2020 Contests included in the Pilot Ranking List and Pilot Categories

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Contest Class Venue Dates Days Weight¹ Contestants
Region 3 FAI Handicapped Handicap Dansville, NY 08/16/2020 — 08/22/2020 7  92  6
Region 3 Sports Dansville, NY 08/16/2020 — 08/22/2020 7  92 10
Senior Soaring Championship Senior Groveland, FL 03/14/2020 — 03/20/2020 5  92 51

1The Contest Weighting Factor depends on the competition type and class. Since 2013 the following weights have been in effect.

Type/ClassContest Weighting Factor
Full Contest Three-Day Contest Two-Day Contest
FAI-class and Sports-class National competitions100   95   0
Regional FAI-class and Sports-class, and Championships (Seniors and 1-26)92    92   88

Team entries (applies to all Regional classes and Sport Nationals): receive a ranking score that applies to the team; individual members (maximum of four) of the team receive a ranking score equal to 75% of the team's ranking score.

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