Soaring Magazine Index for 1992 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1992 organized by section

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Letter, New Products, New Release, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Soaring in Action, cover

Frederich H. Schmid, Sour Grapes (Over Wing Span and Winglets), January, page 2
Stridhar V. Rao, Winglets, That is The Question, January, pages 2-3
C. O'Callaghan, Wing Loading Revisited, January, pages 3-4
Robert Vich, (Strojnik S-2A) Flies Like a Dream, January, page 4
Roger A. Schert, Excuse Me, Mr. Schweizer (Keep Them in Production), January, pages 4,6
Edward Beck, Come Fly the Friendly Skies (of the Cleveland Soaring Society), January, pages 6,9
John Kane, Planform Idea (Parabolic, not Elliptical, Best), January, page 9
Karl H. Striedieck, Wing Span (On the Ground versus in The Air), January, page 9
Nathan Lemmon, Life After the TCA (for the Memphis Soaring Society), January, page 9
Patrick Barry, Memories of Ray (Parker), January, page 9
Mike Butler, First Ride, Pleasant Experience (at Skylark North), January, page 9
Charles M. Jamieson, Jr., Says He Has Answers (to Loss of US Sailplane Production), February, page 2
George Upshur, The Search for "N", February, page 2
Brian Marriott, (Mark III Flying by RAF) Memories Are Stirred, February, pages 2-3
Earle Downing, Have Sailplane, Oxygen and Checkbook - Will Travel, February, page 3
Peter Masak, (University) Student (Design) Work on New Plane, February, page 3
Cindy Brickner, Idea for Brag Boards (of Soaring Accomplishments), February, pages 3-4
Editor, Oops! (It's Bikle, not Bickle), February, page 9
David Latour, Release Failure Recounted, February, page 9
Steve Wilsey, Seeks Info on New Planes (Like Commercial Motorgliders), February, page 9
Tom Knauff, Call for Change (Sidebar Disclaimer on Some Contents), February, pages 9-10
Flight Instructors, Allinson, Gail: Student Responds (to Carswell's Instructor Qualifications), February, pages 10-11
Lloyd P. La Plant, The Center (of the Glory) is the Center, February, page 11
John Kane, Call For (Understanding of Non-Aviators and Some) Humility, February, page 11
Fred C. Blair, Calling All Libelle Owners, February, page 11
Stephen duPont, Solution to Span and Winglets Question, March, page 2
Lee Janssen, Where is the Fun? (Too Many Gripes in Magazine Letters), March, page 2
Bob Clark, A Success Story (Meggan Clark Solos on 14th Birthday), March, pages 2-3
Phil Ecklund, New Technology (GPS) the Answer?, March, page 3
Tom Jona, Fish(ing) and (Soaring) Ships, March, page 3
Jim Maupin, The Continuing Freefall of Small Airplane Production in America, March, page 4
Fernando Rueda, Decline (in Aircraft and Soaring) Explained, March, pages 4,6
Robert J. Welliever, Insurance Crisis or Other Factors?, March, pages 6-7
B.J. Butler, Knows the Answer (Photo is a Slingsby Cadet TX-3), March, pages 7-8
R.W. Carter, Source for (STS) Batteries, March, page 8
John Joss, Aviate, Navigate, Communicate, March, pages 8-9
Norman Jull, Ventus-Venti; Venta-Ventae, March, page 9
Ward Hindman, Unusual (Glory) Photograph Not So Unusual, March, page 9
Bob Marshall, Sorry George!(Custom Rotax Installed in a Nimbus II), March, pages 9-10
Gordon Casamajor, What Happened to Diamond Sailplanes?, March, pages 10-11
Brad Hill, Wants Help with (Sailplane Design) Idea, March, page 11
Kathy Geary, You Are Never Too Young or Too Old (Son Has Private License at 16), April, page 2
Mark D. Black, Love (to Soar) at First Flight (with a Buddy), April, page 2
Tom West, Memories of My First Soaring Flight, April, pages 2-3
Wade L. Hooker, First Encounter (with Soaring), April, pages 3-4
Jim McCulley, My Start in Soaring, April, page 4
Jack L. Sprankle, The Freedom of Flight, April, page 4
Dan Pierson, Dawn of the Classics (into VSA Fold), May, page 2
Jack Wyman, New Fair Sporting Code Ruling (on Non-Related Observers), May, page 2
Arthur R. Rosen, Correction to Safety Corner (on Dehydration, Energy, and Radios), May, page 3
Joshua Foster, In Pursuit of Excellence (High School Sophomore Solos), May, page 3
William B. Cleary, Let's Preserve Soaring History, May, page 3
Alex Burnette, Don't Take Safety for Granted, May, pages 3-4
Dean Carswell, A Request for Contest Reporters, May, page 4
Mark Licker, Keep Up the Good Work (Safety Articles in Magazine), May, page 4
Flight Instructors, Allinson, Gail: Comments From a CFIG, SSAI, A-IGI, May, page 5
George Arents, Illumination on the Search for N, May, page 5
Colin McKinley, A Place to Go (Southern Soaring at Elkin, NC), May, page 5
Gail Allinson, Comments From a CFIG, SSAI, A-IGI, May, page 5
Bob Hess, What a Welcome!, May, page 5
Charlie Noble, Still More Loading (and Goading), May, pages 5,7
Paul Stone, Thermal for Fun, May, page 7
Randy Auburg, Liked February Issue, May, page 7
Les Sebald, Questions "Call for Change", May, pages 7,9
Eleanor Weidner, Liked Cover, May, page 9
C. O'Callaghan, A Rule is a Rule (It's 150 Meters!), May, pages 9-10
Zaramie Lindseth, (Youth) Appreciates Club, May, page 10
Orvis M. Knarr, Liked January Issue, May, page 10
Enrique S. Souffle, Student Wants Clarification, May, page 10
Michael Osmers, Winglets Welcomed, May, pages 10-11
Tony Lauck, Writer Takes Exception, May, page 11
Peggy K. Dandridge, Suggested Fund Raiser (Auction), May, page 11
Jim Maupin, Says Blame Misplaced, May, page 11
Bill Lang, Fed Up with High Costs, May, page 11
William J. Keck, Kudo to Our Writers, June, page 2
Gary Fogel, Needs Help on (History of Torrey Pines, CA) Project, June, page 2
Elmer Mooring, Jr., Let's Give Credit Where Due, June, page 2
Eric Beckman, Has Comments To Make (on the Swift, Winglets, and Insurance), June, pages 2-3
Bruce Patton, (Seniors:) Retire-But Only to the Back Seat, June, page 3
Dean Carswell, Writer Also Has Memories (of Slingsby T-31B), June, page 3
Les Sebald, New Need for Transponders, June, pages 3-4
R.E. Schreder, Information on Flaps, June, pages 4,6
Pete Orengo, Winglets Do Cause Changes, June, pages 6-7
C.E. Matson, Likes Soaring on (Sporty's) Cover, June, page 7
Leonard E. Eilbacher, (Schreder HP-18) Glider on Display (At EAA Museum, Oshkosh, WI), June, pages 7,9
Robert L. Hunter, Commercialization (of Magazine) Questioned, June, page 9
Karl H. Striedieck, More on (LAK Factory) Changes, June, pages 10-11
N.A. Sandberg, Likes the Homebuilt Idea (For Producing More Aircraft), June, pages 11-12
Charlie "Lite" Minner, Ultralights and Parachutes, June, page 12
Don Davis, Fly Cheap with CAP, June, page 12
John McMurray, Reader Recalls Lightning Damages, June, pages 12-13
Alexander Rossulek, Fun Flying; Affordable Gliders (Like a Rebuilt Schweizer 2-33), June, pages 13-14
Stephen duPont, A Solution to Measuring Span?, June, pages 14-15
Dereesa Purtell, She Found The Fun! (at Cloudbase), June, page 15
David L. Bigelow, Polars at High Altitude, June, page 15
Robin J. Passley, Another Young Soaring Pilot (Anne Wilson, Third Generation Pilot), June, pages 15-16
Gale D. Johnson, Jr., A Call for Real Support-The Pocketbook, June, page 16
Flight Instructors, Carswell, Dean: (CFIGs) Still Needs Cross-Country, July, page 2
Dean Carswell, (CFIGs) Still Needs Cross-Country, July, page 2
Moses J. Acee, The Real Story (About the Pilot and Glider in the Thomas Crown Affair), July, page 2
Robert J. Welliever, There Might Still Be Hope, July, page 3
Jim Staniforth, Hang Gliding and the SSA, July, page 3
Don Walsh, The Cost is Real, July, page 3
Tom Knauff, A Call For Another Signal (Rudder Waggle in the Air), July, pages 3-4
Thomas J. Fuller, Expansion to (200-Ft) Call Out Procedure, July, page 4
Eric Greenwell, Schweizer's Not At Fault, July, pages 4,6
Robert H. Saxton, (Becker) Company Makes Good, July, page 6
Nicholas Kennedy, A Call For Cooperation (with USHGA), July, page 6
Shaun Keller, Checklist Needs to be Used, July, pages 7-8
Charles Castell, A Thanks to CI.I.S.S., July, page 8
William J. Keck, Mosquito Owners, Unite!, July, page 9
J. Walker Joines, Another Need Expressed (for $5-6K, Two-Place Motorglider), July, page 9
Frank L. Morse, Lightning and Batteries, July, pages 9-10
Heiner Biesel, A Hang Glider Pilot's Response (to Smolen), July, pages 10-11
L.C. Tarleton, "Decline Explained" Part II, July, pages 11-12
William S. Brewer, Are You a "Secret Agent", July, pages 12-13
Leonard V. Malsar, Many Great Memories (of Elmira, NY and Odessa, TX), July, page 13
Peter Orengo, Ultralight Sailplanes Are Needed, July, page 13
Fernando Rueda, A Glider from the Past, July, page 13
Paul Walter, A Father's Thanks to SSA (for Inspiring his Son), August, page 2
Bill Thompson, (Summer) Side Trip (Caracole Soaring, Skylark North, and the Las Vegas Glider Group), August, pages 2-3
Greg Upshur, SSA is Fantastic!, August, page 3
Bob Blaine, Help Wanted (on 55-Meter Wing Construction), August, page 3
S. duPont, Should We? (Remove Towplane Mufflers), August, page 3
Raymond C. Suiter, Questions Photo (with Windmills), August, pages 3-4
Wayne Robinson, T-31's Alive and Well, August, page 4
Elmer E. Mooring, A Need for Accuracy (in 1991 Accident Reporting), August, page 4
Claudio A. Ponte, Thank You Cambridge Instruments, August, page 5
Joseph G. Wilson, Is It Proper or Not?, August, page 5
Ingrid Kjenslie, Soaring High At 80, August, page 5
Chris Young, A Look At Both Sides (Can't Get Flying Soon Enough), August, pages 5-6
C. O'Callaghan, Another Chapter from Poor Chris' Dictionary, August, page 6
Dean Carswell, Let's Reciprocate, August, pages 6,8
Brad Kuda, Which Came First, The Glider or the Egg? (Self-Service Soaring vsThe People), August, pages 8-9
Gary F. Kemp, Affordable Soaring, August, page 9
Dave and Jill Fletcher, Soaring's Ten Commandments, September, pages 2-3
Tim Gossfeld, Cover Shot Appreciated, September, page 3
James E. John, Urges Support (of Cygnet), September, page 3
Nathan Lemmon, A Fourteen Year-Old (Andy Lemmon, Memphis Soaring Society Pilot) Success Story, September, page 4
Robert Meer, What Will Be Will Bee, September, page 4
Glen Chambers, A Happy Day (Private Pilot After 17 Years!), September, pages 4,6,8
Guy Byars, Information Needed on (Towplane) Exhaust Systems, September, page 4
Ken Kochanski, The Joy of Soaring (1000KM from Blairstown by Bob Templin and Ken Kochanski)!, September, page 6
Robert Hibbard, (Eleven Year-Old) Likes Clouds, September, page 8
Max A. Peterson, Memories of the J-4 Javelin, September, pages 8-9
Vic Saudek, He Remembers Back When (Early Audio Variometer - The Statoscope and the Effects of Lightning), September, page 9
Roger Podob, Agrees with (Orengo's) Winglet Analysis, September, pages 9-10
William S. Brewer, A Great Experience (Dual Cross Country Competition), September, page 10
Cindy Brickner, A New Formula for Fun (Dual Cross Country Competition), September, page 10
Rafael Jorge Hernandez, An Argentine Connection (w/ Messerschmitt M23), September, pages 10-11
Al Fullerton, A Sea Story (Hobby HA-S2), September, page 11
Vern Frye, NSA (Nevada Soaring) Has Found a Way (to Solo Youngsters at 14, Private at 16), October, page 2
Kenny Price, Jr., It Works Both Ways (for Father and Son), October, page 2
Eric Greenwell, Doesn't Want Change (in Editorial Policy), October, pages 2-3
John A. Carter, He Likes Sport and People, October, page 3
Eric Hunger, Appreciates Good Articles, October, page 3
Rocco P. Caruso, All Ages React the Same (Just Takes Longer for Some), October, page 3
Hal Porter, Found (Parachute) Article(s) Informative, October, page 3
David Latour, Let's All Push Soaring, October, pages 3-4
Phil Glass, A Workable Recycling Plan, October, page 4
Ann Dekorsi, Call For (Milwaukee School of Engineering/EAA Medal) Nominations, October, pages 4,6
T.E. Gilland, Another at Two Sports (Hang Gliding and Soaring), October, page 6
Amy Dilda, Look What She Started (the Whole Family Soloed!), October, page 6
Norman H. Ellison, Wants a Membership Tie, October, page 6
Harold Stephens, Hang Glider Pilots Are People Too!, October, pages 6,8
Bill Jones, This Youngster (My Son the Pilot) is Successful, October, page 9
Roderick Read, A Foreign Exchange Proposal (Between Swiss and US Clubs), October, page 9
Ron Leonard, (Scoring Computer Program by Jim Bobo) Effort is Appreciated, October, pages 9-10
Jerry Layton, Can't We Do Something (Design an Ultralight)?, October, page 10
Eric Greenwell, (Trip to Europe) Can You Help?, October, page 10
Mrs John Boileau, A New Soaring Pilot (Santa in a 1-34 on Christmas Cards), October, page 10
W.E. Kant, Offers a Solution (to Walsh ltr), October, page 10
Gary B. Swift, Another Proselyte, October, page 10
Eric Beckman, Has Comments To Layton, Jerry: Can't We Do Something (Design an Ultralight)?, October, page 10
Walter S. Snell, (Gardner) Emmons Remembered, October, page 11
Phil Petmecky, Cross-Country Instruction Important, October, pages 11-12
Tim Mara, Of Medicals, Schweizers, and Hang Gliders, October, page 12
Mike Folks, Responsibility (for a Pilot to Do a Preflight) is Recognized, October, page 12
George B. Moffat, Kudos for Charlie (Spratt), October, page 13
Norman H. Ellison, World Class Sailplanes (Record Categories Wanted), November, page 2
Randy Auburg, A Teenage Success Story: Hard Work Pays Off (Son Solos 25 Years After Father), November, page 2
Robert Lee Moore, Motorgliders in Competition, November, page 3
James L. Ross, (duPont) Landmark Recognized, November, page 3
Bob O'Dell, Appreciates the "Extended Family" in Soaring, November, page 3
Matt Hyatt, Decided to Renew, November, pages 3-4
Paul A. Schweizer, Photos (of Tommy Tucker's Bowlus) from an era long gone., November, page 4
Walter "Tommy" Tucker, The Early Days (1930 to 1942 in a Bowlus Albatross II), November, pages 4,6
David Noyes, A Change of Scenery (in Livingston, Montana), November, page 6
Craig Davenport, Apologizes for Any (of Chris Young's) Misgivings, November, pages 6,8
Derek Johnson, Why Soar?, November, pages 9-10
William J. Berson, Low-Performance (10-meter) Motorglider Class Proposed, November, page 10
Jack Olson, Hanging It Up (Reflections after 62 Years), December, pages 2-3
Dave Cole, Adding It Up (What's Needed Now versus Then for Competition), December, pages 3-4
Russ McAnerny, New Life for Old T-Shirts, December, page 4
Michael Langton, Had a Great Time in US. (At Soar Minden), December, page 4
Dan Marotta, Advice on Water Filling, December, page 4
Gary Sack, Come Join Us in NW California, Unknown, page 10

New Products
High-Tech Indoor Climate Monitor, February, page 42
TR-720 Handheld Transceiver Available Once Again, September, page 45
Garmin Unveils New Handheld GPS Receivers (GPS 55 & GPS 55 AVD), October, page 40

New Release
Accident Prevention Manual for Glider Pilots, March, pages 14-15

SSA in Action
Update on Special Issue (Directory of Soaring Sites and Services), January, page 10
Solaire Announces New Sailplane Trailer, January, page 10
Plans for International Open (Eskilstuna 1992) Announced, January, page 10
Invitation Extended for Swe-Glide 1992, January, page 10
Frank Collins, Hawaii Civil Air Patrol Glider Camp, January, pages 11-12
(Directory of Soaring Sites & Services) Coming Soon, February, page 12
Update of Keystone Gliderport, February, page 12
Tim Gossfeld, Region 2/3 (May 4-12, 1991) Non-Sanctioned Contest (Blairstown, NJ), February, pages 12,15
Mark D. Bottino, 50th Anniversary for the Philadelphia Glider Council, March, pages 12-13
A New Self-Launcher: The DG-800, March, pages 13-14
SSA and Sporty's Team Up, March, page 14
A. Jonusas, Rebuts Report of (LAK Factory) Demise, March, pages 15-16
Nancy Graham, News on (FAI) Sporting Licenses, March, page 16
Nancy Graham, Wander and Caesar Creek are #1 (Recruiters), March, pages 16-17
André Volant, Fly in Polish Countryside, March, page 17
New Soaring Seats, March, page 18
Charlie Spratt, Region 2/3 (Lockhaven, PA, 1991) Fall Classic Contest, March, pages 18-19
SSA Offers a Wide Variety of Soaring Options, April, pages 6-7,9
(1992) Motorglider Nationals to be with Standards (in Littlefield, TX), May, page 13
National Roster, May, page 13
A New Soaring Group (Skyline Soaring), May, pages 13-14
Writing Competition (for Lincoln Award) Opens, May, page 14
DG-600/18M LBA Type Certified, May, pages 14-15
(Modeling) Help Needed on NSM'S Eogase Project, May, page 17
Do We Have a Problem Here? FAI Changes Policy on Official Observers, May, pages 17-18
Symbols of the 1992 Tehachapi Wind Fair, May, page 18
Petersburg, West Virginia Wave Camp '92, June, page 18
Soaring Flight Youth Scholarships, June, page 18
SSA Expands Summer Office Hours, June, page 18
NSF Announces Annual Meeting, June, page 18
Jim Payne, Rules Committee (1992) Report, June, pages 18-19
Solaire Performance Sailplanes Appoints (Michael Slingluff) Sales Manager, June, page 19
John Campbell, Youth Has a Future (Youth Memberships Up), June, pages 19-20
Call for 1994 (National) Contest Sites, June, page 20
XIV Annual Seminar in Ohio, June, page 20
Pete Williams, Minden Soaring Club Formed, July, page 14
William Malpas, Two New World Records, July, page 14
Pete Williams, From the SLSPA; Self-Launching Safety Reminders, July, pages 14-15
Frauke Elber, Airspace and History Center Opened (in Hampton, VA), July, page 15
1991 Kolstad Winner: Tim Hanke, July, page 15
Oshkosh Bound, July, page 18
Special (Membership) Anniversaries, July, page 18
Gross Sky Ghost Scholarship Announcement, July, page 18
Maintenance Alert - Glaser-Dirks DG-100 and DG-400 (Hotellier Connectors), August, page 10
Pete Williams, The Future of Powered Sailplanes: a Prediction, August, page 10
A New Model: DG-300 Elan Acro, August, pages 10-11
The DG-800, August, page 11
William Ottley Named NAA Executive Director, August, page 12
Guy Ford Byars, 1992 Wright Memorial Glider Meet (Caesar Creek), August, page 12
Pretty as a Picture (4 Grob Twin III Sl's), August, page 14
Guide to Racing Competition Available, August, page 14
Bruce H. Carmichael, SHA 1992 Western Workshop (Scheduled for Labor Day Weekend at Tehachapi, CA), August, page 14
Michael Carris, Memorial Fund Announced: The Bernie Carris Memorial Award, August, page 15
Clem and Mary Bowman, Second Annual Senior Nationals Conclude (Seminole-Lake, FL), August, pages 15-17
Edward Slater, Torrey Pines Gliderport is Now a National Landmark, August, pages 18-20
Availability of Airworthiness Directives Listings and Subscriptions, September, page 12
Tom Knauff, New (Five-Day) Glider Flight Training Course, September, page 12
Jim Short, Airworthiness Directive on PIK-20 and PIK-20B Sailplanes, September, page 12
Jim Short, FAA Action Plan Seeks G(eneral) A(viation) Partnerships, September, pages 15-16
Jim Short, Airspace Watch, October, page 15
Update on XXIII OSTIV Congress, October, page 15
Student Engineers (at Penn State) Learn by Doing, October, page 15
Gliders Return to Lake Elsinore (CA), October, pages 15-16
Stemme Motorglider Representatives Appointed, October, page 16
DG-600/18 Evolution Now Certified, October, page 17
(The C Badge the) Second Time Around (46 Years later), November, page 12
Bob Wander, Thanks for the (Oshkosh) Help, November, page 16
Imported (Romanian) Aircraft at Port Everglades (FL), November, page 16
FAA Seeks Info on Connector Control Fittings, November, pages 16-17
LET L-33 Solo - World Class Glider, November, page 17
The (August 1991) Mystery (Photo) is Solved (It's a Japanese Tongbo), November, page 18
World Class Glider Update (Seven Ground Evaluations, Three Have Flown), November, page 18
Italy From the Top to the Bottom, November, page 18
Terry Michaud, 1992 Little Guys Meet (Blairstown, NJ.), December, pages 7,9
SSA Board Adopts Plan for New Award - The Hatcher Trophy, December, pages 10-11
30th Anniversary (of Lennox Flight School) Celebration Planned, December, pages 11-12
Shaun Keller, MIT Soaring Association at AirFair '92, December, page 12

Safety Corner
George Thelen, Reporting The Basics, by Chuck Griswold, April, pages 44-47
George Thelen, Glider Batteries, May, pages 42-44

Soaring in Action
Alan Reeter, (1991) Region 9 Contest (El Tiro), January, pages 10-11
Jim Smolen, Region 5 North Contest - 1991 (Ionia, MI), February, pages 15-16
Frank Reid, (1992) Region V (North) Contest: a New Tradition Begins in Lancaster, South Carolina, August, pages 17-18
Guy Ford Byars, (1992) Region 6 South Contest (Caesar Creek), September, pages 12,14
Jack Stewart, 1992 Region One Contest Report (Sugarbush, VT), October, pages 16-17
Theresa Robb, 1992 Air Sailing (NV) Sports Class, November, pages 12,14
Nancy Graham, (1992) Region 7 Contest Report (Albert Lea, MN), November, pages 14,16
Mark A. Macaulay, (1992) Region X, Heart of Texas, Soaring Contest (at Brady, TX), December, pages 6-7,9
Gary Kemp, Region 11 North Soaring Contest August 10-15, 1992 Montague, California, December, pages 12, 14-15
Cindy Gertsen, 1992 Region 3 Soaring Contest Dansville, NY, December, pages 15-16

Michael Furman, Studio Shot of Dr. Robert Driscoll in the Cockpit of a Fiberglass Sailplane, January
Jim Walasek, Guy Ford Byars in a LS-4 with UV Film on Canopy over Caesar Creek Soaring Club Gliderport (Waynesville, OH), February
Tom Stowers, Cliff Robertson Enjoying a Grob 102 Flight over the Sierra Mountains near Minden, NV, March
Steve Hines, Airbrush Illustration of a Gliderport with 1-26's on the ground, a 2-33A in the air, a young woman, and an elderly man, April
Robert Gaines, Two British Slingsby T-31's used for RAF Cadet Training Inflight, May
Karl Striedieck, John Seymour making a low pass in a Schleicher ASW-20B at Eagle Field near Port Matilda, PA, June
Jeff Byard, Jeff's Schweizer TG-2 Resting Comfortably in a Field of Orange and Yellow Flowers, July
Chris Reeder, Pawnee Towplane and High Clouds at Dawn during Amerglide 1990 held at Minden, NV, August
T.J. Hedding, Acrobatics in a Grob 103A "Twin II Acro" over Turf Soaring School, AZ, September
Nico Toutenhoofd, Self-Portrait with Bruce Miller in a Schweizer 2-32 Soaring over the Divide just West of Boulder, CO, October
Mark Montague, Jim Musgrove Piloting a Blanik High Above Ephrata, WA, November
Ed Golden, Mark Ackerly Landing his Schweizer 1-23 at Hinckley Airport, Hinckley, IL, December

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