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Barnaby, R.S.
Robert Kronfeld [Obituaries], March-April, page 8
15th highlights [Competitions], July-August, page 6
Bennis, S.J.
Double tow [Airplane Towing], March-April, page 7

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Comey, R.J.
Southeastern championships [Competitions], January-February, page 10
America's 1-21, from Air Trails [1-21], May-June, page 2
Compton, F.B.
United States soaring records [Record Flights], November-December, page 6
Cronkhite, H.
The southwestern [Competitions], September-October, page 5

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Hallstead, W.F.
Veterans [Training], January-February, page 8
Hart, M.
Glider school, from Air Facts [Training], May-June, page 6

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Ivans, William S., Jr. (a.k.a. W.S. Ivans, W.S. Ivans, Jr., Bill Ivans)
Diary of a soaring vacation at El Mirage [Award Flights; Thermal Soaring; Sites], November-December, page 2

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Jarlaud, R.
Stratospheric research, from Espace [Atmospheric Research; France], January-February, page 7
Research in atmospheric flow, from Espace [Atmospheric Research], March-April, page 9
Johnson, Richard H. (a.k.a. Dick Johnson, Richard Johnson, R.H. Johnson, R. Johnson)
Tiny Mite [Tiny Mite], May-June, page 10

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Lunger, K.E.
So I decided to build a sailplane [Construction of Gliders], November-December, page 4

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MacCready, Paul B., Jr. (a.k.a. P.B. MacCready, Jr., P. MacCready, Jr.)
International glider record [Mu-22; Record Flights], January-February, page 12
Mitchell, D.S.
Flying wing sailplanes [Super Skywing], May-June, page 8
Mulgrue, G.
Five men and a glider [Australia], September-October, page 11

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Parker, R.H.
Don't cuss your tow pilot [Airplane Towing], November-December, page 10
Piatelli, F.J.
Midget glider [Gliders; Israel; PH 29], May-June, page 4
Pollard, D.
The Air-100, from Air Trails [Air-100], March-April, page 2
Prue, I.
External airfoil flap, from The Thermal [Aerodynamic Design; Prue 160], July-August, page 7
Take another look at the small sailplane [Aerodynamics; Prue 160; Prue 215], November-December, page 8

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Raspet, A.
Modifying the Laister-Kauftmann [Aerodynamics; LK], July-August, page 10
Reeves, E.J.
SSA-NAA agreement [National Aeronautic Association; Soaring Society of America], March-April, page 15
Ross, H.C.
Standing wave [Meteorology], September-October, page 2

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Schweizer, P. and E.
The Schweizer 1-23 [1-23], September-October, page 8
Schweizer, Paul A. (a.k.a. Paul Schweizer, P.A. Schweizer)
SSA mid-winter directors' meeting [Soaring Society of America], March-April, page 15
The fifteenth national [Competitions], July-August, page 2
Shenstone, D.A.
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], March-April, page 6
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], May-June, page 11
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], July-August, page 9
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], September-October, page 7
(The Canadian scene) [Canada], November-December, page 10
Shupack, B.
Election report [Soaring Society of America], July-August, page 12
Flight data of the 15th annual national soaring contest, July-August, page 14
Spurgeon, J.
Torrey Pines [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs; Sites], July-August, page 8
Stareski, W.C.
Polish soaring comes 'back [Poland], September-October, page 12

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Warner, D.
We need gliderports [Sites], January-February, page 17
White, H.
Convert those power pilots [Publicity], May-June, page 1
Wiggin, B.L.
15th National - Operations The weather [Competitions], July-August, page 5

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Motorless flight - a fundamental for air policy [USA], January-February, page 1
A national glider program [USA], January-February, page 2
The Air-100, from Air Trails [Pollard, D.], January-February, page 2
McCarran Bill [McCarran Bill], January-February, page 5
Youth - Psychology and soaring [Training], January-February, page 6
Pertinent comments on a national program [USA; Training], January-February, page 9
California competitions, from Wind and Wings [Competitions], March-April, page 4
El Mirage soaring regatta, from The Thermal [Competitions], March-April, page 5
A great gentleman passes, March-April, page 8
15th national - Statistics Flight data of the 15th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], July-August, page 14

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