The Rudolf W. Mozer Trophy (US Junior Soaring Champion)

The Rudolf W. Mozer Trophy is awarded annually to the Junior National Champion¹, who is the highest ranking contestant at any U.S. National contest under 26 years of age.   The Junior National Champion has been declared since 2001, and the Trophy was inaugurated in 2003.

The trophy honors Eaton Trophy winner Rudy Mozer and was endowed by Rudy's children: Eric, Norman, Peter, and Richard.   The central bronze artwork of the trophy was created by Bob Barber, and donated by Richard Hall to the Collegiate Soaring Association, and subsequently to the SSA.   The trophy was made possible thanks to John Campbell and Eric Mozer.

( photo courtesy of Eric Mozer )

Recipients of the Rudolf W. Mozer Trophy include:

2022 - David McMaster
2019 - Thomas Greenhill
2018 - Daniel Sazhin
2017 - Michael Marshall
2016 - Noah Reitter
2015 - Boyd Willat
2014 - Boyd Willat
2013 - Daniel Sazhin
2012 - Boyd Willat
2011 - Boyd Willat
2010 - Chris Saunders
2009 - Boyd Willat
2008 - Corey Sullivan
2007 - Corey Sullivan
2006 - Chris Saunders
2005 - Garrett Willat
2004 - Chris Saunders
2003 - Elizabeth Schwenkler
2002 - Chris Saunders
2001 - Danny Sorenson

¹ A Junior entry is one whose pilot's 25th birthday occurs in the current or a future calendar year.

7.3.1 The titles of Junior and Feminine National Champion will be awarded each year upon the completion of all National competitions.

7.3.2 The Junior or Feminine National Champion is the eligible pilot who achieves the highest percentage of the maximum possible score (the sum of all winning daily scores) at any US National Soaring Championship during the calendar year.

7.3.3 A minimum of 60% of the maximum possible score must be achieved for a Junior or Feminine National Champion to be declared.

7.3.4 The Junior National Champion is awarded the Rudolf W. Mozer Trophy.

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