Kolstad Junior Soaring Awards

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The Kolstad Junior Soaring Awards offer "Century Awards" and the "Kolstad Youth Scholarship Grant" to recognize and encourage youth participation in the soaring community.   These awards and the "Kolstad Fund" were established in 1968 shortly after the completion of the fine soaring experience of Paul Kenneth Kolstad.   Paul had earned Gold Badge #288 with two Diamonds.   He was a member of a soaring family which was active in founding the Colorado Soaring Association (CSA).   CSA was the original supporter of the Century Awards and Youth Scholarships.

The Kolstad family established an initial endowment of $5,000.   Since then, awards have been made, without reducing the capital using the donations of friends, relatives, and the proceeds of the annual Labor Day Barbeque sponsored by CSA formerly at Black Forest Gliderport and now, at Owl Canyon Gliderport.   The proceeds from the sale of posters commemorating the Hilton Cup competition for 1984 and 1985 have been donated to the fund by the Hilton Corporation and Chris Woods.

For more information please consult the Kolstad Junior Soaring Awards and Scholarship WWW site.

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