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Air Sports Expo: Atlanta, GA Feburay 5-7 2004, December, pages 27-30

Beginners' Corner
Bob Wander, Accurate Landings as Easy as 1-2-3, January, page 16
Bob Wander, The Traffic Pattern, March, page 12
Bob Wander, Undershoots and Overshoots, May, page 11
Bob Wander, Landing: Serial Task or Parallel Task?, July, page 9
Bob Wander, Thermaling, Part I, November, page 36

Chairman's Column
Jim Short, 2003 is a Year to Celebrate, January, page 2
Jim Short, Transition, April, page 2
Jim Short, New Executive Director of SSA Named, September, page 2

Competition Corner
Karl Striedieck, Bridging the Gap, February, page 8
Karl Striedieck, Odds and Ends, May, page 12
Karl Striedieck, Going It Alone, September, page 10
Karl Striedieck, The U.S. Team and the Rules, December, page 19

Chris Woods, Winter Haven, January
Sanjay Acharua, Flying over the Sierra Nevada, February
Peter Stauble, Flying over Mt. Washington, March
John Sullivan, Flying at Ridge Soaring Gliderport, April
J.C. Prator, Sailplane Landing in Arizona, May
Roger G. Bard, Mid-West Sailplane Regatta, June
Tom Serkowski, ASH-26E in flight along the Sangre de Cristo mountains, July
Richard Thornton, August
Joachen Ewald, Karl Friedrich Weber flying the 18-meter DG-808B with engine retracted, September
Chris Woods, The Kitty Hawk Monument captured from the vantage point of a Shempp-Hirth Ventus 2, October
Richard Thornton, Slingsby Grasshopper at Tehachapi, California, November
Hannes Linke, Hannes Linke flying a Discus captures a Ventus 2ax flown by Chris Woods, December

Jim Short, 2003 is a Year to Celebrate, January, page 2
Larry Sanderson, A Clear Window, February, page 2
Larry Sanderson, A New Beginning, March, page 2
Jim Short, Transition, April, page 2
Dean Carswell, Growing Soaring, May, page 2
Steve Northcraft, Been Out to the Airport Lately?, June, page 2
Chip Garner, Communications, July, page 2
Dick Mockler, The Joy of Soaring Cross-Country, August, page 2

Executive Director's Column
October, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, Don't Shoot the Messenger, November, page 2
C. Dennis Wright, A Chill Wind, a Warm Hearth and Something to Think About, December, page 1

Feature Articles
Charlie Spratt, National Contests at Uvalde, January, page 21
Gary Fogel, Torrey Pines: An American Soaring Institution, January, page 24
Bob Greenblatt, Installing a Transponder, January, page 28
Chris Woods, Soaring on Film, January, page 30
2002 Regional and National Contest Winners, February, page 12
Dave Nadler, Wallaby Ranch, February, page 16
Kathleen Winters, Winter Getaway, February, page 17
Kempton Izuno, Soaring, Czech Style, February, page 20
Rick Sheppe, HpH/Glasflugel 304C Notes, February, page 23
Steve Northcraft, The 2002 World Club Class Contest, February, page 27
Jim Hays, In the Lee Sky, February, page 32
Ryan Vihlen, Ryan's Journey, February, page 34
John Seaborn, So You Want to Fly Contests, March, page 16
John Good, Parachutes for Soaring Pilots, March, page 22
Ralph Kolstad, The 2002 Barron Hilton Cup - >From a Line Boy's Perspective, March, page 27
Gavin Wills, Mountain Convergences, March, page 32
Jeff Byard, N1900M - The Weihe, March, page 34
Bryan Cepak, You're Gonna Do What?, March, page 38
Janet Sorrell, The 2003 SSA Convention, April, page 17
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the HpH 304C Wasp Standard Class Sailplane, April, page 22
The SSA Annual Awards, April, page 29
Bertha Ryan, Gus Briegleb - An Icon of Soaring, April, page 32
Peter Deane, One Big Rush! A 750 km Speed Record Flight from Minden, April, page 38
Tom Knauff, Launching Emergencies, May, page 14
Barry McGarraugh and Matt Michael, Woodstock - Then and Now, May, page 18
Wally Scott, The Preparation and Execution of Long-Distance Flights, May, page 24
Pat Costello, Terrorism Insurance for Aircraft, May, page 31
Dean Carswell, The Alisport Silent-IN, May, page 33
Matt Blades, The Light Lunch: An Alimentary Guide for the Novice X-C Pilot or a Moveable Feast, May, page 38
Judy Ruprecht, Getting to Know You, June, page 12
Dieter Ennulat, Southern Hospitality, Patagonia Style, June, page 16
Karl Striedieck, A Pair of Deuces, June, page 21
Cindy Brickner, Political Action Begins at Home, June, page 24
Karin Schlosser, The New National Soaring Museum, June, page 26
William Kenyon, A Home for Nutmeggers - Buying Freehold Airport, June, page 30
Mick Westbrook, Buttons Poppin', June, page 35
George Moffat, Nimbus Saga, July, page 12
Peter Deane, The PASCO League, July, page 19
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the HP-18 Sailplane, July, page 24
Bill Hoedley, My Path to Silent Wings, July, page 28
Leo Benetti-Longhini, Dolomiti, July, page 34
Dave Nadler, Aero 2003 - Friedrichshafen, Germany, August, page 21
Clyde Taylor, National Contests at Cordele, August, page 31
Kempton Izuno, Highway in the Sky, August, page 36
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the DG-1000S Sailplane, September, page 14
Dean Carswell, An Instructor's Thoughts on Flying the DG-1000S, September, page 19
Paddy S. Welles, Strum und Drang: A Challenging Sports and World Class National Championship, September, page 22
Frauke Elber, Soaring Behind the Iron Curtain, September, page 27
Alexis Glenn Latner, Club Welcome, September, page 30
John Good, Mifflin Ground Launch, September, page 33
Charlie Spratt, The Goofy Gate, September, page 35
Jim Short, Helping Ourselves, October, page 15
John Good, The 28th World Gliding Championships, October, page 19
Ron Clarke, Return to Kitty Hawk, October, page 31
Dave Raspet, Raspet Flight Research Laboratory - the Newest Soaring Landmark, October, page 36
James Francis, A Win-Win Financial Strategy, November, page 18
Ed Woodyard, Reflections Through My Windshielf, November, page 21
Charlie Spratt, 2003 Standard Class Nationals, November, page 26
Ginny Garnsworth, Three Generations, November, page 29
Chris Woods, Soaring on Film, Part II, December, pages 12-15
C. Dennis Wright, What Did You Do for Your Fall Vacation?, December, pages 23-26
Pat DeNaples, Competition, Camaraderie and Coconuts, December, pages 32-37
C. Dennis Wright, The Eagle Fund Drive - Two Reasons to participate, December, pages 38-40

Instructors' Corner
Frank Reid, The Student Who Was Not Meant to Fly, January, page 20

Jim Kellett, Virginia's First CAP Cadet Glider Solo, January, page 42
Rodney Kinne, Two First Solo Flights in Michigan, January, page 42
John McCoskey, First Solo in Colorado, January, page 42
Final Glide, January, page 42
Kenny Price, First Wave Flight, February, page 37
Final Glide, February, page 37
Generous Support Received for Annual Fund from SSA Members, February, page 38
Lee and Mary Cowie, Air Force Pilot - Glider Pilot, March, page 48
Chuck Dalbom, You Only Go Around Once, March, page 48
Final Glide, March, page 48
Bruce Carmichael, Hangar Flying Project A Short Hop, March, page 49
Bruce Patton, First Solo, March, page 49
Ray Davis, Great Birthday Present, April, page 43
Sailplane Enterprises, Great Birthday Present, April, page 43
Final Glide, April, page 43
Phil Corbell, Arizona Wing's Newest Pilot, April, page 43
Phyllis Wells, First Solo, May, page 45
Final Glide, May, page 45
Janet Thomson, Big Day for Yound Lady, May, page 45
John Latson, Another Successful TSA Junior Pilot, June, page 38
Tammie Carswell, Young TSA Member Aloft, June, page 38
Final Glide, June, page 38
Matt Rogers, Solo Flight, July, page 43
Rocky Miller, Academy Bound, July, page 43
Ingrid Kjenslie, 20,000 and Counting, July, page 43
Final Glide, July, page 44
Carl Herold, Impressive Accomplishment, August, page 42
Kevin Christner Awarded the Michael Wallace Memorial Scholarship Grant, August, page 42
Final Glide, August, page 42
Jack Steen, Offspring Fledges on 14th Birthday, August, page 42
Philip T. Corbell, A New Pilot in Arizona, September, page 44
Final Glide, September, page 44
Soaring Moments, December, page 46
Final Glide, December, page 46

Motorglider Corner
Pete Williams, Soaring a Motorglider in Nebraska, February, page 10
Pete Williams, First Timer's, April, page 14
Pete Williams, Lethal Distractions, November, page 37

Motorgliding Corner
Pete Williams, Piloting Techniques, July, page 10
Pete Williams, Battery Power for Motorgliders, September, page 12

President's Column
Larry Sanderson, A Clear Window, February, page 2
Larry Sanderson, A New Beginning, March, page 2

SSA Mail
Interesting Lesson, January, page 3
Ed Bednarik, Soaring in Hawai, January, page 3
Hans Disma, Changes in Competition Soaring, February, page 3
Karl Striedieck, Auto Towing, February, page 3
Robert N. Johnson, Bicycles and Trains, February, page 3
Dick Johnson, Kudos for TSA Flight Instructors, February, page 3
Rod Hug, Who's Flying, March, page 3
Phyllis Wells, Sad News, March, page 3
Chris Woods, The Author Responds, March, page 3
Ernest Williams, III, Soaring on Film, March, page 3
Paul Fink, Photography Safety, March, page 3
Paul Fink, Boxing the Wake, April, page 3
Tom Reesor, Canard Answer, April, page 3
Nyal Williams, Anti-Trophy, April, page 3
Valentina Toporova, Greetings from Ukraine, April, page 3
Charlie Spratt, What is Best for Soaring?, May, page 3
Gary P. Bushouse, Thank You, Jayne Reid, May, page 3
Jack McKenney, Selecting a Parachute, May, page 3
Call for Entries, May, page 4
Angus Thomson, Searching for a Tow plane, May, page 4
Dennis Ivans, Thank You, Larry, May, page 4
Ron Clarke, Even Some "Flatlanders" Can Tell, June, page 3
Karl Striedieck, Reply to On Being a Lover, Not a Fighter, June, page 3
Jefferson Miller, On Being a Lover, Not a Fighter, June, page 3
Jack Wilson, Flap and Spoiler Confusion, June, page 4
Arthur F. Johnson, Question on 3000-KM Flight, June, page 4
Joward Davenport, Boxing the Wake and Maintaining Tow Position, July, page 3
Raphael Warshaw, What is Best for Soaring, July, page 3
Bert Schmutzhart, Great Issue, July, page 4
Jim Dunlop, Salida, Colorado Tow Plane, July, page 4
Klaus Straschil, Safety Suggestion, August, page 3
Dick Eslinger, Orville and Wilbur Meet Schempp-Hirth, August, page 3
Martha Jacobs, Radio Frequencies, August, page 3
Tom Knauff, The Author Replies, August, page 4
Bill Gordon, Takeoff Safety, August, page 4
Jefferson Miller, Attracting Members, September, page 3
Karl Striedieck, Reply to Attracting Members, September, page 3
Ed Holland, Have We Forgotten to Have Fun Soaring?, September, page 3
Cindy Brickner, Serial and Parallel Tasks, September, page 4
Alan Patching, Tow Plane Upset, September, page 4
Charlie Spratt, Charlie Spratt's Book, September, page 4
Bob Greenblatt, Overloaded, December, page 3
Derek Piggott, DG-1000/Duo Discus Observation, December, pages 3-4
Dean Chantiles, Appreciates Letter, December, page 4

SSA and FAI Awards
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, January, page 38
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, February, page 42
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, March, page 42
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, April, page 42
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, May, page 43
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, June, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, July, page 45
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, August, page 44
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, September, page 45
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, October, page 45
Arleen Coleson, Badges and Records Ask the Badge Lady, November, pages 44-45

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Spiral Dive at Minden, February, page 44
George Thelen, Open Canopies, March, page 46
George Thelen, On the Road Again, May, page 41
George Thelen, Low Save, June, page 43
George Thelen, Pilot in Command, July, page 39
George Thelen, Self-Launch - What We All Need to Know, August, page 39
George Thelen, Dear Flabby, September, page 41
George Thelen, October, page 42
George Thelen, Bracketed by Trees, November, page 41
George Thelen, Instructor/Student, December, pages 40-43

Sailplane Safety
Billy Singleton, Soaring Safety Foundation Report, January, page 44
Billy Singleton, April SSF Report, April, page 46

Soaring News
Editor, World Class World Championship Contest Site Changed, January, page 4
Sharon Smith, Celebrating a Banner Year at TSA, January, page 4
Editor, World's Longest Glider Flight, January, page 4
John H. Campbell, Thanks for the Generosity, January, page 6
Charlie Spratt, Region 4 South Contest, January, page 8
John "Corky" Gill, 2002 Joseph C. Lincoln Award, January, page 8
Pat Brown, GHSA Completes Hangar Project, January, page 9
Klaus Fey, Book Review Sailplane 1945-1965 by Martin Simons, Volume 2, January, page 9
Frauke Elber, Tidewater Soaring Society has a Permanent Home, January, page 9
US Representative for SEEYOU Flight Display Software, January, page 10
The Hangar-Flying Project, January, page 10
Ken Sorenson, Rules Committee Meeting, February, page 4
Editor, A New Duo Discus, February, page 4
Gary Fogel, Mid-Winter Torrey Pines Vintage Sailplane Regatta, February, page 6
Fredric R. Mann, II, Freedom's Wings, February, page 6
Editor, Giant Thermal Generator Planned for Australia, March, page 4
Dean Carswell, SSA Master Cross-Country Instructor Program Update, March, page 4
Editor, WSPA Bid Correction, March, page 8
Phyllis Wells, Contest Sponsorship Offered, March, page 8
Rick Hanson, Youth Camps and Vacation Week, March, page 8
Ed Byars, The Hangar-Flying Project, March, page 8
Dean Carswell, TSA's New Year Training Seminar, 2003, March, page 8
OSTIV Press Release, Küttner Prize Raised to $10,000, April, page 4
Judy Ruprecht, SSA Leadership Changes, April, page 4
John Seaborn, US Team News, April, page 6
Tilo Holighaus, New US Schempp-Hirth Representative Named, April, page 6
Editor, Reese Center No Longer Available for Soaring Contests, April, page 6
John H. Campbell, Kolstad Award Winners, April, page 8
Jan Scott, Type Certificate Issued for the Scheib SF 25C Motorglider, April, page 8
SSA Staff, Call for SSA Director Nominations, April, page 8
Simine Short and Jan Scott, Book Review Rhön-Adler by Peter F. Selinger, April, page 10
John Good, Articles for Soaring Magazine, April, page 10
Editor, New Author for Tow Pilots' Corner, April, page 10
Call for Photographs, April, page 10
Editor, 3000-km Flight in South America, April, page 12
Editor, Correction, April, page 12
Martha Jacobs, 2003 Senior Contest, May, page 5
Jim Kashner, SSA's Credit Card Program, May, page 5
Editor, New HpH Glider Planned, May, page 5
Editor, 2006 World Gliding Competition Awarded to Sweden, May, page 5
Karin Schlosser, New Director at National Soaring Mueum, May, page 7
Karl Striedieck, SSA Competition Rules Committee Call for Nominations, May, page 7
Editor, "Father of Human-Powered Flight" Honored, June, page 5
Dick Johnson, Gliders Help Young Eagles Soar, June, page 5
Fast Approaching, June, page 5
Chris Woods, El Mirage Soaring Video, July, page 5
Sporty's Academy, Sporty's Academy Adds ABC Badges to Glider Program, July, page 5
Editor, US Team Report, July, page 5
Dan Cole, 2003 Region 5 North Contest, July, page 5
Editor, First Flight of the LS-10, August, page 5
Gliding and Motorgliding Online Magazine, August, page 5
Editor, First Flight of the Antares, August, page 5
SSA Director Nominations, August, page 6
Jack Wyman, New SSA Governor for Michigan, August, page 6
Susan McAllister, Three Flying Days and a Wedding, August, page 13
Frank Reid, Region 5 World Class Contest, August, page 15
Soaring Society of America Selects New Executive Director, August, page 16
Dan Tarasievich, Manufacturer Product Service Bulletin Number CW03-01, September, page 7
Rick Howell, ASA Soaring Camp at Alamogordo, September, page 7
Karl Striedieck, A New Contest Site for 2004, September, page 8
DG Flugzeugbau, A New Owner for LS Flugzeugbau, September, page 8
Phyllis Wells and Frauke Elber, 25 Years of Women Soaring Seminars, September, page 8
Manfred Reinhardt, Hans Zacher, October, page 5
Duo Discus Airworthiness Directive, October, page 5
Glider Factory Fires, October, page 5
Jim Short, Curt Lewis Appointed Illinois State Record Keeper, October, page 6
Bermnald Smith Awarded FAI Bronze Medal, October, page 6
John Joss, "Dawn over Kitty Hawk", by Walter Boyne, October, page 6=7
Karen Davis, 2003 Region 9 Contest, October, page 7
Editor, SSA Directors Elected, November, page 6
Linda Chism, New Birth of Aviation Exhibit, November, page 6
Editor, Contributing Editors to Soaring Magazine, November, page 6
Dick Mockler, Texas Soaring Association Labor Day Race, November, page 7
Bob Klemmedson, Mike Green, and Bob Kuykendall, 2003 24th Annual Region 11 Air Sailing Sports Class Contest, November, page 7
Jim Short, SSA Promotes Soaring at Oshkosh, November, page 9
Jim Short, Light Sport Aircraft Rule Signed, November, page 10
Buck Arnold, SSA and Pacific Soaring Counsel Team up in Reno, November, page 10
Dennis Wright, President of NAA Visits SSA Headquarters, November, page 10
Jim Short, Thank You for Your Service, December, page 6
Ralph Kolstad, Texas Soaring Association Fund Raiser Supports Youth, December, page 6
Randy Rothe, Glider Art, December, page 6
A Chance to Show your Photographic Skill, December, page 6
Charlie Spratt, Region 4 South Contest, December, pages 7-8
Burt Compton, Glider Sounds, December, page 8
Peter Krasnoff, "Marauder, Memoir of a B-26 Pilot in Europe in World War II", by Lou and Carleton Rehr, December, pages 8-9
2003 Regional and National Contest Winners, December, pages 20-22

The Gate
Charlie Spratt, November, page 60
Charlie Spratt, Fly Spanking, December, page 60

Tow Pilots' Corner
Jayne Reid, Tow Plane Let-Down Procedure, March, page 14
Burt Compton, Current and Proficient, April, page 16
Burt Compton, Hot Day Aerotows, June, page 10
Burt Compton, Visiting Pilots: Your Towpilot Has a Few Questions, August, page 18
Burt Compton, October, page 9
Burt Compton, The Standard Aerotow Signals, December, pages 10-11

Vice Chairman's Column
Dean Carswell, Growing Soaring, May, page 2
Steve Northcraft, Been Out to the Airport Lately?, June, page 2
Chip Garner, Communications, July, page 2
Dick Mockler, The Joy of Soaring Cross-Country, August, page 2

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