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Persons who achieve in a noteworthy manner in soaring or who have made noteworthy contributions to the sport of soaring, as determined by the SSA Directors, are eligible for inclusion in this Hall of Fame

The Soaring Hall of Fame received its start through an athletic foundation originally founded in 1936 by Paul Helms, Sr., of Helms Bakery in Los Angeles.   The Foundation, in 1954, decided that soaring was a sport of such national and international stature as to rate a Soaring Hall of Fame.   Accordingly, the Directors of the Soaring Society of America were asked to select and recommend to the Foundation candidates for recognition in the Helms Soaring Hall of Fame.   In 1975, the SSA Board of Directors decided to transfer the Hall of Fame to the National Soaring Museum.

Inasmuch as the sport of soaring had been going on for a considerable number of years before its recognition by the Helms Athletic Foundation, the Foundation decided that SSA should be permitted to "pick-up" past outstanding exponents of soaring.   Accordingly, the SSA was allowed to select six persons for inclusion in the Soaring Hall of Fame for 1954, and one less in each succeeding year until 1958 and thereafter when two persons could be added annually.   In general, it is intended that one position each year go for a soaring achievement and the other for an outstanding contribution.

Each person named to the Soaring Hall of Fame receives a certificate, mounted on a wood plaque with a SSA Gold metal attached below, from the National Soaring Museum attesting to the honor.   The chairman of the SSA Awards Committee requests all Directors to submit to him names for consideration for this honor.   Based upon the names submitted, the Chairman of the Awards Committee prepares a preferential ballot for submission at or before the midwinter SSA Directors' meeting.   Those chosen by the Directors will be honored in ceremonies held at the annual opening of the National Soaring Museum each spring.

The official listing is maintained at the National Soaring Museum WWW site.

Persons named to the Hall of Fame are as follows:

2022 - Ken Sorenson
2021 - No awards
2020 - Sarah Arnold
2019 - Roy McMaster
2018 - No awards
2017 - Rudolf W. Mozer and Brian G. Utley
2016 - No awards
2015 - Henry M. (Hank) Nixon Jr.
2014 - John W. Glendening
2013 - No awards
2012 - No awards
2011 - John F. Good and Robert E. Gaines (D)
2010 - Einar Enevoldson
2008 - James M. Payne
2007 - Richard W. (Dick) Butler
2006 - Wil Schuemann
2005 - No awards
2004 - John Byrd, Leonard Niemi, and Gunter Voltz
2003 - Patricia Hange, Harriet Hamilton, and Bob Semans
2002 - Bruce Carmichael, Lyle Maxey, and Edward S. Evans
2001 - Francis Bundy, Al Leffler, and John Montgomery
2000 - Ray Gimmey and Bob Moore
1999 - George Applebay and Octave Chanute
1998 - Hannes Linke and Gren Seibels
1997 - Thomas L. Knauff and William Sproull
1996 - Gene Hammond and Carl Herold
1995 - Frank R. Gross and Edgar D. Seymour
1994 - Johann Kuhn and Joseph P. Steinhauser
1993 - Rudy Opitz and Charlie Spratt
1992 - Ed Byars and Doug & Lianna Lamont
1991 - Barron Hilton and Eugard Yerian
1990 - Doug Jacobs and Don Mitchell
1989 - Howard C. Blossom and Hal M. Lattimore
1988 - Henry G. Combs and Doris Grove
1987 - Howard E. Burr and Stephen duPont
1986 - Bernard M. Carris and Lanier Frantz
1985 - John M. Brittingham and Ted Nelson
1984 - William Schweizer and Bernald S. Smith
1983 - Leslie R. Arnold and Theodore E. Sharp
1982 - Emil A. Lechecka, Lloyd M. Licher and Earl R. Southee
1981 - William Frank Kelsey and Joachim P. Kuettner
1980 - Victor M. Saudek and Karl H. Striedieck
1979 - Alcide Santilli and Sterling V. Starr
1978 - William H. Coverdale, Jr. and Chester Decker
1977 - Stephen J. Bennis and Bernard L. Wiggin
1976 - Harner Selvidge and Robert M. Stanley
1975 - Thomas Page and Gustav Scheurer
1974 - Stanley A. Hall and William C. Holbrook
1973 - Albert E. Hastings and Parker Leonard
1972 - Francis Compton and Bertha M. Ryan
1971 - Laurence E. Edgar and Virginia M. Schweizer
1970 - Ben Greene and E.J. Reeves
1969 - H.M. Claybourn and Jack Laister
1968 - Helen R. Dick and A.J. Smith
1967 - Alex Dawydoff and Elizabeth Woodward
1966 - John D. Ryan and Harvey Stephens
1965 - Alvin H. Parker and Wallace A. Scott
1964 - Raymon H. Parker and Irving O. Prue
1963 - George Moffat and Floyd J. Sweet
1962 - William S. Ivans and Richard E. Schreder
1961 - Jon D. Carsey and Joseph C. Lincoln
1960 - Paul F. Bikle and J. Shelley Charles
1959 - Harland C. Ross
1958 - William G. Briegleb and Robert E. Symons
1957 - R.E. Franklin, Arthur B. Schultz and Stanley W. Smith
1956 - Jay Buxton, Richard H. Johnson, John K. O'Meara and August Raspet
1955 - Ralph S. Barnaby, Lewin Barringer, Ernest & Paul Schweizer, Paul Tuntland and Wilbur & Orville Wright
1954 - William Bowlus, Richard C. duPont, Warren E. Eaton, Wolfgang Klemperer, Paul MacCready, Jr. and John Robinson
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