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Anderson, Ronnie; with Jim Price
Hobbs Contest Kudos (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Hobbs], September, page 4
Applebay, George
VSA Rally and SHA Workshop (Soaring News) [Workshop\VSA], April, page 9
Southwest Soaring Museum (Soaring News) [Museums], August, page 6
Ard, Bill
Russia Sailplanes Unveils the MotorRussia (Soaring News) [Motorgliders\Russia], April, page 12
The Last Thermals of Summer (Feature Article) [Soaring\Montana], May, page 26
Russia Sailplanes Report (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Russia], September, page 16
Arnoux-Connors, Katarina Nicole
Getting My Glider Rating at Turf Soaring (Feature Article) [Training\Turf], May, page 34
Aronoff, Lloyd
Great Birthday/Valentine's Day (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Jonathan Aronoff], May, page 43

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Barton, Dennis
Vintage Sailplane Association Regatta (Cover) [Cover; Vintage Sailplanes], August, cover
Batesole, Bill
Snowbird Meet at Harris Hill (Feature Article) [Competitions\Sites\Harris Hill], February, page 23
Berk, Don
More on Thermaling Safety (SSA Mail) [Safety\Thermals], April, page 6
Berson, Bill
Safety Concersn (SSA Mail) [Safety], June, page 4
Blacksten, Raul
"Sailplanes, 1920-1945", by Martin Simons (Soaring News) [Literature\Book Review], August, page 9
Blue Ridge Soaring Society
2001 BRSS Racing Cup (Soaring News) [Clubs\Blue Ridge], September, page 16
Boermans, L.M.M. (a.k.a. L.M. Boermans, L. Boermans)
Antares: A Self-Starting Silent Super Plane (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Motorgliders], February, page 26
Bradbury, Tom
Flying Towards Fronts (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Fronts], January, page 20
Skirting Round Showers (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Showers], March, page 21
Some Variations of Cumulus (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Cumulus], May, page 20
Cu-Nim and Lightning (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Lightning], August, page 35
Growth and Decay of Cumulus (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Cumulus], December, page 19
Brewer, Bill
Polar Bear Day (SSA Mail) [Sites\Tehachapi], May, page 4
Brooker, Kevin
Diamonds Before Breakfast (Feature Article), October, page 28
Burch, Preston
Region 4 North Contest, Fairfield, PA (Soaring News) [Competitions\Sites\Fairfield; Competitions\Regional\Region 4\Region 4 North], March, page 8

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Cambridge Aero Instruments
Cambridge 300 Series Soaring Instruments (Soaring News) [Instruments\Flight Computer], January, page 8
Cambridge Aero Instruments Offers Soaring Navigation Software (Soaring News) [Instruments\Software], February, page 10
New Flight Evaluation Software (Soaring News) [Software], July, page 7
Campbell, David
Come to Florida (SSA Mail) [Training\Florida], June, page 3
Campbell, John H. (a.k.a. John Campbell)
High School Field Trip (Soaring News) [Youth], January, page 10
Youth Awards (Soaring News) [Awards\Youth], April, page 9
Youth Contests (Soaring News) [Competitions\Youth], May, page 10
Junior Records (Soaring News) [Records\Youth], May, page 12
Carswell, Dean
SSA Holds First Instructor Cross-Country Camp (Soaring News) [Training\Cross-Country], January, page 6
Successful Soaring Seminar 2000 (Soaring News) [Sites\TSA; Seminars\TSA], January, page 6
PW-6 Arrives (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\PW-6], August, page 6
TSA Training Seminar (Soaring News) [Training\TSA], November, page 6
Carswell, Tammie
Great Experience (SSA Mail) [Training\Marfa], August, page 3
Clarke, Ron
An Inter-Club Rivalry (Feature Article) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July, page 16
Cloud, Jeff
Aerotow Risks (SSA Mail) [Launching Methods\Aero Tow; Safety\Aero Tow], November, page 4
Coleson, Arleen (a.k.a. A. Coleson)
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], January, page 48
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], February, page 41
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], March, page 40
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], April, page 41
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], May, page 40
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], June, page 40
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], July, page 40
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], August, page 38
Badges & Records: Ask the Badge Lady (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], September, page 38
Badges & Records (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], October, page 38
Badges & Records (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], November, page 37
Badges & Records (SSA & FAI Awards) [Awards], December, page 42
Compton, Burt
SSA at Oshkosh (Soaring News) [Air Show\Oshkosh], July, page 7
Cook, Greg
Three Gliders Enjoy a Summer Day (Cover) [Cover; Soaring], June, cover
Corbell, Philip T. (a.k.a. Phil Corbell)
Civil Air Patrol Cadets (Milestones) [Training\CAP], March, page 43
Private Pilot License Obtained (Milestones) [Training\Youth; CAP; People\D.J. Ventura], June, page 43
Multiple Milestones (Milestones) [Training\Chrissy Weiers; CAP; Youth], July, page 43
CAP Cadets and SSA Members (Milestones) [CAP\Youth], October, page 49
Four More Cadets Take to the Air (Milestones) [tRAIning\CAP], December, page 49
Costello, Pat
Glider Flight Instructor Insurance (Feature Article) [Insurance\Instructors], September, page 21
Insurable Interest (Feature Article) [Insurance], November, page 35
Culp, Jim
Stan Nelson Named Chairman of NAA Contest and Records Board (Soaring News) [NAA], October, page 6

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Daams, Fred
A Visit to the Rolladen-Schneider Glider Factory (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider], June, page 26
Daniell, John
Trailer Sway (SSA Mail) [Safety\Trailers], December, page 4
Davis, J. Grant (a.k.a. Grant Davis)
Soaring Experiences (SSA Mail) [Training\Courtesy], June, page 3
Davis, Robert D.
Perlan High Altitude Composite (Cover) [Cover; Perlan], February, cover
Dezzutti, John P.
Show and Tell (SSA Mail) [Public Relations], September, page 6
Dismukes, Key
Air Sailing Sports Class Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Air Sailing], October, page 8
Donner, Rick
Whatever it Takes (Soaring News) [Clubs\Durango], May, page 8
Dove, June
The Joseph C. Lincoln Award (Soaring News) [Literature; Awards\Lincoln], January, page 8
Drane, Sephen
World Distance Award (Soaring News) [Awards\World Distance Award], July, page 10
duPont, Richard
A Two-Bagger (Feature Article) [Cross-Country\Ridge], March, page 34
DuPont, Stephen (a.k.a. Stephen Du Pont, Stephen du Pont, Steve DuPont, Stephen duPont, S. DuPont, Steve du Pont, Steve Dupont, Steve duPont, S. duPont, S. Du Pont, S. du Pont, Steve Du Pont)
Winter Soaring (SSA Mail) [Soaring], January, page 4
Magnetic Compass (SSA Mail) [Instruments\Compass], August, page 4
Reply to Magnetic Compass (SSA Mail) [Instruments\Compass], November, page 3
Duprey, John
Automatic Control Hookups for the PW-5 (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Controls; Sailplanes\PW-5], May, page 10
Glide Computer with Color Moving Map (Soaring News) [Instruments\Flight Computer], May, page 10

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Ecklund, Phil
Transponders (SSA Mail) [Instruments\Transponders], December, page 6
Correction (Soaring News) [History; Sailplanes\Vintage; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum\Landmark; Sites\Elmira, New York], February, page 6
Record Flight in South America (Soaring News) [Records\Argentina; Waves], February, page 8
Tost Towhook Maintenance Requirements (Soaring News) [Maintenance\Tow Release\TOST; Tow Release\TOST], February, page 8
Foot & Mouth Disease Leads to Cross-Country Flying Ban (Soaring News) [Cross-Country\Ban], May, page 8
Correction (Soaring News) [Apology\Competitions], May, page 10
Junior Pilot Wins World Class Nationals (Soaring News) [Competitions\World Class; Competitions\Sites\Cordele], August, page 9
Log Book Endorsements - Instructors Beware (Soaring News) [Instruction\Log Books], August, page 9
Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail" (SSA Mail) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine], September, page 7
Husband and Wife Set World Speed Records (Soaring News) [Records], October, page 8
Husband and Wife World Champions (Soaring News) [Competitions], October, page 8
New Video Features the 2001 Open Class Nationals (Soaring News) [Competitions\Video], October, page 8
Photo Credit (Soaring News) [Photography], October, page 8
New SSA Directors (Soaring News) [SSA\Directors], December, page 8
Mail Services (Soaring News) [SSA\Mail], December, page 10
SSA Office Closed for Christmas Holidays (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America], December, page 12
Eisenbeiss, Duane
Safety Emphasis (SSA Mail) [Safety\Accidents], August, page 3
Elber, Frauke
Father and Daughter Solo (Milestones) [First Solo], July, page 43
Olga Klepikova (Feature Article) [People\Olga Klepikova; History\USSR; Records], November, page 30
Eli, Bob
Texas PW-5 Club - Year 2000 in Review (Soaring News) [Clubs\Texas], March, page 7
Ellison, Norman H.
Region 8 Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regional\Region 8; Competitions\Sites\Ephrata], October, page 10
Elmore, Tom (a.k.a. T. Elmore)
Hunter Rules (Feature Article) [Dogs], February, page 25

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Feldbaumer, Bill
A Time/Distance Task (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Tasks], December, page 3
Fish, George
Mechanics of Thermaling (SSA Mail) [Training\Thermals], February, page 3
Flora, C.C.
RJ-5 Interest (SSA Mail) [RJ-5\Dick Johnson], October, page 3
Fogel, Gary
"The Lindberghs Soar in San Diego", by Joe W. Streetman (Soaring News) [Literature\Book Review], October, page 8
Flying the Altostratus I (Feature Article) [Literature\Fiction], November, page 32
Fogel, Gary; with Kathleen Winters
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001) (Feature Article) [History; People\Anne Morrow Lindbergh], June, page 36
Forrester, Chuck
Trailer Safety Chains (SSA Mail) [Safety\Trailers], January, page 3
Frost, George H.
Tost Release for Tow Planes (SSA Mail) [Tow Release\TOST], June, page 3

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Gertsen, Kai
The Way it Was (Feature Article) [Competitions\History; History\Competitions], July, page 28
2001 Senior Contest (Soaring News) [Seniors; Competitions\Seniors; Competitions\Sites\Seminole Lake], August, page 7
Region 3 Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regional\Region 3; Competitions\Sites\Harris Hill], November, page 8
Gill, John "Corky" (a.k.a. John Gill)
Silver Anniversary of the Joseph C. Lincoln Memorial Award (Soaring News) [Awards\Lincoln], June, page 6
Gillock, Rich
Dust Devil Dash (Soaring News) [Race\Tehachapi], December, page 10
Good, James E.
Waco Gliders (SSA Mail) [Waco; History], January, page 3
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
Perlan - Soaring to 100,000' (Feature Article) [High Altitude], February, page 18
Reply to Perlan (SSA Mail) [Perlan], April, page 6
The First World Club Class Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\World; Competitions\Sites\Gawler], April, page 32
Soaring Participation Worldwide (Feature Article) [Activity], July, page 34
Region 4 South Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regional\Region 4\Region 4 South; Competitions\Sites\New Castle], December, page 10
Graham, Nancy
Call for Nominations (Soaring News) [SSA], April, page 10
Greenblatt, Robert (a.k.a. Bob Greenblatt)
Low-Energy Landings (Feature Article) [Training\Landings], December, page 40
Greenwell, Eric (a.k.a. E. Greenwell)
The Sparrowhawk (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Sparrowhawk], January, page 30
Flying the Gapa (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Gapa], August, page 29
Sparrowhawk Progress (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Sparrowhawk], October, page 6

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Halpern, Robert
Couple Ties the Knot at 10,000 Feet (Milestones) [Romance\Burt Compton and Kathie Magner], November, page 45
Hanson, Rick
Youth Soaring Camps (Soaring News) [Youth], March, page 8
Hard, Jim
Adopt-A-Class (SSA Mail) [Youth\Public Relations], September, page 6
Hearn, John B. (a.k.a. John Hearn)
More About Control Checks (SSA Mail) [Safety], March, page 3
August Safety Corner (SSA Mail) [Safety], November, page 3
Hendrix, Jim
First Solo Flight in Arkansas (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Derell Doss], May, page 43
Herd, Jim
Trailer Sway - Causes and Solutions (Feature Article) [Safety\Trailers], August, page 16
Web-Based User Groups (SSA Mail) [World Wide Web], October, page 3
Herd, Jim; with Peter A. Williams (a.k.a. Pete Williams and Peter Williams)
Minden Soaring Club (Soaring News) [Clubs\Minden], December, page 12
Herstel, Larry
Student Report (Milestones) [Clubs\Youth; Chicago], April, page 45
Hey, Bob
Alabama Club (Soaring News) [Clubs\Alabama], March, page 7
Hollier, Joan T.
The Pumpkin Drop (Feature Article) [Clubs\Fault Line Flyers], January, page 29
Howell, Rick
Correction (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Motorgliders], June, page 4
Hug, Rod
I Did it Too (SSA Mail) [Soaring], May, page 3

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Izuno, Kempton
Nevada Great Basin Soaring (Feature Article) [Nevada], April, page 22

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Jacobs, Doug
Safari To Mafikeng: Team Report from Gyps Africanus (Feature Article) [Competitions\World; Competitions\Mafikeng], May, page 22
Jenkins, Stan
SZD-56-1 Diana Design (SSA Mail) [Sailplanes\SZD-56-1 Diana], November, page 3
Jennings, Paul
First Solo Flight in Oklahoma (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Chad Jennings], May, page 43
Jerome, Kathy
Another Great Flight (Milestones) [Soaring\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], February, page 43
Johnson, Daniel L. (a.k.a. Daniel Johnson, Dan Johnson)
Two Hours With No Vario (Feature Article) [Training\Instruments], January, page 26
Trailer Rash (SSA Mail) [Trailers\Maintenance; Maintenance\Trailers], September, page 3
Reply to Medical Question (SSA Mail) [Medical], October, page 3
Thirst and the Drinking Pilot (Feature Article) [Medical\Hydration], November, page 18
Johnson, Nancy
Solo at 14 (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Joshua Johnson], August, page 43
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
A Flight Test Evaluation of the LAK-17A Racing Class Sailplane (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\LAK-17A; Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], March, page 25
Sun Dangers (SSA Mail) [Medical\Sun], July, page 3
2001 Marfa Spring Thermal and Wave Camp (Soaring News) [Training\Marfa], July, page 6
A Flight Test Evaluation of the LAK-17A Racing Class Sailplane (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\LAK-17A; Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], July, page 22
1951 World Distance Record (Feature Article) [History\Records], August, page 20
Radio Procedure (SSA Mail) [Radio], September, page 3
Lifted Gap Seal Tape (Feature Article) [Maintenance\Gap Seals], September, page 35
Chasing Birds for Gus Raspet (Feature Article) [Birds; History\Birds], November, page 24
Jones, Owen
Never Too Late (Milestones) [Seniors], July, page 43
Jones, Rodney A.
Safety Through Aerobatics (SSA Mail) [Safety\Training], January, page 3
Joss, John
SZD-56-1 Diana Design (SSA Mail) [Sailplanes\SZD-56-1 Diana], November, page 3
Jung, David
Looking for Exchange (SSA Mail) [Youth\Germany], July, page 3

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Kasprzyk, Stan
Father and Son Earn Silver Duration (Milestones) [Awards], October, page 49
Kellerman, Richard
Response to Mechanics of Thermaling (SSA Mail) [Training\Thermals], February, page 3
Reply to More on Thermaling Safety (SSA Mail) [Safety\Thermals], April, page 6
Using Thermodynamic Diagrams (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Thermals], June, page 18
VFR Flight Restrictions (SSA Mail) [Airspace], December, page 3
Kemp, Gary F. (a.k.a. Gary Kemp)
Region 11 Contest - Open Class (Soaring News) [Competitions\Sites\Siskiyou County; Competitions\Regional\Region 11], September, page 8
National Contests at Montague (Feature Article) [Competitions\National; Competitions\Sites\Montague], December, page 24
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Flying Style (Feature Article) [Training], January, page 25
Liability in Instruction (Feature Article) [Instruction\Legal], February, page 24
Aero Tow Emergencies (Feature Article) [Launching Methods\Aero Tow; Training\Aero Tow], June, page 21
Koneck, Daniel
Dedicated Student (Milestones) [Youth\Training], January, page 47
Konesky, Frank
Sugarbush Soaring (Cover) [Cover; Warren, VT], November, cover
Krebs, Peter
Alexander Schleicher Memorial (Soaring News) [Memorial\Alexander Schleicher], August, page 8

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Lamont, Douglas
Flawed Diamond (Feature Article) [Cross-Country], October, page 23
Latson, Tom
Student Receives Pilot Certificate on his Birthday (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Alex Aslaksen], April, page 45
Leonard, Steve
Regon 10 Soaring Contest 2000 (Soaring News) [Competitions\Sites\Sunflower; Competitions\Regional\Region 10], July, page 7
Lese, Sally
Successful Student (Milestones) [Training\Youth; People\Warren Cramer], October, page 49
Leu, Charlie
Hot Metal (SSA Mail) [Sites\Air Sailing], September, page 3
Lewis, Curt
Instructor Recertification Clinic (SSA Mail) [Training\Instructors], May, page 4
Licher, Lloyd
Remembering Doug Lamont (Feature Article) [Obituaries\Doug Lamont], October, page 22
Litt, Baude
World Club Class Championships (Cover) [Cover; Competitions\World\Sailplanes], January, cover
Flying & Drawing (Feature Article) [Art], January, page 34
Lohre, Chuck
New Sailplane (Cover) [Cover; Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth ASW-28], May, cover
Lyon, Tom
New SSA Club Formed in Fremont, Michigan (Soaring News) [Clubs\Michigan], January, page 8

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Mann, Erik
The Governor's Cup (Feature Article) [Cross-Country], April, page 36
Governor's Cup Results (Soaring News) [Awards\Governor's Cup], December, page 8
Manning, Mike
The Weekend Rating (Feature Article) [Training], August, page 19
Markson, Ralph
Perlan (SSA Mail) [Perlan], April, page 4
Martelet, Ron
Motorgliding (SSA Mail) [Motorgliders], March, page 4
Martin, Cam
Lineboy Kyle Harrington Solos at Skylark North Tehachapi, CA (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Kyle Harrington; Tehachapi], February, page 43
The Duster at 30 (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Duster], May, page 15
Mast-Ingle, Wren
Finland to South Africa (Soaring News) [Motorgliders], November, page 6
Mathias, Linda
Private Pilot Checkride Successful (Milestones) [Training\Youth; People\Josh Christian], April, page 45
McAllister, Susan
The OSTIV Mountain Wave Project (Feature Article) [Meteorology\Wave\Andes], June, page 30
Standard Class Nationals (Feature Article) [Competitions\Sites\Mifflin County], August, page 30
Mountain Wave Project Website (Soaring News) [Meteorology\Wave; OSTIV], September, page 9
McAnerny, Bonnie
Western Seniors Contest (Soaring News) [Seniors; Competitions\Seniors; Competitions\Sites\Estrella], August, page 8
McDaniel, Jay
Dual Tow (Soaring News) [Towing\Jean], May, page 12
McNamara, Tim
Flying with Karl Striedieck (Feature Article) [Soaring], July, page 35
Menchen, David
Sweet Sixteen and Flying High (Milestones) [Training\Youth; People\Katie Menchen], December, page 49
Milne, Hugh
Common Courtesy (SSA Mail) [Public Relations], May, page 3
Mink, Leroy W.
Excellent Spin Article (SSA Mail) [Training\Spins], April, page 3
Monroe, Don (a.k.a. D. Monroe)
Thanks for the Memories (SSA Mail) [Lloyd Licher\Doug Lamont], December, page 3
Moore, Chad
Performance Testing the Russia AC-4c (Feature Article) [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\Russia AC-4c], September, page 28
Moore, Robert Lee (a.k.a. R.L. Moore)
Senior Pilot Assist (SSA Mail) [Seniors], January, page 4
Mora, Ruben
Flying in San Martin de los Andes (SSA Mail) [International\Patagonia], December, page 6
Morgan, Robert P.
What an Accomplishment! (Milestones) [Youth\Robert P. Morgan], September, page 43
Mudd, Robert
First Flight in Type (SSA Mail) [Safety\Training], January, page 3
Murray, John
The New ASW-28 (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth ASW-28], February, page 32
Murray, John; with James M. Payne (a.k.a. Jim Payne and James Payne)
2003 Centennial of Flight Celebration (Soaring News) [Competitions\RTKH], July, page 6

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Nadas, Ian
Measuring Soaring Performance - in Real Time (Feature Article) [Design\Instrument], July, page 26
Nadler, Dave
AERO 2001 (Feature Article) [Air Show], July, page 29
New Flight Computer (Soaring News) [Instruments\Flight Computer], August, page 8
Nagle, Mike
Medical Question (SSA Mail) [Medical], October, page 3
Nesser, Stephen (a.k.a. Steve Nesser)
Thank You, Soaring Safety Foundation (SSA Mail) [Safety], March, page 3
Newill, David B. (a.k.a. David Newill, Dave Newill)
Air Sports Expo 2001, The SSA Annual Convention (Feature Article) [Conventions\SSA], April, page 26
Noble, John
Dimona over High Atlas Mountains of Morocco (Cover) [Cover; Sailplanes\Dimona], March, cover
Nye, David
Thanksgiving at Santa Ynez, California (Soaring News) [Soaring\Santa Ynez], February, page 6

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Orndorff, Beverly
Father and Son (Milestones) [Training\Waynesboro], August, page 43

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Palfery, John G.
Landing During Regional Contest (Cover) [Cover; Competitions\Caesar Creek], October, cover
Payne, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne)
Some Clear Talk About Spins (Feature Article) [Training\Spins], February, page 36
Reply to Excellent Spin Article (SSA Mail) [Training\Spins], April, page 3
Speed Records in Wave (Feature Article) [Records\Wave], September, page 24
Payne, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne); with John Murray
2003 Centennial of Flight Celebration (Soaring News) [Competitions\RTKH], July, page 6
Payne, Jim and Jackie; with Thomas Pressley (a.k.a. Tom Pressley)
Two New Contest Sites (Feature Article) [Sites\Reese; Sites\Tonopah], October, page 17
Paynter, Frank
Sports Class View of the Region 6 Contest (Feature Article) [Competitions\Caesar Creek], September, page 33
Pfeiffer, Neal
Another New Pilot (Milestones) [Training\Megan Pfeiffer], January, page 47
Piggott, Derek (a.k.a. D. Piggott)
The Piggott Hook (Feature Article) [Safety\Launching Methods], February, page 16
Pin, François G. (a.k.a. François Pin, Francois Pin); with Dottie Thomas-Pin
The 2001 US World Class National Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\Cordelle], September, page 22
Povinelli, Michael
Multiple Utah Milestones (Milestones) [CAP\Cedar Valley], October, page 49
Pressley, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Pressley); with Jim and Jackie Payne
Two New Contest Sites (Feature Article) [Sites\Reese; Sites\Tonopah], October, page 17
Price, Jim; with Ronnie Anderson
Hobbs Contest Kudos (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Hobbs], September, page 4

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Randolph, Michael
Safety Column (SSA Mail) [Safety], March, page 3
Reid, Frank
SSA National Regional Fun Cross-Country Contest Rules (Soaring News) [Competitions\Fun], March, page 6
The SSA Instructor Development Program (Instructors' Corner) [Training\Instructors], April, page 18
What Kind of Instructor are You? (Instructors' Corner) [Training\Instructors], June, page 17
Beyond the Private Pilot Rating (Instructors' Corner) [Training\Instructors], August, page 46
The Wave-Off Signal (Instructors' Corner) [Training\Towing], October, page 13
Reid, Jayne
The View From My End of the Rope (Tow Pilots' Corner) [Training\Towing], June, page 14
Positioning for Release (Tow Pilots' Corner) [Training\Towing], August, page 14
Takeoff Procedure for a 2-33 (Tow Pilots' Corner) [Training\Take off], October, page 16
Roach, Terry
Spins and Slips (SSA Mail) [Training\Spins], April, page 3

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Sanderson, Larry
Indianapolis Next Month: Soaring in Winter - Be There! (President's Column) [Editorial], January, page 2
Wanted: A Few Good Folks (President's Column) [Editorial\Volunters], February, page 2
Payback Time (President's Column) [Editorial], March, page 2
In Your Mailbox This Month (President's Column) [Editorial], April, page 2
Share Your Wealth (President's Column) [Editorial], May, page 2
Why Hobbs? And Where the Heck is it? (President's Column) [Editorial], June, page 2 (President's Column) [Editorial], July, page 2
More About Young Folks (President's Column) [Editorial], August, page 2
Your Vote Counts (President's Column) [Editorial], September, page 2
Response to Adopt-A-Class (SSA Mail) [Youth\Public Relations], September, page 6
America is Open for Business (President's Column) [Editorial], October, page 2
Aviation in the Target (President's Column) [Editorial], December, page 2
Reply to Transponders (SSA Mail) [Instruments\Transponders], December, page 7
70 Years of Service - State of the SSA in 2001 (Feature Article) [Soaring Society of America], December, page 36
Santel, Christoph
Civil Air Patrol Program Commended (SSA Mail) [Training\CAP], July, page 3
Scott, Jan (a.k.a. J. Scott)
A Tragic Loss of Historic Gliders (SSA Mail) [History], April, page 6
Segal, Tony
Making Accidents Survivable - With a Racing Car Cockpit in your Glider (Feature Article) [Safety\Survivability], July, page 18
Seo, Hiroshi
Cirrus at International Vintage Sailplane Meet (Cover) [Cover; Vintage Sailplanes\Elmira], April, cover
Seymour, Ed
The Northrop Primary Glider (Feature Article) [History\Northrup], June, page 22
Sharp, Corwin
NESA at Fifty (Soaring News) [History\Clubs; NESA], June, page 8
Sharp, John
OnLine Tow Pilot Course (Soaring News) [Training\On-line], February, page 8
Short, Jim and Simine
"Oldtimer Sailplanes - Flying Rarities from the Pioneering Days of Soaring Flight", by Jochen Ewald, et al (Soaring News) [Literature\Book Review], May, page 10
Singleton, Billy J. (a.k.a. Billy Singleton, B.J. Singleton)
January Newsletter (Sailplane Safety) [Safety], January, page 38
April Newsletter (Sailplane Safety) [Safety], April, page 46
Pilot Certification Information (Soaring News) [Certification], July, page 7
Sharing the Skies - Report from the Soaring Safety Foundation (Sailplane Safety) [Safety\Airspace], July, page 44
Reply to Safety Emphasis (SSA Mail) [Safety\Accidents], August, page 3
Report from the Soaring Safety Foundation: Preventing Landing Accidents (Sailplane Safety) [Safety], October, page 32
Smith, Gilly
Build It and They Will Come (SSA Mail) [Airport], November, page 3
Smith, Steve
Region 11 Contest - 15 Meter & Sports Class (Soaring News) [Competitions\Sites\Middletown; Competitions\Regional\Region 11], September, page 9
Spratt, Charlie, Jr. (a.k.a. Charlie Spratt)
Haulin' Glass - Trailer Problems (Feature Article) [Safety\Trailers], January, page 35
"10,000 Feet and Climbing", by Karen Schreder Barbera (Soaring News) [Literature\Book Review], September, page 10
Region 6 Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Regional\Region 6; Competitions\Sites\Caesar Creek], September, page 10
Region 9 Contest (Soaring News) [Competitions\Sites\Hobbs; Competitions\Regional\Region 9], September, page 12
Alfalfa Eight A Soaring Profile (Feature Article) [People\John Seaborn], December, page 30
SSA Staff
Contest Rules Committee Election (Soaring News) [Competitions\Contest Committee], June, page 6
Stauble, Peter
Aero Tow Emergencies (SSA Mail) [Launching Methods\Aero Tow; Aero Tow\Safety; Safety\Aero Tow], September, page 3
Steadman, Fred
Hot as Texas in July, and Bluer than Elvis' Christmas (Feature Article) [Competitions\Sites\TSA], March, page 18
Correction (Soaring News) [Competitions], July, page 7
Steckner, Tillman
Internal Gap Seal Delamination (SSA Mail) [Maintenance\Gap Seals], December, page 6
Steckner, Tillmann
Gap Seal Delamination (Feature Article) [Maintenance\Gap Seals], September, page 34
Stengel, Gil
Basic Composite Repair (Feature Article) [Maintenance\Composites], January, page 16
Stoddard, Phil
Sixty-Seven Years Later (Milestones) [People\John Sanford], August, page 43
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
World View (Competition Commentary) [Competitions], January, page 14
G'-Day Gawler (Feature Article) [Competitions\Sites\Gawler; Competitions\World], January, page 25
Time Matters (Competition Commentary) [Competitions], February, page 14
2001 Changes to the Rules (Competition Commentary) [Competitions\Rules], April, page 20
GPS-Controlled Starts (Competition Corner) [Competitions\GPS], July, page 12
The Turn Area Task (Competition Corner) [Competitions\Tasks], September, page 20
Response to A Time/Distance Task (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Tasks], December, page 3
The SRA (Competition Corner) [Competitions\SRA], December, page 18
Suechting, Conrad
2001 World Air Games (Soaring News) [Competitions\World; Competitions\Sites\Lillo, Spain], April, page 10
Sullivan, John
SZD-56-1 "Diana" over Michigan (Cover) [Cover; SZD-56-1 Diana], September, cover
System, Russia Landing Gear Lock
(SSA Mail) [Sailplanes\Russia; Design\Landing Gear], April, page 6
Szafarczyk, Sylvia
Bultman Award (SSA Mail) [Awards\Bultman], December, page 5

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Tadry, Ray
Juniors Selected for Air Force Academy Program (Milestones) [Training\Youth], June, page 43
Taylor, George
Cadets Converge on Hobbs (Soaring News) [CAP\Hobbs], September, page 8
Thelen, George
Landing Gear Collapses (Safety Corner) [Safety\Landing], February, page 46
Dear Flabby (Safety Corner) [Safety], March, page 44
Hot, Windy, Dry? (Safety Corner) [Safety\Wind], May, page 44
Structural Integrity (Safety Corner) [Safety], June, page 44
Interim Accident Report (Soaring News) [Safety\Accidents], August, page 10
If It Is Worth Doing - Do It Right (Safety Corner) [Safety], August, page 47
Unprepared (Safety Corner) [Safety], September, page 46
Glider Pilot vs. Tow Pilot (Safety Corner) [Safety\Towing], November, page 42
6.5 Hours per Year (Safety Corner) [Safety], December, page 46
Thomas-Pin, Dottie; with François G. Pin (a.k.a. François Pin and Francois Pin)
The 2001 US World Class National Championships (Feature Article) [Competitions\Cordelle], September, page 22
Thornton, Richard
Soaring over Tehachapi (Cover) [Cover; Tehachapi], July, cover
TOST Flugzeuggerratebau
Maintenance Requirements for Tost Releases (Soaring News) [Maintenance\Tow Release\Tost; Tow Release\Tost], March, page 6
Treinis, David
Group Genesis Program (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Genesis], February, page 8

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Ueda, Nobuo
Sky Blossom AirShow (SSA Mail) [Air Show\Japan], February, page 3

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Vihlen, Steve
After Sixteen Years (Milestones) [Training], July, page 43
Villanueva, Carl
Tow Pilots' Corner (SSA Mail) [Towing], August, page 3
Volmar, Joe (a.k.a. J.H. Volmar)
Attention Valentin Taifun Owners (Soaring News) [Motorgliders\Taifun], May, page 10
Vorsanger, Charles
Magnetic Compass (SSA Mail) [Instruments\Compass], November, page 3

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Wander, Bob
Winter Blues (Beginners' Corner) [Training], January, page 12
The A, B, and C Badge Program (Beginners' Corner) [Training\Badges], February, page 12
Meet the Flight Instruments: The Airspeed Indicator (Beginners' Corner) [Training\Instruments], March, page 16
Meet the Flight Instruments: The Altimeter (Beginners' Corner) [Training\Instruments], April, page 16
Introducting the Magnetic Compass (Beginners' Corner) [Instruments\Compass; Training\Instruments], May, page 14
Introduction to Variometry (Beginners' Corner) [Training\Instruments], June, page 10
Variometer Compensation - Part 2 (Beginners' Corner) [Training\Instruments], August, page 12
Variometer Compensation (Beginners' Corner) [Training\Instruments], November, page 16
Wasilowski, Steven
Get Involved with your Community College (Soaring News) [Public Relations], April, page 8
Weil, Richard
Meteorology Courses (SSA Mail) [Meteorology], August, page 4
Welles, Tim
Events of September 11; Effect on Soaring (Chairman's Column) [Editorial], November, page 2
Contest Committee News (Soaring News) [Competitions\Contest Committee], December, page 8
Wells, Phyllis
2001 Women's Soaring Seminar (Soaring News) [Seminars\WSPA], November, page 6
WSPA Scholarship Announced (Soaring News) [Scholarships\WSPA], November, page 8
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams)
Motorgliding (Motorgliding Corner) [Motorgliders], January, page 46
Inspections, Maintenance and Servicing (Motorgliding Corner) [Motorgliders], April, page 43
Pilots Who Fly Motorgliders (Motorgliding Corner) [Motorgliders\Pilots], July, page 14
Cross-Country Flights in a Motorglider (Motorgliding Corner) [Cross-Country; Motorgliders], September, page 19
In-Flight Engine Starts (Motorgliding Corner) [Motorgliders], December, page 17
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams); with Jim Herd
Minden Soaring Club (Soaring News) [Clubs\Minden], December, page 12
Willis, Keith
Correction (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Gawler], September, page 3
Winters, Kathleen; with Gary Fogel
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001) (Feature Article) [History; People\Anne Morrow Lindbergh], June, page 36
Wolter, John
Winter Soaring in Germany (Cover) [Cover; Mountains\Germany], December, cover
Wyman, Jack
The SZD-56-1 "Diana" - An Owner's Report" (Feature Article) [Sailplanes\SZD-56-1 Diana], August, page 24

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Zejda, Vladislav
The Struggle for High Altitudes (Feature Article) [High Altitude; History\High Altitude], November, page 25
Zimmerman, Leigh
Contest Hospitality (SSA Mail) [Competitions\Sites\Mifflin County], August, page 3

None     (up to table of contents)

Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], January, page 47
SSA National Regional Fun Cross-Country Contest Winners for 2000 (Soaring News) [Competitions\Fun], March, page 6
New Oxygen System (Soaring News) [Equipment\Oxygen], March, page 12
New Region 1 Director (Soaring News) [Soaring Society of America], April, page 8
US Soaring Hall of Fame Inductees for the Year 2000 (Soaring News) [Awards], April, page 8
Tidewater Soaring Foundation Scholarship (Soaring News) [Clubs\Scholarships], April, page 9
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], April, page 45
Fourteen Year Old Solos on his Birthday (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Steven Magner], April, page 45
Long Wings for the Glasflugel 304CZ (Soaring News) [Sailplanes\Glusflugel 304CZ], May, page 10
The SSA Annual Awards (Feature Article) [Awards], May, page 30
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], May, page 43
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], June, page 43
A Cautionary Tale (SSA Mail) [Safety], July, page 4
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], July, page 43
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], August, page 43
Clothing for Pilots (Soaring News) [Clothing], September, page 9
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], September, page 43
Helios Prototype Flies to 96,500 Feet (Soaring News) [Helios\Hawaii], October, page 6
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], October, page 49
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], November, page 45
Shirt Cuttin' Time! (Milestones) [First Solo\Youth; People\Andrew Olinger], November, page 45
WGC 2001 in South Africa (Soaring News) [Competitions\Sites\Mafikeng; Competitions\World], December, page 10
Final Glide (Milestones) [Obituaries], December, page 49

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