The Barron Hilton Cup

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Conceived in 1981 by three-time world champion Helmut Reichmann, the Barron Hilton Cup has promoted international friendship through the sport of soaring for the past 15 years. In that time, the Barron Hilton Cup has become the largest aviation competition in the world. During the most recent competition period, more than 3,000 flights were attempted in pursuit of the most unique prize in the sport - a 10-day soaring camp at Barron Hilton's Flying M Ranch in Northern Nevada. Pilots who complete the longest triangular flights in each of eight divisions from around the world are awarded a trip to Nevada, courtesy of American Airlines. It is there that they sample the outstanding soaring conditions in the high desert east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, amid the hospitality that only Barron Hilton can provide. After 15 years of flying and fellowship, Barron Hilton is proud to announce that Daimler Benz has become a full partner in operating the Barron Hilton Cup for the benefit of the world's aviation community

The award was no longer given after 2009.

( courtesy the IGC, Jim Payne, Paul Remde, and David Stevenson )

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