Downloading and Using Zipped Files

If you have difficulty downloading and accessing the flight logs, try this procedure:

  1. Select, "Save to Disk" from the dialog box.   When the "Save As" dialog box appears, make sure that you are in the correct directory for later viewing; for example, for the Cambridge PC software typically it is C:\CAI\flights.   If your browser automatically gives the downloaded files an IGC file name with ".zip" at the end, for example "", you can just accept this default.   If your browser gives you some random filename, without the ".zip" at the end, enter a file name that is easy to remember with ".zip" at the end; for example "". It is important to make sure to save the file in the correct directory or you'll never find it!!

  2. After you have saved all of the files that you want - with different names, of course - "unzip" the file(s) with one of the many programs available - e.g. WinZip or PKZip, or "freewayre/shareware" versions from FreeZip", PC-shareware, PC-shareware or Tim Newport-Peace - in the correct directory, for example C:\CAI\flights.   The correct IGC-standard file name will be assigned to the unzipped file automatically for you.

  3. That's all folks!   Well, actually, you can delete the ".zip" files now, to clean things up.

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