Flight Recordings of Contests:
Region 9, 2004 [ Hobbs, NM ]
5 July, 2004 [ Contest Day 3 ]

Flight Recordings of Contests:
Region 9, 2004
Hobbs, NM ]
Monday, 5 July, 2004 [ Contest Day 3 ]

These data are made available thanks to JoAnn and Bob Dittert

All of the individual flight recorder files for a pilot for the day are "zipped" together to compress them and to enable their downloading as a single file.   If your browser is not configured to automatically "unzip" them upon downloading, you will have to do so with one of the many programs available; e.g. PKzip or WinZip.   Some browsers may give the files a random name upon downloading, but they should have the correct names after they are "unzipped".   The individual zipped files are typically 50 to 100 Kb.   A detailed recipe for downloading and unzipping is available.
1T  Shilen Ed
1X  Bob Von Hellens
1XX Howard Banks
2BK Bob Kibby
2NO Ted Wagner
3R  M Schmidt
4A  Ronald Leonard
5A  Richard Hollenberg
6W  William B. Snead
711 Tom Kelley
7E  Mike Anderson
7F  Sam Fly
8   Szafarczyk
927 Garret Willat
93  Duane Eisenbeiss
9L  Robert Eli
9U  Wells. Morse
BAD William Kaewert
BV  David Martin
CR  Al Heath
DK  Don Kroesch
H1  L Kuhlke
IM  Robert Holliday
LY  Dennis Brown
MD  John Bourland
OZ  Jim Rider
SDR Howard Rohde
SEX Mitch Hudson
SP  Joe Shepherd
SSB Pedja Bogdanovich
TS1 T Smolder
UI  Brian Resor
V2  Randy. Hollenberg
VA  Eric. Liddell
XI  Jeff Baird
Z   Bill Hill
ZL  David Leonard
ZS  Steve Leonard
ZT  Steve Coggins

All of the files for the day 2.1 Mb  ]

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