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Book Review, Cover, Feature Article, Letter, News Notes, Obituary, Regional Ramblings, Safety Corner, World News

Book Review
B.M. Rogers, Meteorology for Glider Pilots, by C.E. Wallington, August, page 17
James J. Montgomery, Father of Basic Flying, by Arthur Spearman, September, page 31
R.H. Miller, Birds in our Lives, by Arnold L. Nelson, February, page 27
M. and D. Barritt, Soaring Guide, by P.M. Bowers, May, page 13
H. Selvidge, Book Review: The Powerless Ones, June, page 22
Richard Miller, "Without Visible Means of Support, October, page 26

Paul Crowell, Modified bubble LK flying in Florida, January
Schweizer Aircraft, Schweizer Aircraft Company latest design (2-33) over Elmira, February
Paul Crowell, Dick Delafield soars George Arent's 2-32 above Miami Gliderport, March
George Uveges, Irv Prue soaring his UHP-1 over El Mirage, April
Robert Lee Moore, Larry Welch soaring his Phoebus over Richland, May
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, John Brittingham soars his Dart 17R near Pikes Peak, June
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, Sterling Starr flying his one-of-a-kind 1-23 HM, July
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, Vern Olershaw soaring his O-3 over Marfa, August
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, George Moffat flies a Diamant in the Marfa competition, September
Sandor "Alex" Aldott, Peter Reidel soaring his standard class Dart near Pikes Peak, October
Dita Aldott, Alex Aldott poses a 2-32 for his wife's camera, November
George Uveges, Future Design by Steve Marton, December

Feature Article
M. Arnold, The saga of Sky Sailing Sky Sailing Airport, January, page 11
B. Rigazio, Jean Cayla's Edelweiss, January, page 14
R.H. Ball, The Ball diaphragm capillary-leak variometer, January, page 22
S. DuPont, Reflections on being 51st, January, page 24
F. Harris, The Boy Who Flew with the Condors, February, page 10
A. MacNicol and C.C. Conway, Jr., Waves, east and west, February, page 13
The TSA Lattimore handicapping system, March, page 12
Poland's potent Pirat, March, page 18
S.V. Colton, Torrey Pines at twenty-one, April, page 10
C.M. Drew, Hornig variometer evaluation, April, page 14
T.E. Sharp, The golden decade, May, page 10
E.J. Seagars, The Seagars' early thermal warning system, May, page 14
D. Lamont, On the beach -- or, Whateve Happened to Silent Flight?, May, page 26
P. Lamson, Adventures on an aerial surfboard, June, page 10
J.C. Lincoln, The walk out, June, page 14
A.C. Bemis, The Sugarbush wave, June, page 26
R.S. Barnaby, Cloyd Artman, soaring pioneer of the northwest, July, page 12
J.D. Ryan, Cirrus test pilot report, July, page 19
S.V. Starr, Improvements to a 1-23 sailplane, the 1-23 HM, July, page 22
R.W. Mozer, Rudolf Kaiser's latest, the Ka 12, July, page 24
The Elfes AN-66 and S-3, August, page 10
S. duPont and A.I. duPont, 800 miles by Motorspatz, August, page 14
S.V. Colton, 34th National 34th National soaring championship, September, page 10
P. Thorndyke, Room for improvement, October, page 12
E.P. Williams, Creatures of the sun, October, page 14
D.F. Farrar, Jr., The evolution of a towplane, November, page 10
S.V. Colton, Two thermals to a world record, November, page 16
W.A. Scott, The second 500, November, page 22
B. Rogers, It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super ship, December, page 14
R.H. Miller, Dear Dad, December, page 17
J.H. Aldrich, Soaring in the jet stream, December, page 23

J.D. Ryan, Answer to Paul Hardy, January, page 8
M. Coverdale, Spoiler Use, January, page 8
M.S. Greenwald, More on spins, January, page 8
T. Pfeiffer, Instant Ball Bank, January, page 8
V. Vaisanen, Strength of the Utu, January, page 8
A.R. Fisher, Retrospective Repercussions, February, page 8
R.A. Macintyre, 19.625 vs. 19.773, February, page 8
S.S. Wolff, Bryan East, February, page 8
V. Swierkowski, State Sales Tax, February, page 8
C. Cable, Greenwald on Spins, March, page 8
J.E. Ford, Jr., R.V. McNeill, R.L. Moore, J.B. Hearn, E.B. Bodkin, G. Uveges, R.H. Fuller, E.R. Southee, T.S. Aleshire, and W. Pain, Cover Comments, March, page 8
R. Lescher, Employment Wanted, March, page 8
W.A. Scott, The Standard Class, March, page 8
D. Stevenson, International Monotype, March, page 26
R.L. Moore, Performance Club Wanted!, March, page 26
R.S. Drury, The Meaning of Soaring, March, page 26
G. Coder, Handicapping -- or Else, April, page 8
G.D. Dodson, A Note of Thanks, April, page 8
J.D. Ryan, Handicapping, April, page 8
P. Bikle, Performance Testing, April, page 8
S.A. Hall, Ballasting the Edelweiss, April, page 8
D.E. Comstock, Licensing Modificatioin, May, page 8
E. Katinszky, Katinszky on Anatomy, May, page 8
G. Sunderland and J.D. Ryan, Erratum, May, page 8
J. Janzen, Spoilers on Roll Out, May, page 8
J. Saville and S. Benedict, The Meaning of Soaring, May, page 8
R.L. Moore and L.G. Abels, Standard Class Support, May, page 8
G.B. Moffat, Contest, or Camp, June, page 4
R.S. Tucker, The Ultimate Sailplane, June, page 4
T. Page, Spin Instruction, June, page 4
C.C. Conway, SEWing Society, July, page 4
D.K. MacDonald, News from the North, July, page 4
J.N. McFall, Action Urgently Required, July, page 4
R. Wister, Stable Mable's Defense, July, page 4
R.D. Stauffer, Reverse Handicapping, July, page 4
T.F. Dwyer, Fierce Civil Strife, July, page 4
F.D. Sears, Speed-to-Fly Improvement, August, page 4
I.M. Kurg, Dive-Brake Markings, August, page 4
P.S. Hudson, J.C. Lincoln, G. Moffat, Diamonds from Tiffanys, August, page 4
C. Conway, The Bendin' End, September, page 4
H. Lattimore, Handicap Results, September, page 4
P. Bonotaux, Baa Baa Black Sheep, September, page 4
R.H. Wentorf, Fiberglass Repair, September, page 4
S. Kohler, Standard Class Booster, September, page 4
E.A. Hill, An SSA Wife Speaks Out, October, page 4
L.M. Licher, SSA's Executive Director Replies, October, page 4
D.B. Peterson, People Who Fly in Glass Planes , November, page 4
F. Matteson, The Italian Nationals, November, page 4
J.C. Lincoln, Lincoln on Diamonds, November, page 4
P. Bonotaux, Hawley Bowlus, November, page 4
P. Bradley and S. Fried, Two-Place or Not Two-Place, November, page 4
E.J. Gardyan, SSA -- A California Conspiracy?, December, page 4
R.H. Moore, New Standards Point Up Need for Handicapping, December, page 4
S. Gilad, Apologies for: Simon Gilad George Moffat, December, page 4
V. Saudek, The Future -- Wave Soaring on Mars, December, page 4
P.W. Drizin, Lawyer Levels Protest, December, page 5
R. Ruch, IFR to the Record Book?, December, page 5

News Notes
All Hail the K-6, March, page 22
Chute Safety, March, page 22
Incidental Intelligence from Here and There, March, page 22
Meter Movements, March, page 22
Those Russian Gliders, March, page 22

J.D. Graves, George Deibert -- In Memoriam, February, page 24
Fred T. Loomis, Pioneer Soaring Photographer, March, page 7
Cloyd Artman, Frank See killed in glider crash near Wawawai Sunday, July, page 16

Regional Ramblings
Regional Ramblings, March, page 25
Regional Ramblings, April, page 27
Regional Ramblings, May, page 23
June, page 31
Regional Ramblings, July, page 27
Regional Ramblings, September, page 30
Regional Ramblings, October, page 30
Regional Ramblings, November, page 30
Regional Ramblings, December, page 28

Safety Corner
M. Coverdale, January, page 26
M. Coverdale, February, page 25
M. Coverdale, March, page 24
M. Coverdale, November, page 32
C. Lynn, Should I fly today?, February, page 25
M. Coverdale, April, page 29
M. Coverdale, May, page 25
M. Coverdale, June, page 29
M. Coverdale, August, page 25
M. Coverdale, September, page 29
M. Coverdale, October, page 29
M. Coverdale, December, page 31

World News
England, January, page 18
Norway, January, page 18
Poland, January, page 18
West Germany, January, page 18
France, January, page 19
Switzerland, January, page 19

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