Flight Recordings of Contests:
US Region 12, 2006 [ Warner Springs, CA ]
Monday, 7 August, 2006 [ Day 1 ]

These data are made available thanks to Garret Willat

All of the individual flight recorder files for a pilot for the day are "zipped" together to compress them and to enable their downloading as a single file.   If your browser is not configured to automatically "unzip" them upon downloading, you will have to do so with one of the many programs available; e.g. PKzip or WinZip.   Some browsers may give the files a random name upon downloading, but they should have the correct names after they are "unzipped".   The individual zipped files are typically 50 to 100 Kb.   A detailed recipe for downloading and unzipping is available.
1   Orion Kingman
1DV Russ Barry
1DV Russell Barry
2BL William Liscomb
4W  Bill Richardson
711 Tom Kelley
8N  Dan Ladd
AV8 Randy Acree
BC  Ben Clerx
FWS Chuck Deerinck
GO  Dean Chantiles
GW  Steve Koerner
H4  Gerret Willat
HCA Rick Gros
K3  Jerz Rossignol
KD  Don Finnell
ON  V. R.Hutchinson
SKY Ferdinand Stupka
TS  Tony Smolder
XPT Reggie Jones

All of the files for the day 1.5 Mb, 14 seconds to download broad-band once the file is created on the server  ]

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