Soaring Magazine Index for 1975 organized by author

Soaring Magazine Index for 1975 organized by author

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Aldrich, John
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology], January, page 40
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology], March, page 34
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology], March, page 35
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology], April, page 42
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology], May, page 42
(Using the Weather) [Meteorology], July, page 33
Allemann, Rudy (a.k.a. R. Allemann, R.T. Allemann)
Region Eight Contest, Washington Ephrata Airport (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional; People\Doug Barritt], September, page 12
Allen, Eddie
En avant!, May, page 25
Allen, W.A.
Hang gliding safety (Letter) [Safety], March, page 4
Altstatt, Daniel J.
The lift coefficient meter [Aerodynamics], March, page 22

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Baldwin, Harry
1-26 (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Cover], June, cover
Baldwin, Harry; with Don Wemple
Summer's end fling [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], July, page 14
Ball, Richard H.
The altitude derivative variometer [Instruments\Variometers], September, page 18
Benson, Oliver A.
Treetop retrieve [Crewing], February, page 26
Berg, Quentin (a.k.a. Quentin "Ice" Berg)
Bergfalke II and III Airworthiness directive from FAA (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration; Sailplanes\Bergfalke], November, page 11
Blodsky, Julius
What about helmets? (Safety Corner) [Safety], December, page 45
Brandes, Thomas
The Braunschweig tube [Instruments\Total Energy], January, page 37
Competition workshop [Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings; Competitions], March, page 37
Briegleb, Ross
Nugget (Cover) [Sailplanes\Nugget; Cover], October, cover
Buck, Robert H.
The Club Libelle; a brief encounter [Sailplanes\Libelle], March, page 28
CIVV report, Paris, France [Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings; CIVV], May, page 14
Byars, Ed
The 1-35, an interim opinion [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-35], February, page 20
Byrd, John
South region five contest, Cordele, Georgia (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional], December, page 10

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English, L., Jr.
Moving on! [Archives and Museums], May, page 18

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Foley, W.M.
Understanding the standard class [Competitions\Classes\Standard; Aerodynamics], January, page 15

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Greene, J.
Whoa Karl (Letter) [Ballast], February, page 2
Gregg, J.
6th US standard class soaring championships [People\Thomas Brandes; Competitions\National\Standard Class; People\Ross Briegleb], October, page 16

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Halacy, D.
Region nine contest, Arizona (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional; People\Robert Brooks; Sites\Arizona], September, page 14

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Janczarek, T.
Flying the Lunak [Aerobatics], February, page 28
Jenko, S.O.
Kasper Airfoil article critique (Letter) [Aerodynamics], March, page 5

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Klein, E.
The Asdel jewels [People\Dorothy Asdel; People\George Asdel; Awards], February, page 32

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Lindsay, Charles V. (a.k.a. Charles Lindsay, C.V. Lindsay)
(Using The Weather) [Meteorology], April, page 42
(Using The Weather) [Meteorology], May, page 42
(Using The Weather) [Meteorology], July, page 33
Low, Dave
HP-11 (Cover) [Sailplanes\HP-11; Cover], March, cover

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McMasters, John H. (a.k.a. J.H. McMasters, John McMasters, J. McMasters)
Some opportunities for progress in ultra-light aerodynamics [Ultralights; Aerodynamics], June, page 22
Mead, Kathy
1-26 (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26; Cover], September, cover
Miltner, H.; with M. Riley
Soaring safari down under [International\Australia], March, page 18
Moffat, George B., Jr. (a.k.a. George Moffat, G.B. Moffat, Jr., G. Moffat, George B. Moffat)
Perspective & retrospective [Sailplanes\Schleicher\AS-W 17], May, page 20

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Riley, M.; with H. Miltner
Soaring safari down under [International\Australia], March, page 18

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Seibels, Grenville J., II (a.k.a. Gren Seibels, G. Seibels, Gren J. Seibels, II, Gren J. Seibels)
Region five contest, Chester, So. Carolina (SSA in Action) [Competitions\Regional; People\John Byrd], June, page 10
Smith, A.J.
Sailplane & jet [Airplanes\BD-5J], September, page 24
Stanton, B.E.
ASA portable start window [Competitions; Sites\Arizona], September, page 38
Stender, W.
More on flutter (Letter) [Aerodynamics], February, page 3
Stuhr, K.
Beat it, you're in my airspace [Birds], April, page 27
Stuhr, Ken
Hawks attack sailplane (Cover) [Cover; Birds], April, Cover
Summers, D.
The Mescalero story [Sailplanes\Mescalero; People\George Applebay], March, page 14

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Weir, M.S. (a.k.a. M. Weir)
The 1975 North American championships [Competitions\1-26; Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], March, page 14
The 1975 North American championships [Competitions\1-26; People\Harry Baldwin], November, page 14
Wemple, Don; with Harry Baldwin
Summer's end fling [Sailplanes\Schweizer\SGS 1-26], July, page 14

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Wally Scott ASW-12 (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schleicher\AS-W 12; Cover], January, cover
1974 US national and regional champions [Competitions; Awards], January, page 24
Manfred Sczesny (Cover) [Cover], February, cover
Ballast control: peer pressure vs. red tape (Letter) [Ballast], February, page 3
Regional director (SSA in Action) [People\Joseph M. Bennis; Soaring Society of America\Regional director], February, page 12
Canadian symposium announced (SSA in Action) [Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings; International\Canada], March, page 10
Early aerobatic sailplanes (Letter) [Aerobatics], April, page 3
Ballast and spin control (Letter) [Ballast], April, page 4
Betsy Shannon,Paul Kolstad memorial award winner (SSA in Action) [Awards\Kolstad; People\Betsy Shannon], April, page 13
Wilma Bond, New SSA governor (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Governors; People\Wilma Bond], April, page 14
National soaring convention, San Francisco, California [Awards; Conferences, Conventions, and Meetings\California], April, page 30
Jerome Trowbridge, Winner 1974 [People\Jerome Trowbridge; Awards\Barringer Memorial Trophy], April, page 32
Ed Byars, SSA Exceptional Service award Winner [Awards\SSA\Exceptional Service; People\Ed Byars], April, page 33
Convention three; ballast update [Ballast], April, page 36
Nimbus II (Cover) [Sailplanes\Schempp-Hirth\Nimbus II; Cover], May, cover
Australian ballast control (Letter) [International\Australia; Ballast], May, page 5
In behalf of straight wings and V-tails (Letter) [Aerodynamics], May, page 5
Lilienthal medal awarded to August Hug (SSA in Action) [People\August Hug; Awards\Lilienthal], May, page 9
Ballast and sharp-edged gusts (Letter) [Ballast], June, page 3
Pressurized sailplane update (SSA in Action) [Sailplanes\Alcor], June, page 16
Wil Schuemann (Cover) [Cover], July, cover
An invitation from Alice Springs (Letter) [International\Australia], July, page 4
Joe Lincoln (Cover) [Cover], August, cover
Elects new president and three directors (SSA in Action) [Archives and Museums], October, page 9
Marion Barrit, Claims national feminine out-and-return record (SSA in Action) [People\Marion Barritt], October, page 9
Cinema at Torrey Pines (Cover) [Cover; Sites\Torrey Pines], November, cover
W.D. English, Awarded grant from Corning Glass Works Foundation (SSA in action) [People\W.D. English; Archives and Museums], November, page 10
Airworthiness directive from FAA (SSA in Action) [Federal Aviation Administration; Sailplanes\Blanik], November, page 11
Soaring Stamps (Cover) [Stamps; Cover], December, cover
Condor flight procedures (Letter) [Birds], December, page 2
Walter Arensmeyer, State governor for Montana (SSA in Action) [Soaring Society of America\Governors; People\Walter Arensmeyer], December, page 13

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