Soaring Magazine Index for 1935 organized by section

Soaring Magazine Index for 1935 organized by section

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Gliding and Soaring Bulletin

Gliding and Soaring Bulletin
Bibliography of Gliding and Soaring, January, page 1
Officers of the Society for 1934-35, February, page 2
Extracts from report of Federal Aviation Commission, March, page 1
Glider Training Manual, first installment, March, page 7
Great Britain British gliding subsidy, April, page 3
South Mountain South Mountain soaring ridge, April, page 4
C. Artman, Northwest Activities in the northwest, April, page 7
Glider Training Manual, second installment, April, page 14
L.B. Barringer, Lew Barringer - ave et vale, May, page 3
Soaring Society directors become NAA contest officials, May, page 4
President learns a few lessons, May, page 8
Glider training manual, third installment, May, page 13
6th National Plans for 1935 contest, June, page 3
Harvard-MIT meteorological service, June, page 8
Elmira Amateur Radio Association five meter system, June, page 11
History and description of Chemung County's four soaring sites, June, page 11
Sixth national soaring contest, July, page 1
Wiley Post, September, pages preceding 1
Will Rogers, September, pages preceding 1
September, page 1
Big Meadows Soaring Bulletin, September, page 1
Election of Directors, September, page 1
Minimoa to 13,000 feet, September, page 4
1935 Rhon competition, October, page 4
G.E. Collins, October, page 10
Big Meadows soaring expedition, November, page 3
Goppingen-3 Minimoa, December, page 2
Second expedition to Sleeping Bear Point, December, page 5

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