Soaring Magazine Index for 1997 organized by author

Soaring Magazine Index for 1997 organized by author

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Acharya, Sanjay
Soaring Ashram in the Estrellas [Awards\Badge Flights], October, pages 12-15
Adams, Aland
So You Want to Buy a Fiberglass Sailplane? [Sailplanes\Selection], July, pages 27-30
Adams, Mike
LS-10 (Announced by Factory) (Soaring in Action) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-10], May, page 9
Applebay, George
(Southwest Vintage and Classic) Rally Scheduled (at Moriarty) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Vintage Aircraft], January, page 8
Why Another Soaring Museum? [Museums], May, pages 20-22
Ard, William
Russia Sailplanes in Montana (Soaring in Action) [Sailplanes\Russia AC-4], December, page 17
Spring Wave in Montana (Over Bridger Mountains) [Techniques\Wave Flying], December, pages 32-34

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Baldwin, Rand
The Cordele Ordeal, The 1997 Standard Class Nationals, June 10-19, 1997, Crisp County Airport, Cordele, GA [Competitions\National], November, pages 27-31
Bartell, Bill
Or Not To PST (Pilot Selected Task).. a View of Competition Soaring [Competitions], March, pages 37-39
Bean, Pamela
Beyond the Picnic Table (at Stowe Soaring, VT) (Letter) [Family; Sites], August, page 7
Bishop, Max
FAI 1998 Young Artists Contest (SSA in Action) [Youth; Art], December, page 9
Blacksten, Raul
A Report from Western Regional Development Committee (WRDC) [Museums], May, page 23
Wichita Falls Mini-Reunion (of 1947 US Nationals Attendees) (Letter) [Competitions\National; History], December, page 3
Boyce, John
1997 Region One Soaring Championships (Springfield, VT) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], November, pages 19-20
Burns, George D.
First Flight (at Fourteenth Birthday for Christopher Burns) (Letter) [Family; Youth], November, pages 6-7

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Calhoun, Garrett P.
The (San Gabriel and Santa Susana Mountain) Lennies Beckon (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Flying], January, page 4
Campbell, John H. (a.k.a. John Campbell)
Thanks for Your Help (Cadet Youth Flight Cadet Scholarship Winner Letter Received) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Youth], February, pages 4-5
Youth Scholarships (Now Three: Cadet, Bultman, and Kolstad) (Soaring in Action) [Youth], June, pages 16-17
SSA and Civil Air Patrol [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], August, pages 25-27
Junior Team Sweepstakes and Contest Results (and European Junior Gliding Championships) (Soaring in Action) [Youth], December, pages 14, 16-17
Carlson, Tracy W.
Where It's At (14 Year Old Glider Solo by Amy Kainrath in Nevada) (Letter) [Youth], November, page 8
Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
SSA in Action: "Low Speed Airfoils" by Dieter Althaus [Aerodynamics], January, pages 14-15
Key Developments in the Evolution of Soaring [Sailplanes\Design; Aerodynamics], July, pages 15-17
Flying Wing Symposium (at Annual Designers/ Builders Exhibit at NSM) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], December, pages 9, 11-12
Carswell, Dean
Soaring Safety Seminar (at the Convention) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Soaring Safety Foundation; Ground Schools; Conventions], January, page 7
Soar in Texas? (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 10
TSA (Annual Ground and Flight Training) Seminar (Scheduled) (Soaring in Action) [Ground Schools], February, page 7
The Low-Time Pilot in the PW-5 World Class Sailplane [Sailplanes\PW-5; Pilot Reports], April, pages 23-25
Introduction to the 1997 Sailplane Directory [Publications; Sailplanes\Production/Availability], July, pages 8-10
1997 Sailplane Directory Listings [Sailplanes\Production/Availability], July, pages 33-154
TSA (1997 Ground and Flight) Training Seminar (A Success) (Soaring in Action) [Instruction\Ground Schools], December, pages 18-19
Clarke, Ron
The Best Soaring Vacation Ever (from California to Illinois) [Cross Country Soaring], February, pages 30-33
Thanks for (the Help with the) Sailplane Directory (Soaring in Action) [Credits/Appreciation; Publications], September, page 7
Coan, Steve
Soaring in Action: Coan/Payne Train USAF(Instructors at Academy for Aerobatics) (Soaring in Action) [Instruction\Flight Instructors; Aerobatics], June, page 9
Colacevich, Sergio
Don't Look At The Wingtip (in the Pattern) (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], April, page 4
Cooper, Chad
(Blanik Premature) Tow Release (Letter) [Sailplanes\Blanik L-13; Equipment\Release Mechanisms], March, page 3
Cornell, Joel R.
The Ladybug, the Compass, Gardyloo and the Eagle [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Awards\Badge Flights; Cross Country Soaring], April, pages 30-32
Costello, Pat
Glider Hull Loss Adjustment [Insurance], January, page 22
Being At Fault (Soaring in Action) [Insurance], October, pages 7-8
Recent Evolution in Aviation Insurance (Carriers and Brokers) (Soaring in Action) [Insurance], November, page 11
Culp, Jim
(Mississippi) Governor's Challenge (Soaring in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Governors], June, page 15
Cylkowski, Laurie
Soaring Tiger (Scout)s (Letter) [Sailplanes\Cherokee; Youth], August, page 6

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Davis, Bob
(Crosswind Approaches and Landings) Author Responds (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], January, page 5
Davis, Charles
Promoting Sport (Through Establishing a Video Library) (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], March, page 6
DeMeester, Paul F.
(1997) Region 11 Contest (Montague, CA) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], September, pages 10-11, 13
Dirks, Wilhelm
Winglets for 18m DG-800 (Soaring in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-800], November, pages 11-12
Maiden Flight of the DG-505MB (Soaring in Action) [Sailplanes\Glaser-Dirks\DG-505], November, page 12
Dittert, Bob
(1997) Region 9 Ends in Tragic Loss (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], October, pages 9-11
Dougall, David J.
More Insurance Information (Letter) [Insurance], January, page 4
Dunning, Mark
A 3-Seat Lark? (Or Surprise Passengers When Preflight/Checklist is Incomplete) (Letter) [Safety\Preflight; Safety\Checklists], December, pages 3-4

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Correction on Photo Credit (Soaring in Action) [Errata], January, page 9
(Letters Submitted to Soaring Mail) [Communications], August, page 8
Elber, Frank
Blue Ridge Shares (Proven Recipes) (Letter) [Food], June, page 3
Elber, Frauke
(Three Young) Friends (Grow Up with Soaring) (Letter) [Youth], May, page 4
Ellison, Norman H.
New Tasks in Competition Soaring (Letter) [Competitions; Computers and the Internet], May, page 2
Engelskirger, Pete
The Fight is on (Re: Tall Towers) (Letter) [Airspace], November, pages 4-5

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Finegan, Michael S. (a.k.a. Mike Finegan); with Roger Gomoll
(15-Meter) Racing in Minnesota? Yeah, You Betcha! [Competitions\National], September, pages 23-26
Fischer, Steve
Thanks to Volunteers (at 15M Nationals: Charlie Spratt and Bob Nady) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], August, page 7
Fitzhugh, Gil
Questions (Crosswind Approaches and Landings) Article (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], January, pages 4-5
Fox, Jonathan
Thanks, Friend (William Harris)! (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], August, page 5
Friend, Michael
A Ballistic Parachute Installation for the Russia 126 Glider [Equipment\Parachutes; Sailplanes\Russia AC-4], October, pages 30-33

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Gaines, Robert E. (a.k.a. Robert Gaines, Bob Gaines, R. Gaines)
(Phoebus C) Gift (of Bob Ross and Ron Lawson) Appreciated (by VSA) (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\VSA], August, page 3
Gallagher, William; with James W. Swinnich (a.k.a. James Swinnich) and Carla Page
The National Soaring Museum, Elmira, New York, 1997 in Pictures [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Foundation], November, pages 33-34
Garner, Chip
A Glider Ride [Literature\Inspiration], June, pages 24-25
Gatenbrink, Bruno
A New Task in Competition Soaring [Competitions; Awards\Badge Requirements], February, pages 19-20
Godsey, Greg
(Cross-Country) Camps (Like Air Scapes) Are Great (Letter) [Cross Country Soaring; Camps; Ground Schools], June, page 3
Gomoll, Roger; with Michael S. Finegan (a.k.a. Mike Finegan)
(15-Meter) Racing in Minnesota? Yeah, You Betcha! [Competitions\National], September, pages 23-26
Good, John F. (a.k.a. John Good)
(Competition) Pilot Ranking List on SSA Homepage (Soaring in Action) [Computers and the Internet; Competitions\National], June, page 7
The 1997 Senior Championships (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\National\Seniors], August, pages 15-17
Ridge Flights - April 18, 1997 [Techniques\Ridge Soaring], August, page 29
Graham, Nancy
(SSA Member) Resource Book Available (Soaring in Action) [Publications], January, pages 9-10
1997 Member Resource Book Available (Soaring in Action) [Errata; Publications], June, page 7
Gray, Charles
A Friendly Welcome (to a New Soaring Pilot) (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education; Credits/Appreciation], March, pages 4,6
Greenblatt, Robert (a.k.a. Bob Greenblatt)
More Insurance (for Individual Owners from Aero Insurance) (Soaring in Action) [Insurance], February, pages 8-9
Grussing, Theodore (a.k.a. Ted Grussing)
A PW-5 (Flight) Review (Letter) [Sailplanes\PW-5], August, pages 5-6
Guvenoz, Ali E.
Where The Games Are (Inonu, Turkey) (Letter) [International\Sites], August, page 5

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Habercom, David S. (a.k.a. David Habercom)
PW-5 Competition Announced (for Mifflin County in Pennsylvania) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\World Class Soaring Association], April, page 11
Habercom, David S. (a.k.a. David Habercom); with Margaret M. Rappaport (a.k.a. Margaret Rappaport)
WSCA Fall (1996) Meeting (at the NSM) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\World Class Soaring Association; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], February, pages 9-10
Hall, Stanley A. (a.k.a. Stan A. Hall, Stan Hall, S. Hall, S.A. Hall)
Hopes (Nomograph) Information Will Help (Letter) [Weight and Balance; Maintenance and Improvements], September, pages 3-4
(Nomograph) Wording Corrected (Letter) [Weight and Balance; Maintenance and Improvements; Errata], November, page 4
Hammond, E. Gene (a.k.a. Gene Hammond)
President's Report: SSA Restructures Leadership [Soaring Society of America\President's Report], January, page 2
Ramblings of a Grouchy Husband (Letter) [Commentary], January, page 4
SSA at Sun 'N Fun (Soaring in Action) [Exhibits/Displays/Fairs], June, pages 7-8
Learn Those Signals (Letter) [Communications], August, page 8
Pilot (14 CFR 61)Certification Rules Change (as of August 4, 1997) [Pilot Certification], September, pages 19-21
Correction to (14 CFR) Part 61 (Soaring in Action) [Errata; Pilot Certification], October, page 7
Hardy, Tom
Lightning Inquiry (Letter) [Meteorology\Lightning], February, page 3
Heidt, Kimberly
A Model of Service, The Life of John D. Ryan, 1925-1997 [Credits/Appreciation; People\John D. Ryan], November, pages 25-26
Heinemann, Jack
Done For Winter (in Wisconsin) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], March, page 7
Henry, Lorinza
Pawnee Mod (STC) News (Soaring in Action) [Launching\Towplanes; Maintenance and Improvements], January, pages 10-11
Hines, Steve
Ray Gimmey in his Nimbus 3 Crossing the Finish Gate (cover) [Cover], March, cover
Gary Ittner and his Ventus in Flight Over Hobbs, NM (cover) [Cover], May, cover
Ray Gimmey in his Nimbus 3 Dropping Ballast Water (cover) [Cover], December, cover
Hobeika, Hicham
André Pepin and his DG-600 in Tow with the Montreal Soaring Council L-19 Tow Plane with Lake and Mountains in Background (cover) [Cover], April, cover
Hollington, Brian
(Thermaling) Thoughts Revived (Letter) [Literature\Humor; Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], June, page 4
Hollister, Walter
Soar Minden (Winter) Adventure (Letter) [Sites], April, pages 4-5
Huffstutler, Mark
Sweepstakes Winners (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\World\US Team], August, page 9

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Irvine, Gregg R.
Check It First (Open Spoiler Warning Light) (Letter) [Maintenance and Improvements; Sailplane\Instruments], November, pages 7-8

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Jamieson, Chuck
Questions (Thelen's Inspection) Information (Letter) [Maintenance and Improvements; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Errata], September, page 3
Jaros, Zbynek
A Czech Connection (TST-1 124m ALPIN) (Soaring in Action) [Ultralights\TST-1 Alpin], May, pages 9-10, 12, 14
Jenista, John E.
Using the Compass (Letter) [Cloud Flying; Instruction], January, page 3
Johnson, Martin
St Auban-Revisited! [International\Sites], January, pages 28-29
Team Deserves Support (at St Auban) (Letter) [Competitions\World\US Team], August, page 8
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Sailplane Thermaling Procedures [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], February, pages 36-40
A Flight Test Evaluation of the PW-5 World Class Sailplane [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\PW-5], April, pages 19-23
An Oil Flow Study and Turbulator Installation on a Schweizer 1-26 Wing [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Aerodynamics\Flight Tests], May, pages 16-19
1997 Marfa ( Texas Thermal and Wave) Camp (Soaring in Action) [Camps], June, pages 9-10
The Effect of Wing Root Fairings on Russia AC-4 Performance [Aerodynamics\Flight Tests; Sailplanes\Russia AC-4], June, pages 30-33
Jordan, Carl B.
George Challenged (on Flying In/Near Clouds) (Letter) [Airspace], August, pages 7-8
Joss, John
Canopy (Open on Tow Article) Comment (Letter) [Sailplanes\Canopies; Launching\Aerotow], April, page 3
To..or Not To (Go in Severe Turbulence)! (Letter|Safety Corner) [Safety; Techniques\Mountain Soaring; Meteorology], August, page 4

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Kaufman, Lloyd G.
(Heartland Military Museum) Needs Help (with LK-10) (Letter) [Solicitations; Restorations], February, page 3
Kawal, Don
Call For SSA (2000) Convention Sponsors (Soaring in Action) [Conventions], April, page 7
Call For SSA (2002 and 2003) Convention Sponsors (Soaring in Action) [Conventions], December, page 21
Kellet, James C. (a.k.a. J.C. Kellet, Jim Kellet, Jim C. Kellet, Jim Kellett)
DuPont Memorial Regatta (Hosted by Skyline Soaring) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Vintage Aircraft], January, pages 8-9
Let's Take It Nice and Easy... (.... And Make All The Stops Along The Way) [Awards\Badge Flights], August, pages 30-32
Kelly, Peter J., Jr. (a.k.a. Peter Kelly)
(Southwestern US) Safari - April, 1997 (Soaring in Action) [Expeditions], August, pages 9-10, 12, 15
Kennedy, Mark
A New Look At Soaring Magazine (Soaring in Action) [Publications], May, page 7
Soaring in Action: Please Note! (No) July Classified Ads [Advertising], June, page 14
From the Staff of Soaring Magazine (Congratulations and Thank You to Dean Carswell) [Credits/Appreciation], July, page 9
Correction and Apology (for an Energy Management Article Correction Error) [Aerodynamics; Errata], November, page 3
King, Peter C. (a.k.a. Peter King)
A $2 Camera Mount!! [Sailplanes\Cockpit; Photography], May, page 36
Knauff, Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Knauff, T. Knauff)
Low Cost GPS Flight Recorder from EW Electronics (New Products) [Sailplane\Instruments], January, page 15
Canopy Open on Tow [Launching\Aerotow; Safety\Canopies], February, pages 21-22

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Lincoln, Judy
Badge and Record News (Latest Forms Dated October 1, 1996) (Soaring in Action) [Awards\Badge Requirements], January, page 9
Hey! Cross Country Pilots! [Awards\Badge Requirements], April, page 41
Loebner, Mark
Charlie McAllister, (and the) The Spirit of Yakima [History; People\Charlie McAllister], March, pages 30-33
Long, George R. (a.k.a. George Long)
Report From Cadet (Who Soloed) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], November, pages 18-19
Loudon, Steve
The Sport Soars on (as Pilot is Introduced to Soaring and Three Generations Fly!) (Letter) [Literature\Inspiration; Promotions; Aerospace Education; Family], February, page 3

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MacIntyre, Ross
IGC Sporting Code Revision (Solicitation) (Letter) [Solicitations; Awards\Badge Requirements], August, pages 3-4
Maloy, Nathan
Thanks for Your Help (Letter Received) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], February, pages 4-5
Mancusi, Joseph
Comments on (Apparent Wingtip) Motion (in the Pattern) (Letter) [Patterns and Landings], January, pages 3-4
Mara, Tim
GR1000 GPS Flight Recorder (New Products) [Sailplane\Instruments], January, page 14
Marlowe, Hank; with James M. Payne (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne) and Ira Phillips, Jr.
The 1996 SSA Distance Awards: Air Force Repeats (Triangles, 500km O&R, Barringer Trophy and Ridge Running) [Awards\Distance Awards; Techniques\Ridge Soaring], December, pages 37-39
The 1996 SSA Distance Awards: Air Force Repeats (Triangles, 500km O&R, Barringer Trophy and Ridge Running) [Awards\Badge Flights], December, page 999
Maronede, Bob
(Silveira) Issue Resolved (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], March, pages 6-7
Martelet, Ron
(Hinckley, IL) Airport [Esprit de Corps; Airports], December, pages 29-31
Miller, Scott
Seeks Advice (with New/Used Glider Purchase) (Letter) [Solicitations], February, page 3
Molumphy, John
1996 Region 4 South Contest (New Castle, VA) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], January, pages 15-16
Moore, Bob
Needed: a Two-Place 18-Meter SLS (Letter) [Motorgliders], October, pages 3-4
Moore, Robert Lee (a.k.a. R.L. Moore)
(American Made) Pito Total Energy (Does It Exist)? (Letter) [Sailplane\Instruments], February, pages 3-4
Mooring, Elmer E., Jr. (a.k.a. Elmer Mooring, Elmer E. Mooring, Elmer Mooring, Jr.)
Emergency Locator Transmitters [Sailplane\Instruments], January, pages 32-33
Mott, Marc
Having Fun (in the Air at Silverado Soaring) (Letter) [Esprit de Corps], December, page 3
Mullins, Ruthelma Ward
Pin, François: How Lucky Can One Be (To Team Fly at St Auban)?, January, pages 27-30
Wyman, Jack: is It (St Auban) Too Dangerous? (Letter), May, page 4

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Nady, Bob
(Using Wet Weather for Currency and BFRs) (Club & Chapter Chatter), January, page 16
(Emphasizing Cross Country and Badge Weekends) (Club & Chapter Chatter), February, page 10
(Slurs at Us "Good-Ole-Boys") (Club & Chapter Chatter), March, page 16
Safety Seminars and Accident Safety Counselors (Club & Chapter Chatter) [Safety], April, page 10
(Ground Launching and the Teamwork Involved) (Club & Chapter Chatter), May, page 15
(Calling Cards, New Field, Thank Yous and Weather Made Easy) (Club & Chapter Chatter), June, page 17
(Teamwork and Volunteers) (Club & Chapter Chatter), October, page 11
(Club Competition Levels Below World Distance) (Club & Chapter Chatter), November, page 22
(Camps and Cross Country) (Club & Chapter Chatter), December, page 23
Naviaux, Jacques
Soaring in Namibia (Soaring in Action) [International\Sites], March, pages 10,12
Neel, John
Scimitar Prototype Landed 12 Miles from Estrella by Chip Garner (cover) [Cover; Sailplanes\Scimitar], February, cover
Nelson, Wade H. (a.k.a. Wade Nelson)
Help with (Gimli Glider) Research (Letter) [Solicitations], February, page 5
The Gimli Glider [Sailplanes\Gimli; Pilot Reports], October, pages 19-22
Nesser, Stephen (a.k.a. Steve Nesser)
ACE Academy (by Minnesota Soaring Club) (Soaring in Action) [Aerospace Education; Youth; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February, pages 7-8
Newill, David B. (a.k.a. David Newill, Dave Newill)
A Three Peat for Teens (by the Central Indiana Soaring Society) (Soaring in Action) [Instruction\Aerospace Education; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Youth], November, pages 12, 14
Nicks, Oran W. (a.k.a. O. Nicks, O.W. Nicks, Oran W Nicks, Oran Nicks)
Energy Management - The Key to Successful Soaring [Sailplane\Instruments; Aerodynamics; Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], May, pages 29-33
Additional (Energy Management Article) Information (Letter) [Aerodynamics; Errata], September, page 3

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O'Mahony, Charles (a.k.a. Charles "Chuck" O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahony, Chuck O'Mahoney)
Hi-HOOOOO, Silver!, The Silver Anniversary SSA Convention (In Arlington, TX) [Conventions], April, pages 14-18
The Silver Anniversary SSA Convention Photo Gallery [Conventions; Awards], April, page 17
US Team Member Gary Ittner in his Ventus CA over St Auban, France (cover) [Cover], September, cover
A Team Effort (1997 WGC at St Auban, France) [International], September, pages 28-38

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Page, Carla
NSM Offers Permanent Remembrance of Soaring Friends (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], August, page 18
Page, Carla; with James W. Swinnich (a.k.a. James Swinnich) and William Gallagher
The National Soaring Museum, Elmira, New York, 1997 in Pictures [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Foundation], November, pages 33-34
Parker, Mike
El Tiro (Arizona) Dash (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Local], January, page 10
Payne, Jackie
A Discus on the Ground at Sunset in the Southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains (cover) [Cover], June, cover
Payne, James M. (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne); with Hank Marlowe and Ira Phillips, Jr.
The 1996 SSA Distance Awards: Air Force Repeats (Triangles, 500km O&R, Barringer Trophy and Ridge Running) [Awards\Distance Awards; Techniques\Ridge Soaring], December, pages 37-39
The 1996 SSA Distance Awards: Air Force Repeats (Triangles, 500km O&R, Barringer Trophy and Ridge Running) [Awards\Badge Flights], December, page 999
Payne, Robert W.
14 Year Old (Daniel Hornal) Solos (in Washington State) (Letter) [Youth], March, page 6
Pearson, Russ
What is Trigger (Temperature)? [Meteorology], October, pages 23-25
Perbandt, Henning von
My First Aerobatic Flight in a Glider [Aerobatics], February, pages 26-27
Soaring the Rainbow Nation (South Africa) (Soaring in Action) [International\Sites], June, pages 12-14
Petmecky, Philip A. (a.k.a. Philip Petmecky, Phil Petmecky)
Good Publicity (Letter) [Publicity], April, page 4
Phillips, Ira, Jr.; with James M. Payne (a.k.a. Jim Payne, James Payne) and Hank Marlowe
The 1996 SSA Distance Awards: Air Force Repeats (Triangles, 500km O&R, Barringer Trophy and Ridge Running) [Awards\Distance Awards; Techniques\Ridge Soaring], December, pages 37-39
The 1996 SSA Distance Awards: Air Force Repeats (Triangles, 500km O&R, Barringer Trophy and Ridge Running) [Awards\Badge Flights], December, page 999
Piggott, Derek (a.k.a. D. Piggott)
Help with Choosing Your Next Glider [Sailplanes\Selection], July, pages 18-25
Pillatsch, John
Like Father, like Son (and credits to their CFIG) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation; Family], October, page 3
Pin, François G. (a.k.a. François Pin, Francois Pin)
How Lucky Can One Be (To Team Fly at St Auban)? [International\Sites; International], January, pages 27-30
The First US "World Class" National Soaring Championship (at Mifflin County, PA) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\World Class Soaring Association], September, pages 13-14, 16-17
Pleasants, Walter C.
World War II Glider Pilots Soar Over Central Florida (With Tampa Bay Soaring Society) (Soaring in Action) [Seniors; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], October, pages 8-9
Poe, Ronald L. (a.k.a. Ronald PoeRon Poe)
(Alvord Desert Safari) Memories Verified (Letter) [Expeditions], January, page 3
Prudhomme, Paul D.
Wave Flight Over Hempstead, Texas [Techniques\Wave Flying], March, pages 28-29

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Rappaport, Margaret M. (a.k.a. Margaret Rappaport)
(First Annual Sailplane) Safety Seminar (Held in Lakeland, FL) (Soaring in Action) [Safety; Ground Schools], June, pages 8-9
Rappaport, Margaret M. (a.k.a. Margaret Rappaport); with David S. Habercom (a.k.a. David Habercom)
WSCA Fall (1996) Meeting (at the NSM) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\World Class Soaring Association; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], February, pages 9-10
Redsell, Mat
Jim Marske and his Flying Wings [Sailplanes\Genesis I], February, pages 14-18
Reeter, Alan K. (a.k.a. Alan Reeter)
Mental Techniques [Psychology], May, pages 24-28
Rivers, Red
Kudos to Charlie (Spratt as Contest Director for Region 10) (Letter) [Credits/Appreciation], November, page 8
Robinson, Fred
Discussion of Thermals (Letter) [Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], April, pages 3-4
Ruda, Brad
The Wonder of It All [Esprit de Corps; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], June, pages 26-29
Rueda, Fernando J. (a.k.a. Fernando Rueda)
Let's Get with It (Like Norway and Attract Young People) (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education], January, page 3
Rumpf, Udo
Super HP-18 Project Outline [Maintenance and Improvements; Sailplanes\Schreder HP-18], October, pages 27-29
Ruprecht, Judy
FAI Approved Equipment [Awards\Badge Requirements], August, page 45
Ryan, Bertha M. (a.k.a. Bertha Ryan, B.M. Ryan, B. Ryan)
(1997) Region 12 Contest (Inyokern, CA) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], November, pages 20-21

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Sanders, Bob
Stemme USA Expands (Soaring in Action) [Motorgliders\Stemme S10; Business Members], September, page 10
Sanderson, Larry
Not Over My Park You Don't.. [Airspace], February, page 2
The Soaring Hall of Fame [Soaring Society of America\President's Report; Awards\Hall of Fame], May, page 2
Passing Friends (Final Glide) [Soaring Society of America\President's Report], June, page 2
SSA Solicits Proposals to Host WSC 2003 (Soaring in Action) [Solicitations; International], June, page 7
Dennis Ivans Takes Off in a Nimbus 4DM at the Flying M Ranch (cover) [Cover], October, cover
The Sky is Falling (as the Reese MOA Floor Lowers) [Airspace], November, page 2
Let's Go Badge Flying [Awards\Badge Requirements], December, page 2
Schnier, Chris
1997 WSPA Seminar (held at Caesar Creek Soaring Club) (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], November, pages 15, 17-18
Hangar Soaring Turns 25 (SSA in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA; Publications], December, page 9
Scott, Jan (a.k.a. J. Scott)
More on Norway (Letter) [Promotions; Aerospace Education; International\Sites], April, page 4
Sebald, Les (a.k.a. L. Sebald)
More on (the Truckee) Mid-Air (Letter) [Safety\Collision Avoidance; Instruction], March, page 4
Seymour, John
To PST (Pilot Selected Task).. Long Live the PST [Competitions], March, pages 36,39
Shelton, John
Another Opinion (of Airspace and Cloud Clearance) (Letter) [Airspace], November, pages 3-4
Shewchuk, John
New Raob 40 Computer Program (Soaring in Action) [Computers and the Internet; Meteorology], May, pages 8-9
Shore, Jamie
One View (of Soaring's Goals, Local vs Cross-Country) (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Youth; Cross Country Soaring], May, page 3
Short, Jim
FAA Issues Type Certificate (for Polish Puchaz SZD 50-3) (Soaring in Action) [Sailplanes\SZD 50-3 "Puchacz"; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], March, page 9
Some (Older) Transceivers Outlawed (Soaring in Action) [Equipment\Radios; Federal Communications Commission (FCC)], March, page 9
SSA's Private Pilot Exemption (for Tow Pilots) Extended (Soaring in Action) [Launching\Aerotow; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], August, page 9
Short, Simine and Jim
A Landmark (Ninth National Soaring Landmark) in the Pacific (Hawaii) (Soaring in Action) [History; Sites\Honolulu, Hawaii; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum\Landmark], April, pages 8-9
Silveira, Geri
(Soaring Pilot) Bad Attitude-Bad News (for Our Sport) (Letter), January, page 5
Simmons, Keith
Just Two Flights [International\Sites; Techniques\Wave Flying], October, pages 16-18
Singleton, Billy J. (a.k.a. Billy Singleton, B.J. Singleton)
Sailplane Safety: NTSB Accident Summaries, Collision Avoidance Planning, Focus on Instructors Training Accidents, and When Are We Most At Risk?, [Instruction\Flight Instructors; Safety\Collision Avoidance; Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Soaring Safety Foundation; Patterns and Landings], January, pages 38-40
Sailplane Safety: NTSB Accident Summaries, 1996 Accident Review, Communicating for Safety, and Soaring [Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Soaring Safety Foundation], April, pages 43-46
Sailplane Safety: NTSB Accident Summaries, Communicating for Safety, and CZoaring (Safety Corner) [Communications; Safety], April, pages 43-46
Sailplane Safety: NTSB Summaries, Deja Vu, Training the Way We Fly (Safety Corner) [Safety\Accidents/Incidents], August, pages 37-38
Soaring in Action: Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Alert (for BG-12s) [Maintenance and Improvements; Sailplanes\Briegleb BG-12; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Soaring Safety Foundation], September, page 9
Sailplane Safety: What Has the SSF Done for Me Lately? NTSB Summaries, Probable Cause, Focus on Instructors (Safety Corner) [Flight Instructors; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Soaring Safety Foundation; Safety\Accidents/Incidents; Safety], October, pages 41-44
Smith, Bernald S. (a.k.a. Bernald Smith, B. Smith, B.S. Smith)
PW-5 (FAA Certification) Report (Letter) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\World Class Soaring Association; Sailplanes\PW-5], March, page 3
Smith, F.H.
(Triggering) Wave Clouds (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Flying; Airspace], November, page 3
Solt, Thomas L.R., Jr.
Stall/Spin (and the Horizon on Approach) (Letter) [Stalls/Spins], February, page 4
Spratt, Charlie, Jr. (a.k.a. Charlie Spratt)
Record Crewing [Crewing], March, pages 26-27
Open and Sports Class Nationals at Minden [Competitions\National], December, pages 24-27
SSA Staff
SSA Holiday Office Schedule [Soaring Society of America], December, page 7
Starr, Sterling V. (a.k.a. Sterling Starr, S.V. Starr)
Exploring the Beartooth (Range Absaroka Mountains) Wave (in Montana) [Techniques\Wave Flying], January, pages 23-25
Steckner, Michael
Corrections Noted (to Diamond Days in the USA) (Letter) [Errata; Awards\Badge Flights], January, page 3
Steckner, Tillmann
Do Some Secrets of Soaring Still Lie in the Dark? Shadow Soaring [Meteorology; Techniques\Thermals and Thermaling], June, pages 18-22
Striedieck, Karl H. (a.k.a. Karl Striedieck)
(1996 SRA) Poll Results and (Competition) Rule Changes (Soaring in Action) [Competitions], May, pages 7-8
Striedieck, Karl H. and Iris
Ridge Flights - April 18, 1997 [Techniques\Ridge Soaring], August, page 28
Sullivan, Janell
(1994-95 Lincoln Award) Winner Announced (Soaring in Action) [Awards\Lincoln Award], June, page 8
Lincoln Award Competition (Soaring in Action) [Awards\Lincoln Award], August, page 9
Sullivan, John
Air Sailing's Schweizer 2-32 Piloted by Charlie Haynes with his Wife; Chase Pilot is Bob McKay (cover) [Cover], January, cover
Rolladen-Schneider LS-3 at Rest Under a Rainbow Between It and the Mountains (cover) [Sailplanes\Rolladen-Schneider\LS-3; Cover], August, cover
Sullivan, Monty; with Heinz Weissenbuehler
Proud of Young Member (Liz Schwenkler) (Letter) [Youth], April, page 3
Sutton, Ron
A Day in the Life of a 1-26 Jockey [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\1-26 Association; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], February, pages 23-25
Swinnich, James W. (a.k.a. James Swinnich)
NSM Report (on Museum Grants) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], January, page 7
New Exhibit (of Radio Controlled Model Sailplane) at NSM (Soaring in Action) [Models; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], April, pages 7-8
NSM in Action (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], June, page 15
Swinnich, James W. (a.k.a. James Swinnich); with William Gallagher and Carla Page
The National Soaring Museum, Elmira, New York, 1997 in Pictures [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Foundation], November, pages 33-34

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Temchus, Raymond, Jr. (a.k.a. Ray Temchus)
(Injured Helicopter Pilot is) Back in the Air (Letter) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Freedom's Wings; Handicapped Accomplishments], March, page 6
Thelen, George
Mid-Air in the (Sierra Nevada) Mountains (Near Truckee, CA), by Bill Chilcott (George Thelen) [Safety\Collision Avoidance], January, pages 41-42
Lightning Strikes Twice, by Allan V. Martini (Safety Corner) [Safety\Lightning], February, pages 43-44
Dogs Can So Climb Trees.. but It Takes Two Firemen to Get Them Down, by Maynard Hirshon (Safety Corner) [Safety; Launching\Aerotow], March, pages 42-43
Dual Tows, by Peter Kelly (Safety Corner) [Safety\Launching\Aerotows], April, pages 36-37
Dear Flabby (Contrasting Colors, Rudder Waggles, and the Convention) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Collision Avoidance; Communications; Launching\Aerotow; Conventions], May, pages 41-42
Safety Seminar, by Margaret Rappaport (Soaring in Action|Safety Corner) [Safety], June, pages 8-9
Tempus Fuget (Time Flies) (and it's Time for a BFR, Aircraft Annual, Parachute Repack, Oxygen Test, or Transponder Check) (Safety Corner) [Safety; Pilot Certification; Maintenance and Improvements; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], June, pages 37-39
George Responds (to Jordan) (Letter) [Airspace], August, page 8
a Few Days in April and May (and Older Pilot's Decision Making) (Safety Corner) [Seniors; Safety\Seniors], August, pages 39-41
Having Your Hands Full (at Takeoff and Off Field Landing Times) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Outlandings], September, pages 40-42
Power Lines vs. Off Field Landings (Safety Corner) [Safety\Outlandings], October, pages 38-40
Operations (at Airports with Intersecting Runways, Unicoms, Motorgliders, and Older Pilots) (Safety Corner) [Safety\Airports; Seniors; Equipment\Radios], November, pages 36-38
Unintended Consequences (Fire from Sun's Rays Through Canopy, Canopy Smashed by Tow Ring, and Recalcitrant Water Bottle) (Safety Corner) [Sailplanes\Canopies; Launching\Aerotow], December, pages 41-43
Thompson, Bob
Turf Soaring (after 30 Years) (Soaring in Action) [Sites\Turf, AZ; Business Members], March, pages 14-15
Thompson, Butch
(1997) Region 2 Contest Report (Mifflin County) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], August, pages 17-18
Thompson, Karen
Team (Group) Tour (for 1997 WSC in St Auban) Announced (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\World\US Team], February, page 7
Thornton, Richard
Bright Orange Schweizer 2-33 Soaring Over Tehachapi, CA (cover) [Cover], November, cover
Toeppen, Don
A Different View (of Airspace and Cloud Clearance) (Letter) [Meteorology; Airspace], November, pages 5-6
Treinis, Dave
(One Photo After Landing) Says It All (Letter) [Seniors; Esprit de Corps], June, page 4

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Valentine, Dick
The (Lennie in the Moriarty, NM) Sky Beckons (Letter) [Techniques\Wave Flying], February, page 4
Volkmann, David
SSA Group (Hull and Liability) Insurance (Soaring in Action) [Insurance], January, page 7
New (Liability Limits, Winter Storage Credits for Towplanes, etc) on Group Insurance (Soaring in Action) [Launching\Towplanes; Insurance], February, page 7
Vorsanger, Charles
On (Thelen's) Safety and Youth (Letter|Safety Corner) [Safety], March, pages 3-4
Voyles, Don
Age is Factor (in Flights to Solo) (Letter) [Seniors; Pilot Certification], November, page 7

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Walsh, Jim
Marfa is The Place (for Winter Wave) (Letter) [Sites\Marfa, TX; Techniques\Wave Flying], September, pages 4-5
Wander, Bob
Soaring in America Now Available from SSA (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz) [Publications], January, page 16
StormChasers Movie Starts and Ends with Soaring (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), February, page 9
Polaroid Photo Commemorates Ride (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), March, page 12
Contacting Other FAA Instructors in Your Area at a Local FIRC (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), May, page 14
Normandy Invasion and Their Glider Pilots (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), June, page 16
Recruiting Member Competition (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), August, page 19
Publicity, Volunteers and the Yute (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), September, page 17
Expanding Our Horizons (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), November, page 23
Convention, Awards, and Articles on Soaring (Headquarter Happenings and Buzz), December, page 22
Warren, Robert
A Good Report (of Action Soaring at Brookfield, WI) (Letter) [Sites], August, page 3
Watts, Ron
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Boat??? (Letter) [Taxes], August, pages 4-5
Weissenbuehler, Heinz; with Monty Sullivan
Proud of Young Member (Liz Schwenkler) (Letter) [Youth], April, page 3
Welles, Paddy S. (a.k.a. Paddy Welles, Paddy S. Wells)
Keeping a Good Thing Going: Fifty-Two Years of Snowbird Meets [History; Competitions\Local], March, pages 18-23
(1997) Region 3 Contest Report (Harris Hill) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, pages 19-20
White, Russell
Morning Glory (at the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia) [Meteorology; International\Sites\Austalia; Techniques\Wave Flying; Motorgliders], January, pages 18-21
Williams, Peter A. (a.k.a. Pete Williams, Peter Williams)
18-Meter New Generation (and Auxiliary Powered Integration) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Motorgliders], March, pages 15-16
Motorgliders Abound (at Minden, Nevada) (Letter) [Motorgliders], November, page 5
Wyman, Jack
Is It (St Auban) Too Dangerous? (Letter) [International\Sites; International], May, page 4

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Zuba, Christine
Wisconsin Soaring (Action Soaring Completes First Year of Soaring) (Soaring in Action) [Business Members; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\WSPA], February, page 7

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SSA Member (Howard C. Blossom) Named (to Anti-Drug-Abuse Education Fund) (Soaring in Action) [People\Howard C. Blossom], January, pages 7-8
News on Weather Site (Soaring in Action) [Meteorology], January, pages 12, 14
FAA Administrator (Hinson) Recognized (by NCAE) (Soaring in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], January, page 15
(FAI 1997 International) Aviation Art Contest (for Youth) [Youth; Art], February, page 5
Derek (Johnson) Retires (Soaring in Action) [People\Derek Johnson], February, page 8
More Pawnee (Wing Attachment Fitting STC Information) (Soaring in Action) [Launching\Towplanes; Maintenance and Improvements], February, page 8
Soaring in Action: Derek (Johnson) Retires [Instruction\Flight Instructors], February, page 8
1997 Sailplane Directory (Announcement) (Soaring in Action) [Publications], February, page 10
New (Soaring) Hall of Fame Inductees (Gene Hammond and Carl Herold) (Soaring in Action) [Awards\Hall of Fame], March, pages 9-10
(Diamond Aircraft) Expansion Announced (Soaring in Action) [Launching\Towplanes; Business Members], March, page 10
One Glider Pilot to Another (Story Musgrave/Phil Petmecky) (Soaring in Action) [People\Story Musgrave], March, page 14
Greetings From Croatia (Flight Club Osijek) (Letter) [International\Sites], April, page 5
Correction (for Region V Director Telephone) Noted (Soaring in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Directors; Errata], April, page 7
Convenience and Savings (with Soaring Classifieds) (Letter) [Soaring Society of America\Soaring Magazine\Advertising], June, page 4
1998 Convention (by Willamette Valley Soaring) (Soaring in Action) [Conventions], June, page 9
2 Pilots (Striedieck and Good), 2 Flights, One Great Day (April 18) and 10 Records (Soaring in Action) [Awards\Records and Record Flights; Techniques\Ridge Soaring], June, page 9
Insurance Options (for More Passenger Coverage) (Soaring in Action) [Insurance], June, page 10
How to Contact the SSA: (Soaring in Action) [Computers and the Internet], June, page 12
(1997) Region 3 Fee Changed (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], June, page 16
Stemme S10VT Completes (LBA and FAA) Certification Flights (Soaring in Action) [Motorgliders\Stemme S10], August, page 15
French Teams Dominate World Championships (Soaring in Action) [International], August, page 18
Stemme S10VT Completes (LBA and FAA) Certification Flights (Soaring in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)], August, page 19
Five (Years) in a Row (for New Mexico Glider Encampment) (Soaring in Action) [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\Civil Air Patrol], September, pages 7-9
New (Scale Model)Exhibits at NSM (Soaring in Action) [Models; Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs\National Soaring Museum], September, pages 9-10
Convenience and Savings (with Soaring Classifieds) (Letter) [Advertising], October, page 4
Portland Update (Double Tree Hotel at Lloyd Center) (Soaring in Action) [Conventions], October, page 8
The Long Wait is Over (for Full-Color, 12-page Soaring Merchandise Catalog) [Publications], October, page 11
How to Contact the SSA: (Soaring in Action) [Computers and the Internet], November, page 21
Do You Have a Desire to Read More Technical Material About Soaring? [Publications\Technical Soaring], November, page 22
Air Sailing (Cross Country) Camp Concludes (Soaring in Action) [Sites\AirSailing, NV; Cross Country Soaring], December, page 9
New Video From Sporty's Academy "Turbulence" by Richard Collins (Soaring in Action) [Meteorology; Video Tapes], December, pages 17-18
How to Contact the SSA: (Soaring in Action) [Computers and the Internet], December, page 18
Turbocharged Stemme S10VT (LBA) Certified (Soaring in Action) [Motorgliders\Stemme S10], December, page 18
(1997) Region 6 South (Waynesville, OH) (Soaring in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, pages 20-21

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