The Paul Schweizer Lifetime Service Award

Lifetime Service Award recognizes those SSA members who have made an exceptional, continuing contribution to fostering and promoting soaring over a period of at least three decades.   This award was established in 1993 by the Directors of The Soaring Society of America.

Nominations for the award are submitted by any current SSA member and must be co-signed by at least four additional current SSA members.   All nominations must be in written form and include a current picture of the nominee.   By resolution, at a regularly scheduled meeting, the Board of Directors may also submit nominations (subject to the same documentation requirements).

( photo courtesy of Michael Lattimore )

Each nominee must have held some category of SSA membership for at least 30 consecutive years.   They must also be at least 50 years of age (may be waived in the case of a posthumous award), and must have made a significant and substantial contribution to SSA's stated mission, " foster and promote soaring on a national and international basis"

All nominations submitted will be screened by a committee of four SSA State Governors and chaired by the Awards Committee Chairman.   Only those nominees found qualified will be submitted to the Board for actual selection.   A ¾ vote of the full Board is required for approval.

Each award presented will be consecutively numbered and the recipient shall receive a special lapel pin, a suitable certificate and be recognized in an article published in Soaring Magazine.   Additionally, a special "Wall of Honor" shall be established where each recipient's name shall be engraved in an order consistent with the established numerical system.

Recipients of the Paul Schweizer Lifetime Service Award have been as follows:

2022 - Stephen Northcraft, Larry and Jane BarrettBR> 2021 - Fauker Elber, Les Schweizer
2020 - Jan Driessen
2019 - No award
2016 - No award
2015 - No award
2014 - Henry M. Nixon
2013 - No award
2012 - No award
2011 - No award
2010 - Rudolph W. Mozer
2009 - No award
2008 - No award
2007 - No award
2006 - Ken & Mid Kolstad, Bertha M. Ryan
2005 - No award
2004 - No award
2003 - Hal M. Lattimore
2002 - Lewis W. Hull, Bernald Smith, and Sterling Starr
2001 - Howard Burr, Alcide (Al) Santilli, and Floyd Sweet
2000 - No award
1999 - No award
1998 - No award
1997 - No award
1996 - No award
1995 - No award
1994 - Paul A. Schweizer

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