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Rene Breguet, Design for a glider trophy executed by Ernfred Anderson of Elmira and exhibited by him in the administration building on Harris Hill during the 1937 National Soaring Contest, January, 1938
Carl Thompson, The Delaware Soaring Society's Waco primary above Bellanca Field near New Castle, Delaware, February, 1938
Hans Groenhoff, A utility soaring over Mt. Meenagha, in the Ellenville area, accompanying Art Ramer's article, March, 1938
Al Hoeflich, Dan Sanborn soaring his two-seater Grunau 8 at the Altamount Pass Site of the Northern California Soaring Society, April, 1938
Possibly from the article "Soaring Flight in Nature" by L.J. Lesh, reprinted from Model Airplane News, May, 1938
Antelo Devereux, Minimoa at the 1937 National Contest, taken with a red filter, June, 1938
John Robinson's "Robin", July, 1938
Stan Corcoran and his "Cinema", August, 1938
US Navy, A Franklin PS-2, probably at Pensacola, Florida, September, 1938
Hans Groenhoff, October, 1938
A.F. Hoeflich, November, 1938
A.F. Hoeflich, December, 1938

Executive news
8th National SSA, June, 1937

Gliding and Soaring Bulletin
To all who believe in the future of motorless flight in America, April, 1932
3rd National: The ball is rolling, May, 1932
News of the meet, May, 1932
A.C. Haller, Tips on soaring, May, 1932, pages ,25
A.L. Lawrence, Notes on auto-tow glider instruction, May, 1932
The contest plans to date, June, 1932
A.C. Haller, Tips on soaring, June, 1932, pages ,
Curtain about to go up, July, 1932
Well-it was a swell meet, August, 1932
4th National Entries rolling in, June, 1933
Preparations for contest maturing, June, 1933
Navy using Franklins at Pensacola, June, 1933
It was a swell contest, September, 1933
In the blue ridge mountains of Virginia, October, 1933, page 50
The Soaring Society joins the ISTUS, October, 1933
Lawrence reports on Blue Ridge soaring site, November, 1933, page 50
Directors push program of Society at NY meeting, December, 1933, page 53
Clubs, January, 1934, page 10
Gliding going big with the Navy, February, 1934
E. Melhose, Mehlhose describes 67-mile flight, February, 1934
Fifth annual national soaring contest to be held at Elmira, March, 1934
Detroit Glider Council organized, March, 1934, page 10
Earl R. Southee elected general manager of the Soaring Society of America, Inc., April, 1934, pages 54,53
Camp News, June, 1934
Contest information, June, 1934
Albatross II, August, 1934
1934 Virginia expedition, October, 1934, page 11
Warren E. Eaton, December, 1934
Bibliography of Gliding and Soaring, January, 1935, page 5
Officers of the Society for 1934-35, February, 1935, page 53
Extracts from report of Federal Aviation Commission, March, 1935, page 21
Glider Training Manual, first installment, March, 1935
Great Britain British gliding subsidy, April, 1935
South Mountain South Mountain soaring ridge, April, 1935, page 51
C. Artman, Northwest Activities in the northwest, April, 1935, page 51
Glider Training Manual, second installment, April, 1935
L.B. Barringer, Lew Barringer - ave et vale, May, 1935, page 5
Soaring Society directors become NAA contest officials, May, 1935, page 39
President learns a few lessons, May, 1935
Glider training manual, third installment, May, 1935
6th National Plans for 1935 contest, June, 1935
Harvard-MIT meteorological service, June, 1935, pages ,36
Elmira Amateur Radio Association five meter system, June, 1935
History and description of Chemung County's four soaring sites, June, 1935, page 50
Sixth national soaring contest, July, 1935
Wiley Post, September, 1935
Will Rogers, September, 1935
September, 1935, page 11
Big Meadows Soaring Bulletin, September, 1935, page 50
Election of Directors, September, 1935, page 53
Minimoa to 13,000 feet, September, 1935
1935 Rhon competition, October, 1935
G.E. Collins, October, 1935
Big Meadows soaring expedition, November, 1935, page 11
Goppingen-3 Minimoa, December, 1935
Second expedition to Sleeping Bear Point, December, 1935, pages 11,51
Bureau of Air Commerce glider regulations, January, 1936, page 7
A.B. Schultz, Third expedition to Sleeping Bear, January, 1936, pages 51,11
A.B. Schultz, Fourth expedition to Sleeping Bear, January, 1936, pages 11,51
Officers for 1936, February, 1936, page 53
S.G. Lutz, Radio equipment for gliders, February, 1936
Specifications: Du Pont utility glider, February, 1936
Briegleb BG-1 utility glider, March, 1936, page 6
P. Riedel, Soaring training by airplane-tow, March, 1936
Radio facilities at soaring contest, March, 1936
A.B. Schultz, Life insurance and gliding, April, 1936, page 28
Seventh annual national soaring contest, Elmira, New York, April, 1936
P. Riedel, Soaring training by airplane-tow, 2nd installment, April, 1936
K.O. Lange, Elmira, New York, May, 1936
Exerpt from Elmira Sunday Telegram, May, 1936
Seventh annual national soaring contest, May, 1936
WPA allots $80,000 for glider field, May, 1936
K.O. Lange, Seventh annual national soaring contest, Elmira, New York, May, 1936
Bureau of Air Commerce glider construction handbook, May, 1936, page 7
Handbooks Bureau of Air Commerce glider construction handbook, May, 1936
The Sea Eagle, May, 1936
First 1936 expedition to Sleeping Bear, May, 1936, pages 11,51
Steptoe soaring meet, May, 1936, pages ,51,11
B. Levene, News from the four winds, June, 1936
June, 1936, pages 11,51
7th National - Operations Meteorological station of the SSA during 1936 contest, July, 1936
July, 1936
W.B. Klemperer, 7th National - Rules and Regulations Committee report, July, 1936
W.B. Klemperer, Committee report, Gliding and Soaring Bulletin, July, 1936, page 2
Soaring sites VII - Torrey Pines Mesa, July, 1936
E.J. Sisson, Radio communications for the 7th annual soaring contest, July, 1936
7th National Post contest issue, August, 1936
S.O. Barnaby, Clouds Cloud streets, November, 1936, pages 36,4
C. Gale, Pilot: Chester J. Decker, November, 1936, pages 19,11,22
C. Gale, Pilot: Emerson Melhose, November, 1936, pages ,22,11
C. Gale, Pilot: Albert C. Red Slatter, November, 1936, pages 22,,11
C. Gale, Pilot: Ted Bellak, November, 1936, pages 11,5,22
C. Gale, Pilot: Chester J. Decker, November, 1936, page 19
C. Gale, Pilot: Emerson Mehlhose, November, 1936
K.O. Lange, translator, German two-place soaring plane "Kranich", November, 1936, page 2
Executive Committee, December, 1936, page 53
Lew Barringer, ed., ave et vale, December, 1936, page 53
H.N. Wightman, 135 mile soaring flight, December, 1936, pages 11,60
Erving Reveley, December, 1936
Naval flight training course at Pensacola, December, 1936
W.B. Klemperer, Towline forces, December, 1936
W. Blech, 1937 meet on the Wasserkuppe, December, 1937

Cloyd Artman, May, 1937, page 39

SSA News
August, 1932
July, 1938
September, 1938
December, 1938
January, 1939
February, 1939

SSA executive news
January, 1937
February, 1937

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