Unofficial SSA Exceptional Achievement Award

This award was established by the SSA Directors in 1964 to recognize individuals and groups whose achievements have been, in the opinion of the Directors, of such import as to warrant special recognition for such achievements that do not normally qualify under other established SSA awards. Recipients are presented with a suitable engraved certificate at the SSA Annual Awards Banquet.
( photo courtesy of John Seaborn )

Recipients of the SSA Exceptional Achievements Awards have been as follows:

2022 - No awards
2021 - No awards
2020 - No awards
2019 - No awards
2018 - Perlan II Mission Team
2017 - No awards
2016 - No awards
2015 - No awards
2014 - Richard Kellerman
2013 - Sarah Arnold, Greg Cole, David Larson
2012 - Bob DeLeon, Malcolm David Stevenson
2010 - Sergio Colacevich
2008 - James M. Payne, Andy McQuigg
2007 - Jim Kellet
2006 - Liz Schwenkler
2005 - Jim Skydell
2004 - Charlie Minner, John Seaborn, Pete Williams, Dennis Wright and SSA Staff
2003 - Larry Basham, Pat Brogan, Glenn Collins, Paul Gallaway, Rolf Hertenstein, Larry Montano, James Powell, Pete Schweizer, Carol Walker, Bob Wander, Marty Weaver
2002 - Greg Cole, Jack Glendening, John Leibacher
2001 - Dean Carswell, Carl Ekdahl, Lisa Evjen, Nancy Graham, Michael Henry, Denise Layton
2000 - Jeff Cloud, Marty Eiler, Clyde Taylor, John Seaborn
1999 - Guy Byars, Mike Kiesov, Charlie Thaeler, Carl Herold
1998 - Henry Combs, The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt Glider Certification Team, John Lynch (FAA), John Good, Bill Schweizer, John Byrd
1997 - Dean Carswell, Dave Ellis & Cambridge Aero Instruments, John Good, David Habercom & WCSA, Jim Payne, Jayne & Frank Reid, Jim Short & Gene Hammond, Karl Striedieck
1996 - Patrick Barry, Piero Morelli, Bernald Smith
1995 - Group Genesis, Peter Masak
1994 - Barry Clements, Michael Gallagher, Gary Nakagawa, Elizabeth Yoest, Henry Combs, Charles O'Mahony, Karl Striedieck, Roy McMaster, John Seymour
1993 - No Awards
1992 - James Bobo, Charlie Minner, Bob Wander, Don Roberts & The Cygnet Team
1991 - Team Uvalde, E. Gene Hammond, Mark & Kerry Huffstutler, Hal M. Lattimore, Hannes Linke, Boots Scott, Bob Semans, Mike Strang
1990 - Carl Herold, Joann Shaw, James E. Hard
1989 - Jim Short, Judy Lincoln, E. Gene Hammond, Walter Cannon, Larry Sanderson
1988 - Harry McGrath, Jr., Les Sebald, Robert Casamajor, Wallace Scott
1987 - Pacific Soaring Council (PASCO)
1986 - Wil Schuemann, Thomas L. Knauff, Karl Striedieck, John Seymour, Leonard R. McMaster, Robert Robertson (posthumous)
1985 - Henry G. Combs, Douglas L. Jacobs, Christopher Woods, Woodson K. Woods
1984 - James Maupin, Sailplane Homebuilders Association
1983 - Dallas Gliding Association, Thomas L. Knauff, Joann B. Shaw
1982 - Marion I. Barritt, Elbert L. Rutan, Shirley Sliwa
1981 - Doris F. Grove, Rudolf W. Mozer, Bernard H. Paiewonsky
1980 - Nelson N. Shapter
1979 - Stanley W. Smith
1978 - William D. English, Jr.
1977 - Paul MacCready & Gossamer Condor Team, Karl Striedieck, Col. Joe Engle & The Enterprise Team
1976 - Charles W. Shaw
1975 - Richard H. Ball, Jack W. Laister, Babs Nutt & Hanna Duncan, Edward Minghelli & John Robert Gravance, Ernest Schweizer, Leslie Schweizer
1974 - Wilfred S. Schuemann
1973 - William Holbrook, George Moffat, Jr.
1972 - Helen R. Dick, Betsy Howell, Karl Striedieck
1970 - Edward H. Butts, Carle C. Conway, Benjamin W. Greene, Fritz Kahl, George Moffat, Jr., Wallace A. Scott, Andrew J. Smith, John W. Williams, S. Calif. Competition Club
1968 - Mrs. Jean Doty
1966 - George Moffat, Jr.
Courtesy of Jim Payne ]

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