The Exceptional Service Award

This award was established by the SSA Directors in 1964 to recognize individuals and groups whose service to SSA has been, in the opinion of the Directors, of utmost value to the Society. Recipients are presented with a suitably engraved certificate at the SSA Annual Awards Banquet.   The award is next in rank after the Eaton Trophy.
( photo courtesy of Aland Adams )

Recipients of the Exceptional Service Award have been as follows:

2022 - Hank Nixon, AIG Insurance
2021 - Ann Lafford, Ron Ridenour, Walt Rogers, John Seaborn
2020 - David Lassnick, Cindy Brickner, Bruno Vassel
2019 - Colin Mead and Garret Willat
2018 - Peter T. Alexander and John F. Good
2017 - Sarah Arnold, Marion S. Griffith Jr., Doug Jacobs, John T. Molumphy III, and Fernando B. Silva
2016 - Women's Soaring Pilots Association (WSPA)
2015 - John D. Godfrey, Stephen Northcraft, Penn Smith, and Phil Umphres
2013 - Pedja Bogdanovich, Doug Easton, and Al Tyler
2012 - Mark Huffstutler, Kerry King Huffstutler, and Karin Schlosser
2011 - Doug Jacobs
2010 - Cindy Brickner, Richard Carlson, Stephen Northcroft, Chris O'Callaghan, James Short, and Frank Whiteley
2009 - WSPA, SSA Rules Committee, Ken Sorenson, Hank Nixon, John Good, John Godfrey, Ken Kochanski, Steve Hines, and Jim Kellet
2008 - Judy Black, David R. Newill, Fred Ninger, Thomas Pressley, Jim Skydell, and Kathy Taylor
2007 - Doug Jacobs, Ken Sorenson, Gary Fogel, and Ray Johnson
2006 - John Seaborn, Jim Short, and John Sharp
2005 - David Volkmann, and Karl Striedieck
2004 - Bud Copeland, Frauke Elber, Doug Jacobs, Steven Northcraft, and Judy Ruprecht
2003 - Mark Ackerley, Gary Buxton, Doug Donohue, Mike Gallagher, Nancy Graham, Karol Hines, Knut & Ingrid Kjenslie, John Murray, Steve Northcraft, Jackie Payne, Jim Payne, John Sharp, Billy Singleton, Bill Sproul, John Volkober, Steve Wasilowski, and Tim Welles
2002 - Dan & Janice Armstrong, Guy Byars, Charles (Charlie) L. Meason, Jim Norris, and Bob Nady
2001 - Aland Adams, Larry Sanderson, John Sharp, and Jim Short
2000 - Del Blomquist and Janice Armstrong
1999 - Burt Compton, Bob & Joann Dittert, and George Moffat Jr.
1998 - Ed Byars, Mike Culver, Dan Gudgel, The Civil Air Patrol, and George Thelen
1997 - US Air Force & US Air Force Academy, John Campbell, Mark & Kerry Huffstutler, and Bob Semans
1996 - Günther Eichhorn and Charlie Minner
1995 - Carl Burson Jr., Richard Schreder, Harner Selvidge, Ted Sharp, and Rob Sjostedt
1994 - Donald Engen, Richard Hall Jr., Cedric Vernon, and Rob Wilkinson
1993 - Norma & Alex Burnette, Mid & Ken Kolstad, Jackie & Jim Payne, and Jim Short
1992 - Don Maddox, Francis (Fritz) Compton, and Johann Kuhn
1991 - Mark Maughmer, Jan Scott, Dan Sommers, and Bernald Smith
1990 - Steve & Edre Maier, and E. Gene Hammond
1989 - Duane Eisenbeiss, E. James Indrebo, William S. Ivans, Shirley Sliwa, Edgar Seymour, and Floyd Sweet
1988 - Theodore Sharp, Arleen Coleson, Hal M. Lattimore, Bill Sproull, Judy Lincoln, Carl Herold, Les Sebald, Paul Dickerson, E. Gene Hammond, Bernald Smith, Oran Nicks, and John Hansmann
1987 - Dick & Bea Brandt, Bob Grey, Judy Lincoln, James Payne, William Prescott, and Sterling Starr
1986 - Jack Gomez, Richard N. Hall Jr., and Stephen J. Maier
1985 - E. Gene Hammond, Barron Hilton, Hannes Linke, Alberto Negro, and Chris Negro
1984 - Marion I. Barritt, John H. McMasters, David C. Johnson (posthumous), and Harry N. Perl (posthumous)
1983 - Hal M. Lattimore, New Mexico Junior College, and J.C. (Red) Wright
1982 - Richard H. Johnson and Bernald S. Smith
1981 - Emil Kissel and John M. Brittingham
1980 - Stanley A. Hall, Hal M. Lattimore, Erwin J. Reeves, Bertha M. Ryan, and Charlie Spratt
1979 - Jean V. Doty (posthumous), Charles V. Lindsay, and Tom Page
1978 - William B. Cleary and Charles T. McKinnie
1976 - James & Gerry Rhine, Raymond L. Shamblen, and Lawrence Wood
1975 - Douglas Lamont and Bernald S. Smith
1974 - Ed Byars, Marion Griffith, J.S. Herman, Carl Herold, and William Holbrook
1973 - Edward H. Butts and George Uveges
1972 - Alice S. Fuchs, William R. Fuchs, Thomas Page, and Harner Selvidge
1971 - J.C. (Red) Wright
1970 - Miles Coverdale, Sterling Starr, William S. Ivans, Bernald Smith, Catherine Jones, Theodore E. Sharp, and Benett M. Rogers
1967 - S.A. (Alex) Aldott, H. Marshall Claybourn, Lloyd Licher, and Bertha Ryan
1966 - Charles F. Abel and Paul A. Schweizer
1965 - Walter B. Hausler, William S. Ivans, and Donald A. Mosher
[ Courtesy of Jim Payne ]

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