Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange: Airspace for Poland

These have come from a variety of different sources, and they are provided "as is". Prudent pilots will, of course, check these values with the contest organizers and - especially - continue to keep their eyes outside the cockpit.   Files to facilitate loading of GPS units and flight computers are also provided; however they have not all been uploaded to the respective manufacturer's hardware and verified.

Here are two nice disclaimers that I came across, and which certainly apply here:

Caveats aside, we hope that this collection will facilitate your flying, and invite you to send along any suggestions, corrections, and new data to John Leibacher ( ) Fly safely!

Courtesy of Ryszard Lewandowski

The airspace for Poland is published at and the formatted airspace at
The data are not certified and must not be used for primary navigation or flight planning.
Never rely on the data. Use at your own risk!

Because of the constant changes of the airspace, please consult the original at
Copyright Ryszard Lewandowski

Effective from 05 August 2018 [06 August 2018] UPDATED

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Please contact John Leibacher with any suggestions concerning this material.

Hosted by Dr. Günther Eichhorn (Pictures from Poland)