Soaring Magazine Index for 1974 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1974 organized by section

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Cover, Herold's Hearsay, Homebuilder's Hall, Homebuilders Hall, Letter, SSA in Action, Safety Corner, Using The Weather

Arlen Moore, SS-1, January
BS-1, February
Soaring the Alps, March
George Moffat, April
Torrey Pines, California, May
Ibex, June
Thermalling, July
Ed Hall, Bird, August
Osprey, September
Malcolm Bagshaw, 1-26, October
2-33, November
James Carpenter, Cartoon, December

Herold's Hearsay
The energy crisis and soaring, January, page 34
Thomas Beltz, The soaring flight of vultures, February, page 37
Aircraft cost per pound, February, page 37
Soaring is getting safer, March, page 30
Class comparisons for Waikerie, April, page 35
Solar power battery charger, May, page 41
Tow pilot statistics revised, May, page 42
Ordering an "N" number, July, page 32
Commercial operation data, July, page 32
Batteries are potentially dangerous, September, page 39
Announcing the Bede Wing, September, page 39

Homebuilder's Hall
S. Hall, January, page 36
Accidents and Push-Pull Control Systems Changes, January, page 36
John Sinclair, Sinclair flies his new duster, February, page 32
S. Hall, February, page 32
Porter flies his new Cherokee II, February, page 33
Jack Greene, Fiberglass-and-balsa construction for the homebuilder, Part I, March, page 34
Tinbus II, May, page 43
Busted canopy?, May, page 46
John Luttrell, Busted canopy?, May, page 46
Use of Douglas fir - substitute for spruce, June, page 31
Briegleb "BG" series, July, page 28
Pacific Aircraft D-8, July, page 29
Homebuilt sailplanes, July, page 29
Miller "Tern", July, page 29
California sailplanes "Duster", July, page 29
Homebuilt sailplanes, July, page 29
EPB-1 "Flying Plank", July, page 30
Marske "Pioneer II", July, page 30
Evils of flutter and how to deal with them, Part II, October, page 40
Handy hints for homebuilding, November, page 36
Bob Wister, Technical help for designers, November, page 40
B. Wister, Technical help for designers, November, page 40

Homebuilders Hall
Evils of flutter and how to deal with them, Part I, September, page 33

Stephen Du Pont, Ruddervator check, January, page 3
Alain Guay, New French two-place sailplane, January, page 3
What to expect at Waikerie, January, page 4
More on "2-1-0" scoring, January, page 4
Geof Steele, Cost: a new class definition? Smith, Bernald, January, page 5
Bernald S. Smith, Cost: a new class definition?, January, page 5
Geof Steele, A new one from Darmstadt, January, page 6
Pie-in-the-sky?, February, page 2
A new name needed: "cloudsloping", February, page 3
Answer to young soaring bugs' prayers, February, page 5
Women's records, March, page 2
Ron Williams, "Dyno I", a Kasper Wing derivative, March, page 3
Poet's solo, March, page 4
Geof Steele, How about two "standard" classes?, March, page 5
Stephen Du Pont, Aerobatics as safety training, April, page 2
Kasper Bede, Flying wings, April, page 3
Contest rules and the energy crisis, April, page 3
Anti-histamines: a word to the wise, April, page 4
Standard Class rules, April, page 6
The Graves variometer, April, page 6
Thomas M. Farr, Jr., Compatible trailer wiring, April, page 7
Reporting tow pilot accidents, May, page 2
Multiple towing, May, page 2
Gren Seibels, Open regionals - educational mortification, May, page 4
Wally Scott, Open regionals - educational mortification Scott, May, page 4
Peter K. Bice, Figuring great circle distances, May, page 5
Power stepdown warning, June, page 2
Contest reporting June 1974, June, page 3
Multiple tow cautions, June, page 4
Thomas Beltz, Jonathan Livingston Schweizer, June, page 5
Towing: Airplane Dual tows, July, page 6
Geof Steele, Moffat on the modern standard class Moffat, G, September, page 2
George Moffat, Moffat on the modern standard class, September, page 2
Hang gliding at Torrey Pines, September, page 3
New ultralight design, September, page 3
Training Costs and Youth, September, page 4
Aviation Exploring Unit, as Rewarding as Your First Solo, September, page 4
A good "met" man, September, page 5
Super floater, October, page 2
Wally Scott, Wing loadings: better than a pine box, October, page 2
Low-velocity newsletter: "Helios", October, page 5
Dore J. Montes, Mountain soaring in Hope, British Columbia, Canada, November, page 3
Sharing Torrey Pines, November, page 3
Like flying a lawn chair: "Monarch", November, page 4
In defense of the RF-4D motorglider, November, page 5
Wisconsin soaring youth boosters, November, page 7
Illegal ballasting, December, page 2
Foot-launching the "Hippie", December, page 3
Ultralights and lead shot, December, page 3
Model flying safety lessons, December, page 4
More on downwind turns, December, page 6
Teen program a dismal failure, December, page 8
Dual scoring harassment, December, page 9

SSA in Action
Are ELT's required for gliders?, January, page 8
Donation frcm Harris Hill Soaring Corporation, January, page 9
First hang gliding champ, January, page 10
Adams, M.J. Rosemary, Almendinger, January, page 11
E. Scurr, Green air, by David Harper, January, page 11
New SSA directors, February, page 7
Swiss "Eife" homebuilder kit, February, page 10
World 14th world gliding championships, March, page 7
George Moffat, World open class soaring champion; 14th world gliding championships, March, page 7
Turning the clock back; Part 2 flight, March, page 8
H. Michael and S. Riggs, MIT seminar, ultralight flying, March, page 9
Irven Culver, MIT seminar, ultralight flying, March, page 9
Volmer Jensen, MIT seminar; ultralight flying, March, page 9
Receives New York State grant, March, page 9
Ann Welch, Pilot's weather, March, page 11
James Nash-Webber, "Motorless Flight Research", M.J. Abzug, ed., March, page 12
Floyd Sweet, Michael Stroukoff, March, page 13
Warren Eaton Memorial Trophy, April, page 9
SSA Exceptional Achievement Award, April, page 9
3rd national soaring convention, April, page 9
SSA directors' meeting, April, page 9
Exceptional Service Award, April, page 9
SSA awards banquet, April, page 9
Nimbus II ATC'd, May, page 7
Membership categories established, Third Annual Historical Symposium announced, May, page 7
Peter Bowers, Northwest soaring symposium, May, page 7
Waheed Mirza, Soaring in Pakistan, May, page 9
J.C. Lincoln, Free as a bird, by Philip Wills, May, page 10
Marion S. Griffith, Jr., President's report, May, page 14
Lloyd M. Licher, Executive director's report, May, page 14
1973 Lilienthal medalist: Ann Welch, June, page 6
W.S. Ivans, CIVV report, Paris, France, June, page 7
Ray Shamblen, Census Sailplane census:, June, page 9
Ted Hamm and G. Bahnson, Federal aviation regulations for glider pilots, June, page 11
Karl W. Kretschmer, Arthur Zimmerman, June, page 11
A.J. Smith, Design competition report, June, page 12
SSA Safety chairman. Dr. Will Hayes, July, page 9
What to study?, July, page 9
Schweizer 1-35 ATC'd - production begins, July, page 9
FAA hang gliding advisory, July, page 10
Feminine state records, July, page 11
Ridge soaring the Alleghenies Bald Eagle Ridge, Knauff, Thomas, July, page 13
Marion S. Griffith, Jr., President's report, September, page 8
Gus Briegleb, 3 into 12 - one, Savage, Mark A. BRIEGLEB, KEN Claims 100 km speed triangle record, September, page 10
David Scott, SSA's man in Washington, September, page 10
Claims women's 100 km triangle speed record, September, page 11
MIT symposium program corrections, September, page 12
Jake Van Dyke, Region seven contest, Salem, Illinois, September, page 12
Lloyd M. Licher, Executive director's report, September, page 15
1975 SSA calendar: art winners, October, page 7
1975 soaring convention slated, October, page 9
J.R. Hutchinson, Region 4 no-contest meet:, October, page 9
Bernald S. Smith, SSA group insurance, October, page 9
1st soaring aerobatic contest: Saulgau, Germany, October, page 12
"Technical Soaring" bibliography, October, page 14
Vern Oldershaw, Wins "outstanding design" trophy, October, page 14
"Outstanding design" trophy, October, page 14
Burt Elliot, 1974 Region Four Contest, Frederick, Maryland, October, page 17
William E. Doherty, Book reviews After solo - soaring adventures in a 1-26, October, page 18
Richard A. Wolters and R. Jain, Once upon a thermal, October, page 18
David Scott, Report on FAA action; Potomac Pipeline, October, pages 11,39
Betsy Shannon, Claims Standard Class 100 km record, November, page 9
1975 National soaring convention announced, November, page 9
S. Fried, George W. Angell, November, page 11
Sam Crane, Region five south contest, Cordele, Georgia, November, page 14
Lloyd Hunter, Region three contest, Dansville, NY, November, page 14
N.Y. Dansville, Region six contest, November, page 16
Hutchinson, Kansas: Region ten contest, November, page 17
Ray Young, First Vintage Sailplane Regatta, Elmira, N.Y., December, page 10
James Carpenter, Cover artist, competition reporter, December, page 11
Schweizer Aircraft Corp. youth assist, December, page 12
Richard C. du Pont memorial flight, December, page 12
Region nine contest, Estrella Gliderport, Arizona, December, page 13
Region twelve contest, December, page 14
Bill Ivans, Region eleven contest, December, page 15
James L. Le Sueur, December, page 15
CIVV Report, Paris, France, December, page 16
Gren Seibels, Region five contest: Chester, South Carolina, July, page 11
James S. Herman, 1974 Region one contest, Sugarbush Vermont, October, page 14

Safety Corner
Records Schweizer Soaring School, January, page 32
Bernie Carris, January, page 32
Treetop landings are for the Birds, February, page 35
Dive brakes, February, page 36
Rudy Mozer, March, page 32
D.J. Montes, Winch accident, March, page 32
Winch operation, April, page 36
Lawrence Gehrlein, April, page 36
P. Schweizer, Lessons to be learned, July, page 42
Hilltop Approaches in Strong Winds, September, page 40
Benjamin S. Kelsey, September, page 40
M.R. Nevin, October, page 39
1973 glider accidents, November, page 42
How's your attitude?, December, page 36
Richard Maryott, December, page 36
1973 glider accidents:, December, page 37

Using The Weather
Charles V. Lindsay, June, page 36
Charles V. Lindsay, September, page 36
Charles V. Lindsay, October, page 44
Charles V. Lindsay, November, page 40
John Aldrich, Weather on public TV, June, page 36
John Aldrich, Contest meteorologist; Gene Larcom, July, page 35
John Aldrich, September, page 36
Forecasting the altitude of thermals, October, page 44
John Aldrich, October, page 44
John Aldrich, Forecasting thermal strength, November, page 40
John Aldrich, Forecasts of the upper winds, December, page 38

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