], April-May, 1940, pages ,2
Measurement of the forces acting on gliders in towed flight [Sailplanes\Kirby Kadet; Launching\Aerotow], June-July, 1940, pages ,2
Theory of soaring flight [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], March-April, 1943, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part 2 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, 1943, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part 3 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], July-August, 1943, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part IV [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], November-December, 1943, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part 5 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], March-April, 1944, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part 6 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, 1944, pages 55,2
Contributions of gliding and soaring to aviation [History], March-April, 1945
Theory of soaring flight, part 7 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], March-April, 1945, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part 8 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], May-June, 1945, pages 55,2
Theory of soaring flight, part 9 [Kirby Kadet; Theory of Soaring Flight], November-December, 1945, pages 55,2
Knight, E.
The midwestern [Competitions], March-April, 1949, pages ,2
The midwestern [Competitions], September-October, 1949

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Lange, K.O.
Thermals at low altitudes [Meteorology], September-October, 1945
Lee, E.; with J.S. Charles
What did Shelly say to the Duke? [Air Shows and Demonstrations], January-February, 1941, pages 1,9
Leonard, P.
A general analysis of our national gliding and soaring problem [Government Support; USA], July-August, 1941
PR-G1 spreads its wings [Pratt-Read PR-G1], March-April, 1942
A "one design class" contest sailplane [Gliders], November-December, 1944, page 23
Lopez, R.
Directional and longitudianl stability in a Canard glider [Canard Type Aircraft], May-June, 1946, pages ,
Luebker, C.W.
Post-liberation soaring in France [France], May-June, 1946, page 22
Lunger, K.E.
So I decided to build a sailplane [Construction of Gliders], November-December, 1948

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MacCready, P.B., Jr
The walk out [Cross-Country Soaring], July-August, 1949
MacCready, Paul B., Jr. (a.k.a. P.B. MacCready, Jr., P. MacCready, Jr.)
International glider record [Mu-22; Record Flights], January-February, 1948
West to Ohio [Mu-22; Competition Flights], July-August, 1949, page 11
Malkus, J.S.
Cumulus, thermals and wind [Meteorology], September-October, 1949, pages 36,35
Manges, D.G.
The philosophy of gliding and soaring [Birds], October-November, 1940, pages 5,35
Martz, E.V.
C.F. McReynolds [Training], September-October, 1944
Martz, E.V.; with E.G. McGuinnes
The powered HI 20, from Flugsport [Hi 20; Gliders], May-June, 1949, page 23
Masaki, M.; with H.T. Nagamatsu
General glider performance [Performance Calculations], November-December, 1945, pages ,,39
Matlin, C.A.
The fifth annual western meet, July-August, 1942
Matlin, D.A.
The fifth annual western meet [Competitions], July-August, 1942
Mautner, S.E.; with N.J. Hoff
Sandwich construction in gliders [Construction of Gliders], September-October, 1944
Maxey, L.A.
Cumulonimbus! [Cloud Flying], January-February, 1943, page 9
Experiment in high aspect ratio [Aerodynamics], September-October, 1943, pages ,1
McGuinnes, E.G.; with E.V. Martz
The powered HI 20, from Flugsport [Hi 20; Gliders], May-June, 1949, page 23
Menefee, E.O. (a.k.a. E. Menefee)
How a club promotes soaring [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Publicity], March-April, 1949, page 10
Millgard, Harald (a.k.a. H. Millgard)
Swedish soaring center, Aalleberg [Sweden], May-June, 1941, page 55
Mitchell, D.S.
Flying wing sailplanes [Super Skywing], May-June, 1948, pages ,,,55,55
Mitchell, I.
The CG-4A [CG-4A], November-December, 1943, page 7
Mitchell, L.
Silent wings to victory [Military Uses of Gliders; Training], July-August, 1942
The Maxton tactical demonstration of gliders [Air Shows and Demonstrations; Military Uses of Gliders], July-August, 1943, page 1
The CG-4A [Military Uses of Gliders], November-December, 1943
Food for thought [Military Uses of Gliders; Training], May-June, 1943, pages ,38
Off the deep end [Civil Aeronautics Board], March-April, 1944, pages 9,38
The chicken or the egg? [Training], May-June, 1944, pages ,38
Moe, End man on the rope,
[Literature; Military Uses of Gliders]July-August1945, pages ,38
Montgomery, H.
Successful glider club operation [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], June-July, 1940, pages 10,38
Montgomery, L.D.
Storm soaring in an Aeronca [Powered Aircraft], January, 1940, pages ,38
Mulgrue, G.
Five men and a glider [Australia], September-October, 1948, page 3

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Nagamatsu, H.T.; with M. Masaki
General glider performance [Performance Calculations], November-December, 1945, pages ,,39
Name, A. Van
Silver C duration on the wave [Techniques\Wave Soaring], July-August, 1949, pages 58,59
Neilan, J.C.
Are we lucky? - letter from England to Bob Stanley in America [Great Britain], November-December, 1941, pages ,39
Nelson, T.
Power for soaring [Gliders], May-June, 1949, pages 39,2
Neugent, W.
The story of the "Screaming Wiener" [Screaming Wiener], November-December, 1941, pages ,39
Noonan, R.
The double pulley tow [Towing], July-August, 1946
Noyes, E.F.
Tactical uses of gliders [Gliders; Military Uses of Gliders; Pick-Up Launching], July-August, 1944, pages ,,39,42

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Pagan, W.B.
L.D. Montgomery [Obituaries], September-October, 1946
Parker, R.H.
Don't cuss your tow pilot [Airplane Towing], November-December, 1948
Petry, L.V.
Gliding and airline piloting [Powered Aircraft], January-February, 1945
Pfeiffer, T.
Wurtsboro wave [Techniques\Wave Soaring], July-August, 1949, pages 42,59
Piatelli, F.J.
Midget glider [Gliders; Israel; PH 29], May-June, 1948, pages ,42
Pieretti, J.B.
Brazilian soaring [Brazil], March-April, 1947, pages 6,42
Pinocheitti, A.L.
Soaring flight in Argentina [Argentina], January-February, 1941, pages ,21
Pinto, L.S.
A South American duration record [South America], November-December, 1943, pages 42,54
Pollard, D.
The Air-100, from Air Trails [Air-100], March-April, 1948, page 1
Provisor, H.A.
Glider training in Canada [Canada; Training], May-June, 1946
Prue, I.
The Prue 160 sailplane [Prue 160], May-June, 1947
External airfoil flap, from The Thermal [Aerodynamic Design; Prue 160], July-August, 1948, page 1
Take another look at the small sailplane [Aerodynamics; Prue 160; Prue 215], November-December, 1948, page 1

Q     (up to table of contents)

Quarterman, E.A.
Thermals and helicopters [Dynamics of Flight; Helicopters], November-December, 1944, pages 26,20

R     (up to table of contents)

Raspet, A.
Engineering The belly-slider glider [Aerodynamics; Gliders; Construction of Gliders], January-February, 1942, pages ,,1
Slope soaring [Ridge Soaring], September-October, 1942
A critique of the paper "Soaring over the Open Sea" [Dynamic Soaring; Dynamics of Flight; Hydrodynamics; Theory of Soaring Flight; Meteorology; Bird Flight], November-December, 1942, pages 20,20,,55,,36,5
The temperature gradiometer for soaring [Thermal Detection Systems; Instruments], January-February, 1944, pages 28,55
19th motorless flight conference [Conferences and Conventions], July-August, 1944
Glider-tug performance studies [Performance Calculations], November-December, 1944
Angle of Attack Indicator The angle of attack indicator [Instruments], May-June, 1946, page 28
Sailplane performance evaluation [Performance Calculations], May-June, 1947
Modifying the Laister-Kauftmann [Aerodynamics; LK], July-August, 1948, pages 31,1,
Technical progress [Atmospheric Research], March-April, 1949
Raspet, A., ed.
The 1945 motorless flight conference [Conferences and Conventions], November-December, 1945
Reeves, E.J.
Soaring over Texas [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January-February, 1946, page 10
The president's message, July-August, 1947
SSA-NAA agreement [National Aeronautic Association; Soaring Society of America], March-April, 1948, pages 39,53
Air youth - the shore dimly seen [Civil Air Patrol; Training], January-February, 1949, page 9
Robinson, J.B. (a.k.a. J. Robinson)
Golden "C" altitude [Award Flights], January, 1940, page 3
Golden "C" soaring flight [Award Flights], February-March, 1940, page 3
Record American distance flight [Record Flights], January-February, 1941
Blind flying in icing conditions [Cloud Flying], March-April, 1941, page 9
Blind flying in icing conditions, March-April, 1944
Soaring over Mt. Whitney [Cross-Country Soaring], March-April, 1944
Two-place glider training [Training], March-April, 1945
America's longest flight [Record Flights; Competition Flights], May-June, 1949, page 10
A mile a minute, from The Thermal, November-December, 1949
Robinson, J.B; with H.C. Ross
Bishop Bishop soaring [Mu-22; Record Flights; Techniques\Wave Soaring; Sites], January-February, 1949, pages 50,,
Ross, H.C.
Standing wave [Meteorology], September-October, 1948
Ross, H.C.; with J.B Robinson
Bishop Bishop soaring [Mu-22; Record Flights; Techniques\Wave Soaring; Sites], January-February, 1949, pages 50,,
Ross, V.G.
The Ross Ranger II [Ross Ranger II], May-June, 1947
Roth, E.
A new emphasis at the twelfth annual national soaring contest [Competitions], July-August, 1941
Rowley, E.H.
A design for power soaring [Gliders], November-December, 1945, page 23
Ruble, F.W., Jr.
I learned to fly a glider [Training], March-April, 1944
Rush, R.H.
The commercial cargo glider [Gliders], May-June, 1945
Cargo glider versus cargo plane and helicopter [Gliders], March-April, 1946
Ryon, D.
Promote soaring [Publicity], November-December, 1949

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Sandek, V.M.
Performance testing [Performance Calculations], February-March, 1940, pages ,6
Santilli, A.
Determination of wind velocity of flight [Dynamics of Flight], May-June, 1942, page 20
Sargent, H.J.
Trophy honors Major Barringer [Herbert J. Sargent. Jr. Memorial Trophy], May-June, 1943, pages 26,,5
Satin, A.
Cover photo explained in a timely article [Construction of Gliders], May-June, 1942, pages ,2
Cover photo explained in a timely article, May-June, 1942
Saudek, V.H.
In the good old days [Bird Flight], July-August, 1944, page 5
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek)
Third annual western championship soaring contest [Competitions], April-May, 1940, pages ,6
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(The Canadian scene) [Canada], September-October, 1947
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SSA participates in aviation workshop, November-December, 1941
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Soaring birds [Bird Flight], January-February, 1945, pages 5,55

T     (up to table of contents)

Tracy, W.
Arizona soaring [Sites], November-December, 1945, page 50
Tuntland, P.
Silver C in the high Sierras [Award Flights], January-February, 1944, pages 3,58
High altitude in Florida [Record Flights], September-October, 1946

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Vernon, H.; with Z. Savage
The glider tow [Winch Towing], November-December, 1945, pages 60,,6

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Warner, D.
We need gliderports [Sites], January-February, 1948, pages 50,59
Warner, M.
Australian news [Australia], May-June, 1946, pages ,59
Australian news, cont. [Australia], July-August, 1946, pages 3,59
White, H.
Convert those power pilots [Publicity], May-June, 1948, pages ,59
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The Power House [Meteorology], January-February, 1942, pages 36,60
The Power House [Meteorology], March-April, 1942, pages 36,60
The Power House [Meteorology], May-June, 1942, pages 36,60
The Power House [Meteorology], September-October, 1942, pages 36,60
The Power House [Meteorology], November-December, 1942, pages 36,60
The Power House [Meteorology], March-April, 1943, pages 36,60
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That's the weather of it [Meteorology], July-August, 1941, pages 36,60
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The Sargent winch [Construction of Winches], October-November, 1940, pages ,60
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Plywoods [Literature], May-June, 1943, page 33
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Soaring over the open sea [Hydrodynamics; Dynamic Soaring; Bird Flight; Dynamics of Flight; Hydrodynamics; Meteorology], November-December, 1942, pages 6,20,,36,,20
Woodcock, H.A.
Soaring over the open sea [Meteorology], November-December, 1942

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Zrzywoblocki, Z.
Applying jet-propulsion to gliders [Gliders], July-August, 1944, pages 23,61

None     (up to table of contents)

The future? [Soaring Society of America], January, 1940, page 53
Olympic sailplane plans [Sailplanes\DFS Olympia], January, 1940, page 19
Chicagoland Forum big success [Air Shows and Demonstrations], February-March, 1940, page 1
Directors for 1940 [Soaring Society of America\Directors], February-March, 1940, page 53
[Soaring Society of America]February-March1940
Gliding and national defense [USA; Military], April-May, 1940
A college holiday [Sarginson, F.T.], April-May, 1940, page 6
Eastern States Soaring Association [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], April-May, 1940, page 10
Bob Platt [Obituaries; Safety], April-May, 1940
[Soaring Society of America]April-May1940
Southwestern soaring contest [Competitions], June-July, 1940
11th annual contest rules and regulations [Competitions\National], June-July, 1940
Blind flight dangerous [Instrument Flying; Safety], August-September, 1940, page 28
Our affiliation [National Aeronautic Association], August-September, 1940, page 39
11th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], August-September, 1940
Briegleb ATC tests [Test Flying; Briegleb BG-6], August-September, 1940, pages 6,11
[Soaring Society of America]August-September1940
Over-aged equipment [Maintenance and Repair; Safety], October-November, 1940, page 35
Controlled flight training [Training], October-November, 1940
1940 eastern states meet [Competitions], October-November, 1940
Foreign news notes [Military], October-November, 1940
Recognition [Training], December, 1940
Robert L. Losey award [Awards\Robert L. Losey Award], December, 1940
Second annual Snowbird contest [Competitions], December, 1940
Glider accidents [Safety], December, 1940
The Albatross soaring club of Argentina [Argentina], January-February, 1941
Structural deficiencies of gliders [Maintenance and Repair; Safety], March-April, 1941, page 35
New glider schools [Training], March-April, 1941
Annual west coast contest [Competitions\Local], March-April, 1941, page 11
[Soaring Society of America]March-April1941
The Air Corps investigates soaring [Air Shows and Demonstrations; Military Uses of Gliders; Training], May-June, 1941
Glider companies organize [Manufacturers of Gliders], May-June, 1941, page 35
Glider factories are booming [Manufacturers of Gliders], May-June, 1941, page 35
Soaring schools prosper [Training], May-June, 1941
11:36 1/2 a.m.-Sunday edition [Roundair], July-August, 1941
Sinbad 1st "Sinbad 1st" [Sinbad], July-August, 1941, page 50
N.C. licensing of individual gliders [Licenses, Sailplane], September-October, 1941
A survey of glider accidents: 1939, 1938 and 1940 [Safety], September-October, 1941
Circling in thermals [Thermal Soaring], September-October, 1941, page 55
English subsidy plan [Government Support], November-December, 1941
Slope soaring from Muskegon to St. Joseph, Michigan [Ridge Soaring], November-December, 1941
Requirements for glider pilots licenses [Civil Aeronautic Authority; Licenses, Pilot], November-December, 1941, page 9
News flashes from abroad [Hungary], November-December, 1941
Simplified certification procedure [Civil Aeronautic Authority; Licenses, Sailplane], January-February, 1942, page 9
Soaring records [FAI; Record Flights], January-February, 1942
The Grunau Baby II [Grunau Baby II], January-February, 1942, page 25
First military gliding unit [Military Uses of Gliders; South Africa], January-February, 1942, pages ,54
A practical method of pilot selection [Medical Aspects of Flight; Training], March-April, 1942
Genevieve Warren Eaton [Obituaries], May-June, 1942
Army Air Forces glider training program [Training], May-June, 1942
"Kirby Kadet" secondary glider [Kirby Kadet; Gliders], May-June, 1942
The RAF 34 - a new airfoil section for airplane design [Aerodynamic Design], July-August, 1942, page 1
Warren J. Merboth, Golden C #5 [Award Flights; Merboth, W.J.], September-October, 1942
Gus Briegleb's two-place [BG-8], July-August, 1943, page 4
Captain Barnaby, United States Navy [Barnaby, R.S.], July-August, 1943, page 4
Meet Jack Laister [Laister, J.W.], July-August, 1943, page 31
To the old timers [Training], January-February, 1944
Sandwich construction in gliders [Mautner, S.E.], September-October, 1944
[Competitions]November-December1944, page 11
The Philadelphia Glider Council exhibits its gliderport [Sites; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November-December, 1944, pages 10,51
Stretching out to the things which are before, I go forward [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November-December, 1944, page 10
Welcome Canadians [Canada], January-February, 1945
Gliding and airline piloting [Petry, L.V.], January-February, 1945, page 42
CG 10-A [CG 10-A], January-February, 1945, page 7
The Hamilcar was essential [Great Britain; Military Uses of Gliders; Gliders], March-April, 1945, page 25
CG-13 snatch [Pick-Up Launching], March-April, 1945, page 42
Australian tragedy [Australia; Safety], March-April, 1945, page 3
At last - a school [Training], March-April, 1945
The commercial cargo glider [Rush, R.H.], May-June, 1945
The CG-17 [Gliders], September-October, 1945
The XCG-16 [Gliders], September-October, 1945
Randall K. Chapman [Obituaries], September-October, 1945, page 39
Moswey III [Moswey III], November-December, 1945, page 38
Design diving speed of gliders [Stepniewski, W.Z.], January-February, 1946, page 55
The Bumblebee [Bumblebee; Gliders], January-February, 1946, pages 7,23
Cargo glider versus cargo plane and helicopter [Rush, R.H.], March-April, 1946
A soaring school in action [Commercial Operations], March-April, 1946, page 10
Soaring, the essence of private flying, May-June, 1946, page 4
Changing horses in mid-air [Airplane Towing], May-June, 1946, page 1
1946 SSA officers and board of directors [Soaring Society of America], May-June, 1946, page 54
Regulations covering records for gliders and powered gliders (Cover) [Cover], July-August, 1946
Safety and sailplanes [Safety], July-August, 1946
13th National - Rules and. Regulations Contest rules and regulations [Competitions], July-August, 1946
A new gliding and soaring service: Gliding and Soaring Service, Inc. [Commercial Operations], July-August, 1946, page 10
[Record Flights]July-August1946
What next in sailplanes [1-21], September-October, 1946
The Weihe [Weihe], September-October, 1946, page 59
Florida SSA invited by Governor to establish a permanent site in Florida [Sites], September-October, 1946, page 51
13th National - Statistics Performance [Competitions], September-October, 1946
Meeting of the board of directors [Soaring Society of America], September-October, 1946, page 53
Meeting of the board of directors [Soaring Society of America], November-December, 1946, page 53
De Havilland Sparrow for a thousand dollars [Sparrow], January-February, 1947, page 54
The Windspiel [Windspiel], January-February, 1947, page 60
Contest rules [Competitions], March-April, 1947
The Moswey VI [Mosey VI], May-June, 1947, page 38
The Ross Ranger II [Ross, V. G.], May-June, 1947
The Short Nimbus, from The Aeroplane [Short Nimbus], May-June, 1947, page 50
SGC 1-21 flown by Richard Comey, new manager of SSA, to first place in the 14th Nationals at Wichita Falls, Texas, photo by Caudil (Covers) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGC 1-21], July-August, 1947
14th National - Statistics [Competitions], July-August, 1947
Sixth annual western championship contest [Competitions], September-October, 1947
Proposed competition rules for the 1948, 15th national [Competitions], September-October, 1947
Minutes of SSA directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America], September-October, 1947, page 53
L. Terwilliager (Alien) [Obituaries], September-October, 1947
French Impressions, from Les Ailes [France], November-December, 1947, page 22
Motorless flight - a fundamental for air policy [USA], January-February, 1948
A national glider program [USA], January-February, 1948
The Air-100, from Air Trails [Pollard, D.], January-February, 1948
McCarran Bill [McCarran Bill], January-February, 1948
Youth - Psychology and soaring [Training], January-February, 1948
Pertinent comments on a national program [USA; Training], January-February, 1948
California competitions, from Wind and Wings [Competitions], March-April, 1948, page 11
El Mirage soaring regatta, from The Thermal [Competitions], March-April, 1948, page 11
A great gentleman passes, March-April, 1948, page 4
15th national - Statistics Flight data of the 15th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], July-August, 1948
From behind the iron curtain [Czechoslovakia], January-February, 1949
Soaring festival and regatta, from The Thermal [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Competitions], January-February, 1949, pages ,10
SSA directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America], March-April, 1949, page 53
Wright memorial glider meet [Competitions], September-October, 1949
International meeting [FAI], September-October, 1949
Directors elected to 1952 [Soaring Society of America], September-October, 1949, page 53
The Czech Lunak [Lunak L-107], November-December, 1949
SSA Directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America], November-December, 1949, page 53

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