Unofficial Rankings for the US 20 Meter Two-Seater Class
International Team Selection Method
for Selection Year 2012

There were 4 contestants in the 2012 Nationals.

There were no contestants with WGC'12 scores.

Rankings for 2014 are also available.

       Score   Name                 2012 
  1   50.8304 Striedieck, Karl     0.9775
  2   46.8025 Willat, Boyd         0.9000
  3   46.2591 Walters, Richard     0.8896
  4   32.9215 Holtz, Russell       0.6331

The 52% contributing score is displayed in red bold, and the 48% contributing score is in blue italics.   The top 5 pilots, and pilots with scores greater than 90% of the top score, are eligible.

Unofficial relative scores for the mathematically possible 20 Meter Two-Seater Class contenders to win the place on the US Team in 2013 are available.

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