Soaring Magazine Index for 1979 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1979 organized by section

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Accent on Clubs, Covers, Feature Articles, From the readers, Homebuilders' Hall, Letters, Maintenance and Projects, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Soaring to Win, The Executive Director's Report, Washington Update

Accent on Clubs
Shelley Hoose, January, page 45
Shelley Hoose, February, page 44
B. de Saro, To Buy or Not To Buy, February, page 47
Shelley Hoose, M-ASA instructional soaring seminar, March, page 44
Club Information Solicited, July, page 40
A Club History Book, July, page 40
M. Silver, Aero Club Albatross Golden Anniversary, August, page 42
M. Silver, Oregon Sailplane Council moves, August, page 42
M. Silver, Seattle Glider Council carpool, September, page 45
Cleveland Soaring Society, new base at Liberty airpark. Silver, M., September, page 45
Central Louisiana Soaring Society comebackSilver, M., September, page 45
M. Silver, Caprock Soaring Club new newsletter., September, page 45
Michelle Silver, October, page 46
Michelle Silver, November, page 45

Bert Small, Cover photo, January
George Uveges, Lark, February
Susan Grosek, Wave at Estrella Gliderport and 2-33's, March
Bruce Grumstrup, 1-26, April
George Uveges, Torrey Pines, May
Don Monroe, Gossamer Albatross, June
D. Monroe, Gossamer Albatross, June
Tim Heneghan, Blanik, July
Susan Grosek, Janus and Jantar 2a, August
Wolfgang Obst, SGS 1-34, September
Don Monroe, October
Laszlo Horvath, 2-33's, November
David Mittendorf, Northeastern Gliderport, Salem Massachusetts, December

Feature Articles
The 1978 US National and Regional Champions, January, page 14
Bob Grey, Down and Out, January, page 16
L. Hall, The Quadruplane, A Step Closer to Personal Flight?, January, page 20
Richard Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the PIK-20D-78, January, page 26
Frank Kelsey, Irv Prue, the one-man crew, January, page 36
Peter M. Newgard, Gusts and Gust Filters, January, page 40
Mike Adams, The PIK-20E, February, page 14
Ake Pettersson, Two for Two: Puchacz, the Polish Owl, February, page 20
Dick Huppertz, Two for Two: Nadia, the Romanian Lark, February, page 21
Jack Horst, Governor of What?, February, page 26
R. Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Janus, March, page 14
Gren Seibels, Sorcerer's Apprentice, March, page 23
Dan Danieli, Almost Getting There Is Half the Fun, March, page 31
Forrest W. Blossom, The SSA Executive Director's Report, April, page 18
John Harvey, Towline Adventure, April, page 20
Jan Scott, April, page 26
Ted Janczarek, Filming the Disney Sky Trap, April, page 28
Raouf Ismail, Guidelines for Variometer Evaluation, April, page 33
F. Kelsey, A Trailer is a Trailer is a Trailer..., April, page 36
Mike Moore, Sabrina Jackintell - Soaring for Records, May, page 18
Ken Stuckas, To Armageddon and Return, May, page 20
C. Gordon "Doc" Livingston, Designing a Sport Canopy, May, page 25
Jim Foreman, Air-to-Air Photography I: Shooting Sailplanes, May, page 28
Jim Foreman and Eric Greensell, Air-to-Air Photography II: Air-to Air Weaponry, May, page 29
Kenneth Striplin, FLAG-A Low-cost L/D Stretcher, May, page 32
G. Uveges, A Torrey Pines Album, Torrey Pines Midwinter Soaring Championships, 1979, June, page 22
Stan Hall, The Selling Price of Homebuilts, June, page 26
Wolf Elber, 3rd International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Low-Speed and Motorless Flight, June, page 31
Charles Klivans, Measuring Your Personal L/D, June, page 36
W. Cleary, Helmut Reichmann nominated for Lillenthal Medal, 1978, The CIVV Report, July, page 18
Richard Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Standard Jantars 1 and 2, July, page 20
Victor Saudek, Basic Barographics, Part I, July, page 24
B. Kirby, Badge Flights Diamond Fever, Taos Fly-In, July, page 28
Harry Senn, Engineering a 1-Man 1-26 Assembly, July, page 32
Raouf Ismail, A Layman's Guide to Total Energy, July, page 36
Jack Lambie, The Triumph of Paul MacCready's Gossamer Albatross, August, page 14
Victor Saudek, Basic Barographics, Part II, August, page 26
George Moffat, Getting to Know the Monerai, August, page 32
J. Joss, The 46th US National Unlimited Soaring Championships, September, page 24
Richard Johnson, A Flight Test Evaluation of the Zuni, September, page 36
Brian Utley, The SSA President's Report, October, page 14
Ted Li, The 4th National 15-Meter Class Soaring Championships, October, page 18
Robert T. Jones, Minimizing Induced Drag, October, page 26
Victor Saudek, A Short History: The FAI Badges, October, page 33
Jim Nash-Webber, Chrysalis, October, page 36
Hans-Werner Grosse, Breaking Records in Australia's Outback, December, page 16
Michelle Silver, The Sierra Soaring Seminar, December, page 22
Sherrill Bredfeldt, The 10th Annual Standard Class Championships, December, page 32
A. Backstrom, The Auxiliary-Powered Sailplane as A Homebuilding Project, December, page 999

From the readers
L. Sebald, Blind flying, barograph calibration charts, HP-14 landing gear problems, February, page 42

Homebuilders' Hall
Stan Hall, Structures How to Lay Out Airfoil Contours Part II, June, page 38
Stan Hall, A Homebuilders' Division in SSA?, November, page 42
Stan Hall, Homebuilder News, December, page 43

Pem Drinker and A. Anderson, Thermal generator launcher report, January, page 3
Robert D. Blacker, Lark rudder pedal hang-up, January, page 3
Stan Hall, 15-Meter Motorglider Propellers, February, page 3
Peter Boemer, Yaw strings, February, page 3
Dick Clawson, Soaring fun the easy way, February, page 3
Charles Fauvel, Multiplanes for HPA flight?, February, page 5
Celso Leonidas Coehlo De Souza, An invitation from Los Planadores Albatros Brazil, March, page 2
Edward J. Gardyan, The Albatross Dynamic Soaring Technique, March, page 3
John Firth, Gust filters, March, page 3
Raouf Ismail, Buying a ship? Beware of Liens, April, page 3
Nancy Zirkle, Get in SHAPE to Soar Cheap, May, page 2
Henry Mangels, 2-22 bellcrank failure, May, page 3
Chris Baker, Mnemonics for spoiler safety, May, page 5
Jack Greene, Dynamic Soaring - It's For the Birds, May, page 5
Chris Backer, Mnemonics for spoiler safety, May, page 5
K. Wayt, The Zuni-How She Goes, June, page 2
Gwyn Gordon Declines Selection for US Team in Women's European Championships, June, page 3
J. Ebersole, Ah, To Be Fourteen Again!, June, page 3
J. Faliu, The French (Soaring) Connection, June, page 3
R.[ or E.?] Jones, Gust vs. Short-period Lift Discrimination, June, page 5
P. MacCready, The Albatross Gossamer and the ULCC; response, C. Ellison, June, page 6
J.A. McMasters, Bennett response, Electrostatic Drag?, June, page 7
I. Taylor, A Vote for Albatross Dynamic Soaring, July, page 3
K. Vranken, A Treasury of Cowpoke Chapeaux, July, page 3
D. Marsden, Unlimited Class Variable Geometry Canadian 15-Meter Development, July, page 4
D. Marsden, 15-Meter Canadian 15-Meter Development, July, page 14
K. Striedieck, Sharing Airspace with the Military, September, page 2
G. Applebay, The Zuni's Peformance, September, page 2
W. Doherty, The Silver Anniversary 1-26, September, page 3
J. Lavanne, Human-powered And. Now, A Transatlantic HPA?, September, page 3
R. Grundy, A US /British Pilot Exchange, September, page 3
T. Blakenship, The Taos Soaring Club Fiesta, September, page 3
L. Mauro, Ultralights - Self Launch Coming: the Solar Powered Self-Launch, September, page 4
W. Scott, An Answer to Tape Problems, self-adhesive Teflon tape, September, page 4
response J. Aldrich B. Michener, The Voltz Phenomenon, Dynamic Soaring, September, page 6
R. Scheppe, and response T. Knauff, On Tow: Coordinated or Rudder-Only Positioning?, September, page 9
F. Vasegaard, 2 G, Vintage Danish, October, page 2
S. DuPont and D. Burke, Launching More on Rudder Use During Aerotow, October, page 3
F. Conner, Knock it Off, George, October, page 4
F. Hefty, Honoring the Pioneers, October, page 5
N. Zirkle, What One Responsible Person Can Do, October, page 5
G. Uveges, New European Racers, November, page 2
B. Tuncks, Flight Test Data: Instruments Only vs Reference Sailplane Accuracy, November, page 2
C. Stanton, Another Source of Lift?, November, page 3
B. Ball, Hello Dolly, Goodbye Dolly, November, page 3
S. Speciale, Region Eleven Top Five Correction, November, page 5
D. Taber, The Women's Seminar, November, page 5
G. Moffat, The Need. for a 1-26 Replacement, November, page 5
J. Sinclair, Insurance Gouging, November, page 5
Ray Reiffer, Variable Geometry and the Monarch Butterfly, December, page 3
John Robinson, Kerosene and Canopies, December, page 5

Maintenance and Projects
Les Sebald, About barographs, January, page 51
Les Sebald, Oxygen Systems - a few tips, March, page 36
Les Sebald, Radio Installation-Part II, May, page 48
Les Sebald, Letters on antennas, mike amplifiers, and artificial horizons, August, page 40
Les Sebald, About Canopies, Part II, October, page 50

SSA in Action
LS-3 and LS-1F, January, page 4
Airworthiness directive, January, page 4
Brian Utley, From the New SSA President, January, page 4
EAA Symposium, FAR's for an aircraft recreational vehicle?, January, page 6
Kolstad Award winners announced, January, page 7
Icarus V becomes museum piece, January, page 8
George Moffat, "Cross-Country Soaring", by Dr. Helmut Reichmann, January, page 9
B. Smith, Motorgliding Magazine incorporated into Soaring Magazine, January, page 9
FLAG, Ultralight News, January, page 11
Ted Sharp, Looking Backward, January, page 11
Doug Lamont and Bernald Smith, Centennial Salutations!, January, page 12
New Blanik Airworthiness Directive, January, page 12
Director election winners, February, page 6
Region It, Director election winner, February, page 6
Region 9, Director election winner, February, page 6
Region 12, Director election winner, February, page 6
Region 7, Director election winner, February, page 6
Region 8, Director election winner, February, page 6
SSA homebuilders directory, February, page 9
Zuni B Model Announced, February, page 11
Bernald Smith, SSA Sailplane Insurance Program, February, page 11
B. Smith, SSA Sailplane Insurance Program, February, page 11
Ted Sharp, Harris Hill, Looking Backward, February, page 12
Prometheus Unbound, February, page 13
Forrest W. Blossom, SSA Executive Director Airspace Action Report, March, page 6
Grosse and Georgeson Claim New Records, March, page 9
Monnett Hosts Monerai Builders, March, page 10
Forrest W. Blossom, Part Substitution and Plan Modifications, March, page 11
John Lee, New SSA Soaring News Service, March, page 12
Aimai Knypstra, Third Annual Sports Class Contest Seminar, March, page 12
J. Dezzutti, Looking for a Sailplane?, March, page 13
Wally Scott receives Barringer Memorial Trophy, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Receives SSA Exceptional Service Award, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Receives SSA Exceptional Achievement Award, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Receives Eaton Trophy, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Receives Barringer Memorial Trophy, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Paul Tuntland Award given to team of investigators, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Liam English receives SSA Exceptional Achievement Award, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
Charles McKinnie receives SSA Exceptional Service Award, The Chicago Convention, April, page 7
B. Utley, The President's Message, April, page 7
Minibat, Ultralight News, April, page 13
VSA plans project, April, page 14
Liam English, Elected to Soaring Hall of Fame, April, page 14
John Lee, Sabrina Jackintell claims world record, April, page 15
Bill Brinkman and Tony Benson, In Memoriam - Horward Gordon, April, page 17
Liam English, Elected to Soaring Hall of Fame, April, page 999
Forrest W. Blossom, Status Report on Airspace Reduction Proposals, May, page 6
Brian Utley, Status Report on Airspace Reduction Proposals, May, page 6
B. Utley and F. Blossom, Status Report on Airspace Reduction Proposals, May, page 6
Les Sebald, Test reopens soaring airspace to 26,000 feet, May, page 9
F. Blossom, Motorglider Pilots License? From the Executive Director, May, page 10
F. Blossom, NPRM to Extend Duration of Experimental Certificates, May, page 10
Forrest W. Blossom, From the Executive Director, May, page 14
J. Lee, Limited Edition Libelle Prints, May, page 15
Hermann Dusek, A Tactile Speed-to-Fly Indicator?, May, page 17
Six-Channel Kit Transceiver, May, page 17
Doris Grove, New O and R Claims, June, page 9
National New O&R Claims, Doris Grove, Tom Knauff, June, page 9
Derby Ups 'n' Downs, June, page 10
Winner, Air New Zealand Derby, 1979, June, page 10
Goldwing, Ultralight News, June, page 13
Craig Catto, Ultralight News-Goldwing, June, page 13
Peter Lyons, MacCready Departs for England with Gossamer Albatross, June, page 14
Dave Bigelow, Ultralight News, June, page 15
Lu Lundgren, Ultralight News, June, page 15
Ted Sharp, Looking Backward: Warren E. Eaton Memorial Trophy, June, page 15
Ultralight News: Hawaiian Design-Bluebird, June, page 15
Airworthiness Caution, June, page 17
D. Lamont, Anne Briegleb In Memoriam, June, page 18
Call for Regional Director Nominations, July, page 9
M. Silver, A Soaring Stamp for 1980?, July, page 9
1-26 Log Marks Silver Anniversary, July, page 9
Eleanor Friede, Equal Time, book review of "There's No Such Place as Far Away" by R. Bach, July, page 14
John Joss, "There's No Such Place as Far Away" by R. Bach, July, page 14
Gren Seibels, Region Five North Contest, 1979, July, page 15
Winner, 15-Meter Class Region Five North Contest, 1979, July, page 15
John Dezzutti, Florida Airport to be Reopened to Sailplanes, August, page 4
Slingsby begins full production of the Vega, August, page 5
M. Silver, Meet Cindy Brickner, August, page 6
J. Dezzutti, OSTIV Forecasting Handbook Now Available, August, page 9
Winner, 1979 Region Eleven Contest Standard Class, August, page 12
Winner, 1979 Region Eleven Contest Unlimited Class, August, page 12
Region Eleven Contest, 1979, August, page 12
Winner, 1979 Region Eleven Contest 15-Meter Class, August, page 12
Winner, 1979 Region Eleven Contest Sports Class, August, page 12
Charles H. Gale, In Memoriam, August, page 13
Williams, Vera, In Memoriam, August, page 13
Region Eight Contest, 1979, August, page 13
Winner, Region Eight Contest 15-Meter Class, August, page 13
Winner, 1979 Region Eight Contest Sports Class, August, page 13
Vera Williams, In Memoriam, August, page 13
Part I Symposium Proceedings Issued from 3rd International Symposium on Low-Speed and Motorless Flight, September, page 10
Don Slotten, Pilot Proficiency Award Program, September, page 13
Hull and Liability Program policy delay, September, page 13
Soaring Magazine Index 1972-1977 compiled by Jean Doty, September, page 13
Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate Extension, September, page 14
Ray Young, Founder Aero Club Albatross, Honored at 50th Anniversary, September, page 14
Aimai Knypstra, Region Twelve Contest Report, 1979, September, page 17
Winner, Standard Class Region Twelve Contest, 1979, September, page 17
Winner 15-Meter Class Region Twelve Contest 1979, September, page 17
Winner, Unlimited Class Region Twelve Contest, 1979., September, page 17
Fredi Herbert, European Competition Rundown, 1979, September, page 19
John Joss, Jack Bamberg, In Memorlam, September, page 19
F. Herbert, European Competition Rundown 1979, September, page 19
John Lee, August Raspet Memorial awarded to John Monnett, Oshkosh Report, October, page 8
New B and C Badge Requirements, October, page 8
W. English, Floyd Sweet elected National Soaring Museum president, October, page 9
W. English, Looking Backward: Floyd Sweet Elected National Soaring Museum president, October, page 9
Tissandier Diploma Awarded to Gus Scheurer, October, page 9
Don Slotten, New SSA Flight Training Chairman, October, page 9
Robert Rodwell, Motorgliders at Paris Airshow, October, page 11
D. Hagemeister, Winner, 1979 Region Seven Sports Class Contest, October, page 11
U-2, Ultralight News, October, page 12
Flying Wing AV-451 designed by Charles Fauvel, Overseas News, October, page 13
F. Blossom, Licensing of new imported sailplanes, , Washington Update, November, page 6
F. Blossom, Instructor Revalidation, , Washington Update, November, page 6
Rumor Box, New AS-W 22?, November, page 6
F. Blossom, Motorglider study, , Washington Update, November, page 6
F. Blossom, Experimental Sailplane Licensing, Washington Update, November, page 6
F. Blossom, Airport Utilization, , Washington Update, November, page 6
F. Blossom, NPRM 78-19 withdrawn, Washington Update, November, page 6
M. Silver, Cark Kent Unmasked, November, page 9
George Worthington, Eight out of Eight? Ultralight and Hang gliding record holder, November, page 12
Terry Traver, Western Region Sports Class Contest, 1979, November, page 14
Winner, Western Region Sports Class Contest, November, page 14
Gren Seibels, Region One Contest 1979, November, page 15
Winner, Region One Contest Unlimited Class, November, page 15
Winner, Region One Contest 15-Meter Class, November, page 15
Bob Grey, Region Five South Contest 1979, November, page 16
Winner, Region Five South Contest, 15-Meter Class, November, page 16
Winner, Region Five South Contest, Standard Class, November, page 16
Winner, Region Five South Contest Unlimited Class, November, page 16
Winner, Region Ten South Contest 15-Meter Class, November, page 17
Siegfried Rupp, Region Ten South Contest, November, page 17
Winner, Region Ten South Contest Standard Class, November, page 17
Winner, Region Ten South Contest Unlimited Class, November, page 17
NASA High-Altitude Sailplane Studies, December, page 7
Pilots Ponder SSA Contest Division, December, page 7
Michelle Silver, CAVU - Another Meaning, December, page 9
T. Sharp, December, page 10
More on the AS-W 22, December, page 11
Yugoslavia Building Supercritical Wing Standard Class Sailplane, December, page 11
Vintage Sailplane News, December, page 12
Winner, Region Three Contest Unlimited Class, 1979, December, page 13
B. Smith, Jean Doty, In Memoriam, December, page 13
Liam English, Region Three Contest, December, page 13
Region Six South, Region Six West, Region Seven, and Region Nine summary report, December, page 14

Safety Corner
Robert E. Gaines, Towlines, rings, and spoilers, January, page 46
Gil Parcell, Hey, Let's Fly It Back to the Hangar!, February, page 36
Robert Keyes, Landing Expediency, February, page 36
Robert Keyes, Expediency, February, page 36
Don Slotten, Three Ways to Help Soaring Safety, March, page 39
Tommy Thomason, Little Things, March, page 40
G. Parcell, Cartoons Gaggle Etiquette, April, page 17
Walt Mooney, The Need for Spin Instruction, May, page 47
Jim Porter, Parachute Repacks, June, page 46
Tom Knauff, Use of Rudder on Aerotow, July, page 41
Rathen Templeton, Attitude Flying, August, page 41
Robert E. Gaines, The Ground Crew or Out to Launch, September, page 46
Stephen Du Pont, Hurry Up and Kill Yourself, October, page 42
180-degree turns, October, page 42
October, page 42
Manufacturer's Airworthiness Directives, October, page 42
Eric Greenwell, Towrope Breaks, November, page 28
Jim Nash-Webber, Caught on Top?, November, page 28
Airworthiness Directive, November, page 28
Slingsby Vega, November, page 28

Soaring to Win
George Moffat, Better and Cheaper Contests, January, page 48
George Moffat, US Team Selection Update Needed, February, page 38
George Moffat, Sealing, Tuning, and Fettling, April, page 38
John Price, In Defense of Computers, May, page 43
George Moffat, Doug Gaines, June, page 40
G. Moffat, Flights A Contest Day, July, page 38
G. Moffat, Philosophy Attitudes that Win, September, page 43
George Moffat, The Leeches, December, page 48

The Executive Director's Report
Forrest W. Blossom, October, page 15
F. Blossom, Nomination and election of SSA Officers, October, page 16

Washington Update
F. Blossom, Future Certification Regulation for sailplanes and motorgliders, June, page 8
F. Blossom, Federal Airspace Grab, June, page 8
F. Blossom, New Safety-Belt Regulations, June, page 18
F. Blossom, FAA's Unannounced "Scheduled" Meetings, July, page 8
F. Blossom, Periodic Aircraft Registration Report, November, page 6

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