The Sports Class Champion

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Awarded to the U.S. National Sports Class Soaring Champion prior to 1999, when the champion was designated the recipient of the Hal M. Lattimore Trophy,

U.S. National Sports Class Soaring Champions include:

1998 - Karl Striedieck: ASW-24B, Reedsville, PA
1997 - Alfonso Jurado: Ventus, Minden, NV
1996 - Alfonso Jurado: Ventus, Hobbs, NM
1995 - Alfonso Jurado - ASW-20, Albert Lea, MN
1994 - Mike Bradford: Ventus C, Montague CA
1993 - Alfonso Jurado: ASW-20, Hobbs, NM
1992 - Dick Mockler: Ventus, Ephrata, WA
1991 - Rick Walters: Discus B, Cordele, GA
1990 - Alfonso Jurado: ASW-20, Littlefield, TX
1989 - Ray Gimmey: Discus, Montague, CA
1988 - David Stevenson: 1-34, Hobbs, NM
1987 - Alfonso Jurado: ASW-20, Harris Hill, NY
1986 - Peter Masak: Nimbus 3, Hobbs, NV
1985 - Nelson Funston: LS-4, Minden, NV

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