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Barringer, L.B.
Flight Without Power [Literature], April-May, page 6
Wurtsboro winds [Competitions], June-July, page 3
Sun Valley soaring [Sites], October-November, page 4
Blaine, B.F.
1940 American Open [Competitions], August-September, page 4
Blaine, R.F.
Winch guillotine [Launching\Winch], January, page 3
1940 American Open, August-September, page 4
Buston, J.
Why soaring contests? [Competitions], June-July, page 1
Buxton, J.
Why soaring contests?, June-July, page 1

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Carpenter, D.
Altosaurus comes out of hibernation [Launching\Winch Towing], April-May, page 7
Charles, J.S.
An airplane pilot looks at soaring [Techniques\Thermal Soaring], January, page 7

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Dadson, T.E.
Starting a club [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], January, page 5

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Hatfield, F.
Soaring in South Africa [International\South Africa], December, page 4
Hepburn, P.N.
Problems of the soaring movement [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], February-March, page 3

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Johnson, R.C.
Elmira to Lewisburg [Awards\Flights], August-September, page 3

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Klemperer, W.B.
Third annual western championship soaring contest [Kirby Kadet; Competitions], April-May, page 4
Measurement of the forces acting on gliders in towed flight [Sailplanes\Kirby Kadet; Launching\Aerotow], June-July, page 8

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Manges, D.G.
The philosophy of gliding and soaring [Birds], October-November, page 7
Montgomery, H.
Successful glider club operation [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], June-July, page 4
Montgomery, L.D.
Storm soaring in an Aeronca [Powered Aircraft], January, page 6

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Robinson, J.B. (a.k.a. J. Robinson)
Golden "C" altitude [Award Flights], January, page 4
Golden "C" soaring flight [Award Flights], February-March, page 4

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Sandek, V.M.
Performance testing [Performance Calculations], February-March, page 3
Saudek, Victor M. (a.k.a. Victor Saudek, Vic Saudek, V.M. Saudek, V. Saudek)
Third annual western championship soaring contest [Competitions], April-May, page 5
Southee, E.R.
President's message [Soaring Society of America], February-March, page 1
Stanley, R.M.
An introduction to soaring, part I [History], October-November, page 8
An introduction to soaring, part II [Theory of Soaring Flight], December, page 8

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Wightman, H.N.
Business for the annual meeting [Soaring Society of America], January, page 2
Wolbarst, J.
The Sargent winch [Construction of Winches], October-November, page 3

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The future? [Soaring Society of America], January, page 1
Olympic sailplane plans [Sailplanes\DFS Olympia], January, page 4
Chicagoland Forum big success [Air Shows and Demonstrations], February-March, page 5
Directors for 1940 [Soaring Society of America\Directors], February-March, page 11
[Soaring Society of America]February-March, page 13
Gliding and national defense [USA; Military], April-May, page 1
A college holiday [Sarginson, F.T.], April-May, page 3
Eastern States Soaring Association [Affiliates, Chapters, and Clubs], April-May, page 6
Bob Platt [Obituaries; Safety], April-May, page 11
[Soaring Society of America]April-May, page 13
Southwestern soaring contest [Competitions], June-July, page 6
11th annual contest rules and regulations [Competitions\National], June-July, page 10
Blind flight dangerous [Instrument Flying; Safety], August-September, page 1
Our affiliation [National Aeronautic Association], August-September, page 2
11th annual national soaring contest [Competitions], August-September, page 6
Briegleb ATC tests [Test Flying; Briegleb BG-6], August-September, page 11
[Soaring Society of America]August-September, page 12
Over-aged equipment [Maintenance and Repair; Safety], October-November, page 1
Controlled flight training [Training], October-November, page 2
1940 eastern states meet [Competitions], October-November, page 9
Foreign news notes [Military], October-November, page 12
Recognition [Training], December, page 1
Robert L. Losey award [Awards\Robert L. Losey Award], December, page 2
Second annual Snowbird contest [Competitions], December, page 3
Glider accidents [Safety], December, page 12

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