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Soaring the High Sierra (38 minutes), March, 1990, page 25
The Mountain Wave, August, 1990, page 9

Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs
George Thelen, A Stall-Spin Bedtime Story, by William Bentley, January, 1996, page 46

Affiliates, Chapters, and ClubsSoaring Safety Foundation
George Thelen, A Stall-Spin Bedtime Story, by William Bentley, January, 1996, page 46

Club & Chapter Chatter
Bob Nady, Value of Clubs to SSA Membership, September, 1993, page 17
Bob Nady, Methods of Starting Clubs, October, 1993, page 15
Bob Nady, Accident Prevention Counselors and the Wings Program, November, 1993, page 10
Bob Nady, Newsworthy Items of Club Activities, December, 1993, page 19
Bob Nady, Getting Approval to Operate at Existing Airports, February, 1994, page 19
Bob Nady, SSA Eagle Program and Clubs, March, 1994, page 16
Bob Nady, Welcome to a Brand New Club, April, 1994, page 13
Bob Nady, Spin Experience Attracts Mythical Power Pilot, May, 1994, page 12
Bob Nady, CAP and NSF Solo Eleven, June, 1994, page 14
Bob Nady, Safety Sentinel for Your Club, July, 1994, page 16
Bob Nady, Getting and Keeping New Members, Also Instructors, and Safety, August, 1994, page 21
Bob Nady, Using SSA Rebate to Clubs Sepatately, September, 1994, page 10
Bob Nady, Trying a New Location, Visiting Other Clubs When Travelling, October, 1994, page 17
Bob Nady, Club/Chapter Sessions at Convention, Display of Brochures, November, 1994, page 21
Bob Nady, Why We Like to Fly Gliders, December, 1994, page 23
Bob Nady, Club Red Tape and the Enthusiasm of a New Member, January, 1995, page 20
Bob Nady, Synergism and Flying at a New Field, February, 1995, page 17
Bob Nady, What Clubs are Doing, Problems, March, 1995, page 18
Bob Nady, New IA Club on General Aviation Airport, April, 1995, page 21
Bob Nady, Convention Innovations, May, 1995, page 18
Bob Nady, Pooling Rsources to Do Something New, June, 1995, page 19
Bob Nady, Ode to the Venerable 2-33, July, 1995, page 20
Bob Nady, Newsletters and Their Editors, Vital Communications Links, August, 1995, page 10
Bob Nady, Club Members Knowing Club Constitution and By-Laws, September, 1995, page 11
Bob Nady, Club Volunteerism, Attracting Youth, and Organization, October, 1995, page 16
Bob Nady, New Mexico Wing of CAP Summer Glider Encampments, November, 1995, page 26
Bob Nady, Birds We Share the Air With), December, 1995, page 19
Bob Nady, An Accident at Our Club, January, 1996, page 14
Bob Nady, Espirit de Corps, February, 1996, page 12
Bob Nady, Winter Ground Schools, April, 1996, page 9
Bob Nady, Local Activities, May, 1996, page 11
Bob Nady, Ground School, Auto Tows, Feature Article, Reciprocating Memberships, July, 1996, page 17
Bob Nady, Community Aviation Day Participation, Sponsoring Safety Seminars, August, 1996, page 15
Bob Nady, History, Badge Camp, & Youth, September, 1996, page 11
Bob Nady, Expeditions at Home and Away, October, 1996, page 19
Bob Nady, More about Birds, November, 1996, page 20
Bob Nady, The NSF Equipments, December, 1996, page 19
Bob Nady, (Using Wet Weather for Currency and BFRs), January, 1997, page 16
Bob Nady, (Emphasizing Cross Country and Badge Weekends), February, 1997, page 10
Bob Nady, (Slurs at Us "Good-Ole-Boys"), March, 1997, page 16
Bob Nady, Safety Seminars and Accident Safety Counselors, April, 1997, page 10
Bob Nady, (Ground Launching and the Teamwork Involved), May, 1997, page 15
Bob Nady, (Calling Cards, New Field, Thank Yous and Weather Made Easy), June, 1997, page 17
Bob Nady, (Teamwork and Volunteers), October, 1997, page 11
Bob Nady, (Club Competition Levels Below World Distance), November, 1997, page 22
Bob Nady, (Camps and Cross Country), December, 1997, page 23
Bob Nady, May, 1998, page 13
Bob Nady, June, 1998, page 13
Bob Nady, July, 1998, page 12

Competition Commentary
Karl Striedieck, February, 1999, page 12
Karl Striedieck, The MAT, May, 1999, page 13
Karl Striedieck, The GPS Start, August, 1999, page 12
Karl Striedieck, The Crewless Pilot, December, 1999, page 13

Bill Tomsa, Flight Planning, January, 1998
John Sullivan, Sailplane in Flight at Minden, February, 1998
John Wolters, Sailplane in Flight and Clouds, March, 1998
Blanton Owen, Sailplane on the Ground and Clouds, April, 1998
Richard Thornton, Sailplane Take-off Line, May, 1998
Dennis Meyer, Sailplane Ridge Soaring, June, 1998
Chuck O'Mahony, Justin Wills in his ASW-27 at World Competition, July, 1998
Jay McDaniel, Sailplane at Las Vegas, August, 1998
Ronald Poe, Rear View of 2-33 on Tow and Scenery, September, 1998
John Sullivan, Sailplane Over Fall Foliage, October, 1998
Dan Matzke, Henry Combs Soars for his 200th Diamond, November, 1998
Greg Cook, John Sinclair flies his LS-7 at the 15-Meter Nationals, December, 1998
Sailplane on Tow, January, 1999
John Sullivan, ASW-20 at Air Sailing, February, 1999
Yasuhiro Yama, Sailplane Aerobatics at an Air Show, March, 1999
Tom Knauff and Doris Grove, The Making of "The Thomas Crown Affair", April, 1999
Paul Maze, Sailplane over Knoxville, May, 1999
John Latson, Restored TSA Schweizer SGS 2-33, June, 1999
Mark Keene, Chip Garner Soaring Over Uvalde as the Rain Started, July, 1999
Doug Bell, Winch Launch in Australia, August, 1999
Greg Cook, Sailplane Releases Ballast, September, 1999
Chuck O'Mahony, Collage of Photos from WGC, October, 1999
David Treinis, SZd-55 Maiden/Test Flight, November, 1999
John Duprey, Sailplane and Mountains, December, 1999

Tim Cislo, John Ross Soars Above Kaena Point, Oahu in Honolulu Soaring Club's Schweizer 2-32 (note Horizon Curvature), January, 1990
Rick Oberst and Jurgen Gries, A Bright Red Schweizer 1-35 in a Vertical Climb in the Southwest, February, 1990
Lilia Iglesias, Watercolor Painting "Otto Lilenthal's Attempt" (Berlin 1893), March, 1990
John Good, Errol Shirtliff (HP-14) and Karl Striedieck (LS-4) near Nelson, New Zealand from Good in a DG-300, April, 1990
Mark Petru, L-23 Super Blanik in Flight above Clouds, May, 1990
Oliver Dyer-Bennet, Two DG-600's in Close Formation, June, 1990
Dave Hughes, Antelope Soaring Club's 1-26E 'Over the Top' above Mohave Desert in California, July, 1990
Pete Williams, Jerry Wenger Chacks Coolant Level of Rotax Engine in his Nimbus 3DM, August, 1990
Tim Cislo, Bill Devitt Soars over Central Oahu in a Schweizer 2-32, September, 1990
Richard Thornton, Pawnee Towplane at Work Towing a Schweizer at Fantasy Haven, October, 1990
Bill Patterson, A Sailplane crosses over a road as it lands at Crowley Field, Alberta, Canada during Alberta Soaring Council's Summer Encampment, November, 1990
Mark Grubb, Winter Wonderland, a snow covered Grob 103 on the ramp at Skylark North, Tehachapi, CA, December, 1990
Lou Hoffman, A View along the Sierras just West of Lone Pine, CA from a Libelle, January, 1991
Larry Tudor, Ultralight Soaring with Grob 103 above Hobbs, NM during Hobbs Hang Gliding Festival in July 1990, February, 1991
Lynn Karlin, John Mahoney flying the Redtail Salto over Bluehill, Maine last Fall, March, 1991
Julian Audette Flying his Schweizer 1-23G over Cook's Airfield, Pincher Creek on April 13, 1962, April, 1991
Mark D. La Ciura, Pawnee Towplane over CA, "The Tow Pilot and his Ever-Faithful Towplane are the Forgotten Heroes of Most Soaring Contests", May, 1991
Fred Fourcher, The Golden Rays of a Sunset are Reflected in the Glossy Contours of a Flberglass Wing, June, 1991
Steve Hines, Collage of High Performance Fiberglass Ships and WSC 91 Uvalde, TX logo, July, 1991
Dan Matzke, A Schweizer 2-32 low over Crystal, CA, August, 1991
Chuck O'Mahony, US Soaring Team with U.S. Flags for WSC91 in Uvalde, TX, September, 1991
Steve Hines, Eric Mozer, in a Ventus C, Flies Past the Finish Gate during the 15-Meter Nationals, October, 1991
Mark D. La Ciura, ASW-20 Flying over Windmills in the Tehachapi Valley, CA, November, 1991
Jochen Kruse, His Condor IV, the Seventh built by Schleicher, Inflight, December, 1991

FAI Awards
Arleen Coleson, FAI Awards & Badges;State Record Rule Changes, January, 1990, page 51
Arleen Coleson, FAI Awards & Badges, February, 1990, page 51
Arleen Coleson, Have You Notched Your Barograph?, March, 1990, page 46
Arleen Coleson, The 1% Rule (Example), April, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, FAI Sporting Licenses - Who Needs Them?, May, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, Suggestions & Reminders (1%, Film, Barograph, Deadlines), June, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, Electronic Barographs, July, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, Soaring Awards, August, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, Kolstad Scholarship Grant, September, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, It's a Small(er) World After All, October, 1990, page 49
Arleen Coleson, Fall Practice (Barographs & Photography, November, 1990, page 50
Arleen Coleson, Details, Details! (Declaration & Marking Camera Lens), December, 1990, page 48
Arleen Coleson, Great Circle Distance Constant, January, 1991, page 49
Arleen Coleson, Check Your Courses, Required Documents, & Deadlines, February, 1991, page 49
Arleen Coleson, EW. Barographs, March, 1991, page 46
Arleen Coleson, New Record Tasks & Badge & Record Documentation, April, 1991, page 45
Arleen Coleson, New Badge and Record Book & Diamond Goal Flights, May, 1991, page 46
Arleen Coleson, Motorglider Rules Changed, Electronic Barograph Permit Extension, & World Distance Award, June, 1991, page 49
Arleen Coleson, Checklist Questions, July, 1991, page 48
Arleen Coleson, Soaring Awards, August, 1991, page 44
Arleen Coleson, Kolstad Scholarship Grant, September, 1991, page 46
Arleen Coleson, Suggestions & Reminders (Cameras, Barographs, Observation Zones, Diamond Goal), October, 1991, page 46
Arleen Coleson, Barograph Calibration Laboratories, Foreign Pilots Badge & Record Claims, & Record Deadlines, November, 1991, page 46
Arleen Coleson, Seasons Greetings!, December, 1991, page 47

FAI Corner
Michael J. Hoke, New Rules for New Electronic Barographs, July, 1990, page 43

Feature Article
Basil J.F. Mott, A Woman for All Seasons, January, 1998, page 17
Allen Silver, Is Your Life Worth $50 a Year?, January, 1998, page 21
Barbara Lippincott-Lonsky, A Crewing Youth's Adventure, January, 1998, page 23
Bob Whelan, Soaring a Colorado Sinkhole, January, 1998, page 27
Vitek Siroky, The Awesome Mt. Rainier Wave, February, 1998, page 17
Mark Keene and Pete and Judy Vredenburg, A Real Texas Shootout-The 1997 1-26 Championship, February, 1998, page 23
David Habercom and Karl and Iris Striedieck and Clem and Mary Bowman, The First World Air Games and Turkish Delights!, February, 1998, page 29
Peter C. King, Should Your Glider Be Retired?, February, 1998, page 34
Roberto Barreiro Devesa, Soaring in Spain at the Gliderport of Fuentemilanos!, February, 1998, page 43
The 1997 U.S. National and Regional Soaring Champions, March, 1998, page 14
Tillmann Steckner, Putting the Bite Into Weak Drum Brakes, March, 1998, page 17
Richard H. Johnson, An FTE of the IS-29D2 15-Meter Sport Sailplane, March, 1998, page 27
Nyal Williams, Earning a B Badge in a Primary Glider in Belgium, March, 1998, page 35
Jim E. Hendrix, Casting Out the Anchor Chain, April, 1998, page 12
Richard H. Johnson, Development of a Total Energy System for the PW-5 Sailplane, April, 1998, page 16
Joe Parrish, Rope Breaks: Lessons Learned From the Space Shuttle, April, 1998, page 22
Tom Janowsky, Getting Hooked on Soaring, April, 1998, page 27
Billy Singleton, 1997 SSF Safety Report, April, 1998, page 40
Chuck O'Mahony, The 1998 SSA Convention, May, 1998, page 16
Richard H. Johnson, The Effects of Wing Surface Distortions on the Performance of a Modern Sailplane, May, 1998, page 23
Bruno Gantenbrink, The Most Dangerous Part of Gliding.....Is the Trip to the Glider Field!, May, 1998, page 29
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the SZD-59 Acro Sailplane, June, 1998, page 18
Dean Carswell, Handling the SZD-59 Acro, June, 1998, page 20
Dean Carswell, The Laugh's On Me, June, 1998, page 27
Roger Archey, Landout Kit!, June, 1998, page 30
Peter C. King, Cruise Missile, June, 1998, page 34
Judy Ruprecht, U.S. and World Soaring Records, July, 1998, page 14
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of an LS-8a Standard Class Sailplane, July, 1998, page 17
Bob von Hellens, Soaring at the El Tiro Dash, July, 1998, page 24
Raul Blacksten, I Helped Rescue the 1-7, July, 1998, page 26
Steve Nesser, A Short Distance and a Long Night, July, 1998, page 30
Ned Godshall, Revolutionizing Sailplanes, August, 1998, page 16
Paula Gadowski, Discovering What It's All About!, August, 1998, page 24
Paddy Welles, As Good As It Gets - 1998 Sports Class Nationals, August, 1998, page 29
William Prescott, The Last Diamond - At Last!, August, 1998, page 36
Charles "Chuck" O'Mahony, Into the Wild Blue Yonder, September, 1998, page 14
David Gibo, Tactics and Vectors - Flight Tactics of Migrating Monarch Butterflies, September, 1998, page 20
Juergen Nick, Automatic Safety Sleeve for the L'Hotellier Swivel Joint Connectors, September, 1998, page 22
William R. Cotton (accompanied by Edward "Ward" Hindman), One if by Thermal, Two if by Wave, Three if by Ridge Lift, September, 1998, page 24
William "Bill" Ard, Epic Gaggle Tales From Montana, September, 1998, page 28
Eric Greenwell, Powered Sailplanes Provide Opportunities, September, 1998, page 32
Doug Levy (with editiorial assistance from George Powell), Three Diamonds in a 1-26, September, 1998, page 36
Bob Dittert, The 1998 Motorglider Nationals and Region Nine Competition, October, 1998, page 14
Gene Hammond, Ground Damage Still A Problem, October, 1998, page 18
Marvin Willis, A 1-26 Championship From An Old Goat's Perspective, October, 1998, page 20
Tom Hardy, A Lifesaver For Small Clubs, October, 1998, page 24
Joe Kelly, Soaring In Zimbabwe, October, 1998, page 26
Charles Vorsanger, A Lesson In Humility - Part II, October, 1998, page 28
Greg Ervice, I'm Up In A Glider!, October, 1998, page 32
Bob Zimmerman, The 1998 Standard and Open Class Nationals, November, 1998, page 18
Tom Bradbury, Winds Aloft and the Weather Below, November, 1998, page 24
Gary Kemp, The 1998 15-Meter Nationals - Siskiyou County, California, November, 1998, page 30
Peter King, The Air Conditioned Sailplane, November, 1998, page 40
Jeff Daye, The 1998 1-26 Championship- A View from the Bottom of the Gaggle, December, 1998, page 18
Joseph Baer, Pattern Speeds, Gusts and Stall/Spin Accidents, December, 1998, page 24
Jackie Payne, Hilton's Heaven, December, 1998, page 28
Carla Page, The National Soaring Museum Celebrates a Successful 1998, December, 1998, page 32
SSA Government Liason Committee, Extension for FAA Exemption No. 4988 by SSA Government Liaison Committee, January, 1999, page 14
The 1999 Officers and Directors of the Soaring Society of America, Inc., January, 1999, page 15
The 1998 U.S. Nationals and Regional Soaring Champions, January, 1999, page 16
François Pin, The First U.S. World Class National Championships, January, 1999, page 18
Tom Bradbury, Winds Aloft and the Weather Below-Part 2, January, 1999, page 22
Gerhard Marzinsik with comments by David Welles, A Far Cry from Being an Old Timer, January, 1999, page 30
Bob Whelan, Hangin' In There! Thoughts on Mastering Your Crisis of Faith, February, 1999, page 16
Bob and Lynne Davis, Tennessee Pioneers in Aviation, February, 1999, page 22
Peter Neumann, Miles and Miles of Nothing but Miles and Miles!, February, 1999, page 30
Tom Pressley, Flight Logs on a Budget, February, 1999, page 40
Larry Sanderson,, March, 1999, page 14
Tom Bradbury, Route Planning Problems, March, 1999, page 20
Richard H. Johnson, including comments by Dean Carswell, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Duo Discus, March, 1999, page 28
Jim Kellet, The Cirrus: A Classic Case, March, 1999, page 34
Peter Yost, Choices, March, 1999, page 40
Joan T. Hollier, From the Passenger's Seat, March, 1999, page 44
Tom Knauff, Making "The Thomas Crown Affair", April, 1999, page 14
Lynne and Bob Davis, Soaring Takes Root in Tennessee, April, 1999, page 20
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the SZD-56-1, April, 1999, page 24
Judah Milgram, Flight Testing Sailplanes at the 1998 Idaflieg Summer Meet, April, 1999, page 34
Chuck O'Mahony, TN Was a Ten! The 1999 SSA Convention in Knoxville, May, 1999, page 16
Tom Bradbury, Blue Days in Summer, May, 1999, page 24
Richard H. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Discus 2B Standard Class Racer, May, 1999, page 32
Bob Lacovara, A Most Qualified Wing Runner, May, 1999, page 38
Russ McAnerny, A Pilot Evaluation of the Ball Sailplane Comp, June, 1999, page 14
Bob Leve, Pilots, Planes and Privies, June, 1999, page 16
Mark H. Morton, A Contest Cross-Country: Just Do It, June, 1999, page 20
Linda Hiller, A Mother's View, June, 1999, page 24
Kevin Ferguson and Lou Frank, Chasing Lou/The Other Side of the Coin, June, 1999, page 28
Bruce Carmichael, The Light Sailplane: The Path to Microlift Soaring, June, 1999, page 32
William Gerhard, Aeronautical Antique, June, 1999, page 38
Ron Martelet, Lift is Where You Find It, July, 1999, page 14
Bernald Smith, It's Hard to See Through a Damaged Canopy, July, 1999, page 16
Tom Bradbury, Thermal Prediction from the Tephigram, July, 1999, page 20
Andy Houloubek, Returning, July, 1999, page 28
Raul Blacksten, from interview of Warren Merboth, Albatross Over New York, July, 1999, page 36
Chuck O'Mahony, 1999 Open and 18-Meter Class!!! Championships, August, 1999, page 14
Bill Whelan, Rent vs. Buy, August, 1999, page 22
David Brunner, Patience Pays Off, August, 1999, page 28
Stephen Hundley, Taos '98, August, 1999, page 30
Keith M. Ashfield, An Andes Alternative, August, 1999, page 34
Curtis J. Cole, The Pawnee Plow, August, 1999, page 36
Vladislav Zedja, Dangerous Storms and the Pursuit of a World Record, September, 1999, page 14
Tom Bradbury, Wind Shear and Waves, September, 1999, page 20
Paddy Welles, More Nines in 99, September, 1999, page 30
Doug Levy and George Powell, Sierra Safari, September, 1999, page 36
Chuck O'Mahony, The Twenty-Sixth World Gliding Championships, October, 1999, page 14
Paul A. Schweizer, The Heritage Campaign, October, 1999, page 22
Derek Piggott, Some Ideas On Teaching Turning, October, 1999, page 26
Jim Payne, Using a GPS to Soar Safely and Have Fun, October, 1999, page 30
Knauff & Grove Merchandise Catalog, November, 1999, page 12
Tom Bradbury, Wind Shear and Waves (part 2), November, 1999, page 20
Elden Hinkle, The Standard Class Nationals, November, 1999, page 26
The Official World Soaring Championships Score Sheet, November, 1999, page 35
Millennium Merchandise The 1999-2000 Soaring Catalog, November, 1999, page 43
Clarence See as told to and edited by Raul Blacksten, I Rescued The Orlik, December, 1999, page 16
Allen Silver, Take Care of your Parachute so It Can Take Care of You, December, 1999, page 20
Bob Dittert, 1-26s + Rain = Championship, December, 1999, page 24
Dottie Thomas-Pin and George Kulesza and Bernadetta Litowska and Conrad Suechting, The Adventures, in Pictures, of a Crew at the 2nd World Gliding Championships of the World Class, December, 1999, page 30
Tim Hanke, The 1st FAI World Junior Gliding Championships, December, 1999, page 34

Final Glide
Larry Sanderson, Passing Friends, June, 1997, page 2

George Thelen
George Thelen, Flying Safety as a State of Mind (Inexperience, Hazardous Thoughts and Inspections), by Stan Hall, February, 1994, pages 42-44
George Thelen, In the Hot Seat (Lightning Strike), October, 1996, pages 46-48
George Thelen, Mid-Air in the (Sierra Nevada) Mountains (Near Truckee, CA), by Bill Chilcott, January, 1997, pages 41-42

Head's Up
Sharon Smith, May, 1999, page 14
Sharon Smith, National Airspace Redesign, July, 1999, page 11

Headquarter Happenings and Buzz
Bob Wander, What's SSA Done for Me Lately? Speaker Support Audiovisual Program, June, 1995, page 18
Bob Wander, Preserving Airspace at Hobbs, and Recent ABC and CBS TV Publicity, July, 1995, page 19
Bob Wander, Leaders with Initiative: Chuch O'Mahony, Mark Winders, and George Thelen, August, 1995, page 10
Bob Wander, Leaders with Initiative: Gene Hammond, Roger Gomoll, Ron Clarke, and all the 26 Board of Directors, September, 1995, page 11
Bob Wander, FIRC Schedules and Their Value to Glider Instructors, October, 1995, page 16
Bob Wander, Downsizing the Government and the SSA Possible Role, November, 1995, page 25
Bob Wander, Soaring's Position to be Sent to FAA by SSA and SSF, December, 1995, page 19
Bob Wander, February, 1996, page 11
Bob Wander, March, 1996, page 16
Bob Wander, SSA GrowBook, April, 1996, page 12
Bob Wander, November, 1996, page 19
Bob Wander, December, 1996, page 20
Bob Wander, Soaring in America Now Available from SSA, January, 1997, page 16
Bob Wander, StormChasers Movie Starts and Ends with Soaring, February, 1997, page 9
Bob Wander, Polaroid Photo Commemorates Ride, March, 1997, page 12
Bob Wander, Contacting Other FAA Instructors in Your Area at a Local FIRC, May, 1997, page 14
Bob Wander, Normandy Invasion and Their Glider Pilots, June, 1997, page 16
Bob Wander, Recruiting Member Competition, August, 1997, page 19
Bob Wander, Publicity, Volunteers and the Yute, September, 1997, page 17
Bob Wander, Expanding Our Horizons, November, 1997, page 23
Bob Wander, Convention, Awards, and Articles on Soaring, December, 1997, page 22

Instructors' Corner
Frank Reid, Landing Short, July, 1998, page 13
Frank Reid, The "New" SSA Signal, August, 1998, page 11
Frank Reid, The "It Can't Be My Fault, the Gods Are Doing This" Syndrome, September, 1998, page 13
Frank Reid, What's Your Left Hand Doing?, October, 1998, page 12
Frank Reid, What's Your Left Hand Doing? Part II, November, 1998, page 11
Frank Reid, Thermaling Safety, December, 1998, page 17
Frank Reid, Canopy Closed and Locked -- Not Good Enough, January, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, Recognize and React (R & R), February, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, Fly the Plane!, March, 1999, page 12
Frank Reid, Dehydration, April, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, One Last Check, May, 1999, page 12
Frank Reid, The Black Spot in the Spot Landing Concept, June, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, Getting Lost, July, 1999, page 12
Frank Reid, Fly Safely!, August, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, Positive Control Checks, September, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, Who's the Boss?, October, 1999, page 13
Frank Reid, Tow Pilots -- A Treasure We Need to Preserve, November, 1999, page 11
Frank Reid, The Incident at Jonesboro, December, 1999, page 15

Frederich H. Schmid, Sour Grapes (Over Wing Span and Winglets), January, 1992, page 2
Stridhar V. Rao, Winglets, That is The Question, January, 1992, pages 2-3
C. O'Callaghan, Wing Loading Revisited, January, 1992, pages 3-4
Robert Vich, (Strojnik S-2A) Flies Like a Dream, January, 1992, page 4
Roger A. Schert, Excuse Me, Mr. Schweizer (Keep Them in Production), January, 1992, pages 4,6
Edward Beck, Come Fly the Friendly Skies (of the Cleveland Soaring Society), January, 1992, pages 6,9
Patrick Barry, Memories of Ray (Parker), January, 1992, page 9
Nathan Lemmon, Life After the TCA (for the Memphis Soaring Society), January, 1992, page 9
Karl H. Striedieck, Wing Span (On the Ground versus in The Air), January, 1992, page 9
John Kane, Planform Idea (Parabolic, not Elliptical, Best), January, 1992, page 9
Mike Butler, First Ride, Pleasant Experience (at Skylark North), January, 1992, page 9
George Upshur, The Search for "N", February, 1992, page 2
Charles M. Jamieson, Jr., Says He Has Answers (to Loss of US Sailplane Production), February, 1992, page 2
Brian Marriott, (Mark III Flying by RAF) Memories Are Stirred, February, 1992, pages 2-3
Earle Downing, Have Sailplane, Oxygen and Checkbook - Will Travel, February, 1992, page 3
Peter Masak, (University) Student (Design) Work on New Plane, February, 1992, page 3
Cindy Brickner, Idea for Brag Boards (of Soaring Accomplishments), February, 1992, pages 3-4
Editor, Oops! (It's Bikle, not Bickle), February, 1992, page 9
David Latour, Release Failure Recounted, February, 1992, page 9
Steve Wilsey, Seeks Info on New Planes (Like Commercial Motorgliders), February, 1992, page 9
Tom Knauff, Call for Change (Sidebar Disclaimer on Some Contents), February, 1992, pages 9-10
Flight Instructors, Allinson, Gail: Student Responds (to Carswell's Instructor Qualifications), February, 1992, pages 10-11
Fred C. Blair, Calling All Libelle Owners, February, 1992, page 11
Lloyd P. La Plant, The Center (of the Glory) is the Center, February, 1992, page 11
John Kane, Call For (Understanding of Non-Aviators and Some) Humility, February, 1992, page 11
Lee Janssen, Where is the Fun? (Too Many Gripes in Magazine Letters), March, 1992, page 2
Stephen duPont, Solution to Span and Winglets Question, March, 1992, page 2
Bob Clark, A Success Story (Meggan Clark Solos on 14th Birthday), March, 1992, pages 2-3
Tom Jona, Fish(ing) and (Soaring) Ships, March, 1992, page 3
Phil Ecklund, New Technology (GPS) the Answer?, March, 1992, page 3
Jim Maupin, The Continuing Freefall of Small Airplane Production in America, March, 1992, page 4
Fernando Rueda, Decline (in Aircraft and Soaring) Explained, March, 1992, pages 4,6
Robert J. Welliever, Insurance Crisis or Other Factors?, March, 1992, pages 6-7
B.J. Butler, Knows the Answer (Photo is a Slingsby Cadet TX-3), March, 1992, pages 7-8
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Harry V. Senn, Has Information to Share (SOARCONT, RAOB, DUAT Plea), July, 1993, page 2
Michael S. Finegan, SSA Organization Was Source of Help (wants help with N4622S History), July, 1993, page 2
Jim Bobo, Useful Program Available (RAOB from SSA), July, 1993, page 2
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Duane Eisenbeiss, Controversy-Not All Bad (Safety Corner, Good), July, 1993, pages 3-4
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Aaron Archibald, Come to British Columbia, August, 1993, page 7
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Vytas Peseckas, The Flying Catamaran, August, 1993, page 10
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William Weeper, Another Solution to Asembly Interruptions, September, 1993, page 2
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Martin Simons, Help on Slingsby (T-53 Information) Whereabouts, September, 1993, page 3
Jackie Womack, Sports Class (Really, with All That Equipment)?, September, 1993, pages 3-4
John H. Campbell, Collegiate Soaring Says Thanks, September, 1993, page 4
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Mike Grogan, Kansas Thermal (Inquiry with Diagram from Dust Markers), September, 1993, pages 4,6
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Dan Pierson, VSA Information (on Vintage and Classics), October, 1993, pages 2-3
Franke Ebler, Women's Soaring Seminar, October, 1993, page 3
Mark J. Merkens, When It All Began (Unclear for Todd Merkins' Solo at 14), October, 1993, page 3
Robert B. Riddle, (Overseas Delivery) Too Late!, October, 1993, page 3
Joe Walter, What a Contest (the 1-26 Championships), October, 1993, page 3
Jan Kornychuk, Suggested Solution to Serious Problem, October, 1993, page 3
Earl Wiley, Additional Column Requested (of Newly Licensed Pilots), October, 1993, page 4
David L. Bigelow, Near Death Experience (Response), October, 1993, page 4
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Perry W. Hanson, TAS, IAS, EAS (Debate and Flutter References), October, 1993, pages 6-7
Wes Lineberry, Pins, Pins, Pins!, October, 1993, page 7
Jay Thomson, Small (Spoilers Open) Light Works Well (Write for Details), October, 1993, pages 7-8
Karen Willat, Red Hats No Answer, October, 1993, pages 8-9
Skip Jenkyn, Thumbs Up for Cover of June Soaring (with License Plates), October, 1993, page 9
Michael Adams, One Pilot's View of GPS, October, 1993, pages 9-10
Sterling Starr, Frank, Lou: Additional Discussion on Spins, October, 1993, page 10
Eric Striedieck, A Word on Crazy Creek, November, 1993, page 2
Jerald R. Kurtz, Says Jump Training is Important, November, 1993, pages 2-3
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R. (Hardy) Krueger, Auto Tows from Austraila, December, 1993, page 2
George H. Frost, (Bellanca Scout) Wing (Wood Spar) Crack Reported, December, 1993, page 2
Dick Mockler, Pursues Hilton Cup in Texas, December, 1993, pages 2-3
Bob Messner, Sugarbush Starts Them Young (Ten Year-Old Walter Brink), December, 1993, page 3
Helen Thomson, You're Never Too Young (2-1/2 Year Old Bryce Thompson), December, 1993, page 3
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Guillermo Salinas Pliego, Mexico Has It All (at Francisco Lobo Airport in Monterrey), January, 1994, pages 2-3
Wally Raisanen, GPS Advantages, January, 1994, page 3
Sterling Starr, Thanks to SSA for Immediate Action (on FAA Moratorium), January, 1994, page 3
Del Blomquist, A Letter (of Thanks for Retrieve Help) to Juliet Pappa from 144, January, 1994, pages 3-4
Karen Willat, Strobe Light No Answer (to Unmonitored Spoilers), February, 1994, page 2
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Paul W. Souder, An Old Eagle Remembers (Early Ohio Soaring, and Plans his own launch method for Flight by Human-Powered Kite), May, 1995, page 4
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Martha Jacobs, Can You Provide This (Translation of Segein ueber den Alpen) Information?, October, 1995, page 2
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Brian Hollington, Has Some Questions about Promotion, October, 1995, pages 2-3
John Lucas, Solo Success (Four Solos the First Day for Five Hours at Seminole-Lake) is Noted, October, 1995, page 3
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G.M. (Mike) Crump, Another Youngster (10 Year-Old Christine Crump) Takes to the Air, November, 1995, pages 3-4
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Marvin Holland, Room For The Young and The Old, November, 1995, page 6
K.J. Strack, The Culprit (Sunscreen on Forehead) is Identifed, November, 1995, page 10
Bob Greenblatt, Says We Need to Limit Radio Usage, November, 1995, page 11
Mitsuru Marui, Needs Help on Finding Damaged Gliders, November, 1995, page 11
Terry Judge, Tow Line (Retrieve by Glider) Turmoil, November, 1995, page 11
Pedro de la Serna, Fly Like a Swift, November, 1995, pages 11-12
David L. Nye, A Day (at Turf) to Remember, November, 1995, page 12
Lisa Nichols, Keeping It in The Family (Third Generation Soars as Bobby Nichols Solos at 14), November, 1995, page 12
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Jay Darmstadter, Teacher-Student, Student-Teacher?, December, 1995, page 2
David Noyes, News on Replacing Bolts on Cobra Trailers, December, 1995, pages 2-3
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Sharon Johnson, Soaring Lesson Remembered (Let Nature Do What It Does Best), December, 1995, pages 3-4
Walt Plankey, Thanks for the Great Memories (Instructor Retires), December, 1995, page 4
Peter Masak, Flight Test Results (of Scimitar 1) Positive, December, 1995, page 4
T. Guy Spencer, (Len) Niemi Will Be Missed, December, 1995, page 4
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Michael S. Finegan, A Proposal to Pick Up from the Past, January, 1996, page 2
W. Stewart Tittle, Thanks Extended to Soaring Friends, January, 1996, page 2
Gerald Downs, Jeremy's Big Day, January, 1996, page 3
Jack Gibbert, Past SSA State Governor Takes a Wife, January, 1996, page 4
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Tom Elmore, The Sultan's Tent, January, 1996, page 6
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Julian M. West, Thermals or Wave?, March, 1996, page 2
Pat McGrath, Jr., Enlighten Me, Please, March, 1996, page 2
D.J. Phillips, Lasham Not Mentioned, March, 1996, page 2
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Jerry Owens, New Pilot Takes to the Skies, March, 1996, page 4
Les Sebald, Grob 103 Rudder Pedals, March, 1996, page 4
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Red (Farren H.) Smith, More Memories Recalled, March, 1996, page 6
Guy E. Acheson, GPS Mapping Programs?, March, 1996, page 6
Dean Carswell, New Phone Numbers (for Britain), March, 1996, page 6
Duane Eisenbeiss, Open Letter to SSA Board of Directors, March, 1996, page 999
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Dave Mercer, Invitation to Canadian Nationals (at Red Deer, Alberta), April, 1996, page 2
George Moffat, Change of Numbers, April, 1996, page 2
Julian Flack, More on Cobra Trailer Bolts, April, 1996, page 2
Marcia Crowell, Magazines Available, April, 1996, page 2
R.B. Richards, Word for DG Owners, April, 1996, page 3
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Fernando Rueda, A Note on History, April, 1996, page 3
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Wally Kahn, Lasham Left Out, May, 1996, page 2
Marvin Willis, Liked Charlie's Article, May, 1996, page 2
Douglas Tomlinson, Needs Help with (Towplane Tow Hutch) Mod, May, 1996, page 2
John W. Glendening, Information from Net, May, 1996, page 2
George Nuse, Badge and Record Camp, May, 1996, page 3
Justin Wills, Comment from Wills, May, 1996, page 3
Jan Scott, Tow Plane Statistics, May, 1996, page 3
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Wayne Ginter, Soaring and Mountaineering, May, 1996, page 4
Gunter Voltz, Russia and Trailer Ready for Huntsville, May, 1996, page 4
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K.J. Strack, Keeping Hand in Lap, June, 1996, page 2
Grant Davis, Careful with Surfing, June, 1996, page 2
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Peter King, And a Response (to 'Keeping Hand in Lap'), June, 1996, page 2
Carl Rohmann, A Reply (to 'Enlighten Me, Please'), June, 1996, page 3
Lew Neyland, 1-26 Roll of Honor (Inductee), July, 1996, page 2
Vic Saudek, Where are We Headed?, July, 1996, page 2
Gennaro W. Avolio, Has Other Comments (regarding Knauff articles) ,, July, 1996, page 2
Bob Davis, Clinic Well Attended, July, 1996, page 3
William M. Jones, Pre-Landing Box: Concept for Traffic Patterns, July, 1996, page 3
R.W. Long, Birds and Thermals, July, 1996, page 3
Hartley L. Falbaum, More on Topic of 'To..Or Not To.....,', July, 1996, page 6
John McCoy, More on Cylinder Failures, July, 1996, page 6
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Karl H. Striedieck, Guess What? 9-lb Wing Loading, June, 1991, page 11
Art Roshner, Age Gap but No Generation Gap, July, 1991, page 2
Michael Steckner, Remembers Audette and Flights, July, 1991, page 2
Robert Gillian, Senior Pilot Still Very Active, July, 1991, page 2
Gary Phillips, Likes Article and Safety Corner, July, 1991, page 3
Pete Orengo, Flight of Sundiver (My Schweizer 1-23D), July, 1991, page 3
David Houston, Thinks Landout Experience Vital, July, 1991, page 4
John Joss, Agrees with (Logbook) Documentation (Comments by Aleshire), July, 1991, page 4
John Mathias, Question on Belt Installation, July, 1991, page 4
Allan Adams, Help Asked for Youth in Soaring (to form Club), July, 1991, page 5
Arthur Rosen, Liked the Saiplane Purchase Article (by Adams), July, 1991, page 5
Marc Buchner, More Expansion on Newton's Laws, July, 1991, page 5
Janet Hider Smith, Women Invited to Australian Event, July, 1991, page 6
George Powell, Wild Ride in a (Fabric Wing) 1-26, July, 1991, page 8
J.M.W. Fletcher, Older Pilot Still Feels, Flies Young, July, 1991, page 9
Craig Reinholt, Appreciates Cascade Soaring, July, 1991, page 10
Mark Savage, Against Practicing Double Release Failure, July, 1991, page 10
Ray Burns, Whatever Happened to..(1985 Kolstad Winner Gordon Boettger)??, July, 1991, page 10
Albert L. Jones, More on Gibson Letter, July, 1991, page 11
Robert D. Stephens, Comments on (Logbook) Damage History, July, 1991, page 11
Sridhar Rao, Economics and Sailplane Manufacturing, July, 1991, page 11
Steve Coan, (1989 WAC) Medals Re-Clarified, July, 1991, page 11
C.C. Flora, Double Release Failure Debated, July, 1991, page 12
J.M.W. Fletcher, Can You Identify? WW II Glider Pilots, August, 1991, page 2
Patricia D. Austin, What Soaring is All About, August, 1991, page 2
Joe Naebe, Attention LK and LP Owners, August, 1991, page 3
Pete Williams, Minden is Alive and Well, August, 1991, page 3
Z. Korius, Lithuanian Plant Falls Victim, August, 1991, page 3
Hitoshi Hatamoto, Japanese Canopy Cover Shared, August, 1991, page 4
John Gibson, Lift and Stability (Response to Miner), August, 1991, page 4
L.C. Tarleton, Needed Some Help, August, 1991, page 4
Colin Marsh, On Age and Flying, August, 1991, page 6
Phil Petmecky, Wingloading and Directors-At-Large, August, 1991, page 6
Stephen DuPont, Sitting Duck, August, 1991, page 7
Donald Hobel, One Member Takes Action (Contacts Congressmen), August, 1991, page 8
John Gleeson, We Have a First Here (A Find by Glider), August, 1991, page 8
Raul Blacksten, Assistance Needed (Senior Albatross Photos, Details), August, 1991, page 8
Steve Seibel, Thanks to Wichita and Kansas Soaring Associations, August, 1991, page 8
Wally Raisanen, You Guessed It - More on Wing Loading, August, 1991, page 8
Gordon J. Munro, A Response to an At-Large Response, August, 1991, page 9
Judy Lincoln, Another Voice on Wing Loading (& Directors-At-Large), August, 1991, page 9
Stephen DuPont, Thoughts on Electronic Drag Reduction, August, 1991, page 9
Ira Bliedon, Look at Their Faces, September, 1991, page 2
Bob Moore, The Aging Pilot, September, 1991, page 2
Charles M. Jamieson, Towing Angles Discussed, September, 1991, page 3
Richard H. Johnson, Wax and Gel Coat, September, 1991, page 4
Steve DuPont, More Comments Concerning Directors and Wing Loading, September, 1991, page 4
Cas Nowakowski, Opening of Astir Canopy in Flight, October, 1991, page 2
Ivan Jaszlics, Politics versus Progress or 9 lb Wing Loading, October, 1991, page 2
Paul A. Schweizer, Update on the US Sailplane Fleet, October, 1991, page 2
Niccolo D. Della Pina, A Dream Come True (14-Year-Old Niccolo D. Della Penna Solos), October, 1991, page 3
Norman S. Benedict, Survival Kit Recommendation (Use WWII Zippo Lighter), October, 1991, page 3
Val Brain, Clarification on Age Discrimination, October, 1991, page 3
Paul W. Souder, A Unique Sailplane (XHPK-1, Human Powered Kite), October, 1991, page 4
Wally Raisanen, Following the Rules (on Wing Span), October, 1991, page 4
Joachim P. Kuettner, High Altitude Flutter: Red-Line Airspeed, True or Indicated?, October, 1991, page 7
Michell Deutsch, Good Publicity, October, 1991, page 7
Chuck Griswold, Thanks to George Thelen (and Others), October, 1991, page 9
Michael Currie, Father and Son Duo (Marc and Michael Currie), October, 1991, page 9
Jim Gallagher, Attention Pilots Interested in Self-Launching Sailplanes (80-hp Engine in Old Two-Seater), October, 1991, page 10
Philip A. Petmecky, Trouble with (Battery Operated 35mm) Cameras, October, 1991, page 10
Dieter (Derek) Plapp, Flying, Age and Crashes, October, 1991, page 11
Tom Gilbert, Thanks to Sponsors and Friends at Sports Class, October, 1991, page 11
Melody Holland, Different Angle on Old Problem (Just Smile), October, 1991, page 12
Dave Treinis, A Big Thank You (for Tom Stowers Soaring Safari), November, 1991, page 2
Hugh Damron, He Remembers (Ray Parker) Too, November, 1991, page 2
Justin Wills, Thanks to Uvalde, November, 1991, page 2
Dean Carswell, Instructors Need Experience, November, 1991, page 3
Fred McLemore, Insurance - Another View, November, 1991, page 3
Arthur R. Rosen, Advancements (In Avionics and Design) Needed, November, 1991, page 4
Editor, Correction Noted (for Joe Robertson), November, 1991, page 4
John Doyel, The Odyssey of 3617Q (a Schweizer 1-36) Continued, November, 1991, page 6
Paul Baur, A Point Made From Germany, November, 1991, page 9
Dan Dreeben, Favors Intentional Rope Break, November, 1991, page 10
Eric Greenwell, Panel Member Responds, November, 1991, page 10
Ingrid Kjenslie, Winner Recognized, November, 1991, page 11
Jim Payne, Thank You From Team USA, November, 1991, page 11
Richard H. Benbough, Needs Registration Number (of Howard Morrison's Bowlus Baby Albatross), November, 1991, page 11
William S. Brewer, Proposal for Manufacturing, November, 1991, page 11
Aaron Johnson, (Youth) Needs Useful Input (on Sailplane Specs), December, 1991, page 2
Bill Leiserowitz, Likes (Microsoft Flight) Simulator, December, 1991, page 2
Dieter (Derek) Plapp, Goals Achieved, December, 1991, page 2
J. Earle Johnson, Ka-7 or K-7?, December, 1991, page 2
Corwin Sharp, Calling All 1-23 (Owner)'s, December, 1991, page 3
Karl H. Striedieck, To POST - That's the Answer, December, 1991, page 3
Alex Strojnik, Old is Relative, December, 1991, page 4
Donald S. Hobel, Good Idea for Growth (Community College Course), December, 1991, page 4
Jim Short, Thanks for Strong Effort (on FAA Drug Rule), December, 1991, page 4
Ted Sharp, Plug for Kolstad Scholarship, December, 1991, page 4
Marion C. Cruce, Deja Vu (July 27, 1970 at Llano, CA Again)?, December, 1991, page 6
Mike Steinberger, OSTIV Membership is Available, December, 1991, page 8
Dick Johnson, Commends WSC91 Issue, December, 1991, page 9
Jon Held, Survey on High Altitude Damage (to Fiberglass), December, 1991, page 9

CAP Encampment, September, 1999, page 47
Final Glide, September, 1999, page 47
Lake Elsinore Soaring Club Youth Program, September, 1999, page 47
Too Old to Crew?, September, 1999, page 47
Sue McNay, Just Do It!, October, 1999, page 38
Final Glide, October, 1999, page 38
A. Peter Hilger, First Solo, November, 1999, page 39
Joe Volmar, A Perfect Knight Flight, November, 1999, page 39
John Smoots, A Notable Occasion, November, 1999, page 39
Final Glide, November, 1999, page 39
Paul Maze, A Real Milestone, December, 1999, page 39
Robert A. Smith, Sean Smithh's Private Glider License, December, 1999, page 39
Final Glide, December, 1999, page 39

NAA Corner
Mal Gross, NAA Corner, June, 1990, page 15
Mal Gross, Sport Aviation -- The Key to the Future of U.S. Aviation, October, 1990, page 16
Mal Gross, NAA Corner, February, 1991, page 13
Mal Gross, NAA Corner, June, 1991, page 17
Mal Gross, NAA Corner, October, 1991, page 19

New Books Reviewed
S.V. Starr, "Silent Wings At War, Combat Gliders in World War II" by John L. Lowden, March, 1993, page 10

New Products
ILEC SB-9 Electric Back Up Variometer, February, 1990, page 29
New Barograph Developed (Micro Processor Controlled), April, 1990, page 34
Emergency Strobe, June, 1990, page 35
A New Final Glide Computer, July, 1990, page 18
Accurate, Lightweight Anenometer, August, 1990, page 45
A New 2-1/4" Winter Altimeter, September, 1990, page 40
Azuresoft Introduces the Complete Briefer DUAT Decoder Software for PC's, October, 1990, page 45
Meal on the Go - a Vast Improvement in Portable Food, November, 1990, page 47
New Data Back Camera Announced (Minolta Fredom 50), December, 1990, page 45
AIN Plastics Catalog 91, February, 1991, page 45
Supervisor Sun Goggles Exceed All ANSI Standards for Sunglasses, April, 1991, page 40
Tow Launch Systems, USA, May, 1991, page 38
An Integrated Camera Barograph System, July, 1991, page 37
Photo-Pod-The Remote Wingtip Camera, October, 1991, page 43
High-Tech Indoor Climate Monitor, February, 1992, page 42
TR-720 Handheld Transceiver Available Once Again, September, 1992, page 45
Garmin Unveils New Handheld GPS Receivers (GPS 55 & GPS 55 AVD), October, 1992, page 40
Borgelt B-100 Flight Data Computer GPS Receiver Option, February, 1993, page 48
Wx/Block System Gel Coat Protection, June, 1993, page 41
Icom's IC-A21 (Handheld Transceiver), April, 1994, page 12
EW Barograph and GPS Recorder, May, 1994, pages 14-15
Sun Protection Apparel, July, 1994, page 17
Electronic Battery Saver, August, 1994, page 21
Tim Mara, GR1000 GPS Flight Recorder, January, 1997, page 14
Tom Knauff, Low Cost GPS Flight Recorder from EW Electronics, January, 1997, page 15

New Release
Accident Prevention Manual for Glider Pilots, March, 1992, pages 14-15

President's Column
Larry Sanderson, One Special Lady, January, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, How Much is Too Much?, February, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Misteaks (oops) ... Mistakes, March, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, The Warren E. Eaton Trophy, April, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, The SSA Foundation Looking Into the Future, May, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, The High Price of Soaring, June, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, We Need Your Help, July, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Dear Mrs. Garvey, August, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Flying - Right or Privilege?, September, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, With Rights Come Responsibilities We're in this Together, October, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Friends Across the Waters, November, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, A Lifetime of Soaring - And Beyond, December, 1998, page 2
Larry Sanderson, The SSA in 1999 68 Years Young, January, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Hail to the Victors, February, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, My New Motto, April, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Words Live On, May, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, SSA Elections, June, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Not Hannes!, July, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, Of Heroes and Full Circles, August, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, The Changing Face of the SSA, September, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, The Lilienthal Medal Soaring's Highest Honor, October, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, You Speak, Others Listen, November, 1999, page 2
Larry Sanderson, A Flash of Wings, December, 1999, page 2

President's Page
Larry Sanderson, She's Baaack, March, 1999, page 2

Product Review
Trimble Flightmate Pro (GPS), February, 1994, page 20

SSA & FAI Awards
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, January, 1998, page 46
Judy Ruprecht, Badges & Records, February, 1998, page 36
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, March, 1998, page 39
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, April, 1998, page 32
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, May, 1998, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, June, 1998, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, July, 1998, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, August, 1998, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, September, 1998, page 44
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, October, 1998, page 40
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, November, 1998, page 36
Judy Ruprecht, Badge & Records, December, 1998, page 36
Badges & Records, January, 1999, page 36
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, April, 1999, page 41
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, May, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, June, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, July, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, August, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, September, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, October, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, November, 1999, page 40
Arleen Coleson, Badge & Records, December, 1999, page 40

SSA Mail
Jim Spontak and Arthur Babiarz, Glider Fun Fly-In, August, 1999, page 3
Karl Striedieck, Credit Where Credit is Due, August, 1999, page 3
Miles Lemon, Help for Chicken Little, August, 1999, page 3
Steven A. Stunick, Never Too Young, August, 1999, page 4
Thor Sigurd Peterson, Thanks for the Safety Tips, August, 1999, page 4
Norman H. Ellison, World Class Contests, October, 1999, page 3
Phil Jarvis Newbury, Chicken Little Comments, October, 1999, page 3
John Joss, Minden Fatality, October, 1999, page 4
Steve Wasilowski, Sky Soaring Needs Your Help, October, 1999, page 4
Bob Greenblatt, Navigation Skills, November, 1999, page 3
Paul Maze, What an Unlikely Place for a Glider?, November, 1999, page 3
Tom Hardy, Fond Memories of Similar Experience, November, 1999, page 3
Cindy Brickner, Soaring Covers, November, 1999, page 4
David M. Ellis, Sailplane Rescue System, November, 1999, page 4
Jon McKinley, Reply to Soaring Covers, November, 1999, page 4
Bill Whelan, Reply to Own vs. Rent, December, 1999, page 3
Chris Wrate, Own vs. Rent, December, 1999, page 3
Daniel L. Johnson, Correction and Clarification, December, 1999, page 3
Hugh Colton, Embrace Technology, December, 1999, page 4
Jim Brewster, Slight Omission, December, 1999, page 4
John Good, Reply to Embrace Technology, December, 1999, page 4
Bill Ard, Ballistic Parachutes, December, 1999, page 5
Billy Singleton, Reply to Slight Omission, December, 1999, page 5
David MacVeigh, Pay Attention!, December, 1999, page 5
Gordon Glover, Disservice to Readers, December, 1999, page 5
Larry Sanderson, Reply to Disservice to Readers, December, 1999, page 5
Bill Ard, Russias in the World Class, December, 1999, page 6
Editor, Reply to Russias in the World Class, December, 1999, page 6
Vitek Siroky, New Distributor for Blanik America, December, 1999, page 6

SSA in Action
Ed Harmening, In Memoriam: Chuck Harris, January, 1990, page 6
Mildred P. Kohls, In Memoriam: Charles Kohls, January, 1990, page 6
Pete Williams, SLSPA Incorporation, January, 1990, page 6
Pete Williams, US Team to Enter 1990 1st World Motorgliding Championships, January, 1990, page 6
(1989) Region 6 North Contest (Ionia, MI), January, 1990, page 6
New SSA State Governor Named, January, 1990, page 6
Region 11 Soaring Championships July 1-5 1989 (Minden, NV), January, 1990, pages 9-Jan
Results of Election for SSA Directors, January, 1990, page 12
Attention, Are You Ready.. for FAA Required Drug Testing?, January, 1990, page 13
Jerry Finch and Bud Brown, In Memoriam: Michael Wayne Jenkins, February, 1990, page 9
Joel N. Myers, Accu-Weather Introduces New (Lightning) Graphics and Data, February, 1990, page 9
Stalking the Mountain Wave (by Ursulia Weise), February, 1990, page 9
Ameriglide, Help! Help! 25 Gliders Needed, February, 1990, page 10
Can You Identify, February, 1990, page 10
New Trophy Announced (for Washington State), February, 1990, page 10
Ralph Biesemeyer, In Memoriam: Philip A. Mortensen, February, 1990, page 11
1990 European Club Class Gliding Championships Opened to Non-Europeans, February, 1990, page 11
New Board Member, February, 1990, page 11
Opening of "World Class" Glider Design Competition Announced, February, 1990, page 11
WGC 1993, February, 1990, page 11
Pure Flight - Transition to Soaring (30 minutes) with Cliff Robertson, February, 1990, page 13
Important! Change in Sporting License Procedures, March, 1990, page 12
Maiden Flight of the DG-600 M, March, 1990, page 12
Nancy Batson Crews Inducted (into Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame), March, 1990, page 12
Soaring Pilot Scholarship (1989 Winner is Adam Goucher), March, 1990, page 12
Kolstad Scholarship Winner (for 1989 Michael Ondeck) Named, March, 1990, page 13
The $40 POST (in Northern Illinois), March, 1990, page 13
Can You Identify?, March, 1990, page 14
Greg Zack, Daedalus (Human Powered Aircraft) Update, April, 1990, page 11
(Seven) German Youth Gliding Camps Announced, April, 1990, page 11
Calling All CFI's (for Collegiate Soaring Help), April, 1990, page 11
Tampa Bay Soaring in Action (at FAA Accident Prevention Seminar), April, 1990, page 11
Third Annual Western VSA Regatta Planned (for Hemet, CA), April, 1990, page 11
Michael Paul Slater, Her First Flight (Poem), April, 1990, page 12
Claybourn (1989) Award Winner (is Charles Shaw), April, 1990, page 12
Need a Challenge? (New Executive Board Announced for 1990), April, 1990, page 12
From Drought to Dreariness: The Region 6 (1989) South (Waynesville, OH), April, 1990, page 13
New Glider Unveiled, Red Wing Soaring Offers New Aircraft (the F-105 (G)), April, 1990, page 14
History in Wood Carvings (by Wilhelm Molik), April, 1990, page 15
E.H. Replogle, Replogle Barograph Finds New Home, May, 1990, page 10
Jim Payne, (1990) Rules Committee Report, May, 1990, page 10
US Designed Self-Launcher (S R Aircraft ARIA) Introduced at (Indy '90) Convention, May, 1990, page 10
Del Blomquist, Thermals Forever (poem to Walt E. Mooney), May, 1990, page 11
John Campbell, (1989) Intercollegiate Champions (Penn State Soaring Club Team & Individuals), May, 1990, page 11
Can You Identify, May, 1990, page 11
Youth Competition Medallion, May, 1990, page 11
Hannes Linke, Offer to Fly in Russia, May, 1990, page 12
Changes at NSM (Executive Director Needed), May, 1990, page 12
NAA Recognizes Two (SSA) Members (Bill S. Ivans and Floyd Sweet), May, 1990, page 12
James Fleugel, In Memoriam: John Stetson Fleugel, May, 1990, page 13
Director Announces Appointments, May, 1990, page 13
Site of the 1989 National Soaring Championships in Argentina, May, 1990, page 13
Roderick F. Read, Jr., In Memoriam: Roderick F. Read, Sr., May, 1990, page 14
Vic Saudek, (Southern California Soaring Association at Hawthorne, CA) Air Fair Report, May, 1990, page 14
Bob Fitch, In Memoriam: Jack Greene, May, 1990, page 15
FAA Makes Drug Testing Announcement, May, 1990, page 15
Bernald S. Smith, The Sawing Society of America, May, 1990, page 16
SSA Life Memberships Temporarily Discontinued, May, 1990, page 16
Cyndi Stephenson, 1991 and 1992 National Contest Sites - Call for Proposals, June, 1990, page 10
A Review of Ed Kilbourne's "Cloudbase" (Music Cassette), June, 1990, page 11
Georgia SSA'ers on the Move (SSA Governor Jim Culp's Soaring Seminar), June, 1990, page 11
Dale Thompson, In Memoriam: Dale F. Dye, June, 1990, page 12
Jim Marske, Homebuilders (1990 Eastern) Workshop Announced (for Bryan, OH), June, 1990, page 12
Ted Sharp, Ameriglide with Ham Radios, June, 1990, page 12
Oshkosh Bound (bumper sticker available), June, 1990, page 12
Region 9 Election Results, June, 1990, page 12
SSA Board Minutes Available, June, 1990, page 12
SSA Winter Board Meeting (1990 at Indianapolis, IN), June, 1990, page 14
Soaring Pilot (and SSA Member) Named as (California Wing) Commander (Ernest C. Pearson), June, 1990, page 14
Manfred E. Reinhardt, Call for (OSTIV XXII Congress) Papers, June, 1990, page 15
1-26 Cross Country Sweepstakes, June, 1990, page 17
Can You Identify, June, 1990, page 17
Your 1990 Board of Directors, June, 1990, page 18
Jim Jenista, In Memoriam: Dick McKnight, July, 1990, page 10
1989 Hilton Cup Winners Announced, July, 1990, page 10
New Election Procedures for Directors, July, 1990, page 10
Update on Publication ( New Editions of "New Soaring Pilot," "FAR's For Glider Pilots," and "Transition to Gliders"), July, 1990, page 10
Jan Scott, In Memoriam: Wolfgang Hutter, July, 1990, page 11
Mark Nichols, Just Another Day in Paradise (Sequatchie Valley, TN), July, 1990, page 11
Frank Roden, SSA in Action: Rolladen-Schneider Introduces LS-6c-175, August, 1990, page 8
Stewart Tittle, Oregon SSA Governor Introduced, August, 1990, page 8
Cleveland Soaring Society, In Memoriam: Ted Pawski, August, 1990, page 9
Update on 1990 Women's Soaring Seminar (at Bermuda High), August, 1990, page 9
World Class Update (82 Applications Submitted), August, 1990, page 10
Team Selection Process Clarified, August, 1990, page 11
Author (Vic Saudek) Offers Further Explanation, August, 1990, page 12
Don Reid, CAP Cadets Soar at Elmendorf AFB (Alaska), September, 1990, page 9
Good Weather (in Houston, TX) for Bronze Day, September, 1990, page 9
Moravia Inc. Introduces New Motorglider (L-13 SE "Vivat", September, 1990, page 9
The New Grob 103C Twin III SL, September, 1990, page 9
Update on Tost Tow Release, September, 1990, page 10
(1990) Region V North Soaring Contest (Chester, SC), September, 1990, page 11
Can You Identify?, September, 1990, page 12
Changes at Limbach, September, 1990, page 12
Harold A. Katinszky, In Memoriam: Patrick McAtee, October, 1990, page 11
(Albuquerque) '91 Convention Update, October, 1990, page 11
1991 European Youth Championships Announced, October, 1990, page 11
Region Six South Championships, June 25-30, 1990 Caesar Creek Soaring Club, Waynesville, Ohio, October, 1990, page 11
Sweepstakes Winner (1989) Displays Sailplane, October, 1990, page 11
Stan Montagne, In Memoriam: Fred Frauens, October, 1990, page 12
Tom Nowicki, Update Seminoles Celebrate First Anniversary in New Nest, October, 1990, page 12
(1990) 17th Annual South Region Five Soaring Championships (Cordele, GA), October, 1990, page 13
Atlanta Soaring Club Promotes Soaring, October, 1990, page 13
Steve Hines, Book Review: Aerial Photogrpahy by Harvey Lloyd, October, 1990, page 14
Lilienthal Memorial Competition 1991, October, 1990, page 15
US Team Identified, October, 1990, page 15
Reggie Spinhayer, In Memoriam: Henry Stouffs, November, 1990, page 15
Robert Penn, Sixteen Contestants Fly 1000 Kilometers in Possible World Record Contest Task, November, 1990, page 15
Region 11 North Contest, August 12-17, 1990, Siskiyou County Airport, Montague, California, November, 1990, page 15
Reminder for (XXII OSTIV Congress) Technical Papers, November, 1990, page 15
The World is Coming to Minden (in 1991) and we need your help, November, 1990, page 15
Winter Instruments Without Certification, November, 1990, page 15
Tom Elmore, Accent on Clubs Revisited (& 2-22 Aileron Gap Seals), November, 1990, page 17
Fall 1990 SSA Board Meeting, November, 1990, page 18
New Soaring Club (Atlantic Soaring) Forms in Maryland, November, 1990, page 18
Russian Teenager Solos While Guest of SSA Members (Betty and Roger Ruch), November, 1990, page 18
Can You Identify?, November, 1990, page 19
Regulatory Updates (AD's and Driving Convictions), November, 1990, page 20
Elections for Regional Director, November, 1990, page 21
Judy Lincoln, Regulatory Updates (Transponder Over ARS As and St Louis TCA Change), December, 1990, page 10
In Memoriam: Fred MacFawn, December, 1990, page 10
Marty Bael, (1990) Region III Contest (Danville, NY), December, 1990, page 11
The Soaring Bug Bites Again, December, 1990, page 11
Can You Identify, December, 1990, page 12
SSA Insurance Program Update (Ohio General Out, Global Insurance In), December, 1990, page 12
Bernald S. Smith, SSA Instructor Poll (Results and WDA Views), December, 1990, page 13
A Soaring Coincidence, December, 1990, page 13
The World Class Enters Judging Phase, December, 1990, page 13
B.L. Stanfield, Alternative Source of Energy, December, 1990, page 15
Judy McDonald, A Yuletide Soaring Poem, December, 1990, page 16
NSM has a New Director (Dr. Charles R. Smith), December, 1990, page 16
Gregory Garwin, Region Eight Soaring Championships, July 1-7, 1990, Ephrata, WA, January, 1991, page 11
FAA Project Updates (AD's and Propeller Problems), January, 1991, page 11
Jim Smolen, Region 6 North (1990) Contest (Ionia, MI), January, 1991, page 12
Paul A. Schweizer, In Memoriam: Emil A. (Moe) Lehecka, January, 1991, page 12
Derek Piggott, Basic Exercise Notes for Gliding Instructors by Ken Stewart, January, 1991, page 13
Jan Scott, Gliding in Australia by Allan Ash, January, 1991, page 13
Ghost Writers in the Sky, January, 1991, page 13
H.V. Senn, Handbook of Soaring Meteorology by Charles V. Lindsay, January, 1991, page 14
New "Affordable" Two-Seat Training Sailplane Headed for USA, January, 1991, page 15
WSPA Names (1990) Trophy Winners, January, 1991, page 15
Glider Pilot on Japanese (Prime Time) TV., January, 1991, page 16
Sharon Smith, WSPA Seeks (1991) Seminar Bids, January, 1991, page 17
Stephen West, Sailors of the Wind, January, 1991, page 17
Proposed FAA Dimona (Service Life and Fuel Tanks) Update, January, 1991, page 17
Mike Koerner, Gliders Wanted (for WSC91), January, 1991, page 18
SSA Membership Elects Five New Regional Directors, January, 1991, page 18
Six will serve one year terms as Director-at-Large, January, 1991, page 18
Mike Koerner, Gliders Wanted (for WSC91), February, 1991, page 9
European Rallye Announced, February, 1991, page 9
Schreder Trailer is Back in Production, February, 1991, page 9
Bill Ray, In Memoriam: Steve Sherry, February, 1991, page 10
Motorglider Pilot (Don Pollard) Recognized, February, 1991, page 10
Poland Invites American Pilots, February, 1991, page 10
The 1991 Officers and Directors of the Soaring Society of America, February, 1991, page 12
Can You Identify?, February, 1991, page 14
DG-500 Now Certified by LBA, March, 1991, page 9
Regulatory Flash! Annual Flight Review Under Scrutiny, March, 1991, page 9
Solicits Nominees for Lincoln Award, March, 1991, page 9
Celstar GA-1 Awarded Type Certificate, March, 1991, page 10
Gliders Featured at Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, March, 1991, page 10
Charlie Spratt, Region 10 (1990) Contest Report (Uvalde, TX), March, 1991, page 11
John H. Campbell, Knauff and Grove Youth Scholarship (1990 Winner is Catherine Cico), March, 1991, page 11
Can You Identify?, March, 1991, page 12
Bertha Ryan, In Memoriam: Paul Bikle-A Giant of a Man, April, 1991, page 11
Mike Koerner, Urgent! Urgent! More Sailplanes Needed for (1991) World Championships, April, 1991, page 11
Call for Contest Sites 1992 & 1993, April, 1991, page 11
Junior National Champion (for 1990 is Sean Franke), April, 1991, page 11
USA Junior World Team, April, 1991, page 11
Howard Banks, Region Four North Contest (1990 at Fairfield, PA), April, 1991, page 12
Cliff Oliver, In Memoriam: Leslie Neal, April, 1991, page 13
Bert Kolotilin, New LAK Distributor, May, 1991, page 11
Dent Broome, In Memoriam: Raymond A. Young, Jr., May, 1991, page 11
Karen Willet, Call for Articles, May, 1991, page 11
Sam Crane, In Memoriam: Robert P. Grey, May, 1991, page 11
Vintage Sailplane (4th Western) Regatta Scheduled (for Hemet, CA), May, 1991, page 11
WSPA Announces XIII Seminar (at Turf Soaring), May, 1991, page 11
In Memoriam: Alan James Yarmey, May, 1991, page 12
Re-alignment Discussed, May, 1991, page 12
NSF Announces Annual Meeting, May, 1991, page 13
SSA Board of Director Report, May, 1991, page 13
Bill Stewart, Practical Wave Flying revised edby Mark Palmer, June, 1991, page 12
Certification (LBA) for DG-500M, June, 1991, page 12
Russian Gliding Experience Available, June, 1991, page 12
Central Ohio Soaring Association Promotes Soaring (in Shopping Mall), June, 1991, page 13
Bernald S. Smith, Bungee Launch in the 90's (1991 IGC Meeting Report), June, 1991, page 14
Waiver of Rules Sought (for Motorgliders), June, 1991, page 14
Mike Swanson, 1991 Region 11 (South) Soaring Contest (Vacaville), July, 1991, page 14
Banners for Oshkosh Available, July, 1991, page 14
News from Tampa Bay Soaring Society (Soaring at Sun-N-Fun), July, 1991, page 14
Lilienthal (Centennial) Celebration (in Germany) Soon, July, 1991, page 15
Lew Hull, 50th Anniversary for Philadelphia Glider Council, July, 1991, page 16
Arleen Coleson, Badge and Record Book by Jackie Payne, August, 1991, page 11
Jim Short, Gliding, a Handbook on Soaring Flight 6th edby Derek Piggott, August, 1991, page 11
Articles Still Needed for Special April Issue, August, 1991, page 11
Harry C. Higgins, In Memoriam: Joseph M. Robertson, August, 1991, page 12
Mary Beuby, In Memoriam: William C.Beuby, August, 1991, page 12
Scott S. Ford, SSA Member Provides Informative Program (to Florida Aero Club), August, 1991, page 12
Steve Miller, In Memoriam: Earl Hopkins, Sr., August, 1991, page 12
Candidates for Regional Director, August, 1991, page 13
DG Information 2/91, DG-600/18 Evolution, September, 1991, page 5
Volunteer Help Wanted (to Deliver Sailplane to NSM), September, 1991, page 5
DG-600M Now Type Certified (by LBA), September, 1991, page 6
Famous Site (Black Forest) Records 10,000th Flight, September, 1991, page 6
Region 11 North June 16-22, 1991 (Siskiyou Co, CA), September, 1991, page 6
Tonk Mills, In Memoriam: Dr. Charles Henning, October, 1991, page 14
Junior World's (1991 in Sweden)Results, October, 1991, page 14
SSA at Oshkosh (Volunteers Thanked), October, 1991, page 14
Soaring with the Schweizers by William Schweizer, October, 1991, page 14
1991 Region V North Soaring Championships (Chester, SC), October, 1991, page 15
1991 Region 10 West Soaring Championships (Littlefield, TX), October, 1991, page 17
Press Release PZL Krosno KR-03A Trainer Receives US Type Certificate, October, 1991, page 17
Attention Clubs, Sites, and Business Members - New Directory..Coming!, November, 1991, page 12
Results of Instructors' Questionnaire, November, 1991, page 12
SSA Members Elect 9 New Directors, November, 1991, page 12
Six Selected to Serve One Year Term as Director-At- Large, November, 1991, page 12
Oral History Project Begun (by VSA), November, 1991, page 16
VSA (Gross) Award Goes to Byard, November, 1991, page 16
(1991) Region 6 South Contest Report (Caesar Creek), November, 1991, page 17
WSPA Announces XIV Seminar (at Caesar Creek), November, 1991, page 17
Air Sailing Sports Class Contest '91, November, 1991, page 18
In Memoriam: William Frank Kelsey, November, 1991, page 19
Parachute Changes of Interest to Soaring Pilots, November, 1991, page 20
Drug Awareness Working Group (DAWG) Succeeds, November, 1991, page 21
Can You Identify?, November, 1991, page 22
Paul W. Sowder, More Comments on More Comments, December, 1991, page 4
Bertha Ryan, The World Distance Award, December, 1991, page 10
SSA Films (Undergoing Restoration at NSM), December, 1991, page 10
SSA Offices to be Closed, December, 1991, page 10
Karl Striedieck, In Memoriam: Rudolf Kaiser, December, 1991, page 11
(Dresser) Tire and Rubber CoAdds New Line, December, 1991, page 11
Bowlus SP-1 on Display, December, 1991, page 11
Special Issue of Magazine (Directory of Soaring Sites) Update, December, 1991, page 11
Ed Byars, Region 4 S Contest New Castle, Virginia, September 15-20, 1991, December, 1991, page 12
John Daniel, 1991 Region 1 Contest (Sugarbush, VT), December, 1991, page 12
Ed Beck, A Very Unusual Soaring Photograph ("Circular Rainbow"), December, 1991, page 14
John Campbell, New (Robert Beverley Evans) Inter-Collegiate Trophy, December, 1991, page 16
SSA Board Meets in Hobbs, December, 1991, page 17
Crazy Creek Soaring Up and Going, December, 1991, page 18
In Memoriam: Thomas Page, December, 1991, page 18
Solaire Distributor for SZD Sailplanes, December, 1991, page 18
Doug Martin, 1991 Region III Soaring Contest (Harris Hill, NY), December, 1991, page 19
Pat Philbrick, 1991 Region 12 Soaring Contest (California City), December, 1991, page 21
Gene Hammond, In Memoriam: Falk Hoffman, December, 1991, page 22
Solaire Announces New Sailplane Trailer, January, 1992, page 10
Update on Special Issue (Directory of Soaring Sites and Services), January, 1992, page 10
Invitation Extended for Swe-Glide 1992, January, 1992, page 10
Plans for International Open (Eskilstuna 1992) Announced, January, 1992, page 10
Frank Collins, Hawaii Civil Air Patrol Glider Camp, January, 1992, pages 11-12
(Directory of Soaring Sites & Services) Coming Soon, February, 1992, page 12
Update of Keystone Gliderport, February, 1992, page 12
Tim Gossfeld, Region 2/3 (May 4-12, 1991) Non-Sanctioned Contest (Blairstown, NJ), February, 1992, pages 12,15
Mark D. Bottino, 50th Anniversary for the Philadelphia Glider Council, March, 1992, pages 12-13
A New Self-Launcher: The DG-800, March, 1992, pages 13-14
SSA and Sporty's Team Up, March, 1992, page 14
A. Jonusas, Rebuts Report of (LAK Factory) Demise, March, 1992, pages 15-16
Nancy Graham, News on (FAI) Sporting Licenses, March, 1992, page 16
Nancy Graham, Wander and Caesar Creek are #1 (Recruiters), March, 1992, pages 16-17
André Volant, Fly in Polish Countryside, March, 1992, page 17
New Soaring Seats, March, 1992, page 18
Charlie Spratt, Region 2/3 (Lockhaven, PA, 1991) Fall Classic Contest, March, 1992, pages 18-19
SSA Offers a Wide Variety of Soaring Options, April, 1992, pages 6-7,9
(1992) Motorglider Nationals to be with Standards (in Littlefield, TX), May, 1992, page 13
National Roster, May, 1992, page 13
A New Soaring Group (Skyline Soaring), May, 1992, pages 13-14
Writing Competition (for Lincoln Award) Opens, May, 1992, page 14
DG-600/18M LBA Type Certified, May, 1992, pages 14-15
(Modeling) Help Needed on NSM'S Eogase Project, May, 1992, page 17
Do We Have a Problem Here? FAI Changes Policy on Official Observers, May, 1992, pages 17-18
Symbols of the 1992 Tehachapi Wind Fair, May, 1992, page 18
SSA Expands Summer Office Hours, June, 1992, page 18
NSF Announces Annual Meeting, June, 1992, page 18
Petersburg, West Virginia Wave Camp '92, June, 1992, page 18
Soaring Flight Youth Scholarships, June, 1992, page 18
Jim Payne, Rules Committee (1992) Report, June, 1992, pages 18-19
Solaire Performance Sailplanes Appoints (Michael Slingluff) Sales Manager, June, 1992, page 19
John Campbell, Youth Has a Future (Youth Memberships Up), June, 1992, pages 19-20
Call for 1994 (National) Contest Sites, June, 1992, page 20
XIV Annual Seminar in Ohio, June, 1992, page 20
Pete Williams, Minden Soaring Club Formed, July, 1992, page 14
William Malpas, Two New World Records, July, 1992, page 14
Pete Williams, From the SLSPA; Self-Launching Safety Reminders, July, 1992, pages 14-15
1991 Kolstad Winner: Tim Hanke, July, 1992, page 15
Frauke Elber, Airspace and History Center Opened (in Hampton, VA), July, 1992, page 15
Special (Membership) Anniversaries, July, 1992, page 18
Gross Sky Ghost Scholarship Announcement, July, 1992, page 18
Oshkosh Bound, July, 1992, page 18
Maintenance Alert - Glaser-Dirks DG-100 and DG-400 (Hotellier Connectors), August, 1992, page 10
Pete Williams, The Future of Powered Sailplanes: a Prediction, August, 1992, page 10
A New Model: DG-300 Elan Acro, August, 1992, pages 10-11
The DG-800, August, 1992, page 11
Guy Ford Byars, 1992 Wright Memorial Glider Meet (Caesar Creek), August, 1992, page 12
William Ottley Named NAA Executive Director, August, 1992, page 12
Bruce H. Carmichael, SHA 1992 Western Workshop (Scheduled for Labor Day Weekend at Tehachapi, CA), August, 1992, page 14
Pretty as a Picture (4 Grob Twin III Sl's), August, 1992, page 14
Guide to Racing Competition Available, August, 1992, page 14
Michael Carris, Memorial Fund Announced: The Bernie Carris Memorial Award, August, 1992, page 15
Clem and Mary Bowman, Second Annual Senior Nationals Conclude (Seminole-Lake, FL), August, 1992, pages 15-17
Edward Slater, Torrey Pines Gliderport is Now a National Landmark, August, 1992, pages 18-20
Jim Short, Airworthiness Directive on PIK-20 and PIK-20B Sailplanes, September, 1992, page 12
Tom Knauff, New (Five-Day) Glider Flight Training Course, September, 1992, page 12
Availability of Airworthiness Directives Listings and Subscriptions, September, 1992, page 12
Jim Short, FAA Action Plan Seeks G(eneral) A(viation) Partnerships, September, 1992, pages 15-16
Student Engineers (at Penn State) Learn by Doing, October, 1992, page 15
Jim Short, Airspace Watch, October, 1992, page 15
Update on XXIII OSTIV Congress, October, 1992, page 15
Gliders Return to Lake Elsinore (CA), October, 1992, pages 15-16
Stemme Motorglider Representatives Appointed, October, 1992, page 16
DG-600/18 Evolution Now Certified, October, 1992, page 17
(The C Badge the) Second Time Around (46 Years later), November, 1992, page 12
Imported (Romanian) Aircraft at Port Everglades (FL), November, 1992, page 16
Bob Wander, Thanks for the (Oshkosh) Help, November, 1992, page 16
FAA Seeks Info on Connector Control Fittings, November, 1992, pages 16-17
LET L-33 Solo - World Class Glider, November, 1992, page 17
Italy From the Top to the Bottom, November, 1992, page 18
The (August 1991) Mystery (Photo) is Solved (It's a Japanese Tongbo), November, 1992, page 18
World Class Glider Update (Seven Ground Evaluations, Three Have Flown), November, 1992, page 18
Terry Michaud, 1992 Little Guys Meet (Blairstown, NJ.), December, 1992, pages 7,9
SSA Board Adopts Plan for New Award - The Hatcher Trophy, December, 1992, pages 10-11
30th Anniversary (of Lennox Flight School) Celebration Planned, December, 1992, pages 11-12
Shaun Keller, MIT Soaring Association at AirFair '92, December, 1992, page 12
DG-500M Now FAA Type Certified, January, 1993, page 12
1993 European Women's Gliding Championship, January, 1993, page 12
New Youth Soaring Scholarship Announced, January, 1993, page 14
Tom Knauff, Region 2 Seminar Announced (for March 6, 1993), January, 1993, page 14
John Campbell, (Junior) Team Named for European Contest, January, 1993, pages 15-16
Paula Gadowski, WSPA Breakfast (at Seattle Convention) Planned, January, 1993, page 16
Sharon Smith, Weekend Warriors (at Dallas Love Field Static Display), January, 1993, page 16
Official Scoresheet Corrected for 1992 Standard Class Nationals, January, 1993, page 17
International Wrap Up, 1992 (South African, German, French, Sweden, French Teams Announced, Trophies and Championships Announced), February, 1993, pages 7,9-10
Frank Reid, A Review of the Gliderport Management System, February, 1993, page 10
Stu Schweizer, Nominations Sought for (Gross Sky Ghost) Award, February, 1993, page 10
Wally Wallington, February, 1993, page 10
Victor M. Saudek, Reunion at Bishop - After Four Decades, February, 1993, page 12
National Soaring Foundation Announces (Jack Gomez Memorial) Soaring Award, February, 1993, page 13
Pete Williams, Minden Remains Active (at Douglas County Airport), February, 1993, pages 13-14
Henry C. Godman, Thanksgiving Turkeyfest in Alamogordo, New Mexico, February, 1993, pages 14-15
Derek Johnson, South Carolina's New Soaring Operation (at Ridgeland), February, 1993, page 17
John H. Campbell, EAA Young Eagles, February, 1993, page 17
Sky Sailing, Caesar Creek Top Recruiters in 1992, March, 1993, page 7
Special (Membership) Anniversaries, March, 1993, pages 7,9
Additional Airworthiness Notifications (Grob Airbrakes & Glaser-Dirks Airbrake Controls), March, 1993, page 8
Schempp-Hirth Elevator Control Rod Service Bulletin, March, 1993, page 8
Jim Short, FAA Action Plan Seeks General Aviation Partnerships, March, 1993, pages 10,12
Youth Camp (at Pocono Mt. Airport) Makes Plan, March, 1993, page 12
Solaire Assists (US) Aerobatic Team, March, 1993, page 12
Fly and Make the World Turn (August 1993 WGAC in Venlo, Netherlands), April, 1993, page 4
Helmuth H. Fischer and Bill Malpas, 1992/93 International Gliding Camp (South Africa), April, 1993, pages 4,6
1992 Kolstad Winner Announced (David Graham), April, 1993, page 9
Maiden Flight of the Duo-Discus, April, 1993, page 12
Paul A. Schweizer, Co-Founder of Schweizer Aircraft, Awarded Honorary Doctorate, May, 1993, page 9
Jane Taylor-Barrett, The Tehachapi Wind Fair, May, 1993, pages 9-10,12
Schempp-Hirth Duo-Discus (Described), May, 1993, page 12
STS Handheld Update, May, 1993, page 14
Tony Burton, 1993 Canadian National Soaring Contest (Announced for Saskatchewan), June, 1993, page 10
NiCad Inserts for Airband Handheld, June, 1993, page 10
Maintenance Manual Available for L'Hotellier Control Connectors, June, 1993, pages 10-11
Jim Short, Identification Plate Exemption Extended, June, 1993, page 11
The Harris Hill Junior Member Program, June, 1993, pages 11-12
Call for 1995 (National) Contest Sites, June, 1993, page 12
John Mahony, Salto in Production Again (by Frank and Waldenberger), June, 1993, pages 12,15
Jan W. Steenblik, Nine Net Diamonds over Petersburg (WV), June, 1993, page 15
Oshkosh '93 (Help Solicited), June, 1993, page 15
Jim Short, Private Tow Pilot Exemption Renewed, June, 1993, page 15
COMAV/SAFECO Takes Over SSA Insurance Program, July, 1993, page 10
Hal Bruning, 3rd Annual Senior National Soaring Festival (Seminole-Lake, FL), July, 1993, pages 10-12
Ed Slater & Gary Fogel, Torrey Pines Listed As Historic Place, July, 1993, pages 12,14
Australia Says No to Foreign Soaring Operations, July, 1993, pages 14-15
(1993) Australian Nationals Results, July, 1993, page 15
Wanted-European Organizer!, July, 1993, page 15
Motorgliders in Competition with Pure Sailplanes, July, 1993, page 15
Annual Meeting of SSA Trustees, July, 1993, page 15
Ed Anderson, Solaire Announces World Class Plans, July, 1993, pages 15-16
Ed Anderson, GAPA (PW-2 Ultralight) at Sun'N Fun, July, 1993, page 16
John Roake, News from New Zealand, July, 1993, page 16
Lincoln Competition Announced, August, 1993, page 12
Jim Short, SSA Responds to Threatened Taxes and User Fees, August, 1993, pages 12, 15-16
Maiden Flight of the DG-800, August, 1993, pages 16-17
18-Meter Class in Germany, August, 1993, page 17
The "SWIFT" (The Missing Link?), August, 1993, page 17
Hans Werner-Grosse Strikes Again, August, 1993, page 17
First Young Eagle Takes Flight (with Gene Hammond), August, 1993, page 18
Elsie F. Johnson, Fall Mountain Soaring Camp (Andrews-Murphy, NC), September, 1993, page 9
John Clabes, FAA and BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Join Hands in New Venture, September, 1993, pages 9-10
Tom Knauff, New World Record Claimed, September, 1993, pages 10-11
Tom Knauff, OSTIV Report (Fatalities and Flight Training), September, 1993, pages 17-18
International News, October, 1993, pages 16,17-18
John H. Campbell, Junior Team Sweepstakes (Results), October, 1993, page 21
John H. Campbell, Youth Aerospace Convention (26th NCASE in Orlando), October, 1993, page 21
Bermuda High Soaring Celebrates First Anniversary at New Location with Neighbor Day and Mamber Day, October, 1993, pages 21-22
American Spirit Soars Over Arizona, October, 1993, page 22
SSA '94 Convention - Almost Chicago, October, 1993, page 22
First American Spirit Customer Sailplane Takes to the Air, October, 1993, page 22
Young Eagle Announcement (Jarrod Briscoe in Photo), November, 1993, page 6
John H. Campbell, European Junior Contest (Winners), November, 1993, pages 6-7
Cyndi Stephenson, SSA Announces Convention Sites for 1994, 1995, 1996 (Chicago, IL, Reno, NV, and Huntsville, AL), November, 1993, pages 7-8
Oleska-Myron Bilaniuk, Soaring the Skies of Kiev, November, 1993, pages 8-9
Lloyd A. Sallee, New Mexico Wing 1993 Soaring Encampment (at Hobbs, NM), November, 1993, pages 12, 14
World Glider Aerobatic Championships (Results from Veno), November, 1993, page 15
International News, Dutch and Italian National Championships, November, 1993, page 15
SSA at Oskosh, November, 1993, page 16
Bob Wander, SSA at Oshkosh Airshow (93), November, 1993, page 16
Rudder Waggle Signal Adopted, November, 1993, page 16
Group Genesis Design Team a Unique Synergy of Knowledge and Experience, December, 1993, pages 10-11
Pricing for Genesis I Standard Class Sailplane, December, 1993, page 11
John Roarke & Bob Henderson, 1995 World Championships GPS Update, December, 1993, page 14
Dick Mockler, TSA Annual Labor Day Race, December, 1993, pages 14,16
Alan Negrin, Rising from the Ashes, December, 1993, page 16
David Michaud, 1993 Little Guys Meet (Blairstown), December, 1993, page 16
Wright BrosCollection from Sporty's, December, 1993, pages 16-17
(Mike) Koerner Assumes Presidency of SSA, January, 1994, page 5
Dick Hitt, FAA Accident Prevention Seminar Held (at Bermuda High Soaring), January, 1994, page 5
Michael Slingluff, Rotax Powered Super Dimona Receives US. Type Certificate, January, 1994, pages 8-9
Ted Sharp, Unusual Greetings, January, 1994, page 9
New Version of the DG-500 Two-Seat Sailplane, January, 1994, page 9
Builders Join Together on (Ultralight Cumulus) Motorglider, January, 1994, pages 9-10
James R. Moser, 6th National Soaring Landmark (at Waynesboro, Virginia) Dedicated, January, 1994, pages 11-12
Results Announced on Contest Rules Committee Election, February, 1994, page 12
Elsie Johnson, Plans Announced for Soaring Camps (at Andrews-Murphy, NC), February, 1994, page 12
Cyndi Stephenson, Young Eagles in Flight (by named SSA Pilots), February, 1994, page 12
Best Fest '93 (at Atlanta, GA), February, 1994, page 12
Handheld (II Morrow 920) GPS Now Shipping, February, 1994, pages 12,15
Tony Burton, (Accident Analysis) News For Duster Owners, February, 1994, pages 16-17
Glider Flight Instructor Seminar Held (at Hobbs, NM), February, 1994, page 17
International Vintage Sailplane Meet in USA in 1995 (at Elmira, NY), February, 1994, pages 17-18
The Motorglider Market, An Assessment, February, 1994, pages 18-19
OSTIV Prizes, February, 1994, page 19
J.C. Treager, Limbach Changes Announced, February, 1994, page 19
Cambridge GPS at the '94 Standard Class Nationals, February, 1994, page 20
Hotel Whiskey (Multi-Seat World Record Holder ASH-25) Has Not Retired, March, 1994, page 5
World News, German Universities Announce Summer Camp, March, 1994, page 5
(10,000m) Rope to Pull (Sail)plane into Stratosphere, March, 1994, page 8
(MDM-1) "Quick Brown Fox", March, 1994, page 9
William Malpas, European Junior Gliding Championships Update, March, 1994, pages 9-10
Lee Logan, PW-5 (Price) Update, March, 1994, page 10
II Morrow's Apollo 920-Leader of the Flock, March, 1994, page 10
Yasuhiro Yama, Japanese Women's Team Makes Debut, March, 1994, page 10
Some Marriages Are Nearer to Heaven, March, 1994, pages 10-11
Strong Trains German Parachute Riggers, March, 1994, page 11
James W. Swinnich, Help Preserve Our Heritage (by Properly Documenting Your Activities), March, 1994, pages 11-12
Manfred Reinhardt, XXIV OSTIV Congress, Call for Papers, March, 1994, page 14
Bob Wander, Attention SSA Chapters and Business Members, March, 1994, page 15
1994 Kolstad Scholarship Winners Announced (Robert Paul Sabino and James R. Brown), April, 1994, pages 9-10
1993 Kolstad Scholarship Winner Announced (Joe Walter), April, 1994, pages 9-10
50 Years After D-Day, April, 1994, page 11
Carol Moe Fagan, Reunion Scheduled for Crystal Soaring, April, 1994, pages 12-13
Gross Sky Ghost (Youth Achievement) Award Nominations Being Accepted, April, 1994, page 13
Karl Striedieck, (1994) Contest Rules and Procedures Changed, May, 1994, page 5
Gary Kemp, Insurance Changes Announced (Addition of Engine Tear Down Option), May, 1994, page 5
Joe Volmar, (Adrian Soaring Club) Air Show Zealots, May, 1994, pages 5-6
Recruitment Awards Given at (1994) Convention, May, 1994, pages 6,9
Wilhelm Dirks, Glaser-Dirks DG-800B (MWAE Engine is Quieter), May, 1994, pages 9-10
Linda Mae Draper, New Zealand (Sight-seeing) Tour Package Offered, May, 1994, page 10
John Good, Club Class an Experiment for the 1994 Contest Season, May, 1994, pages 10-11
Group Genesis and BRS Make Announcement, May, 1994, pages 11-12
The National Soaring Museum: 25 Years of Flight and Still Climbing, May, 1994, pages 13-15
Wilhelm Dirks, DG-800 Now LBA Type Certified, June, 1994, pages by Wilhelm Dirks, pp. 9-10
James W. Swinnich, Happenings at the National Soaring Museum (MacCready Presentation and 21st Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture by Stann Hall), June, 1994, page 6
Sterling Starr, Montana Calls Competition Pilots (to 1994 15-Meter Nationals), June, 1994, page 6
Cyndi Stephenson, Call for Proposals on 1996 Contest Sites, June, 1994, page 6
Washington (State) Barograph Center Changes (to Airtech Instrument), June, 1994, page 9
Tim Smith, New Sailplane Desk Ornament (Model That Responds to Joystick), June, 1994, page 9
William Malpas, International News, From France to Corsica Again, June, 1994, page 10
FAI 1000 KM Diplomas (Now Total 244), June, 1994, page 10
George Nuse, Georgia Clubs Unite (Atlanta Soaring Club into Mid-Georgia Soaring Association), June, 1994, pages 10-11
Michael Steckner, New Product Review - Lift/Director 100 Variometer, June, 1994, page 11
John H. Campbell, Student Memberships (at $22/Year) Are Attractive, June, 1994, page 11
Charlie Spratt, Shaking Off the Snow, The 1994 Senior Nationals, July, 1994, page 9
James W. Swinnich, (Scouting) Youth at the National Soaring Museum, July, 1994, pages 9-11
International News, An Ejection Seat for the Sailplane Pilot, July, 1994, pages 11,13
Dresser Introduces New Tire, July, 1994, page 13
Nutmeg Soaring Meet to be in (Springfield,) Vermont, July, 1994, page 13
Call for SSA (1998) Convention Sponsor, Don Kawal, July, 1994, page 13
Tow Launch System(s of San Antonio, TX New Features) Update, July, 1994, pages 13-14
James Berry, Weather Service Company (Doppler Radar from Accu-Weather) Update, July, 1994, page 14
FAA Announces Action Plan (to Promote an Economic Upturn of Aviation), July, 1994, pages 14-15
J.H. Volmar, (Adrian) Soaring Club Celebrates 60th Birthday, July, 1994, page 15
John Campbell, SSA Announces "Cadet Youth Flight Scholarship", July, 1994, page 16
Wilhelm Dirks, The DG-303 Elan from Glaser-Dirks (Announced), July, 1994, page 17
From the FAI, Gliding, Three Men, One Record, August, 1994, page 17
Raul Blacksten, Frank Gross Restoration Award (for a Laister-Kauffman TG-4a), August, 1994, page 17
Peter J. Kelly, Jr., New Soaring Site (Lagoon Valley Soaring Williams, CA) Has Spectacular Soaring, August, 1994, pages 17-18
Simine Short, Another "Young Eagle" Launched (by Chicago Glider Club), August, 1994, page 20
Sport Aviation (of IA) Offers Neat Camping Experience, September, 1994, pages 6,9
James W. Swinnich, Whitney and Soaring (Youth Scholarship Award), September, 1994, pages 9-10
Yasuhiro Yama, My Dream to Fly Again (After Hang Gliding Accident) Comes True, September, 1994, page 11
Ultralight Motorglider Mini Stratton D-7, September, 1994, page 17
Raul Blacksten, One Score Years, Thirty Score Members: VSA Turns Twenty, October, 1994, pages 8-9
Gerhard Waibel, Changes Highlighted in ASW-24B, October, 1994, pages 10-11
Roger Archey, Apollo 920 GPS at Region 11 Contest, October, 1994, pages 11-12
Wilhelm Dirks, Maiden Flight of the DG-800B, October, 1994, pages 12, 14, 16
Skip Hockman, Genesis I Sailplane in Design News Magazine, October, 1994, pages 16-17
Pete Williams, SLSPA-A Status Report (275 Members Strong), October, 1994, pages 17-18
Call For (Aviation Psychology) Papers, November, 1994, page 18
Tom Knauff, Wedekind Safety Sleeve Available, November, 1994, pages 18-19
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Insurance Options (for More Passenger Coverage), June, 1997, page 10
How to Contact the SSA:, June, 1997, page 12
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(1997) Region 3 Fee Changed, June, 1997, page 16
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French Teams Dominate World Championships, August, 1997, page 18
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Stemme S10VT Completes (LBA and FAA) Certification Flights, August, 1997, page 19
Ron Clarke, Thanks for (the Help with the) Sailplane Directory, September, 1997, page 7
Five (Years) in a Row (for New Mexico Glider Encampment), September, 1997, pages 7-9
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Turbocharged Stemme S10VT (LBA) Certified, December, 1997, page 18
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(1997) Region 6 South (Waynesville, OH), December, 1997, pages 20-21
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Jim Culp, GCS Reaches Out, January, 1998, page 7
Elmer Mooring, M-ASA Hosts Youth, January, 1998, page 7
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Jack Wyman, Region 6 Contest, January, 1998, page 14
Final Glide, March, 1998, page 7
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Jim Short, IAR Brasov Increases Safe-Life of IS-28B2 "Lark", March, 1998, page 8
Soaring Flight Simulator, March, 1998, page 9
Jaye Fish, NSM Wants Your Help, March, 1998, page 9
National Soaring Museum, Lincoln Award Winner, March, 1998, page 10
Tom Knauff, New From Schempp-Hirth, March, 1998, page 12
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Distributor Announced, April, 1998, page 7
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Jim Price, Glider Flight Number 8000, April, 1998, page 7
Norm Page, Henry Combs Perpetual Trophy Winner for 1997, April, 1998, page 8
Final Glide, April, 1998, page 8
New Florida Club, April, 1998, page 9
Denver Soaring Council, Scholarship Winner Announced, April, 1998, page 9
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Final Glide, May, 1998, page 8
Billy Singleton, Report Available, May, 1998, page 8
Discover Soaring! Video Wins Award, May, 1998, page 8
New Soaring Video, May, 1998, page 9
Jack Olson, Still Looking Up, May, 1998, page 10
Knauff and Sproull Elected to the Soaring Hall of Fame, May, 1998, page 10
NAA Announces Record Flights of 1997, May, 1998, page 13
Final Glide, June, 1998, page 5
John Campbell, SSA Rejuvenation, June, 1998, page 6
Pete Williams, New Product Self-Launch Retractable Engine Sailplanes by Peter Williams, June, 1998, page 7
Martin Simons, New Product German Air Attaché: The Life of Peter Riedel by Martin Simons, June, 1998, page 8
Dick Johnson, 1998 Marfa Thermal and Wave Camp Report, June, 1998, page 8
Kai Gertsen, 1998 Senior Nationals, June, 1998, page 10
NSF Board Meeting, June, 1998, page 12
Brian Hudnut, Construction of 100th Steme Model S10, June, 1998, page 12
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New Winch Available, July, 1998, page 9
Lou Frank, Soaring Safety Seminar 1998, July, 1998, page 10
Final Glide, July, 1998, page 11
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New Product Ball GS Comp, August, 1998, page 7
Vitek Siroky, Purchase Planned, August, 1998, page 7
Larry Sanderson, Charlie Spratt Reporting On-Line, August, 1998, page 7
Final Glide, August, 1998, page 8
Vitek Siroky, News from LET, August, 1998, page 8
Biographies for Newly Nominated SSA Director Candidates, August, 1998, page 9
Final Glide, September, 1998, page 7
François Pin, 1999 SSA Convention Help and Involvement Needed, September, 1998, page 7
Larry Sanderson, A New Era in Contest Reporting, September, 1998, page 7
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Ty White, 1998 Region 11 Championships, September, 1998, page 10
Charlie Spratt and Carmen Waters, Region Four North Contest, October, 1998, page 7
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Final Glide, October, 1998, page 7
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Mark Kennedy, For Prospective Authors, October, 1998, page 9
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Mike Greenwald, Region 7 Results, October, 1998, page 9
Burt Compton, Byrd Does Great, October, 1998, page 9
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Ron Ferguson, Region 8 Contest Report, October, 1998, page 10
Larry Sanderson, SSA Holiday Office Schedule, November, 1998, page 7
Hank Marlowe, Henry Combs Reaches 200th, November, 1998, page 7
Larry Sanderson, Board Selects Directors-At-Large, November, 1998, page 7
Larry Sanderson, Members Elect Regional Directors, November, 1998, page 7
Rick Hanson, Youth at Sugarbush, November, 1998, page 8
Larry Sanderson, Frank Reid Elected as SSA Chair for 1999, November, 1998, page 8
Final Glide, November, 1998, page 9
Cyndi Stephenson, USUA Will Attend, November, 1998, page 9
David Habercom, Test Flight For PW-6, November, 1998, page 9
Larry Sanderson, SSA Holiday Office Schedule, December, 1998, page 7
Dean Carswell, TSA Repeats Seminar Success, December, 1998, page 7
Gerard Pahl, CG-4A at Kalamazoo Museum, December, 1998, page 7
Bruce Carmichael, 1998 Symposium on Motorgliders and Self-Launching Sailplanes, December, 1998, page 8
Final Glide, December, 1998, page 8
Patrick Cummins, Rebirth of a Glider: In Memory of Frank Lilly, December, 1998, page 9
CAP Release, Local Cadets in Flight Training, December, 1998, page 10
Kai Gertsen, Region 3, Dansville, New York, December, 1998, page 11
John Duprey, Region 9 Sports Class Contest, December, 1998, page 13
Jennifer Mulligan, Region 4 South Contest, December, 1998, page 14
James W. Swinnich, NSM Collection Update, January, 1999, page 5
Manfred Reinhardt, New 2,000 Km Flight Award Announced, January, 1999, page 5
Patricia Valdata, WSPA Asking for Bids, January, 1999, page 5
Bill Kenyon, Nutmeg and the Ridge, January, 1999, page 6
John Campbell, Mile High Soaring, January, 1999, page 8
Bill Ard, Announcing the New Motorglider, January, 1999, page 9
Janett Sorrell, The 20th Annual Women Soaring Pilots Seminar, January, 1999, page 9
New Motorglider from Germany Announced, January, 1999, page 11
Final Glide, January, 1999, page 12
Jack Wyman, Region 6 North Contest, February, 1999, page 7
Tom Knauff, Robison Awarded Bultman Scholarship, February, 1999, page 7
Thomas Pressley, Region 10 South Plains Soaring Challenge 1998, February, 1999, page 9
Final Glide, February, 1999, page 9
Linn Buell, IVSM-2000 in Elmira Again, February, 1999, page 10
International Gliding Competition Hockenheim, Germany, February, 1999, page 10
Bud Brown, Second Annual Midwest Vintage Soaring Regatta, March, 1999, page 7
Frauke Elber, 1999 Women's Soaring Seminar, March, 1999, page 7
Francis van Haaf, Junior Gliding Update, March, 1999, page 9
John Lawrence, 1999 Civil Air Patrol Glider and Balloon Academy, March, 1999, page 9
Larry Howell, CAP Returns to Sailplane Enterprises … in Force, March, 1999, page 9
Ted Grussing, STC Issued for PW-5, March, 1999, page 9
Final Glide, March, 1999, page 9
Jon McKinley, 2000 Calendar and Fron Cover Photo Submissions, March, 1999, page 10
Bill Ard, Russia AC-4 Kit Due Soon, April, 1999, page 9
John and Luan Walker, Lift 2000, April, 1999, page 9
Minden Soaring Club, Preserve Minden, April, 1999, page 9
Nancy Graham, Call for Nominations -- 1999, April, 1999, page 10
Final Glide, April, 1999, page 10
Roger Harris, Book Review: Only Seconds to Live: Pilots' Tales of the Stall and the Spin by Dunstan Hadley, April, 1999, page 11
Ron Clarke, Sequatchie Soaring Closes, April, 1999, page 11
Ted Grussing, Update on PZL Agent, April, 1999, page 12
Bernald Smith and Carl Herold, World Distance Award, May, 1999, page 5
John Lawrence, CAP Glider Familiarization Course, May, 1999, page 5
John Campbell, Youth Scholarships, May, 1999, page 7
Final Glide, May, 1999, page 7
Jan Scott, A Golden Anniversary, May, 1999, page 8
Sweepstakes Winners Announced, May, 1999, page 9
Raul Blacksten, Sailplanes by Schweizer: A History by Paul A. Schweizer and Martin Simons, May, 1999, page 10
Book Review: Falkenhorst, The Scheibe Aircraft Story by Gerd Zipper, May, 1999, page 10
Burt Compton, The Thomas Crown Affair, June, 1999, page 5
Dick Johnson, 1999 Marfa Report, June, 1999, page 5
Michael Fadden, South Jersey at Kids Fair, June, 1999, page 5
Charlie Spratt, 1998 Lincoln Award Winner, June, 1999, page 7
Cyndi Stephenson, Contest Site Selection Deadline, June, 1999, page 7
Final Glide, June, 1999, page 7
New Product, June, 1999, page 7
Suzanne Moffat, 1999 Senior Soaring Championship, June, 1999, page 8
George Moffat, A Look at the Planes, June, 1999, page 9
Cyndi Stephenson, Contest Rules Committee Election, June, 1999, page 10
Bob Hurni, World Class Championships in Leszno, June, 1999, page 11
Mark Kennedy, Update on World Distance Award, June, 1999, page 11

The Buzz
Bob Wander, January, 1998, page 15
Bob Wander, Pilots: Know Your Rights!, February, 1998, page 15
Bob Wander, March, 1998, page 13
Bob Wander, April, 1998, page 9
Bob Wander, May, 1998, page 13
Bob Wander, A Little Friendly Competition, June, 1998, page 14
Bob Wander, July, 1998, page 12
Bob Wander, You Gotta ... Have a Regatta!, August, 1998, page 10
Bob Wander,, September, 1998, page 12
Bob Wander, October, 1998, page 12
Bob Wander, November, 1998, page 11
Bob Wander, December, 1998, page 16
Bob Wander, January, 1999, page 12
Bob Wander, Our Dinner with Derek & Maria, February, 1999, page 11
Bob Wander, Officer, The Wind Quit Department:, March, 1999, page 11
Bob Wander, Chapter 25, April, 1999, page 12
Bob Wander, May, 1999, page 12
Bob Wander, The World Class Glider Nationals, June, 1999, page 12
Bob Wander, Thank Your Local CFIG, July, 1999, page 11
Bob Wander, Gotta Go To Alaska!, August, 1999, page 11

Michael Furman, Studio Shot of Dr. Robert Driscoll in the Cockpit of a Fiberglass Sailplane, January, 1992
Jim Walasek, Guy Ford Byars in a LS-4 with UV Film on Canopy over Caesar Creek Soaring Club Gliderport (Waynesville, OH), February, 1992
Tom Stowers, Cliff Robertson Enjoying a Grob 102 Flight over the Sierra Mountains near Minden, NV, March, 1992
Steve Hines, Airbrush Illustration of a Gliderport with 1-26's on the ground, a 2-33A in the air, a young woman, and an elderly man, April, 1992
Robert Gaines, Two British Slingsby T-31's used for RAF Cadet Training Inflight, May, 1992
Karl Striedieck, John Seymour making a low pass in a Schleicher ASW-20B at Eagle Field near Port Matilda, PA, June, 1992
Jeff Byard, Jeff's Schweizer TG-2 Resting Comfortably in a Field of Orange and Yellow Flowers, July, 1992
Chris Reeder, Pawnee Towplane and High Clouds at Dawn during Amerglide 1990 held at Minden, NV, August, 1992
T.J. Hedding, Acrobatics in a Grob 103A "Twin II Acro" over Turf Soaring School, AZ, September, 1992
Nico Toutenhoofd, Self-Portrait with Bruce Miller in a Schweizer 2-32 Soaring over the Divide just West of Boulder, CO, October, 1992
Mark Montague, Jim Musgrove Piloting a Blanik High Above Ephrata, WA, November, 1992
Ed Golden, Mark Ackerly Landing his Schweizer 1-23 at Hinckley Airport, Hinckley, IL, December, 1992
Rick Kasnoff, Advanced Soaring Composites American Spirit, January, 1993
Bill Anderson, Baby Bowlus at Vintage Sailplane Regatta at Hemet/Ryan, February, 1993
Mark D. LaCiura, Carbon Dragon Inflight above a Bright Yellow Waco Biplane at Mountain Valley Airport, March, 1993
Mike Cavanagh, Bill Patterson and Doug Houston Soar the Titcomb Basin in the Wind River Range near Ganett Peak, Pinedale, Wyoming, April, 1993
Maurice Jennings, Front View of Bill Hunt's 1-26 Properly Loaded onto an Open Trailer at the Caesar Creek Wright Memorial Glider Meet, May, 1993
Joseph Bennis, Collection of 15 Soaring License Plates, June, 1993
Yasuhiro Yama, Takashi Kato in an Inverted Flight Pilatus B4 at the Japan Shk Sports Exhibition at Hondo Airport, July, 1993
Jon Silengo, Ron Murphy in his Rollanden-Schneider LS-4a over Val-Air Soaring in Durango, CO, August, 1993
Chuck O'Mahony, Open Class Finisher Dropping Water, the US Team Group Shot, and the WGC-93 Logo, September, 1993
Douglas C. Sperr, Time Exposure of Spinning an ASK-21 above Turf Soaring School, October, 1993
David Leonard, Walt Lefford in his LS-6 above the Clouds near Woodland Park, CO, November, 1993
Steve Walker, Bill Bartell Flying a Schempp-Hirth Ventus at 150 mph through the Finish Gate at the Sailplane Enterprises Annual Spring Sports Class Soaring Contest, December, 1993
Marc Arnold, Stemme S-10 in Powered Flight, January, 1994
Sheila Bouten, Roger McMakin Flying his Schleicher ASW-20 by Guadalupe Peak, February, 1994
Steve Hines, Bud Schumeier Launching his Siren PIK Motorglider, March, 1994
Joe Steinhauser, May 1951 Photo of a Schweizer 2-22, 1-23, and a Cinema Awaiting Tows at ChicagoLand Airport, April, 1994
Stephen Nesser, Watercolor of Red Tail Hawk in Flight with a Puchacz, May, 1994
Dereesa Purtell, Grob 103 Twin III SL Launching Over Aspen, CO, June, 1994
Phil Snider, Bruce Fox in L-33 Solo with Sunburst Wings, July, 1994
Mark Montague, Bob Barber Adorned with Multi-Colored Cap Awaiting a Tow on Asphalt in his Mosquito with Canopy Open, August, 1994
Jay Guerrero, Cliff Oliver in a Cirrus Above the Clouds and Beneath a Star Burst Sun, September, 1994
Steve Hines, Collage Featuring Les Horvath's Nimbus 3 Dumping Water Ballast at WSC91, October, 1994
Bill Anderson, Sunlight through the Wings of a Baby Bowlus at a Vintage Sailplane Meet, November, 1994
Craig Stanford, Diane Stanford Flying Her Red and Yellow Schweizer 1-34R, December, 1994
John Heiney, Harold Stephens Flies a Schempp-Hirth Jantar Standard Invertedabove Hemet, CA, January, 1995
Eric M. Eknes, The Early Morning Sun Backlights a Polish Krosno KRO-3a at Andrews-Murphy Airport in North Carolina, February, 1995
May Voltz, Russia 126 AC-4 Sailplane on the Grass before Darkening Clouds, March, 1995
Chuck O'Mahony, Collage from Omarama, NZ 24th WGC of Launch Grid, Balloon Release, Nearby Mountains, the US. Team Marching, etc., April, 1995
Mark Montague, Alex Burnette's Schleicher ASW-20 as a Street Display During the Reno Air Race Festivities, May, 1995
Andy McKittrick, American Spirit XL in Flight Over the Mountainous Terrain of California City, CA, June, 1995
Connie Indrebo, Parachutist Lands in a Field of Yellow Flowers at Crazy Creek Gliderport as a Schleicher ASW-24 Passes by, July, 1995
Guy Westgate, Inverted Polish SZD-50-1 "Puchacz" Rolling Background, August, 1995
Real Le Goueff, Astir CS Nose with Panorama of Clouds Above, September, 1995
Carla Page, Flight Line at IVSM at Harris Hill in Elmira, NY with National Flags in the Foreground, October, 1995
Tom Tyson, Hans Obermayer in Ventus 2 on the Turf at Omarama, NZ, November, 1995
Sergio Jurado, Sequence of a Red-Suited Parachutist, VJ., Jumping From a Yellow Schweizer 2-33, December, 1995
John Neel, Schempp-Hirth Ventus "OF" Piloted by Bill Bartell Over a Deep Blue Sky, January, 1996
Robert Gaines, Bowlus Baby Albatross Piloted by Owner and Pilot Jim Stoia on December 28, 1995 Over Manning, SC, April, 1996
Jeff Richards, ASW-25 "Hotel-Wilco" Piloted by Heinz Weissenbuehler Soaring Over Harris Hill and the Region 3 Competition Start Grid, May, 1996
Bill Jack Rogers, Durango Soaring Club's Blanik on Aerotow Behind Pawnee in Front of the Mountains of Colorado, June, 1996
Ronald L. Poe, Schweizer 2-33 at Sunset over Willamette Valley in Oregon Piloted by Bruce Pearson, October, 1996
James E. Densmore, Jr., Schweizer 1-34 Piloted by Mike Thompson on Runway Behind a Yellow Super Cub Piloted by Keith Butler at Mineral County Airport in Creede Colorado, December, 1996
John Sullivan, Air Sailing's Schweizer 2-32 Piloted by Charlie Haynes with his Wife; Chase Pilot is Bob McKay, January, 1997
John Neel, Scimitar Prototype Landed 12 Miles from Estrella by Chip Garner, February, 1997
Steve Hines, Ray Gimmey in his Nimbus 3 Crossing the Finish Gate, March, 1997
Hicham Hobeika, André Pepin and his DG-600 in Tow with the Montreal Soaring Council L-19 Tow Plane with Lake and Mountains in Background, April, 1997
Steve Hines, Gary Ittner and his Ventus in Flight Over Hobbs, NM, May, 1997
Jackie Payne, A Discus on the Ground at Sunset in the Southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains, June, 1997
John Sullivan, Rolladen-Schneider LS-3 at Rest Under a Rainbow Between It and the Mountains, August, 1997
Chuck O'Mahoney, US Team Member Gary Ittner in his Ventus CA over St Auban, France, September, 1997
Larry Sanderson, Dennis Ivans Takes Off in a Nimbus 4DM at the Flying M Ranch, October, 1997
Richard Thornton, Bright Orange Schweizer 2-33 Soaring Over Tehachapi, CA, November, 1997
Steve Hines, Ray Gimmey in his Nimbus 3 Dropping Ballast Water, December, 1997

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