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Aldrich, J.H. (a.k.a. J. Aldrich)
Operations Elsinore weather conditions [Meteorology; Competitions], September-October, page 6
Arnold, L.R.
Youth "check-out" via radio [Radio Communications; Youth; Training], January-February, page 7

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Backstrum, A.
The EPB-1 "Flying Plank" [Sailplanes\EPB-1], July-August, page 14
Bonotaux, L.A.
Progress report for 21st national contest [Competitions\National], May-June, page 15
Bowers, P.M.
Unusual gliders [Sailplanes\Oka], January-February, page 15
Unusual gliders [Sailplanes\FG-II], March-April, page 22
Interesting Gliders (Interesting gliders) [Military; Sailplanes], May-June, page 22
Interesting Gliders (Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes\Franklin], July-August, page 22
Flying the Fauvel [Sailplanes\Fauvel AV-36], September-October, page 12
Interesting Gliders (Interesting gliders) [Sailplanes], September-October, page 26
Burr, H.; with R. Distin
1953 annual Snow Bird meet [Competitions], January-February, page 2

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Carmichael, Bruce H. (a.k.a. Bruce Carmichael, B.H. Carmichael, B. Carmichael)
What price performance [Aerodynamics; Performance Calculations], May-June, page 6
Carsey, J.D.
More printed matter on a real air youth program [Youth], March-April, page 28
Jon Carsey now SSA immediate past president [Soaring Society of America], September-October, page 23
To have served as president [History\American], September-October, page 26
Comey, R.J.
The "Yacht-club" approach [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Airports and Gliderports; Publicity], March-April, page 10
Compton, F.B.
Seeding Report [Competitions], March-April, page 14
Craik, E.D.
TSA's venture into real estate [Sites\TSA], November-December, page 17

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DeLange, L.A.
The value of gliding and soaring for training airline and military pilots [Training], November-December, page 13
Distin, R.; with H. Burr
1953 annual Snow Bird meet [Competitions], January-February, page 2

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Ellis, C.R.
Waltzing with a cloud [Literature], September-October, page 13

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Gehrlein, L.
The flying Gehrleins [Cross-Country Soaring], November-December, page 23
Greenbaum, J.
Report from Colorado [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January-February, page 14

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Hoinvllle, F.
World championships [Competitions], May-June, page 3

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Ishoven, A. van
Belgian Report [Belgium], March-April, page 14
Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
Cross-country soaring [Cross-Country Soaring], January-February, page 23

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Jex, H.R.
Technical aeromodeling [Aerodynamics; Modeling], January-February, page 19
Technical aeromodeling [Aerodynamics; Modeling], July-August, page 9
Technical aeromodeling - III [Aerodynamics; Modeling], September-October, page 19
Johnson, D.C.
The conquest of Pikes Peak [Mountain Soaring], November-December, page 22
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
My most interesting flight during the 21st National contest [Competitions\National; Competitions\Flights], September-October, page 22

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Kidder, R.C.
Improved access for P-R assembly [Sailplanes\Pratt-Read], January-February, page 21

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Lawrence, F.
Northeastern soaring contest [Competitions], September-October, page 17
Lewis, D.
Collecting gold and diamonds [Award Flights], September-October, page 14
Licher, Lloyd M. (a.k.a. L.M. Licher, L. Licher)
Soaring modeling [Modeling], May-June, page 23
21st national soaring model gliding meet [Modeling], September-October, page 13
Germany wins Nordic finals [Germany; Modeling], September-October, page 29
Lipstein, N.J.
Winch towing fundamentals [Launching\Winch Towing], July-August, page 6

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MacCready, Paul B., Jr. (a.k.a. P.B. MacCready, Jr., P. MacCready, Jr.)
Measurements of vertical currents [Meteorology; Instruments], May-June, page 11
Matteson, F.H. (a.k.a. F. Matteson)
European report [Sites; Europe], January-February, page 11
Team flying [Competitions], March-April, page 11
Northern California annual meet [Competitions], July-August, page 3
McCready, P.B., Jr.
Optimum airspeed selector [Instruments; Mu-22; Cross-Country Soaring], March-April, page 8
Millay, A.B.
Philadelphia "Open House" [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], September-October, page 32

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National, 21st
Awards [Awards], September-October, page 4

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Page, T.
Tow-line drag 'chute solution [Towing], January-February, page 13
Parker, R.; with A. Raspet
The low-drag sailplane [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Tiny Mite], November-December, page 10
Perl, H.N.
The Perl Penetrator [Perl Penetrator], March-April, page 2
Pike, M.
Gliding in Rhodesia [Sites\International\Rhodesia], July-August, page 22
Powell, J.A.
The EPB-1 "Flying Plank" [Sailplanes\EPB-1], September-October, page 18
Pratt, W.H.
Soaring in France [France], May-June, page 24

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Sailplane Mach 1 [Design; Homebuilding], July-August, page 17
Raspet, A. and D.
Bathtub aerodynamics [Modeling], March-April, page 7
Raspet, A.; with R. Parker
The low-drag sailplane [Aerodynamics; Sailplanes\Tiny Mite], November-December, page 10
Reeves, E.J.
(Spiraling with E.J.), January-February, page 16
Elsinore (Spiraling with E.J.) [Sites], March-April, page 16
Seven lads and a lass in TSA's first youth training class [Youth], May-June, page 12
(Spiraling with E.J.) [Airports and Gliderports], May-June, page 16
(Spiraling with E.J.) [Competitions], July-August, page 16
Miscellaneous observations on pilots, people, rigs and operations at the 21st performances [Competitions], September-October, page 8
(Spiraling with E.J.), September-October, page 20
You were the ones who made the 21st National the success it was [Competitions], September-October, page 28
(Spiraling with E.J.) [Competitions], November-December, page 16
Robertaon, SSA Safe Practices Committee| J.M
New Jersey fatality [Safety], July-August, page 12

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Sargent, J.
Southern California soaring championships [Competitions], January-February, page 6
Schmid, A.H.
PGC summer training camp [Training], September-October, page 15
Schultz, A.B.
Sailplane and glider kits and planes [Sailplanes\Construction; Licenses, Sailplane], January-February, page 8
Schwarzenberger, O.
European news [Europe], November-December, page 28
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
A report on the Schweizer 1-26 [Sailplanes\Schweizer SGS 1-26], March-April, page 23
The Schweizer 1-26 [Sailplanes; Schweizer\SGS 1-26], September-October, page 30
Series, various, authors Science Study
Paperback Review, Noble, G.K. The Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, McFarland, M.W., ed. [Literature], May-June, page 24
Shupack, B.
SSA joins IAS and AMS in technical meetings [IAS], March-April, page 18
Slater, A.E.
Camphill - site for 1954 world contest [Competitions; Sites; Great Britain], March-April, page 12
Spurgeon, J.
Torrey Pines meet [Competitions], May-June, page 2
Stiglmeier, H.J.
Let's improve our trailers [Trailers], January-February, page 12
Storer, G.
Youth gets an opportunity [Training; Youth], January-February, page 10
Sweeney, G.C.
Soaring in Egypt [Sites\International\Egypt], September-October, page 23
Sweet, F.J.
50 years later [History\American], March-April, page 6
Editorial [Soaring Society of America], September-October, pages facing 1
Editorial [Soaring Society of America], November-December, pages facing 1

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Tsuchiya, J.
Interesting Gliders [Sailplanes], November-December, page 22

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Weishaupt, Per (a.k.a. P. Weishaupt)
Soaring in Denmark [Denmark], March-April, page 13
Wiggin, B.L.
SSA Joins IAS and AMS in technical meetings [AMS], March-April, page 18
The world contest [Competitions], November-December, page 2
Wilson, G.R.
An editorial [Youth], May-June, pages facing 1

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Zarbin, E.
Arizona's first soaring club [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], July-August, page 13

None     (up to table of contents)

TSA's Pfeiffer Winch; Bill Hoverman and 1-23D Snowbird Meet (Cover) [Winch; Competitions], January-February, Cover
21st National goes to Southern California [Competitions], January-February, page 9
SSA joins IAS and AMS in technical meetings [IAS; AMS], January-February, page 9
Torrey Pines Meet [Competitions], January-February, page 9
Danish Rhönbuzzard; Harry Perl in his Penetrator (Cover) [Sailplanes], March-April, Cover
Gehrlein's cash awards proved great boon to Harris Hill [Gehrlein, L.], March-April, page 17
5th OSTIV congress [OSTIV], March-April, page 19
The McDonnell Convertiplane [Powered Aircraft], March-April, page 19
SSA mid-winter directors meeting [Soaring Society of America], March-April, page 21
Maggie Kensey solos 2-22; Ohio Aviation Board Director with Rudy Opitz (Cover) [People], May-June, Cover
Progress report for 21st national contest [Bonotaux, L.A.], May-June, page 1
Harris Hill fatality [Safety; Soaring Society of America\Safe Practices Committee], May-June, page 10
Three unique clubs [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], May-June, page 13
Contest Rules and Regulations for Twenty-First Nation Soaring Contest [Competitions\Rules], May-June, page 18
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], May-June, page 20
New Italian Record [Records; Italy], May-June, page 22
Ace Pilot Rescued [Robert F. Symons], May-June, page 24
Japanese Distance Record [Records; Japan], May-June, page 24
Largest Gliding Organization [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Britain], May-June, page 25
Report from the Schweizers [Sailplanes; Schweizer], May-June, page 25
I.A. 41 Uruba; EPB-1 (Cover) [Sailplanes], July-August, Cover
Sixth annual Wright Memorial glider meet [Competitions], July-August, page 2
Two-Way Business Flight [Business; Stan Smith], July-August, page 8
Modeling events during 21st national [Modeling], July-August, page 11
Largest entry ever indicated for 21st National [Competitions], July-August, page 18
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], July-August, page 20
The Mobilet 150 2-way Radio [Radios], July-August, page 22
Education, Research, Recreation, Soaring Society of America [Soaring Society of America], July-August, page 23
Looking back [History\American], July-August, page 28
Lyle Maxey in M-K-P; Don Mitchell's Nimbus (Cover) [Sailplanes], September-October, Cover
21st National story [Competitions], September-October, page 2
New England soaring meet [Competitions], September-October, page 16
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], September-October, page 24
Gliding in Israel [Israel], September-October, page 29
Larissa Stroukoff Scholarships [Awards], September-October, page 29
Six distinguished soaring men nominated to Hall of Fame [Awards\Hall of Fame], September-October, page 31
New World Records [Records], September-October, page 32
Looking back [History\American], September-October, page 34
MG-19; 1-23E (Cover) [Sailplanes], November-December, Cover
Glider airworthiness [Civil Aeronautic Authority; Licenses, Sailplane], November-December, page 19
(SSA News) [Soaring Society of America], November-December, page 20
Youth will fly [Youth], November-December, page 21
Notes and Quotes from club bulletins [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], November-December, page 27

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