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Beginners' Corner, Competition Commentary, Competition Corner, Cover, Feature Article, Instructors' Corner, Milestones, Motorgliding Corner, President's Column, SSA & FAI Awards, SSA Mail, Safety Corner, Sailplane Safety, Soaring News, Soaring Safety Foundation, The Buzz

Beginners' Corner
Bob Wander, Beginning Your Training, July, page 18
Bob Wander, Flight Training Courses, August, page 16
Bob Wander, The Sensations of Flight, September, page 13
Bob Wander, Personal Life Support, October, page 8
Bob Wander, Risk Management and Soaring, November, page 12
Bob Wander, Learning How to Orient Yourself in the Air, December, page 16

Competition Commentary
Karl Striedieck, Mommy: Where do Rules Come From?, March, page 11
Karl Striedieck, Rules Complication, August, page 20

Competition Corner
Karl Striedieck, Club/Sports Class Issues, October, page 45
Karl Striedieck, User-Friendly Contests, December, page 40

John Sullivan, Genesis, January
Paul MacCready's Project Helios, February
Alan Ehrlich, DG-505 and the Moon over Crystalaire, March
Daniel Johnson, Cross Country Camp at Air Sailing Gliderport, April
Charlie Spratt, Soaring at New Castle, May
Dave Romero, Wave Soaring at Santa Ynez, June
Henning von Perbandt, Sailplanes over Seminole Lake, July
Michael Payne, Sailplane Launching at Jean, August
Larry Sanderson, Sailplane on Ridge, September
John Wolter, Flying over Germany, October
Ken Ward, Photographer/Pilot near Lake Tahoe, November
Peter Selinger, Franklin PS-2 and ASW-27B at the Elmira National Soaring Landmark Dedication, December

Feature Article
Tom Knauff, The Masters, January, page 12
Jim Short, Airspace in the New Century, January, page 18
Tom Bradbury, Skywatch, January, page 22
Dave Brunner, Transition to Glass, January, page 28
Jimmie Page, Once a Winch, Always a Winch, January, page 32
Walter Brink, A Gogos Scholar at Minden, January, page 35
Chuck O'Mahoney, Pursuing Soaring Visions, February, page 12
George Moffat, Getting Started in Competition, February, page 20
Colin Dews, Sailplane Electronics (Batteries and Wiring), February, page 24
Gonzo Echeverry, Jailbirds, February, page 34
Wayne Ginther, Seven Gliders, Seven Days, and One Ornery Alvord, February, page 46
Dick Johnson and Dean Carswell, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Genesis 2 Sailplane, March, page 14
Tom Bradbury, Sky Watch (part 2), March, page 22
Tillmann Steckner, How to Avoid Disconnects on L'Hotellier Connectors, March, page 32
Andrew Ross, A Polish Palliative, March, page 36
Sergio Colacevich, Three in One Shot, March, page 46
Kai Gertsen (Intro by Tim Welles), Cross-Country Instruction, April, page 12
Kevin Ford, The Hunt for Red October, April, page 18
Janice Hagen Armstrong, Arvin Sierra Comes Alive Again...60 Years Later, April, page 24
Mike Parker, Two World Distance Records in a PW-5, April, page 28
Charlie Spratt, Stand-By, Mark...Good Finish, April, page 36
Eric Canup, A Lofty Goal, April, page 40
Bob Thrasher, Sidebar by Micheal Thrasher, Enchantment in New Mexico, May, page 12
Tom Bradbury, Sky Watch (Parts 3 & 4), May, page 20
Simine Short, A Look Back and A Glance Forward, May, page 28
Reba Coombs, Independence in Ely, Nevada, May, page 34
Jan Scott, Primary Gliders: All you Ever Wanted to Know, June, page 14
Robert J. Vanderbei and Michael Pilla, Spring Training: Part One, June, page 18
Mark Hawkins, Gott Love Those Guests, June, page 20
Robert J. Vanderbei and Michael Pilla, Spring Training: Part Two, June, page 23
R.R. "Boom" Powell, A Sky God? Not I, June, page 25
John Good, A Weekend Away, July, page 20
Tom Bradbury, Lost Contest Days and the Jet Stream, July, page 23
Rafal Mikke, A Convention Journal: The PW-6 Gamble, July, page 27
Richard H. Johnson and Dean Carswell, A Flight Test Evaluation of the 304 CZ Sailplane, July, page 30
Peter Selinger, Scheibe Flugzeugbau - A Look Behind the Curtain, July, page 39
Paddy Welles, Miracles of Mifflin: 15-Meter Nationals, May 16-26, 2000, August, page 26
Gregory Ellis, Pilot's Choice, August, page 32
Doug Jacobs, Home from the Nationals, August, page 36
Charlie Spratt, Influences, August, page 38
Daniel Johnson, Making Room for Gliders, August, page 43
Tom Bradbury, Billows, Windshear and Waves, September, page 18
Raul Blacksten, The Colors, The Colors! - IVSM 2000, September, page 22
William Bentley, How to Catch the Tow Plane, September, page 27
Ron Lindenfeld, Of Wings and Freedom, September, page 28
Thomas A. Pressley and John Cochrane, Racing the Surreal: The 2000 Standard Class National Soaring Championships, September, page 30
John Cochrane, Just a Little Faster, Please, September, page 36
Janet R. Sorrell, C is For..., September, page 40
Platypus, When Ignorance is Bliss, Tis Folly to be Wise, October, page 10
Paul A. Schweizer, The Candid Cameraman, October, page 20
John Cochrane, Just a Little Faster, Please, Part II, October, page 22
Karl Striedieck, Soaring Driggs, Idaho, October, page 25
Pat J. McGrath, Jr., Competition at Ephrata, October, page 28
Mat Redesell, The Evening Thermal, October, page 34
Dick Johnson, Surviving Control System Failures, October, page 38
The Bald Eagle, Casey at the Nats, October, page 40
Eric Greenwell, Flying the Mt. Adams Wave from Richland, WA, November, page 18
Tom Bradbury, Numerical Forecast, November, page 21
Richard Kellerman, Thermaling Basics, November, page 24
SSA Recognizes Service and Achievements for 1999, November, page 30
John Good, Articles for Soaring Magazine, November, page 33
Ray Galloway, Competition Flying: Where Are We?, December, page 22
John Good, Counterpoint, December, page 23
Kerry Huffstutler and Noreen Buchanan, The 2000 18-Meter and Open Class Nationals, December, page 26
Joann B. Shaw, Once In A Lifetime, December, page 30
Charlie Spratt, Haulin' Glass - The Grob Years, December, page 34

Instructors' Corner
Frank Reid, Something in Reserve, January, page 7
Frank Reid, Wind and Landing, February, page 10
Frank Reid, Flight Instructors, a Vanishing Breed, March, page 12
Frank Reid, Slips to a Landing, April, page 9
Frank Reid, Instructor Development Program Announced at SSA Convention, May, page 10
Frank Reid, The Hat, June, page 6
Frank Reid, The 200 Foot Practice Rope Break, July, page 14
Frank Reid, August, page 18
Frank Reid, More on Tow Incidents, September, page 14

Final Glide, April, page 50
Tonk Milo, New Inductee into Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame, April, page 50
Sandy Hill, Another Aviation Accomplishment for Tow Glider Pilots, April, page 50
Cam Martin, Skylark North Y2K Birthday Double Header, Birthday Celebrations and Tehachapi's Newest Glider Pilot, May, page 50
Final Glide, May, page 50
Gary Fogel, History in the Making at 1st Annual Torrey Pines Soaring Festival, July, page 48
Kathleen Aleshire Mitchell and Patricial Aleshire Briggs, Two Milestones Observed, July, page 48
David Menshen, Excitement at Caesar Creek Soaring Club, July, page 49
Final Glide, July, page 49
Final Glide, August, page 48
Jim Miller, Two Firsts, August, page 48
Steve Vihlen, Alone at Last, September, page 46
Final Glide, September, page 46
Jim Lumley, All in the Family!, November, page 35
Final Glide, November, page 35
Final Glide, December, page 41
Mark Mason, Amazing, December, page 41
Geoff Weck, Congratulations, Logan Weck, December, page 41

Motorgliding Corner
Pete Williams, The Philosophy of Motorgliding, December, page 39

President's Column
Larry Sanderson, Customers, Owners or Members?, January, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Dear Larry ..., February, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Title, March, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Developing the Sport, April, page 2
Larry Sanderson, One Life to Live, May, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Gliderfields Under Attack, June, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Enjoyment is Hard Work, July, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Soaring Magazine, January 1937 - August 2000, August, page 2
Larry Sanderson, This Month's Cover, September, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Soaring in the Winter, October, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Changing the Guard, November, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Looking Ahead, December, page 2

SSA & FAI Awards
Arleen Coleson, Badges & Records, January, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badges & Records Ask the Badge Lady, February, page 41
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, March, page 41
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, April, page 42
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, May, page 45
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, June, page 32
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, July, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, August, page 46
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, September, page 44
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records Ask the Badge Lady, October, page 46
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, November, page 36
Arleen Coleson, Badges & Records Ask the Badge Lady, December, page 44

SSA Mail
Frank Donnelly, Both Ends of the Rope, January, page 3
Tony Fabiszak, Mississippi State University Soaring Club, January, page 3
Ted Driver, Soaring's Front Cover, January, page 3
Editor, Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail", January, page 4
Stephen DuPont, Personalized Checklists, February, page 3
Robert Lee Moore, Glider Buyer Be Aware!, February, page 3
Bob Boehnke, 2000 Calendar, February, page 3
Lee Kuhlke, Positive Control Checks, February, page 4
Jon McKinley, Front Cover for January, February, page 4
Ira Blieden, Soaring with Ms. Steron's 5th Grade Class, March, page 3
Ernie Kampe, Exploring the Monster - Book by Bob Whelan, March, page 3
William J. Keck, Help Your Fellow Pilot, March, page 3
James V. Bothe, Jr., Here's an Idea, March, page 3
Editor, Soaring Magazine Policy for Letters to "Soaring Mail", March, page 4
Robert Lee Moore, Mylar Gap Seals - Potential Deadly Hazard, April, page 3
Tony Fabiszak and Michael Cancienne, Thanks from MSU, April, page 3
Peter Negwer, Additional Check List Item, April, page 3, April, page 4
David Kinsell, Sailplane Electrics, May, page 3
Warren Dion, More About Batteries, May, page 3
Norb Wethington, Soaring in the Library, May, page 5
Toddie Perl Marshall, Harry Perl, June, page 3
Dean G. Watts, Information on Harry Perl, June, page 3
J.J. Sinclair, Gap Seals, June, page 3
Tillmann Steckner, Aileron Disconnects, June, page 4
Vic Haynes, Just Like the Old Days, June, page 4
Fred Bane, Thanks to Participants, June, page 4
Robert L. Hunter, Interesting Error, July, page 3
Scott MacIndoe, Interesting Find, July, page 4
Pedro del la Serna, Peter Pan Climbing the Mountains, July, page 4
Alan Duckett, Third Class Medical, July, page 4
Tillmann Stechner, Correction, August, page 3
Tom Elmore, Similar Experiences, August, page 3
Frauke Elber, August, page 3
Stephen DuPont, Rely on Your Own Skills, August, page 3
Grant Davis, The Hat, August, page 4
Ido Millet, Great Idea!, September, page 3
Phil Marks, Critical Assembly Check, September, page 3
Alan Wells, Assistance Needed, September, page 3
Editor, Reply to Critical Assembly Check, September, page 3
Billy Hill, The Radio, October, page 3
Jack Womack, The Sports Class, October, page 3
Joseph Baer, The Hat, October, page 3
Herbert Obermair, Need Assistance, October, page 4
Norb Wethington, Glider Identified, October, page 4
Fernando J. Rueda, Getting Youth Involved, November, page 3
J. Norman Grim, Waco Gliders, November, page 3
Stephen DuPont, Checking Contol Hookup, November, page 3
Phil Petmecky, Critical Assembly Check, November, page 4
Chuck Jamieson, Transponders and ELTs, December, page 3
Ed Byars, Trailer Tongue Failures, December, page 3
Alan Patching, Aussie Thanks to U.S. Pilots, December, page 4
Barry Schiff, Control System Failures, December, page 4
Terry Beasley, Critical Assembly Check, December, page 6
Paul Maze, A Labor of Love, December, page 6

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Cell Phone Savior - Again!, February, page 43
George Thelen, Stripe-ing the Runway, March, page 45
George Thelen, MacGonnigal Comes Back to Soaring, May, page 48
George Thelen, Release from Aerotow, June, page 38
George Thelen, Transponders and ELTs, August, page 22
George Thelen, Fences: Part 1, September, page 16
George Thelen, First Flight in Type, November, page 14
George Thelen, Fences: Part II, December, page 19

Sailplane Safety
Billy Singleton, January Newsletter, January, page 44
Billy Singleton, April Newsletter, April, page 46
Billy Singleton, July Newsletter Complete Assembly Required - Instructions Included, July, page 44
Billy Singleton, October Newsletter, October, page 41

Soaring News
John "Corky" Gill, The Joseph C. Lincoln Award, January, page 5
Dan Armstrong, Arvin-Sierra Glider port Remembrance, January, page 5
Paul Hamilton, "Weather to Fly" Video, January, page 5
Terry Cubley, First Club Class Competition Planned, January, page 5
Slim Jost, A Labor of Love, January, page 6
Dan Armstrong, Light Sailplane Survey, 1999, January, page 6
Final Glide, January, page 6
Bob Dittert, Turkeyfest Another Success, February, page 5
National Soaring Museum Names New Executive Director, February, page 5
New President of ASA Announced, February, page 6
Bill Ard, The Russia Motorglider, February, page 6
Jim Kellett, Virginia's CAP Program, February, page 6
Suntiger Wins Patent Right for Blue-Blocking Lenses, February, page 7
Brad Stankey, 22 More Young Eagles, February, page 7
Tequila Cub Aerobatic Contest Results, February, page 7
New Director of the National Air and Space Museum Announced, February, page 8
Chicagoland Glider Council to Host SSA Town Meeting and Safety Seminar, February, page 8
Bob Eli, Texas PW-5 News, February, page 8
Bill Brinkman, Fault Line Flyer's C and Bronze Badge Camp, February, page 8
Steve Wasilowski Appointed Illinois State Govenor, February, page 9
Andy McQuigg, The New ASW-27, March, page 5
Frank Reid, SSA and USHGA Announce Operating Agreement, March, page 5
Larry Sanderson, Two Elected to U.S. Soaring Hall of Fame, March, page 5
Alvaro Calderon Torres, La Mancha Glide, March, page 6
Group Genesis, Genesis 2 Tour Impresses European Pilots, March, page 6
Mark D. Maughmer, Book Review: Fundamentals of Sailplane Design, Fred Thomas and Judah Milgram, March, page 7
Paddy Welles, Book Review: Croswind by Patricia Valdata, March, page 7
Bill Ard, Russia Around the World, March, page 7
Robert S. DeGroat, Book Review: I Learned to Fly for Hitler by Joe Volmar, March, page 8
SSA Announces a New Fun Cross-Country Contest, March, page 9
Thomas Knauff, Federal Aviation Regulations for Glider pilots 2000, March, page 9
SSA, International Training and Safety Panels Meets in Germany, April, page 5
SSA, Soaring Safety Foundation On-line, April, page 5
Rick Hanson, Sugarbush Soaring Summer Youth Camp, April, page 5
Kim White, San Diego Aerospace Museum Kit, Model & Aviation Collectible Swap Meet, April, page 5
Bill Ard, Russia, April, page 5
SSA, Send Us Your News, April, page 6
Nancy Graham, Call for Nominations - 2000, April, page 7
SSA, SSA to Administer the Ivans Medal, April, page 7
Dick Stark, Portable Oxygen Kit for Aviators, April, page 8
Eric Mozer, 18-Meter Class Now a World Championship, May, page 7
SSA Staff, Highlights of the SSA Board Meeting, May, page 7
Nancy Graham, Call for Director Nominatiions - 2000, May, page 7
Art Director, A Call For 2001 Calendar Photo Submissions, May, page 8
Frauke Elber, Senior Meet 2000, May, page 8
Rick Howell, U.S. Auxiliary-Powered National Contest, May, page 8
SSA Staff, IGC Elects Officers, May, page 8
Larry Sanderson, Soaring Magazine Names Two Associate Editors, May, page 8
Rick Hanson, Gliding Mile High and More, June, page 9
SSA Staff, Critical Assembly Check, June, page 9
Billy Singleton, Soaring Safety Foundation Introduces Safety Videos, June, page 9
High Performance Sailplane, Type Approval for DG-899B, July, page 6
Terry Cubley, World Championships Club Class, July, page 6
Brad Hill, Russia AC-4 Sailplane Kit, July, page 6
Richard H. Johnson, Book Review: Exploring the Monster by Robert Whelan, July, page 8
Mountain High Equipment, July, page 8
David Treinis, Group Genesis USA to Seek Distribution Alliance for G2 Line, July, page 8
Rick Howell, TSA Contest for 1-26s, Auxiliary-Powered and Guests, July, page 8
Critical Assembly Check, July, page 10
15-Meter National Championships, July, page 10
Dean Carswell, Training Seminar for SSA Instructors, July, page 10
Arleen Coleson, 1999 Kolstad Winners, July, page 12
Burt Compton, SSA at Oshkosh, July, page 12
Bonnie McAnerny, Western Seniors Contest, August, page 6
George Taylor, Teenagers Enjoy New Mexico Soaring, August, page 6
Directors' Elections Nominations, August, page 8
John H. Campbell, Bultman Recipient Named, August, page 8
Tom Knauff, New Product, August, page 15
Dave Treinis, Genesis 2 Makes Competition Debut, September, page 6
Jim Short, Air & Space Museum Refurbishes Historic Sailplanes, September, page 6
Charles R. Lohre, Cambridge Aero Instruments Announces Name Change to Pocket-Nav of Their 2 Year Old Palm-Nav Flight Navigation Software, September, page 8
Mark D. Maughmer, Book Review: The Paths of Soaring Flight by Frank Irving, September, page 8
Ty White, Air Sailing Sports Class Contest, September, page 8
Mat Redsell, Monarch G has Flown, September, page 8
Peter How, Great Place to Set a Record, September, page 10
Pam Sutton, 22nd Annual Women's Soaring Seminar, September, page 10
Lee Cowie, Vintage Sailplane Regatta, September, page 12
John Good, Trailer Tongue Failure, October, page 6
First Flight of the Eta, October, page 6
Open and 18-Meter National Championships at Uvalde, October, page 6
First Flight of the DG-1000, October, page 6
Nancy Graham, SSA Address, October, page 7
Frank Reid, Instructors' Corner, October, page 7
Dick Mockler, The Great TSA Labor Day Race, November, page 6
Thomas Knauff, Being Prepared, November, page 6
Book Review: The History and Evolution of the Glider by Giorgio Zanrosso, November, page 6
Arleen Coleson, Scholarships for Women, November, page 7
Kai Gertsen, Region 3 Contest - Dansville, NY, November, page 7
Dave Newill, SSA Convention 2001 - Why Go to the Air Sports Expo, November, page 8
Bob Dittert, Region 9 Contest - Hobbs, NM, November, page 9
SSA Members Elect Directors in 9 Regions, November, page 9
Six Elcted as Directors-at-Large, November, page 10
SSA Board Selects Officers, November, page 10
John Murray, Cobra Trailer Update, December, page 8
Lee Steorts, CAP Encampment Success, December, page 8
Gary Kemp, Region 11 Contest, December, page 8
Nikhil Gupta, PW-6U Receives Polish Type Certificate, December, page 10
Region 4 South Contest, December, page 12
Charles Lohre, Cambridge Aero Instruments Announces Cockpit Panel Mount, December, page 14

Soaring Safety Foundation
Accident Report, August, page 8

The Buzz
Bob Wander, The Buzz, February, page 9

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