The Anne Morrow Lindbergh Challenge Trophy

  1. The contest is open to all full members of the WSPA.
  2. Flights must be solo, There is no award for multiplace flights.
  3. Badge flights qualify. Record and contest flights do not.
  4. For goals and return, triangles, quadlilaterals or zigzags, a turnpoint may only be used once. Straight out distance flights qualify.
  5. Cross-county mileage will be multiplied by pilot and sailplane handicap.
  6. Sailplane handicap conforms to the latest Carl Herold handicap available, currently CH2002.
  7. Pilot factor will be determined by the badge standing at the beginning of the flight. Completion of a badge during the trophy claiming flight will not alter the status at the start of the flight.
    • Diamond Badge 1.0
    • Gold Badge 1.5
    • Silver Badge 2.0
    • All Others 2.5
  8. All Claims must be submitted on FAI/SSA Badge forms along with the appropriate film and barograph trace or flight record. If the flight is also a badge flight photostatic copies of the originals will be accepted. Film and barograph trace or the flight record must conform to FAI rules for badge flights. (If submitting a copy, include a postcard with the original claim to the SSA to be returned to the address below to confirm approval of badge or badge leg claimed.)
  9. The contest runs from March 1 through the last day in February of any given calendar year.
  10. Please request mailing instructions or submit your entry by April 30 to the WSPA
  11. This year's winner will be responsible for administering the Trophy next year.
The official listing is available on the WSPA WWW site.

Past recipients of the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Challenge Trophy include:

2013 - Elke Fuglsang-Petersen
2009 - Carol Mulder
2008 - Anna-Laura Geusen
2007 - Kathleen Winters (D)
2005 - Sarah Kelly
2004 - Kathy Fosha
2002 - Dale Pizzo
1995 - Pat N. Spears (D)
1994 - Pat N. Spears (D)
1991 - Julie Schneider
1990 - Eulalia Nichols
1989 - Ducky McEwen
1988 - Julie Schneider
1987 - Mary Hunt

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